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Roll of Honor, Texas Hercos 61 

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Texas Doctors In The World War 78 

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Babb. J. E 1« 

Baker Forrest E -]' 

Barr, Dr. R. E f 

Barglebaugh, C. E «» 

Barton. Gen. Thomas D « 

Barton. Joseph J 56 

Barnard, J. H f 

Bass, Chas. L 10t j 

Bashara, M. J u) 6 

Bechtol G. W 49 

Benton, W. M f 

Beverly, Lt. Geo. H 50 

Beverly, Mrs. Geo. H 50 

Bible, H. A — 4S 

Bilyeu, J. R -- 142 

Billingslea, W. F - 120 

Birdsong, J. A -103 

Birdwell T. W 135 

Blair, Merrill W 36 

Blanchette, W. M : 47 

Blanchette, Frank 55 

Blakemore W. H - 50 

Blease, Elbert, Jr 59 

Bowie, Henry T 127 

Braswell. Sam. M - - 123 

Brelsford. Hon. H. P - 96 

Briggs Geo. W 132 

Broaddus. H. W. 128 

Broaddus, Mrs. H. W 198 

Brooks, Tames T 40 

Brooks Mrs. James T 150 

Burkett, Joe — 131 

Burns. Lester T - ... 42 

Davis, Abner 114 

Davis, Hon. Chas 128 

Davis, Mrs. Chas 146 

Davidson. T. W 121 

Deady, Dr. H. P - 86 

Dickinson, B. C - - 58 

Dietrick. B. J - - 44 

Dildy, Dr. Joe E - 83 

Dismuke, Ed. E 135 

Dodier A. H 134 

Doran, F. H - 124 

Dreben, Sam - 45 

Duke, C. E - 50 

Duke, Mrs. C. E 50 


Elmendorf, Gus - 138 

Emery. R. W 131 

Estes, Dr. J. M - 86 

Estes, Wm. B . 35 

Estes, Mrs. Wm. B 150 


Fitzsimmons, T. T. ---- 142 

Flesher, Wm. T 123 

Fortner, Dr. A. H 84 

Foster, Phil B 40 

Fowler. Dr. B. A 88 

French, A. Gordon 124 

Frost, Cyrus B - 131 

Frost, Mrs. C. B 149 


Gaitber, Rex 119 

Gallaher, J. J 49 

Galbraith Miss David 143 

Garlick, Dr. H. S - - 90 

Gill, Dr. J. M. F 84 

Gill,. Mrs. J. M. F 149 

Gillies. Donald B - 99 

Golding, John B ...-. 37 

Gonzales, A. M 134 

Goodpasture, M. 138 

Goodfellow, T. J. - 56 

Gordon Robt. D 34 

Goswick. S. D 135 

Graves, Roy D 56 

Green, W. D 124 

Green., Mrs. W. D 143 

Green, J. Porter 55 

Gregory, Dr. J. W 89 

Cantu, Dr. Lorenzo 
Cannon. Jesse — . — 
Carrigan, A. H. Jr. . 

Castner, N. L 

Caton. Dr. J. H. 






Chamberlin, John M 137 

demons. Dr. Ira T 89 

Clower, W. W 137 

Coblentz, M - 128 

Coles, A. P 125 

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Coles Mrs. T. Frank - 148 

Coles, Otis C - 125 

Coles, Mrs. Otis C 147 

Connally, Tom F 123 

Cooper. Dr. A. J 86 

Cooke. W. H 43 

Cowart, Dr. R. W - 83 

Crawford, Dr. J. L 90 

Crisp, A. M 143 

Croft, Guv - .-137 

Crutcher Dr. J. W - 91 

Crutcher, Dr. A. B .-. 38 

Crutcher, Tom W 131 

Crudgington, H. M 38 

Cunningham T. R 53 

Curl. C. H - 139 

Curl, Mrs. C. H 139 


Hall, I .M 59 

Halsell, Dr. J. T 83 

Hamner, Ed. T 105 

Hankins, M. M 139 

Hanson, G. Cleve 136 

Hancock. Carwin H 58 

Hancock, W. B 116 

Hart, L. T - HO 

Harvey, R. 107 

Harrell, F. E 122 

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Haynes, John E 120 

Hazelwood, Miss Velma — - 149 

Hensbaw, G. T 139 

Hill, T. A 123 

Hittson W. C - — 57 

Hix, Geo. D 49 

Horn, Dr. J. M - - 88 

Howell, Maurice A 63 

Howard, W. B 121 

Hudspeth Hon. C. B .128 

Hutchings, Edwin G 52 

Hyder, Dr. D. C 83 

Hymau, Mrs. Harry 150 

Hysaw, C. G 133 

Dalrymple, J. II. 

Jackson, J. D - 116 

Jackson, Dan M 57 

55 Jameson. Earl 5S 



Jernigan, Dr. 1. H 84 Roodhouse, J. P 120 

Jones. John W 136 Russell. |ohn A 104 

Jones, O. A 141 

Saracho , Arturo de 133 

Kemp, Hon. Joseph A 8 Saunders, Guy C 57 

Kennedy. R, Q - 132 Sawyer, John D 56. 

Schroeder, H. W 127 

Schuler, Rt. Rev. A. T 103 

L Scott, R. C 41 

Scott W. T. Jr 41 

Lawler. L. V 142 Scott, J. P. Jr. 41 

Leal. Dr. M T 90 Scott, Dr. K. T 84 

Lowrey, Dr. W. E 90 Scroggs, T. C , 129 

Lynch, R. E 97 Shepard , R. E 141. 

Shepherd. Robt. A 44 

Shepherd, Tames L 122 

Mc Shirey, Dr. Guy 81 

Singleton, II. L 136 

_„ T . „ Smith, Isham A 54 

*J cB "?; er - K n W"Kr -o Smith, Lamar 124 

MacCal urn Rev. R. tv 59 Smith, Tulane S 43 

McComb, John D 132 Smvth R P 59 

McFarling, Dr. C. W. .. -91 |J™, L . bTZZZIZZ^ZZIZZ^ZIZIZZ: 60 

McGee. J W. - 118 St. Clair. Dr. T. E 91 

McNary, James t, 98 Stevenson, Dr. H. E 82 

Stevens, Horace 13 127 


Stinnett, A. S 118 

Storey, Cecil 140 

Storey, John A. , 42 

Stroman. J. A 136 

Marr, W. K 47 Sul Ross State Normal College 117 

Martin, Thelbert 42 Surman, Dr. A. C 85 

Mayes, Spencer H 60 Swanson, W. F. .. 44 

Mayfield. Wm. D 130 

Mayo, Pedro 133 

Merrick, B. A 121 T 

Mims. R. K 134 

Montgomery, J. R 38 

Monroe, Dr. Chas. W .... 85 Tamez. Emiliano 133 

Montemayor, J. E 133 Tharp Blucher S 43 

Morgan, Robert B _ 137 Thompson. Ernest O i3 

Morrison, Jesse S 46 Thomson, F. A 116 

Muleahy, D. E 44 Thomas, A. E 120 

Mundell, J. E ;..119 Thomas, J. C 121 

Murchison, F. M 129 Thurman. John W 119 

Tyrrell. Percy 113 

Neff, Gov. Pat. M '. 94 

Vincent. Chas. F 139 

Vernon, Frank 47 


Odom, Dr. J. A 87 

Orr Dr. Robt - 89 ' 

Orn'dorff, R. Burt 101 W r ad< ;* E. C Jr 

Walthall, H. 130 

Wardlaw, Dr. W. N 89 

p Waterman, H. W 41 

Weeks, H. G 53 

Weiss. W. C 130 

Parrish, Dr. Minnie 150 White Zach T. 100 

Patterson, J. J 122 White. Mrs. Zach T 144 

Patillo, Dr. A. D 86 Widner, E. E 141 

Payne, W. F 102 Wilkinson Henry 132 

Peach, Thomas L 127 Williams, Hon. Guinn 95 

Peeler, A. T - HI Williams, Guinn Tr. 43 

Perdue, Nelson. 40 Williams. Dr. D. C 85 

Peters J. E. T 140 Wilson, Dr. Carl 87 

Peyton. H. C 46 Wilson. Dr. Winfred 87 

Piper, F. A 143 Winniford, C. E 119 

Pryor, John P 51 Winston, Capt. Barlow 39 

Wiswell, W. W 112 

Worsham J. N 142 

Q Wright. Clark 37 

Wyatt, John M 130 

Quaid, J. E 129 



Young, John 115 

Ramos J. M 134 Youngblood, E. 40 

Reagan, Mrs. Wm 146 

Rice, Wm. M 118 

Rider, Mrs. John 149 z 

Riding, Stephen D 37 

Robinson, Albert E 55 Zimmerman, Dennis 140 



To Our 

unit ]H?xmnz& 
of the World War 

and to those 

Whose deeds of conspicuous 
gallantry were so signally en- 
acted for the freedom of the 
World and the liberation of 
Humanity, this volume is affect- 
ionately dedicated. 


Important Announcement 

In the production of this authoritative work, with the 
valuable assistance of our most progressive citizens, we have 
endeavored to maintain high standards in every respect and 
evolve something of real merit and worthy of the commenda- 
tion of all who are interested in the advancement of Texas. 

This volume is devoted exclusively to West Texas and 
the Panhandle Plains Section of Texas. Our next edition will 
be devoted to other cities and sections not included herein. 

The object of the work is three-fold in its nature: To 
place before the people of the United States reliable histori- 
cal, educational, social, biographical, financial, industrial and 
general information which will exert a powerful influence in 
behalf of Texas by making known in a most effective way, 
her many attractive advantages, great undeveloped natural 
resources, industrial development and opportunities, remark- 
able financial strength, excellent educational facilities, social 
refinement and splendid type of citizenship. The resultant 
effect of this will inevitably be the enrollment, under the 
banner of the great Lone Star State, of additional desirable 
citizens, active capital and thriving industries, for the up- 
building of our State and the increasing of prosperity within 
our borders. 

To preserve, in the libraries and homes of Texas, a 
permanent record of our progress along various lines and a 
fair representation of the men and women identified with 
our commercial, professional and social activities at this time. 
The great historical value of this book to the future genera- 
tions of Texans is beyond realization at the present time. 

To make imperishable the splendid records of our 
patriotic men and women who thrust aside their own interests 
and put on the Armor of Service and Sacrifice in the recent 
great struggle for the liberation of humanity, and also to 
create a lasting memorial which will perpetuate, in the 
libraries of the Nation and in the historical organizations, 
public libraries and homes of Texas, the names of our noble 
Texas heroes who made the supreme sacrifice of their lives 
that we may have freedom. 


The credit for the existence of this hook and all the 
good it will accomplish in various ways, at home and abroad, 
is due to those loyal, puhlic-spirited, patriotic Texans shown 
herein as its creators. 

In justice to those having- personal representation herein 
we wish to state that no one was included in this wort 
biographically or pictorially at his or her own request, bul 
only because of* having been favorably passed upon, as t<? 
eligibility, by a local Selective Advisory Committee. 

THE WHO'S WHO SECTION, limited and restricted 
to those receiving an invitation issued by request of tin 
State Chai r man and the local Selective Arvisory Committee. 
This registration is complimentary and without cost and in- 
curs no obligation. This very important section gives con- 
cise, conservative data regarding bankers, educators, attor- 
neys, officials, manufacturers, physicians, dentists and othei 
professional and business men and women, constituting a re 
liable record reflecting credit upon our citizenship. 

PHOTO ILLUSTRATIONS of Texans identified with 
various professional, social, musical, educational, civic and 
commercial activities, are shown to make better known to tin 
citizens of our entire State those entitled to this recognition 
and also to seive as a most effective and dignified introduc- 
tion of them to the people of other States. This feature adds 
a phase of deep human interest not otherwise obtainable. 

THE HONOR ROLL of the Military Section perpetu- 
ates all the available names of those brave Texans who sc 
heroically fought and made the supreme sacrifice of theii 
lives, in the recent great World War. 

In the MILITARY SECTION due recognition is giver, 
for the valor, heroism, sacrifices and effective service rend- 
ered by our patriotic men and women. 

To our patrons and the many Chambers of Commerce, Mer- 
chants ' Associations, Banks, Officials and others who by theii 
effective co-operation assisted in the great success of this 
undertaking, we take this means of expressing our grate 
ful appreciation. 



Wichita Falls 





JOSEPH A KEMP was born at Clifton, 
Bosque County, Texas, July 31, 1861, the 
son of William T. and Emma F. (Stinnett) 
Kemp. Was educated in the common schools 
ot Bosque County, going into business at the 
age of eighteen at Clifton, which business he 
conducted successfully for two years. He sold 
this business at a nice profit, and in 1883 
moved to Wichita Falls, which was then the 
terminus of the Fort Worth & Denver Rail- 

His first business enterprise in Wichita 
Falls was that of a small general merchandise 
store, which he conducted successfully until he 
sold out in 1887. In 1890 he purchased from 
C. C. White the wholesale grocery business 
which he conducted as the J. A. Kemp Whole- 
sale Grocery Co. Under his control this business 
prospered exceedingly, until it was doing a 
business of more than $1,000,000 a year, 
branches having been established at different 
points in the western part of the state. In 1903 
Mr. Kemp sold the controlling interest, in the 
above grocery company to Mr. Blair and Mr. 
Hughes. However, he still has an interest in 
the company and is its Vice-President. This 
business, now the Blair and Hughes Company, 
is one of the leading wholesale grocery con- 
cerns of the Southwest. 

Probably the most valuable work done by 
Mr. Kemp has been his activity as a builder 
and promoter of railroads. His first venture 
was the organization, with associates, of a 
company and the building of a railroad from 
Henrietta to Wichita Falls, this being the sec- 
ond railroad built into Wichita Falls. He 
served as President of this road for a number 
of years, and under his management it was ex- 
tended four hundred and thirty miles, em- 
bracing the Wichita Falls & Northwestern 
Railroad, extending from Wichita Falls to 
Forgan, Oklahoma, the Wichita Falls and 
Wellington Railroad, from Altus, Okla. to Well- 
ington, Texas, and the Wichita Falls & South- 
ern, extending from Wichita Falls to New- 

Mr. Kemp was President during the pro- 
motion and construction of all these lines and 
remained President until 1911, at which time 
(hese properties were acquired by the M. K. & 
T. Railway Company, Mr. Kemp remaining as 
Vice-President. In 1920 Mr. Kemp, together 
with his partner and associate, Mr. Ftank Kell, 
of Wichita Falls, repurchased the Wichita 
Falls & Southern Railway Company, Mr. Kemp 
resuming the presidency. This road is now be- 
ing extended from Newcastle through Graham, 
Eliasville, Jimkern and other towns, into Breck- 

In 1891 Mr. Kemp was elected to the office 
of President of the City National Bank of 
Wichita Falls, a position which he has filled to 
the present time. The capital and surplus of 
this bank, (which was consolidated in 1920 

with the National Bank of Commerce and is 
now known as the City National Bank of Com- 
merce) aggregates $2,500,000.00, 'making it 
one of the strongest financial concerns in the 
State of Texas. It is a model institution and 
has quarters in its own magnificent thirteen 
story building. 

Mr. Kemp, together with his associate, Mr. 
Kell, builded the Wichita Falls Traction 
Company, of which he is President. The main 
line of this road operates between iWichita 
Falls and Lake Wichita, and along the routs 
of which are located the Wichita Falls Win- 
dow Glass Company, Ball Brothers Fruit Jar 
Company and the Wichita Motor Company 

Through his instrumentality there was brought 
to Wichita Falls the Wichita Motor Company, a 
new enterprise for Texas, which is one of the 
largest concerns of its kind in the Southwest, 
its products being sold in eighty foreign coun- 
tries. Mr. Kemp is Chairman of the Board of 
this Company. 

Mr. Kemp is Vice-President of the Texhoma 
Oil & Refining Company, one of the most suc- 
cessful refineries in Texas. 

There stands as a monument to Mr. Kemp's 
public-spiritedness a magnificent public library 
which bears his name and which he presented 
to the City of Wichita Falls. 

Probably his greatest ambition has been to 
perfect an irrigation system whereby the flood 
waters of the Big Wichita River will be im- 
pounded and furnish water for the irrigation 
of approximately 150,000 acres of farm land, 
and in addition make available to the City of 
Wichita Falls an inexa/.istible supply of water 
for all purposes. This project has been Mr. 
Kemp's dream and ambition for the past thirty 
years, and the success of the same is now in 
sight, as water improvement districts have been 
created and bonds voted to the amount of 
$4,500,000,00 for this purpose. Actual work 
on this irrigation system will be begun during 
the year 19 21. 

The fact that Wichita Falls is the magnifi- 
cent little city that it is, is due very largely 
to the vitalizing energy of Mr. Kemp. He has 
always had the City's welfare first in mind. 
He is probably the most beloved man in the 
City. Politically, he is a democrat; fraternally, 
he is a Mason, having attained the degree of 
a Knight of the Court of Honor; he is a Shrin 
er, member of the Knights of Pythias and Be- 
nevolent and Protective Order of Elks; he is 
a director in several large corporations; his 
church is the Presbyterian. 

During the World War Mr. Kemp was Chair- 
man of all the Liberty Loan Committees in 
Wichita 'County, and Wichita County over- 
subscribed its quota of every issue, making a 
very enviable record. Mr. Kemp was also dili- 
gent in Red Cross Work and all war activities, 
giving freely of his time and means. No man in 
Texas, nor in the United States, was more 
zealous or patriotic during the war than he. 





President of the History Club of San Antonio. 

THE history of Texas is unique in 
many ways. First, we are the only 
State which has been under the dominion 
of six flags ; second we are the only State 
which has been an independent Repub- 
lic ; third, we are the only State which 
really has a flag of its own; fourth, only 
one other State besides Texas (excepting 
the original colonies) came into the 
Union without passing the probation 
stage of being a territory. 

The first settlement in Texas was made 
by LaSalle, in the name of France, early 
in 1685, on the Gulf Coast, being called 
Fort St. Louis. Two years later the stout- 
hearted LaSalle was slain by traitorous 

During this time Spain became much 
exercised over the news that France had 
laid hands upon what Spain considered 
her territory, for she claimed everything 
bordering on the Gulf of Mexico. She 
sent Captain DeLeon with his Spanish 
soldiers to oust the French from Fort St. 
Louis. They, however, found that the 
colonists, left without a leader, had near- 
ly all been massacred and the fort had 
been abandoned.. DeLeon, taking pos- 
session in the name of Spain, it is said, 
called the country Texas because of the 
neighboring tribe of friendly Indians — 
the word Texas, in their tongue, mean- 
ing friends. Others claim that our name 
came from the Tehas Indians. 

The Spaniards established themselves 
in Texas and their Franciscan monks 
founded our wonderful Missions, the 
most famous being the Alamo, in 1744; 
San Jose, begun in 1718, and Concepcion, 
all on the San Antonio River. The two 
latter were centers of activity for nearly 
a century. 

Being a part of the State of Coahuila, 
Mexico, Texas passed under the domin- 
ion of Mexico in 1821, when Mexico es- 
tablished its independence from Spain. 

American colonists filtered in grad- 
ually and finally became numerous and 

important. Mexico, becoming alarmed 
at the increasing numbers of Americans, 
resolved to crush their rising power. 
Many battles followed, including the 
massacre of the Alamo, on March 6th, 
1836, and culminating with the victory 
of the Americans, under General Sam 
Houston, in the Battle of San Jacinto, on 
April 21st, 1836. 

Shortly afterward Texas formally de- 
clared her independence and establish- 
ed herself as a republic. Mexico refused 
to acknowledge the independence of 
Texas and when, in 1845, the Republic 
entered the L^nited States as the State of 
Texas, war between the United States 
and Mexico resulted. 

Texas progressed rapidly until the 
War Between the States, when it joined 
the Southern Confederacy in 1861. 

Unlike in the other Southern States, 
the Federal armies did not penetrate the 
interior and Texas thus escaped the rav- 
ages and horrors of war, although it did 
suffer, as did its sister States, during the 
period of reconstruction after the war. 

Those days of trouble and humiliation 
under military rule passed with the re- 
tirement of Governor Davis and the 
election of Governor Coke in 187^. the 
free choice of the people of Texas. Since 
that time Texas has become the Em- 
pire State of the South, greater in pop- 
ulation and wealth than any of the 
other Southern States. 

To Texas: 

Ever-generous Mother of Man, wheth- 
er under the fleur-de-lis of France, the 
golden and bloody banner of Spain, the 
eagle and cactus of Mexico, the lone star 
of the Texas Republic, the Stars and Bars 
of the Confederacy, or the Stars and 
Stripes of the Union — glorious in your 
past history, may you be even greater 
in the future — Texas, fair Texas! 





1\/ EST Texas today offers unpararlell- 
"» ed opportunities for capital and set- 
tlement. It is one of the very few "em- 
pires within itself" that has not yet been 
overpopulated, overworked and over-em- 
ployed. Its lands have never been tested 
out fully. Its mountains full of minerals 
have not been tapped. Its opportunities 
for the poor man as well as the rich ba- 
ron are so stupendous and so multifold 
that years of intensified immigration and 
financial investment will be necessary in 
order to bring a plethora of either. 
Thousands of persons are annually rush- 
ing to other sections of the country, to 
invest their money and to make their 
habitations, who would quickly appreci- 
ate the varied advantages here if the 
country were as well advertised. Un- 
fortunately the country has never receiv- 
ed this widespread publicity. Develop- 
ment has been gradual. There have been 
no abandonments of the West by those 
who have come. 

When the West underwent the great- 
est hardships ever known, due to a two 
years' drouth, there was born an organi- 
ation which has been a life-saver to this 
section of the State, made its people more 
progressive and cooperative and brought 
about a wonderful new development 
which will continue until the country 
itself has become as populous as Nevv 
York State. This organization was 
brought into being primarily to help the 
larger towns, but it became such a great 
help that it has now spread over the en- 
tire Western portion of the State. It has 
5000 members and serves over 260 towns 
cities and hamlets. It has saved its mem- 
bers millions of dollars bringing about 
a closer cooperation among the people, 
relieving car shortages, getting farm la- 
bor, advertising the country, helping the 
farmer, and what not. 

The organization began to make its 
first big impression when Porter A. 
Whaley was made general manager. He 
had had years of experience in commer- 
cial work in West Texas and Southeast- 
ern States. His knowledge of the West 
was intimate, made so by years of concen- 
trated study of its conditions and needs. 
So that when he undertook to put this 
organization into operation he used more 

faith than cash. The cash for its opera- 
tion came as a result of undeniable and 
beneficial work that he performed and 
results that he accomplished. In two 
years it has grown from a membership 
that could be counted on the fingers and 
toes to more than 5,000, making it by 
far the largest regional Chamber of Com- 
merce in the world. It exceeds in point of 
membership the State Chamber of Com- 
merce and all other regional organiza- 
tions of a similar mission, in the state, 
combined. And its greatest growth is 
still in the future. 

The Traffic Department of the Asso- 
ciation, located at Fort Worth under the 
management of Ed. P. Byars, traffic ex- 
pert, has won its spurs as no other similar 
division of an organization has ever done. 
When West Texas crops were the great- 
est and the car shortage situation the 
most serious, Byars woke up the I. C. C. 
and brought about an investigation which 
resulted in the locating of sufficient cars 
to remove crops that would otherwise 
have been destroyed. His department has 
been able to secure specific rates, install 
new passenger and freight trains where 
condition warranted, trace wayward 
cars and facilitate movement of large 
shipments that had been sidetracked on 
"blind" sidings. Many new passenger 
stations were improved. The department 
has an enviable record for having ameli- 
orated the transportation situation 
throughout the West. 

The Organization Department, under 
the management of William T. Wheeler 
of Waco, has a personnel of four in- 
cluding B. F. Bennett, Abilene, Wilson K. 
Whipple, Stamford, and J. E. Farrow, 
Fort Worth. In addition to "lining up 
towns" [for the organization, it helps 
communities to organize their own cham- 
bers of commerce, planning civic innova- 
tions ani improvements, raising of money 
for public purposes, etc. It has a wonder- 
fully successful tenure and has been of 
unestimated benefit to the 260 towns 
that have called upon it. 

The Publicity Department, under the 
managership of William Hamilton 
Wright , has established a brilliant re- 
cord in volume of publicity secured for 
the West. The story of the West has gone 


the rounds. New industries have moved 
in. Measures for the benefit of the peo- 
ple have been revived. Great matters 
have been agitated and fructified. The 
daily news service of this department 
goes to fifteen newspapers, in addition 
to numerous special articles to the coun- 
try press, industrial and commercial 
journals, and magazines and trades jour- 
nal. The manager of this department has 
had many years of active experience in 
large newspaper offices and knows how 
to place his "stuff." 

During legislative sessions at Austin, 
the organization maintains a bureau at 
the capital. It studies legislation and 
fights to get favors for West Texas and 
thwarts inimical measures against it. 
This will be a permanent feature. 

In Washington, a bureau is maintain- 
ed in active operation, the year around, 
under a capable manager. It takes cog- 
nizance of all matters that affect West 
Texas and furnishes national service that 
could not otherwise be secured. 

At Stamford are the headquarters of 
the organization. Here the manager, pub- 
licity manager, exhibit manager, farm 
bureau manager, and two office secreta- 
ries transact the immense bulk of busi- 
ness under the various departments. 

The Exhibit and Farm Bureau divi- 
sion has had a meteoric success. In the 
last eight months it has sent agricultural 
exhibits to all the state and interstate 
fairs of the North, East and South, at- 
tracting attention and capital to this sec- 
tion. It was under the management- 
ship of J. C. Wells. The Farm Bureau 
Department has now begun to function. 
It is a strictly agricultural adjunct and is 
meeting with favor among the farmers 
who through it have a splendid medium 
for expression and solution of their num- 
erous vexatious problems. 

The free employment service of the 
organization, under the managership of 
William Hamilton Wright, has won a 
place in the West Texas Chamber of 
Commerce activities that shines far and 
steady. During the year it was the savior 
of the wheat harvest by importing 
thousands of men. During the cotton 
season it attracted thousands of pickers. 
It is absolutely free to all towns in West 

Texas. No "head fee" is charged. This 
department is patterned on the United 
States Employment Service plan and has 
found publicity the greatest medium for 
procuring labor. 

The Administration and Service De- 
partments at Stamford transact the bulk 
of business outside the lines specifically 
described. Any matter that needs general 
aid is referred to the organization at 
Stamford and action is immediately tak- 
en by the department under which it 
falls. If it be a matter for no special de- 
partment it is placed under the Service 

The organization, realizing the utmost 
benefit that accrues from publicity, has 
established a quarterly magazine of 
splendid merit named "West Texas To- 
day," which has a circulation of 5000. 
Porter A. Whaley is manager and W. 
Hamilton Wright, editor. The country 
press is furnished from week to week 
with news items of a development nature. 
Also a weekly "Letter of Hints" is mailed 
to all town units. 

By means of the Traffic Department 
many small town merchants, who have 
reason to believe that they are being 
overcharged for shipments of freight, 
can take the question up with the organi- 
zation's traffic manager and learn as 
well as secure the return of all over- 
charges. Cars can be traced or furnish- 
ed or expedited. 

The "Secret Service" bureau has saved 
many towns from being fleeced by un- 
scrupulous stock salesmen. In one case 
the organization nipped in the bud a plan 
to squeeze several hundred thousand dol- 
lars out of one town. Now the West Texas 
towns, visited by stock salesmen without 
a conscience, are protected, for the mem- 
ber towns immediately take up the mat- 
ter by wire with the parent organization, 
and get information on the character and 
standing of the concern that seeks to do 

In any way that a country can be de- 
veloped beneficially the West Texas 
Chamber of Commerce works. It has 
done wonders in the last two years and 
is now becoming such a powerful organi- 
zation for good that its greatest work 
lies in the future. 




THE words "Texas Panhandle" consti- 
tute a term not unfamiliar in any 
state of this nation. It is the name of a 
section which has played its part in 
many events of historical importance 
and on account of its later development 
and the peculiar conditions and rela- 
tionship to other sections, has in these 
later years been of singular interest to 
the historian and of still more interest 
to the opportunity hunter. 

The tide of immigration toward the 
west in the earlier days divided its cur- 
rents to the north and south, for more 
than half a century leaving this region 
untouched by its eddies, so that while 
cities grew in Kansas, Colorado, New 
Mexico and Texas, the Panhandle still 
remained the hunting ground and bat- 
tlefield of the Indian tribes. In the later 
years of this period the century old pas- 
tures of the plains, in the mutation of 
time passed, by inheritance, from the 
buffalo to the herds of the rancher and 
the order of civilization had its begin- 
ning in the Panhandle. 

When you say "Texas Panhandle" 
you are speaking of that portion of the 
state bounded on the south by a line 
beginning at the Red River where it 
becomes the boundary between Texas 
and Oklahoma and extending westward 
to New Mexico. 

On a good map one will see depicted 
as a mountain slope, beginning south of 
the Canadian River and extending 
southward in an irregular course across 
this region, the eastern escarpment of 
the Llano Estacado. This immense ele- 
vation — the "High Plains," — extends 
southward for three hundred miles, 
sloping gradually upward from its 
eastern borders until at the western Tex- 
as line it reaches an altitude of five 
thousand feet abovei sea level. There 
are those who claim that the "Staked 
Plains" constitute the region to which 
tradition and custom have given the 
designation of the "Texas Panhandle," 
as possessing the peculiar attributes at- 
tached to that name and fame. 

To the east and south of the lofty 
"cap rock" of the Llando Estacado and 
the tumbling hills of the "breaks" be- 
low, the country slopes away to the 
lower levels of the state with a success- 

ion of changes in soils, climate and pro- 

The streams of this region are the big, 
broad, sandy Canadian, with its mighty 
bordering hills and extended "breaks" ; 
the Prarie Dog Creek, — so designated 
by geographers, — but better known as 
the Palo Duro, which rises in the staked 
Plains scarcely forty miles south of the 
Canadian and cuts its way through the 
plains in a deep and wonderfully beau- 
tiful gorge until where it breaks through 
the cap rock and opens out as the wide 
and sandy bed of the Red River; the 
North Fork of the Red River in the east- 
ern Panhandle, the Red Deer Creek, 
and many others of lesser note. In the 
lower Staked Plains are the headwaters 
of the Brazos and Colorado Rivers. In 
various parts of the Panhandle there are 
beautiful streams of living water, such 
as the Tierra Blanco, the Tule, the Palo 
Duro, the Running Water, Wolf Creek, 
the Palo Duro of the North Plains, and 
many others. 

North of the Canadian River there is 
a section known as the "North Plains", 
or "Trans-Canadian Plains". Generally 
speaking, this entire region, to the Beav- 
er River in the Oklahoma "strip", is a 
high level plain rising gradually from 
3600 feet to 8800 feet in the 16*5 miles 
of its extent from the eastern to the 
western boundaries of the Panhandle. 
That soetion of the Staked Plains, lying 
south of the Panhandle proper, is usu- 
ally designated as the "South Plains". 

With its many prosperous cities and 
towns, its rich agricultural resources, its 
industrious and commercial development 
and potential mineral wealth, the Pan- 
handle today spreads its endless expanse 
under smiling skies, the home of a hap- 
py people. Under present conditions, it 
is hard to understand the opprobrium at- 
taching to the name in the early days. 
Historians discuss the country in a para- 
graph, describing the Llano Estacado as 
a barren region where the government 
sent expeditions in vain attempts to find 
water. The region was held in such con- 
tempt by the older portions of the state 
that the Panhandle territory was lav- 
ishly exploited for their benefit. Three 
million acres went at one dollar per 
acre to build a state house and other 



millions were squandered in free grants 
to help build railroads in central and 
southern Texas. 

The present development in the Pan- 
handle began in 1887, when its first 
railroad was built, — The Fort Worth & 
Denver City. At that time the country 
had reached the acme of its fame as a 
cattle country, which endured for many 
years afterward. Other railroads, — the 
Santa Fe and Rock Island, — soon fol- 
lowed, and shortly thereafter the home- 
seeker began to straggle in and gained 
the euphonious name of "nester", with 
his little nest of two to four sections in 
the midst of the cattle ranches. 

As the result of the pioneer work of 
the "nester", the railroad companies, in 
1900, began a systematic campaign in 
the east, advertising the agricultural 
possibilities of the Panhandle, which re- 
sulted in one of the greatest organized 
immigration movements of the country, 
beginning in 1902 and continuing for 
several years. The increase in popula- 
tion of these twenty-six counties since 
that time is shown by the census figures. 
T n 1900 there were 21,278 people; in 
'910, 90,137; and in 1920, 115,069. 
This growth is particularly indicative of 
agricultural development, upon which 
present conditions depend almost en- 

In 1900, and for ten years previously, 
Amarillo, favorably situated as it was 
on many trails of the cow country, was 
the greatest cattle shipping point in the 
world and there were other points 
which pressed her close for that distinc- 
tion. Very rapidly thereafter the large 
lease holdings of the cattle kings passed 
into the hands of the farmer, until now 
the large ranches can be counted on 
the fingers of one hand and the live- 
stock production has changed in its 
character. The peculiar adaptability of 
the soil and climate to the growing of 
the grain sorghums has made stock 
farming the principal occupation and 
the Panhandle now furnishes to the 
world more and better beef on the hoof 
than in the days of the big ranches and 

These never-failing food crops also 
form the foundation for the dairy in- 
dustry which has alrady attained quite 
considerable proportions and is destined 
in time to add millions to the wealth of 
the Panhandle. 

It is a well established fact that all 
conditions of climate and soil production 
conspire to produce all classes of live- 
stock of exceptional vigor in this sec- 
tion. Hogs and cattle, particularly, are 
produced in the full perfection of the 
standard breeds and it is confidently 
predicted that in the years to come the 
Panhandle will be looked to for breed- 
ing stock to go to all parts of the world. 

In the past decade the great Pan- 
handle wheat belt has reached propor- 
tions sufficient to make itself a very 
considerable factor in the food supply 
of the country. This belt lies princi- 
pally upon the higher plains of the Pan- 
handle proper and the South Plains. 
Under varying conditions its production 
ranges from 20,000,000 to 30,000,000 
bushels, while kafir corn, milo maize 
and kindred crops will average about 
twice the wheat production and more 
than equal it in value. Oats, barley, 
rye are produced in sufficient quantities 
to supply the local needs, with a surplus 
for shipment. The latest available fig- 
ures of the total agricultural production, 
including livestock, in the Panhandle 
and South Plains, show a value of $300,- 

In the lower eastern section of the 
Panhandle, cotton is an important crop, 
contributing hundreds of thousands of 
bales to the world's supply. This sec- 
tion also produces Indian corn in abund- 

Extending from the northwest to the 
southeast, across the western portion of 
the Panhandle and central South Plains, 
is a shallow water belt where irrigation 
is practiced to some extent. Elsewhere 
water is obtained by deep wells at vary- 
ing depths from 100 to 250 feet. All of 
this water is of exceptional purity. 

The mineral wealth of the Panhandle, 
as developed at this writing, appears to 
be confined to natural gas, petroleum 
and salt, with a possibility of potash. 
Gas has already been developed in sev- 
eral localities in enormous quantities 
and oil in commercial quantities is a cer- 
tainty. Five wells in the vicinity of 
Amarillo are producing 300,000,000 
cubic feet of gas per day and one well 
in Carson County is yielding 1000 bar- 
rels of oil daily. This oil and gas field 
has been surveyed with more or less 
definiteness from New Mexico eastward 
across the whole extent of the Pan- 
handle. Salt has been found at depths 



of 200 to 300 feet in great deposits a 
hundred feet thick, and the government 
has established by its tests the existence 
of potash in paying quantities. 

Climatically speaking, the Panhandle 
is the land where the cactus and the 
sunflower meet. The tints painted by 
nature are the white and deep blue of 
the sky and the gray-green landscape. 
High elevation and an atmosphere too 
light, for the heavy flight of the crow 
and buzzard, the proximity of the 
Rocky Mountains and their influence on 
winds and air currents, and the low 
coasts and waters of the Gulf to the 
south, are the factors determining clim- 
atic conditions. Although classed as 
semi-arid, this section has an annual 
rainfall varying in different sections 
from twenty-two to thirty-four inches. 
This comes in the spring and fall at 
times best suited for agricultural pur- 

Official records show at Amarillo the 
average mean temperature in winter of 
43° and in summer 69". The percentage 
of sunshine by hours for a year is 88. 
This is a land of hot sunshine and cool 
shade. Its nights bear the breath of the 
isles of the blest and perfect rest en- 
folds him who lies down to sleep. Insect 
pests of all descriptions are almost un- 

The climatic conditions of the Pan- 
handle are antagonistic to disease. Mal- 
aria is an entire stranger and no tuber- 
culosis is ever contracted. Under ordin- 
ary sanitary precautions epidemics are 
easily controlled and the vital statistics 
of the Panhandle are remarkable in 
medical annals. 

The Panhandle is served, in its trans- 
portation needs, by three of the strong- 
est railroad systems of the country, not- 
ed for their constructive policies. These 
have already been noted. While it can 
be said that railroad construction is 
barely begun in this territory, yet it is a 
fact that there are now only three coun- 
ties in the Panhandle without railroad 
facilities and two in the South Plains. 
The automobile and motor truck are 
rapidly coming into this field and bring- 
ing the remotest rancher or community 
into close touch with the arteries of 
trade. Generally speaking, the contour 
of the country and the character of soil 
render the construction and mainten- 
ance of good roads a comparatively 
easy matter. In a majority of the coun- 

ties highway construction receives its 
merited share of the public funds and 
attention and efforts of the citizenship. 

The citizenship of the Panhandle and 
plains country is practically entirely of 
the white American born type. There is 
very little waste humanity within their 
bounds. It is a citizenry that takes 
pride in its churches, schools and other 
public institutions — one that seeks and 
follows the ways of progress. This 
spirit is reflected in every town and vil- 
lage in modern school buildings, hand- 
some churches, imposing court houses, 
splendid homes, paved streets and pub- 
lic utilities. 

It is impossible to ascribe preeminence 
to any town in the Panhandle or South 
Plains. Situated at the Junction of the 
three railroads, Amarillo has, through 
its railroad facilities, acquired domin- 
ance in the commerce of the region and 
has the largest population of any town. 
In these respects, however, it is closely 
followed by Dalhart in the North Plains 
Childress, Memphis, Clarendon, Canad- 
ian, Hereford, and in the South Plains 
by Plainview, Floydada, Lockney and 
Lubbock. In the extreme northeastern 
portion, on the new branch of the Santa 
Fe Railway, Perryton and Spearman are 
attracting the attention of commerce. 

Plainview and Clarendon have earned 
distinction as educational centers and at 
Canyon is located the West Texas State 
Normal, one of the most magnificent 
and best equipped of the State's educa- 
tional institutions. 

On account of their enormous tonnage 
of grain delivered to the railroads at 
their stations, the "trade" is familiar 
with the names of Stratford, Texline, 
Texhoma, Miami, Pampa, Panhandle, 
Hereford, Groom, McLean and Claude. 
Shamrock, Wellington, Memphis and 
Clarendon speak to commerce with their 
cotton and corn, and the new town of 
Farwell is famous as the home of the 
XIT Syndicate and the millions of acres 
of rich farming lands it has colonized. 

This is but an epitome of an epic of 
the past and a prophecy of an epoch of 
the future in an empire portion of the 
great state of Texas. A large majority 
of the inhabitants of the Panhandle 
boast of Texas nativity and have trans- 
planted to their new homes all the tra- 
ditions of the Lone Star State, whose 
history is their history and whose future 
greatness is also their's. 



Progressive Cities of the Panhandle 
and West Texas 

The Capital of the Thirty-Eight North 
Texas Counties Known as the 
Texas Panhandle 

Upon the wideflung plains of the Pan- 
handle of Texas and under the crystal- 
line skies, there lurks a lure stronger 
than the spell of the "Waters of Caney 
Fork." Who drinks once of its vitalize 
ing air must needs return to drink 
again, and he who once falls under the 
spell of the prairie and canyon, the glory 
of its sunsets and the wine of its morn- 
ing winds knows that here life finds its 
greatest vigor and zest and effort its 
surest reward. Nature has endowed the 
land with her choicest riches for all 
production, to meet the needs of man 
and beast and here the pioneers of the 
land have laid the foundation broad 
and deep for the needs of commerce and 
all requirements of civilized man. 
When all the story has been told and 
the Panhandle comes into its own, here 
will be found the warm beating heart 
and fountain of vigor of the greatest 
empire the world has ever known, the 
most sought and the best loved spot in 
all the vast territory of America. This 
is the land of which the poet speaks: 

"Out where the world is in the making, 
Where fewer hearts in despair are breaking, 

Thafs where the West begins. 
"Where there's more of singing and less of 

Where there's more of giving and less of buying 
And a man makes friends without half trying, 

That's where the West begins." 

In the midst of that setting, rests the 
Gem, Amarillo. Amarillo is pre-emin- 
ently the Convention City for the Pan- 
handle and the recognized center of 
one of the principal wheat and other 
small grain helts of the Nation. 

The proven gas field, which lies 
twenty-five miles northwest of Amarillo, 
is the largest in the world, measuring 
fifteen miles in width by twenty miles 
in length. 

This gas tests on an average of 1100 
b. t. u.'s of heat per cubic foot, which 
represents about four times as many 
units as is contained in artificial gas. 
The most eminent of geologists predict 
its longivity to be at least thirty years. 

Amarillo has as good water as can be 
found anywhere. It is pure for drinking 
purposes and contains no chemical ele- 
ments injurious for boiler use. 

Amarillo Board of City Development is a 
department of the City Government, 
financed by taxation to function as a 
Chamber of Commerce. It is the only 
one of its kind operating independent of 
a subsidiary support and has attracted 
wide attention over the Nation. It is 
non-political and served by voluntary 
citizens who act as Directors of the var- 
ious committees. 

It is always alert and ever ready to 
induce all worthy new-comers, large or 
small factories, firms and individuals to 
locate in Amarillo. 

The railroad payrolls here amount to 
$2,371,411.00 yearly. 

The post office receipts for 1920 were 

The Rcof Garden of Texas 

Alpine is familiarly known as the 
"Roof Garden of Texas" and is situated 
on the Continental Divide with an eleva- 
tion 4,484 feet. 

The highest point on the entire South- 
ern Pacific system between the Gulf of 
Mexico and Pacific Ocean. Popula- 
tion 3000. Alpine is truly the health 
seekers haven and the summer tourists' 
paradise. It is surrounded by marvelous 
scenery with a summer climate as de- 
lightfully cool as Colorado or California. 
Why leave Texas to spend your sum- 

With its alJ-the-year round climate, 
Alpine is destined to become the educa- 
tional center of West Texas. 

The High School is located in the cen- 
ter of the residence district, the building, 
placed in the center of an eight acre 
campus, is of modern structure and 
thoroughly equipped. Employing nine- 
teen teachers, the school has fifteen 
units of affiliation. 

The Sul Ross State Normal College 
was located at Alpine in 1917, and 
opened its doors for students in June, 
1920. Completely equipped, with as 



well trained a faculty as can be found 
in any school in Texas, it offers unex- 
celled opportunities to any who desire a 
higher education. With plans on foot 
to care for an attendance of 500 or more 
students, it bids fair to become the most 
useful school of higher education in 
West Texas. 

Alpine is fortunate in having a repre- 
sentation of the strongest protestant de- 
nominations. The Baptists, Christians, 
Methodists and Presbyterians all have 
erected modern buildings and maintain 
resident pastors. Plans are under way 
for the construction of an Episcopal 
Chapel, and the Roman Catholics main- 
tain an organization which is adequate 
to care for their membership. 

Alpine can well be called "A City of 
Schools and Churches." 

Brewster County, of which Alpine is 
the County Seat, is one of the best stock- 
raising counties in Texas. The countv 
contains nearly 3,500,000 acres of land, 
the majority of which is unsurpassed 
for stockraising. There are in Brewster 
county more than 200,000 head of cat- 
tle, horses, sheep and goats. Where 
twenty years ago roamed the Texas 
Longhorn, today peacefully browse the 
registered Herefords, Durham and An- 

There are found 52 varieties of native 
grasses that mature after the rainy 
season, and never rot in the mild win- 
ters, and are able, except in very rare 
instances, to adequately care for and 
feed the stock during the winter months. 

This is the ideal section for the small 
stockraiser as well as the large. 

To fully appreciate this marvelous in- 
dustry it is necessary that you visit and 
inspect for yourse^ these ranches 
where Peace, Plenty, Prosperity and 
Haopiness reign supreme. 

The Bonanza Quicksilver section of 
the United States. 

Brewster County is rich in Copper, 
Silver, Coal, Iron, Sulphur, Potash, Lead, 
Opal, Topaz, Zinc and Gold. 

The mineral resources of Brewster 
County have been but scratched. 

The most delightful year-round clim- 
ate in America. No mosquitoes or mc.l- 
aria. The mean annual temperature is 
58 degrees. Average annual rainfall is 
17V-> inches. Average number of cloudy 
days in the winter months, 5. Mean 
variation of temperature, 19 degrees. 

This section can do better and longer 

with less water than any country on 

Located at the intersection of the 
Southern Pacific and the Orient rai 1 - 
roads, on the famous ''Sunset Route." 
Ten passenger trains a day. Direct 
route to Kansas City, New Orleans and 
San Francisco. Stage connections to the 
Rio Grande, taking in Terlingua and 
Study Butte. 

On the Robert E. Lee Trans-Contin- 
ental Highway, with good roads north 
and south to many points of interest. 

Adequate hotel and boarding facil- 

Unbeatable as a producer of fine 
fruits. The apples have a flavor which 
is not surpassed by the most famed 
fruits of America. The best stockrais- 
ing section in the world. Among the 
richest mining sections of the United 
States. Marble and granite quarries 
only partly developed, but with excel- 
lent possibilities. 

A modern steam laundry, privately 
owned electric light and ice plant, boot 
and shoe factory, planing mill, steam 
bakery, bottling works, smelter nearing 
completion, three quarries, four garages, 
etc., now in operation, with wonderful 
opportunity for packing house and tan- 
nery, a marble yard, and moving picture 


Bowie is situated 69 miles northwest 
of Ft. Worth, on the Denver and Rock 
Island Railroads, and is also on the Mer- 
idian road. It is in the center of a broad 
trade territory. On the east of Bowie 
there are small farms suitable for truck 
and fruit raising. On the west of Bowie 
there are large farms suitable to stock 
and small grain raising. Bowie has 
about 4000 inhabitants, with eight 
church buildings, three school buildings. 
Gravel roads prevail through our town 
and county. Bowie has also the largest 
chicken hatchery in the South, its capac- 
ity being 61,000 eggs. 


Nature was lavish with her gifts when 
she established her treasure house in 
the western part of Wise County. Her 
soils are admirably suited to the grow- 
ing of all kinds of agricultural products. 
This section has valuable coal deposits 
and here is to be found the finest qual- 



ity of fire clay. There is enough lime- 
stone rock to build all the highways in 
Texas. The drills are now penetrating 
the earth and are uncovering promising 
oil pools. 

Bridgeport, the chief city in Western 
Wise County, is situated on the main 
line of the Rock Island Lines and is the 
junction point for the Graham branch 
as well as freight division. Three coal 
mines are in operation, also two brick 
plants, two stone crushers and a Million 
Dollar Cement Plant. Her transporta- 
tion facilities are unexcelled. It is situ- 
ated on a Pipe line and has an Oil Re- 
finery in actual operation. The proxim- 
ity to markets, accessibility to the Oil 
fields and good transportation facilities, 
render it an ideal location for the build- 
ing of a city. Good schools and church- 
es are found here and her people are 
happy, prosperous and contented. 

The city has a population of twenty- 
five hundred; surrounded by a well de- 
veloped farming community. Just now 
there is a live interest in building good 
roads. Small grains, cotton, peanuts, 
and hay are the principle crops grown. 

This section sits mid-way between the 
history and prophecy of North Texas. 
Her old men are the historians, her 
young men the prophets of tomorrow. 
On the soil dedicated by the blood of 
the pioneer, consecrated by the sacrifice 
and heroism of its first settlers, the 
voung men of this region are now build- 
ing imperishable monuments to the 
sturdy type of Americanism to be found 


Situated at the gateway to the Pan- 
handle, there is a County renowned for 
its livestock and agricultural produc- 
tion; and in this County of Childress, 
there is the City of Childress, especially 
famous for its active citizenship, its pro- 
gressiveness and civic pride. 

Although the city has been in exist- 
ence for only thirty years, it has ad- 
vanced steadily, with an annual increase 
in population, until now more than five 
thousand people make Childress their 
home; and in the county there are prac- 
tically eleven thousand; showing a rural 
population of about fifty per cent. 

Although much revenue accrues from 
the agricultural production and from 
the sale of livestock, there are other im- 
portant sources of wealth in the city. 

The Fort Worth and Denver City Rail- 
way Company maintains its shops in 
Childress, and hundreds of men are em- 
ployed there; so that in normal times a 
pay roll of about $100,000 is handled 
monthly. A large cotton compress 
which handles cotton from the sur- 
rounding counties as well as Childress, 
employs labor that adds considerably to 
the bank deposits of Childress. Modern 
steam laundries, grain elevators, and all 
of the usual West Texas industries are 
found in Childress. 

Ten blocks of pavement are now in 
the process of construction and many 
more are contemplated as soon as con- 
ditions will permit. In addition to this, 
four designated National Highways tra- 
verse Childress and Childress County, so 
that the automobile tourists find it con- 
venient to pause where good hotels, 
cafes, garages, and business houses can 
be found in abundance. Well marked 
roads guide them into and through the 
city limits, and out on the road of their 

Childress is situated on the Fort 
Worth and Denver, 220 miles Northwest 
of Fort Worth. The altitude is approx- 
imately 2,000 feet above the sea level, 
and the climate is mild, with a moderate 
annual rainfall. A more healthful clim- 
ate could hardly be found in the Lone 
Star State. 

Conditions are almost ideal for the 
production of grain, such as wheat, oats, 
barley, and rye ; also for feed stuffs, 
such as milo maize, feterita, kaffir, sor- 
ghums and other products that give a 
first class finish to the large numbers of 
cattle and hogs that are annually mark- 
eted from this territory. 

Swine production has been brought to 
a scientific basis by Childress breeders, 
and their fame is spreading rapidly 
throughout the United States. In fact, 
many other States are coming to the 
Childress country for swine to be used in 
building up their own herds. 

Childress is adequately advertised to 
the public through two progressive 
newspapers, one semi-weekly and One 
weekly; and by the activites of a live 
Chamber of Commerce. In addition to 
these, the Childress State Fair invites 
the competition of livestock and agricul- 
tural exhibits from all sections of the 
country and has never failed to uphold 
the reputation of Childress County as a 
strong livestock and farming center. 



Several deep tests are now being 
made for oil in the County, with appar- 
ently great chances for success, which 
will also contribute to the wealth and 
value of this county of diversified feat- 

With a vision of a greater Childress, 
its citizens are daily putting forth their 
efforts to build permanently. 


The City of Cisco is a live, progress- 
ive little city of 10,000 people, located 
one hundred and fifteen miles west of 
Fort Worth on the main line of th° 
Texas & Pacific railway. It may well 
be styled the "gateway" to the great 
West Texas section, being served by 
three railroads radiating in five direc- 
tions and by which the Central Texas 
oil fields may be easily reached, as well 
as all parts of West Texas. 

Cisco is quite a jobbing center, having 
three large wholesale grocery houses, 
two large produce houses, a hide and fnr 
house, several large oil well supply 
houses, a chair and casket wholesale 
distributing house, ice cream factory, 
mattress factory and foundry, all doing 
a large business all over West Texas. 

Cisco is also a city of homes and due 
to its good schools, splendid churches, 
good water and other modern improve- 
ments has attracted a large number of 
people to move here from the surround- 
ing oil fields. 

Cisco has many paved streets and a 
large additional number of streets are 
now being paved. 

Cisco has specially good school facil- 
ities. It has a modern high school and 
two grammar schools and a bond issue 
has recently been carried for $250,000.- 
00 to build a new high school. 

Practically all denominations are rep- 
resented in the churches of Cisco. 

In addition to being in close proximity 
to all the Central Texas oil fields, large 
deposits of clay, coal, mica and lime 
rock are to be found at Cisco. Some of 
these natural resources are now being 
developed on a large scale. 

Cisco is spending a million dollars for 
the construction of a mammoth concrete 
dam, two miles north of the city, which 
when completed will furnish a water 
supply to the city of approximately fif- 
teen billion gallons of water. Work has 
already started on this dam and it is 
expected tha^ it will be completed by 
January 1st, 1922. 


Originally, the land where Electra is 
now located was valued for pasturage 
purposes only, but it was soon found 
that this land was equally valuable for 
farming purposes, and corn, cotton and 
small grain crops such as wheat, were 
raised most successfully. In 1910 El- 
ectra had a population of only five hun- 

The growth of the city began on April 
1, 1911, with the completion of Clayco 
Oil Well No. 1. This opened up the 
greatest oil field in Texas, and one of 
the greatest in the world, covering a 
territory approximately forty miles in 
length and twenty miles in width — a 
territory of which Electra is the center, 
and of which 8.175 acres are proven. 

Because of the conservative manage- 
ment of the Electra Oil Field, and its 
central location, and because of the 
value of the territory about Electra for 
both farm and ranch purposes as well 
as for oil, Electra soon grew to be a city 
of homes and home builders, and, there- 
fore, to have a more permanent charac- 
ter than most oil towns. 

On August 25th, 1917, it adopted the 
City Manager form of government, 
which is believed, by authorities on such 
matters, to be one of the best forms of 
city management. 

The population of Electra in 1920 was 
4,744, but since then it has been raised 
to over 5,000 through the incorporation 
of various additions. The assessed val- 
uation of property in Electra in 1920 
was $3,000,000.00. As somewhat of an 
index to the climate of Electra, it might 
be stated this city has an annual average 
rainfall of twenty-five inches and an al- 
titude of 1,325 feet. 

Industrial Resources. 

The Electra Oil Field has been so 
conservatively and sanely developed 
that practically all of the old wells are 
still producing, including Clayco No. 1, 
so that at present there are more than 
two thousand oil wells producing a daily 
average of 11,500 barrels. This oil may 
be refined at either of two refineries 
which are located in Electra, in addition 
to two casinghead gasoline plants. 

Besides these plants connected with 
the oil industry, there are others, such 
as an ice plant, ice cream factory, two 
grain elevators, two cotton gins, two 
large machine shops, an electric light 
plant furnishing abundant and cheap el- 



ectric power, and a modern steam laun- 

Because of the rich farming lands, ex- 
tending to the Red River on the north 
and the Wichita River on the south, 
and the good roads connecting Electra 
therewith, modern retail stores in every 
line prosper here. Two national and one 
state bank, with deposits totaling over 
$2,000,000.00, are supported by this 
city. Electra also has a telephone sys- 
tem ranking among the best in the Unit- 
ed States. 

Civic Advantages. 

Electra has sixty blocks of paved 
streets, an abundant water supply (99 ^r 
pure by actual analysis), a sewer sys- 
tem installed over the city, beautiful 
homes, a $90,000.00 theater, schools of 
class AA rating with 22 V-> units affilia- 
tion with the universities of the state, 
and beautiful churches. 

During 1921 a city hospital, costing 
$25,000.00, will be completed. A city 
park and playground are now under 

The industrial and civic interests of 
Electra are being furthered by a well 
organized Chamber of Commerce con- 
sisting of two hundred and twenty-five 
members. This Chamber of Commerce is 
one of the best supported Chambers in 
the United States, its annual per capita 
support being $2.65. It now maintains a 
camp for tourists, providing free stoves 
for cooking, shower baths, and electric 



El Paso, the largest and most impor- 
tant city between Denver, Colorado, 
and the City of Mexico, or between San 
Antonio, Texas, and Los Angeles, Cal- 

The population of El Paso, 1920 cen- 
sus was 85,000. Altitude 3767 feet. 

During the past twenty years El Paso 
has increased in population 400 per 
cent. New settlers have found the cli- 
mate almost a specific for broken 
health, the seasons unusually favorable 
for all kinds of human endeavor, the 
economic conditions superior to those 
of many large centers and the oppor- 
tunities for investment of capital and 
energy incomparable. 

An average of 36 cloudy days annu- 
ally — average for five years. 

37 ' '< humidity on five years average 
— annual rain fall is less than 10 inches. 

High community standards, loyal and 
progressive citizenship, all make for the 
inevitable future building of the Great- 
er El Paso, which is gaining in popu- 
lation at the rate of 10 percent every 
year and now counts 90,000, with ap- 
proximately ] 0,000 more in its imme- 
diate suburbs. 

The principal point .of interest for 
visitors to El Paso is the Scenic Drive. 
This gives visitors a fine view of El 
Paso, the adjoining city of Juarez, Mex- 
ico, all of Fort Bliss and the Rio Grande 
Valley for many miles. The view is 
equally good from Scenic Drive at night 
or day time. 

Fort Bliss, 5 miles from the city is 
the headquarters of a brigade of troops. 

A ride down the valley, over well 
paved roads, will give you an idea of 
agricultural and trucking. 

In Ysleta — 12 miles from El Paso you 
will find buildings over a century old. 

Washington Park, the city's biggest 
recreation and amusement park. 

Texas School of Mines, a branch of 
the University of Texas. 

El Paso High School is located be- 
neath the rim of Scenic drive, and is 
well worth a visit. 

E! Paso's Smelter is second largest in 
the world and the Southwestern Port- 
land Cement Plant are interesting points 
to visitors and are easily reached by au- 

San Jacinto Plaza (4) is one of the 
beauty spots of the city. The alligators 
in the pool in the Plaza were brought 
to El Paso in 1382 in a cigar box from 

Jaurez, Mexico, just across the bor- 
der, has a population of approximately 
15,000 people, and is a most interesting 
point to visitors. 

Elephant Butte Dam. 110 miles from 
El Paso, is the largest body of water in 
the world controlled by man. The water 
from Elephant Butte Dam irrigates an 
area of 180,000 acres. 

El Paso is the social and commercial 
center of an area of 1,000,000 square 
miles — the dominant metropolis of a re- 
gion as large as the whole United States 
east of the Mississippi river — the strate- 
gic distribution point, both for passen- 
ger travel and trade and industrial traf- 
fic, in a circle of 1200 miles diameter. 
Permanent natural conditions forever 



protect El Paso from competition in 
chis vast region. 

Backed by its wonderful resources of 
mines, livestock, timber and agriculture, 
yielding millions annually. El Paso has 
not only become the chief manufactur- 
ing and wholesaling city of its territory, 
but is recognized as its center of edu- 
cation, religious activities, finance and 
merchandising. It compares most favor- 
ably with the largest cities of the coun- 
try in its attractive public and private 
edifices, residences, paved and lighted 
streets, parks, water supply and urban 
transportation. Even casual visitors are 
impressed with the civic pride and intel- 
lectual culture of the El Paso people. 
This city is the least provincial in the 
United States, the broadest in sym- 
pathies and activities. 

Situated where the Rio Grande cuts 
through the southernmost end of the 
Rocky Mountains, at the lowest snow- 
free pass over the Continental Divide, 
El Paso has become the greatest rail- 
road center west of the 100th meridian, 
and is the four-sided gateway for home- 
seekers and investers entering West 
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Mex- 



The Natural Gateway to Mexico. 

Located on the border, midway be- 
tween Mexico City and the North and 
East, tourists for Mexico should consider 
the Laredo Gateway. Travel from the 
North and East to Mexico City is about 
four hundred miles nearer by this route. 

Laredo has a population of approxi- 
mately 26,000, an increase of about 
sixty percent for the past ten year per- 
iod. Laredo is known throughout Texas 
for her industrial and financial stability. 
Laredo has developed under a conserv- 
ative policy; has had no booms. Her 
wealth and trade have steadily expand- 
ed. Her resources are being gradually 

Laredo has four banks, with total re- 
sources of about eight million dollars. 
The past year the port of Laredo, as 
compared to all other ports of entry into 
Mexico, except El Paso, cleared over 77 
per cent of all the domestic merchandise 
which passed into the Republic from the 
United States. 

Building activities in Laredo are an 
indisputable evidence of the city's rapid 
strides for still greater commercial su- 

premacy. There are eleven churches, 
four Catholic, and seven Protestant; 
eight schools, including the high school, 
and two academies. Laredo has a street 
railway system; electric lighting; natur- 
al gas; water works, and four first class 
hotels. The coal mines at Minera, and 
the Army Post of Fort Mcintosh, within 
the city limits, are both important fac- 
tors in the commercial and industrial 
life of the community. There are three 
brick yards; three ice plants; one foun- 
dry; two daily newspapers (one being in 
Spanish) ; a large number of wholesale 
houses. The Texas Mexican railway 
company and the Rio Grande & Eagle 
Pass Railway Company, each have their 
general shops in this city, the Interna- 
tional & Great Northern has its division- 
al terminal shops located here. Natural 
gas wells have been developed in the 
county, and supply the city and irrega- 
tion pumping plants along the river with 
fuel for domestic and manufacturing 
purposes. Laredo is now the center of 
oil activities, with splendid prospects of 
a great oil field. The shallow oil field 
is rapidly reaching a production of two 
hundred barrels per dav, and many of 
the deeper wells are in the oil sands. 

Laredo is the "hub" of the great 
Bermuda onion industry. Also the cen- 
ter of a great production of spinach, 
cabbage, lettuce and other winter truck 
crops under irrigation. Laredo is the 
life of the great cattle producing indus- 
try, not only of the Texas border, but of 
similar interests in Mexico. 

Laredo has always had cordial rela- 
tions with Mexico and is the one port 
which has always been open. Laredo 
ranks second only to New York as a 
Mexican Consulate. The immense vol- 
ume of business, both freight and pas- 
senger, which enters Mexico at Laredo 
makes it a worthy rival of the Consulate 
at New York City. 

Laredo has the most complete array 
of customs brokers, in all lines of com- 
mercial activities, to be found in the 
Southwest. Their ability and financial 
support are evidenced by the volume of 
business streaming into Mexico through 

Laredo as a city is growing rapidly 
and is one of the most inviting locations 
for factories and warehouses. 


In the heart of the South Plains is 



found Lubbock County, a one hundred 
percent diversified farm county whose 
area is 571,349 acres. It is 96 '< profit- 
ably tillable, and is peopled by 14, 384 
home owning white Americans. There 
are twenty-three school districts, all of 
which have brick buildings housing 3,- 
240 students, 63 '.'< of whom are in rural 

One hundred and five miles of im- 
proved Designated State Highways, 92 
miles of railroads, with 11 sidings and 
four regular stations, give short hauls 
and market facilities to every part of 
the country. 

Lubbock, as the Hub of the Great 
South Plains of Texas, in growth, pros- 
perity and progress, represents the de- 
velopment of a veritable kingdom with- 
in a kingdom. Surrounded by 10,000,- 
000 acres of the most fertile land in 
America, underlain at a depth of sixty 
to 125 feet with an inexhaustible sheet 
of the purest water, and peopled by 63,- 
500 white full-blooded, home-owning 
Americans, it is a distributing and mark- 
eting center whose future is unlimited. 

With a population twenty years ago 
of less than 500 for the county, the city 
alone now has 5,000 people, and the 
county 12,500. The number of farms in 
the county increased 384 percent within 
the last census period. 

Lubbock, the marketing and distribut- 
ing city, is served by five railroads, six 
Designated State Highway outlets, and 
a network of well kept county and inter- 
city highways. Nine wholesale houses 
and a number of markets, a cotton com- 
press, elevator and other distributing 
and marketing facilities gather the pro- 
ducts from over an area of fifteen coun- 
ties and distribute goods to the entire 
South Plains, Panhandle and New Mex- 
ico territory. 

Lubbock is the Modern City of the 
West, with municipal light, water and 
sewer plants, under the Commission 
Manager form of government, and re- 
ceives the full support of her citizenship 
in all things progressive. 


Memphis, altitude 2250 feet, the 
County Seat of Hall County, carries the 
suggestive name of "the Heart of the 
Upper Red River Valley," since it is the 
center and distributing point of this 
famous belt of land that stretches from 
the 100th meridian, on the Prarie Dog 
Town Fork of Red River, west and 

slightly south for sixty miles, and is the 
nucleus for the large trade coming from 
this belt of valley territory, as good and 
as rich as there is in any State in the 
Union. The city of Memphis has a pop- 
ulation of 3,500, two brick grammer 
school buildings, an $80,000.00 high 
school building, modern sewer, light and 
water systems, steam laundry, five cot- 
ton gins, oil mill and two grain eleva- 
tors. Five church buildings (value 
$175,000.00), fifteen miles of sidewalk, 
Carnegie Library, park and ninety busi- 
ness firms, with three banks showing 
capital and surplus of $400,500.00, and 
three wholesale houses. 

The towns of Newlin and Easterline 
nestle on the opposite banks of Red River 
as stations on the Denver Railway. Hul- 
ver is a small town and very progressive 
school community. Lakeview is the 
largest inland town some eleven miles 
southwest of Memphis. Plaska, Leslie, 
and Brice also have three stores and 
high schools. Turkey nestles in one of 
the finest valleys in the Panhandle and 
is a progressive town some forty miles 
from the County Seat. 

The County has 576,640 acres, with 
some 200,000 in cultivation. A general 
estimate shows 2,000 acres in wheat, 1,- 
000 in oats, 5,000 in Indian corn, 42,000 
in maize, 30,000 in kaffir, 80,000 in cot- 
ton, 40,000 in forage crops. The 1920 
census gives 11,137 population with ten 
towns three of them on the railroad. 
Ten years ago the census showed 8,279 
population, which makes a gain in the 
1920 census of 34.5 per cent. 

The tax rolls in round numbers show 
26,000 cattle, 7,000 horses and mules, 
6,000 hogs, 3,000 sheep, and with total 
taxable values $9,000,000.00, the tax 
rate being $1.37 for state and county. 

The County has nineteen school uis- 
tricts, five independent districts and 
twenty-nine school buildings, with some 
eighty teachers to take care of the 3,286 
scholastics. The Memphis High School 
has twenty-two teachers and twenty-one 
and one-half units of affiliation with the 
University of Texas. 

Two State Highways traverse the 
county. The Colorado to Gulf running- 
north and south and the Ozark Trail 
running east and west. The first was 
the pioneer highway of the Panhandle 
and connects the attractions of the cool 
Colorado mountains with the heated 



zones of South Texas, the shortest and 
most direct highway for this travel. The 
Ozark Trail opens the way for Okla- 
homa, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas 
and the far East to have a direct auto 
route via New Mexico to El Paso. 

This section is entirely free from 
malaria, with the earliest average frost 
date October 20th, and the latest aver- 
age frost date April 10th. The average 
yearly rain fall is 23 inches. The pub- 
lic activities fostered by the county are : 
A Public Red Cross Nurse, a County 
Chamber of Commerce, a County De- 
monstration Agent, A County Fair, a 
County Superintendent of Public In- 
struction. A Countv Health Officer, and 
a working post of the American Legion. 
Memphis has adopted the slogan of 
'The Town That Keeps the Fellow in 


In the heart of the beautiful Brazos 
valley, fifty-five miles west of Fort 
Worth, Texas, lies Mineral Wells, fam- 
ed throughout the world for its wonder- 
ful mineral waters. For thirty-five 
years this little Texas city has steadily 
grown. From an insignificant hamlet, 
Mineral Wells has advanced, until today 
it stands as the largest mineral water 
shipipng point in the United States. 
Thousands of people owe health and 
happiness to this wonderful health re- 

Mineral Wells is a modern city of 
10,000 people, and is growing. It is con- 
ceded to be one of the best paved and 
best lighted cities in the State. A new 
municipal water plant is being con- 
structed at a cost of $500,000 which 
will be capable of furnishing enough 
water to supplv a population of 65,000 
inhabitants. The reservoir covers 973 
acres and has an average depth of 
twenty-nine feet and is encircled by the 
Bankhead National Highway. 

Mineral Wells is in the center of the 
oil-producing district of Texas and more 
than 300 families, who have been made 
wealthy by the "golden fluid" have 
moved here during the past six months. 
Natural gas from fields entirely sur- 
rounding Mineral Wells, is now being 
used and furnished cities nearby. 

Nature exerted herself in giving a 
beautiful scenic setting for this modern 
Health Resort, a setting fully in keeping 
with the value of the medicinal waters 

found beneath the surface. This beauti- 
ful environment pleases the visitor and 
acts as an aid to recovery. Enthusiastic 
visitors have said that this lovely scen- 
ery compares favorably with that of the 
Green Mountain country, and with the 
show places of California. 

The altitude of Mineral Wells is 1,000 
feet, and the climate both winter and 
summer is in the main a delightful one. 
The air is dry, full of ozone, bracing 
and stimulating. There is a lack of that 
sense of fatigue which comes from a 
warm, humid atmosphere. 

Occasionally, when the Northern win- 
ters are excessively severe, a light 
snow-fall visits us, but disappears in a 
short time. As a rule, the winters are 
full of bright sunshine and of the right 
temperature for the full enjoyment of 
out-door sports. In the summer it grows 
warm in the middle of the day, but the 
nights are delightful. Cooling breezes 
sweep down the valleys, bringing with 
them a temperature whereby one can 
enjoy a good night's sleep. 

Medical men are more and more ad- 
vising the use of mineral waters in the 
treatment of diseases which arise from 
faulty elimination, and a great number 
of them are due to this cause. The 
thorough cleansing of the stomach, bow- 
els, kidneys and bladder by the use of 
these waters gives Nature a chance to 
"come back," and it is wonderful what 
it can accomplish in this regard. By the 
process of elimination of toxines or pois- 
ons, Rheumatism, Gout, Uric Acid, Dia- 
thesis, Dropsy (not of organic origin), 
Insomnia, Constipation and the evil re- 
sults of same, Diabetes, Bright's Disease 
(the early stage), Alcoholism, Nervous- 
ness, Malaria, Faulty Metabolism, High 
Blood Pressure, Auto-Intoxication, are 
materially relieved and often removed. 

Mineral Wells is doubly blessed as a 
city in which to make one's home, or in 
which to spend a vacation. In addition 
to its wonderful waters, it is located in 
a gas field of a proven area larger than 
any in the country. 

Two gas companies have franchises 
for serving the domestic and industrial 
consumer and quantities can be figured 
on for factory purposes at an attractive 

Oil is produced in paying quantities 
in several sections of the County, and 
deep exploration will probably prove 



this to be an oi) field of wonderful possi- 


Quanah is a progressive town of 4,000 
people, is the County Seat of Hardeman 
County, is located on the Fort Worth & 
Denver, 191 miles north west of Fort 
Worth and is the terminus of the Frisco 
Railroad, 186 miles southwest of Okla- 
homa City. Another Railroad, the Q. A. 
& P. runs from Quanah to Roaring 
Springs, a distance of 86 miles. The 
shops and general offices of this rail- 
road are located at Quanah. 

Quanah is a wholesale distributing 
point, having three wholesale groceries, 
one wholesale produce house, one 
wholesale dry goods house, one whole- 
sale drug store and a branch of Swift & 
Company, wholesale meats. These 
wholesale houses employ thirty travel- 
ing men. 

Two of the largest cement mills in the 
world are located 4!/2 miles west of 
Quanah and employ several hundred 
men. The size of these mills may be re- 
alized when we say that Quanah furn- 
ished 9,000 cars of cement for the St. 
Louis Exposition. 

One of the largest oil mills in the 
State is located at Quanah. 

Quanah has ten modern church build- 
ings, four school buildings, sixteen miles 
of cement sidewalks, ample hotel facil- 
ities and electric lights. 

The business district is paved with 
brick with a concrete base. 

The country is healthful and has an 
altitude of 1560 feet above sea level. 

Quanah has a bountiful supply of 
good pure water and a first class sewer- 
age system. 



Sanderson, the county seat of Terrell 
County, is situated practically midway 
between San Antonio and El Paso, on 
the main line of the Southern Pacific 
Railway, and is an important station, 
being the only full division point (both 
passenger and freight) between San An- 
tonio and El Paso. 

The population of the town is about 
1,500; has an altitude of 2,771 feet, and 
is always delightfully cool and pleasant. 
It is exceedingly healthful, due in a 
great measure to the fact that malaria 

and kindred diseases are unknown in 
this section. 

The town suports nearly every line of 
business, and this brief statement would 
not be complete without some reference 
to these institutions and to the general 
resources of this section. Sanderson has 
seven general merchandise stores, — one 
of which has a capital and surplus of 
$150,000; a strong State Bank; a drug 
store;, an up-to-date cold drink es- 
tablishment; a well managed movie 
theater; a strong Wool Commission 
Company; an excellent brick hotel — 
modern throughout and costing $75,- 
000.00; a splendid water and light sys- 
tem, to which will be added this year a 
three-ton ice plant; a good telephone 
exchange ; and one of the best High 
Schools in West Texas, housed in a 
three-story brick building — worth today 
all of $75,000. The town also supports 
four churches and many lodges, and 
both town and county have a citizenship 
second to none. 

Sanderson is situated in the heart of 
the great stock raising section of West 
Texas, and is best adapted to the raising 
of cattle, sheep, Angora goats and hors- 
es. The mild winters make this section 
the stockman's paradise, for there is sel- 
dom any loss to stock from cold and ex- 
posure. The wool commission company 
have a large rock warehouse here, in 
which is stored the immense stocks of 
wool and mohair raised throughout this 

Stockraising being essentially the 
great industry of this portion of the 
State, little farming has been attempted, 
although there are some gardening, fruit 
raising and small areas planted to for- 
age crops. Along the Pecos river some 
acreage is tilled under irrigation, and 
production has been very profuse and 
satisfactory and much of the products 
raised there finds a ready market in 
Sanderson. Sheep are sheared once a 
year (in the spring) — hence the product 
is classed as twelve months clip. Goats 
are sheared twice a year, both spring 
and fall. 

Sanderson has enjoyed a normal but 
a steady growth and is today a town 
which enjoys many facilities unusual to 
a small town. It is a wide-a-wake and 
up-to-date town and extends a welcome 
to the home seeker. Our strong and en- 
terprising Chamber of Commerce will 
always be glad to give data and infor- 



mation to all enquirers. Plenty of good 
ranch land can be bought at reasonable 
prices and thus we offer inducements to 
ranch people, seeking a favorable loca- 
tion, to come west and assist in the de- 
velopment of a good country having a 
great future. 


San Angelo is a city of about 15,000 
population, located in the heart of one 
of the largest ranch and live stock rais- 
ing section of the country. It is the 
capitol of Tom Green County, one of the 
largest counties in western Texas, cov- 
ering an area of 1501 square miles. Ap- 
proximately 75,000 acres of land in the 
county is under cultivation, and about 
640,400 acres are susceptible to cultiva- 

The Santa Fe Railway and the Kansas 
City, Mexico & Orient Railway operate 
into San Angelo from the east and 
north, and have extended their lines to 
the west and northwest territories. The 
Orient Railroad Co., who now have a 
grade almost completed to Del Rio, 
Texas, expect to have their line built by 
1922; and this when completed will pro- 
vide a direct connection from Mexico 
City to Kansas City. 

San Angelo is the chief banking and 
wholesale distributing center for a ter- 
ritory radiating fifty to two hundred 
miles, now having twenty-four whole- 
sale, jobbing and small manufacturing 
concerns established in the city. Also 
have four large banks and a Loan & 
Trust Co. 

The city of San Angelo boasts of its 
public school facilities as being second 
to none in the state, having four large 
modern ward buildings, one Junior High 
and one Senior High, also a first class 
business college. There are also four- 
teen churches in the city, representing 
the various denominations. Some of 
these churches cost from $35,000 to 
$55,000 each and have pipe organs in- 

Tom Green County claims to be the 
best watered county in the state, having 
more miles of running water within her 
boundaries. The three Concho Rivers 
traverse the county from the west and 
south and fork inside the city limits of 
San Angelo. These rivers are fed bv 
living springs of pure water, which, out- 
side of furnishing water for irrigation 
on the thousands of acres of land in the 

county, furnish an abundant supply of 
water in the city for all purposes. The 
city has never been limited as to the 
amount of water it should consume. 

Inside the city fifty-four acres of land 
have been converted into public parks, 
which are being rapidly developed year 
by year and are becoming a source of 
great pleasure and comfort to the cit- 
izens and tourists in general. 

Because of the ideal climate, its two 
thousand foot altitude, and other attrac- 
tions, San Angelo is becoming recog- 
nized as one of the chief touring centers 
in the state. Being located on the Cen- 
tra Texas Highway, the Del Rio-Canad- 
ian Highway and Pudget Sound to Gulf 
Highway, thousands of tourists pass 
through the city annually and when 
they stop for a few days to camp along 
the Concho Rivers great fishing and 
hunting is enjoyed. One of the best 
Country Clubs in Texas is in course of 
construction, near the city, where a 
splendid golf course is being established 
and a large commodious club house is 

San Angelo is noted as a great shin- 
ning center for all kinds of live stock. 
There is marketed annually from this 
territory about 8,000,000 pounds of 
wool; 650,000 pounds of mohair; 145,- 
000 head of cattle, several thousand 
carloads of other live stock and poultry, 
and last season over fifty-seven carloads 
of pecans were shipped to eastern and 
northern markets. All kinds of semi- 
arid grain and forage crops are grown 
in abundance on the fertile dry land 
farms, and alfalfa and truck stuff are 
grown in large quantities on the irrigat- 
ed lands along the three Concho Rivers. 



In twenty-two years Stamford has 
grown from a "prarie dog" town to a 
city of forty-five hundred population, 
with a citizenry as cosmopolitan as can 
be found anywhere in the country. 

Taxable values have grown from a 
nominal sum to three and one-quarter 
million dollars. 

The scholastic population has grown 
from one dozen to fourteen hundred. 

The postoffice receipts have grown 
from nothing to more than twenty-five 
thousand dollars per annum. 

The railroad facilities have grown 
from one railroad to six outlets. 

The banking deposits have grown 



from nothing to millions. 

The streets have been transformed 
from cow trails to more miles of paved 
streets than any city of its size in the 

The churches have grown from tents 
to large organizations. 

In fact, everything, in civic, educa- 
tional, religious, commercial and agri- 
cultural lines, has grown in proportion 
to the figures enumerated. 

Stamford is a living demonstration of 
a well balanced town. 

In Stamford, civic, moral and educa- 
tional agencies have gone hand in hand. 
It has never been a boomed town. It 
has prospered and maintained a steady 

Its commercial spirit is manifested in 
the fact that there are six large whole- 
sale houses located in the city, a mill 
and elevator company, a creamery, a 
brick and tile factory, an ice factory, 
mattress factories, and many small in- 
dustries too numerous to mention. 

Stamford has the most beautiful and 
attractive public plaza in the South. The 
Municipal Building Park, Stamford Inn 
Park, College Lake Park and smaller 
attractive beauty spots all are a surprise 
and wonder to visitors who come to 
Stamford from every section of the 

Water. A large dam now under con- 
struction, across the Clear Fork of the 
Brazos River, will impound two billion 
gallons of water, which will not only 
furnish Stamford with an inexhaustible 
supply of water, but there will be 
enough in storage to furnish factories 
that may be built in years to come, and 
also furnish irrigating water for thous- 
ands of acres of land. No city in the 
country will be better supplied in the 
matter of water, and no country will 
have better advantages in the plan of 

Jones County, in which Stamford is 
located, is the largest agricultural coun- 
ty in the West. Cotton predominates, 
but wheat and sorghum are raised also. 
The land is very productive. 

All of the public service corporations 
are represented in the city, including 
electric lights, sewerage, water works, 
etc. All lines of the retail business are 
fully represented, and the style shows 
and other similar enterprises in Stam- 
ford are commented upon all over the 
state. The banking facilities are recog- 

nized throughout West Texas, and the 
Stamford bankers are looked upon fav- 
orably by the financial institutions of 
the State. 

Stamford is the headquarters of the 
West Texas Chamber of Commerce, the 
largest organization of its kind in the 
United States. It has one of the best 
known local Chambers of Commerce in 
the state. It has a live Rotary Club and 
a full complement of fraternal organiza- 
tions of all kinds. 

Real estate values in this section are 
consistent with their productive value 
and good lands can always be had. The 
same is true of the city property. There 
are no vacant houses in the city, but 
ample room for others to be built. 

The city of Stamford is governed un- 
der the commission form of government, 
and broad progressive men compose the 
commission. The tax rate is not out of 
harmony with the vast amount of im- 
provement, and this will be lowered 
substantially as soon as the water works 
project becomes a going concern. 

The citizens make a modest claim 
that Stamford and surrounding country 
are delightful places in which to live. 
No super-man ideas are claimed, but 
the fact remains that there is no more 
progressive town or section to be found 
than in Stamford. No greater possibil- 
ities exist and the hand of fellowship is 
extended to all who desire to locate or 
invest in the city and country that have 
the environments that have been faith- 
fully given in the above description. 

Sweetwater is located on the main line 
of the Texas & Pacific railroad, just 
half way between Texarkana and El 
Paso, also on the main line of the Santa 
Fe from Galveston to San Francisco and 
on the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient 
between Kansas City and Alpine, Texas. 
Having six trunk line outlets, Sweet- 
water is the distributing center for all 
the territory known as Central West 

Within a radius of 100 miles of Sweet- 
water there are 602,300 people. 

This area embraces nearly all of fifty- 
one counties, 48 of which have railroad 
connection with Sweetwater. 

During the year 1920 there were reg- 
istered in this territory 37,500 trucks 
and automobiles. There were 216 banks 
in this territory, with a total deposit of 
$113,400 .00. 



Water Supply 

Sweetwater's water supply is suffic- 
ient to supply a city of 40,000 people. 
Its source of supply is Lake Trammel, 
7 1-2 miles from the city, containing an 
unlimited amount of pure water which 
reaches the city by force of gravity, 
eliminating pumping of any sort. 


At this time there are more business 
and residence houses under construction 
than at any time in the history of the 
city, in fact there are more improve- 
ments underway here than in any other 
city in the State. 


There was recently organized in 
Sweetwater a Manufacturers' Associa- 
tion consisting of 22 manufacturing con- 

Climatic, sanitary and moral condi- 
tions, with the advantages of good 
schools and churches and the people 
being 95 per cent red blooded Americans 
who willingly and readily, (like all of 
this section of the state) respond to all 
calls of our government during the late 
war, under adverse conditions, make 
Sweetwater and all of West Texas a de- 
sirable place in which to live. 


The beautiful little town of Tulia has 
a population of 1500 people. It is the 
county seat of Swisher County, located 
in the center of the great wheat raising 
belt of the Panhandle. Tulia is on the 
Sante Fe railway which has a fine brick 
depot at this point, costing in the neigh- 
borhood of $35,000.00. Tulia is also 
the junction point of the Pudget Sound 
to Gulf Highway and the main Ozark 
Trail extending from St. Louis to Cali- 
fornia. The town has an elegant $100, 
000.00 court house, a $40,000.00 brick 
school building, a municipal water and 
light plant, two banks, and five large 
grain elevators. The town has an alti- 
tude of 3600 feet above sea-level, and 
the summers are cool and delightful, it 
being necessary to sleep under covers of 
some kind during the entire summer. 
The entire country is underlaid with an 
inexhaustable supply of absolutely pure 
cool water, at a depth of only 40 to 80 
feet. The irrigation possibilities of this 
county are practically unlimited. More 
than 25 large irrigation wells are now 
in operation, in various parts of the 
county, each pumping an average of 

about 1500 gallons of water per minute. 
These wells often more than pay for 
their instalation the first year. 

Swisher county has a rich, fertile 
soil, free from excessive sand, and there 
are no rocks, stumps, or other obstruc- 
tions rendering it unnecessary to clear 
the land before plowing. The land is 
level and ready for the plow, more than 
95 per cent of the county being suitable 
for crops. This level nature of the land 
with the absence of obstructions, makes 
the country especially adapted to farm- 
ing with tractors and other modern farm 
implements, a large number of which 
are now in use in Swisher County. The 
use of these tractors and modern imple- 
ments enables one man and his family 
to easily farm from 100 to 1000 acres 
in wheat and other crops. More than 
150,000 acres are planted in wheat each 
year in the county, and produce an aver- 
age of from 18 to 20 bushels per acre, 
without irrigation. In the years 1919 
1920 Swisher County raised one-sixtenth 
of all the wheat produced in the state, 
and during the same years Tulia ship- 
ped more cattle and wheat than any 
other town in Texas. In addition to this 
immense wheat crop, a large acreage is 
planted in kaffir, milo maize, sorghum, 
sudan grass, Indian corn, oats, millet, 
alfalfa, and other crops. Wheat shipped 
from Tulia has a wide reputation for its 
quality. In 1909 this county won first 
prize on wheat, over the world, at the 
Omaha Exposition. And the county has 
won first prize on its wheat everytimc 
it has been shown at the Dallas Fair. 
Swisher County also has an equal repu- 
tation for its thoroughbred cattle and 

The people of Tulia are as a whole 
prosperous, generous, lawabiding, moral 
and religious. The entire population is 
composed of white American citizens. 



Vernon is the wealthiet town per cap- 
ita of eighteen cities of its class in Texas, 
according to a survey of cities from 
5,000 to 11,000 made by the Vernon 
Chamber of Commerce. 

Vernon with a population of 5,142, 
has a per capita wealth of $2,076. The 
average wealth of the eighteen cities is 
$1,413. Vernon, therefore, is forty-six 
per cent richer than the av e rage of the 

The year 1920 has been the year of 



the greatest progress in the h.story of 
Vernon. More than $2,000,000 worth of 
building was done here in 1920. Forty- 
one business houses were built (or add- 
ed to) at a total cost of $777,000. Two 
hundred fifty-one residences were con- 
structed, at an outlay of $1,254,500. 
These figures were obtained by an 
actual survey. 

Vernon is said to support its Chamber 
of Commerce with more money per cap- 
ita than any other city in the world 
having a population of 5,142. Vernon 
invests $16,160 annually in its Chamber 
of Commerce, or a per capita support of 
$3.10. Although it is a separate corpora- 
tion the Vernon Chamber of Commerce 
considers itself nothing more than a 
group of citizens organized to work in co- 
operation for the interests of themselves. 

Some of the things which the people 
of this community did for th e mselves 
through cooperation last year are : they 
advertised this community in state and 
national papers, sent six people on the 
Texas Farm Boys Special, under the 
auspices of the Texas Chamber of Com- 
merce and A. & M. College, built a hos- 
pital, two cotton warehouses, a whole- 
sale grocery, a large wagon yard, a 
c ream buying station, a camping park 
for tourists, secured aid in getting the 
grain car shortage relieved, sent an ex- 
hibit of agricultural products to the 
Dallas State Fair and other state fairs, 
put on a war fare against professional 
beggars and solicitors which fight 
has attracted national attention and has 
been written up in the NATIONS 
BUSINESS, started a movement which 
resulted in the relief of the coal shortage 
through out the middle west, relieved 
the local ice shortage, purchased a chem- 
ical fire truck and a pumper, put on the 
first Chamber of Commerce Cooking 
School on record and organized a Rotary 


Location: Wichita Falls, the county 
seat of Wichita County, is located in the 
northern tier of Texas counties, and 
slightly west of the center line of the 
state, fifteen miles south of Red River, 
flowing between Texas and Oklahoma. 
The county was organized July 10, 1882, 
and Wichita Falls was first surveyed or 
platted in 1877, and incorporated in 

Population 1920 — 40,079; population 

1910 — 8,200, increase 388 percent. Pop- 
ulation of Wichita County in 1920 — 

Elevation — 958 to 1000 feet. 
Area of town — 10 6-10 square miles. 
Area of County — 604 square miles. 
Average rainfall — 27". 
The soil in Wichita County is uniform 
in character, consisting of grayish clay 
base, overlaid with a dark red sandy 
loam of high fertility, with a sufficient 
amount of sand to afford quick tillage. 
The county is watered by Red River, 
Wichita River, Little Wichita, Beaver 
Creek and numerous other creeks. Lake 
Wichita was created in 1901. 

Oil: Wichita Falls is the center of 
the greatest oil producing district in the 
United States, with daily pipe line runs 
of 85,000 barrels. It is the supply center 
of Burkburnett, 16 miles north; North- 
west Extension 25 miles northwest; Pe- 
trolia, 25 miles northeast; Iowa Park, 
25 miles west; Electra, 26 miles west; 
Kemp-Munger-Allen, 16 miles southwest 
Texhoma, 12 miles north; Parker Field, 
8 miles west, and Holliday Wells, 7 miles 

The home headquarters of large com- 
panies and independent oil operators 
for Northwest Texas >and Southern 
Oklahoma are located here, and there 
is an immense trade in drillers and oil 
well machinery supplies. The actual pipe 
line runs (for this district) turn into the 
coffers of this city and its various com- 
panies and operators about $8,000,000 
per month. 

Manufacturing and Jobbing: Wichita 
Falls has a manufacturing and jobbing 
business totaling approximately $40,000- 
000 annually. There are 45 manufactur- 
ing plants, including: Wichita Falls 
Motor Company, selling trucks to 84 
foreign countries; Wichita Mill & Ele- 
vator Company, daily output about 
2,500 barrels of flour, 500 barrels of 
corn meal; 21 country elevators in the 
wheat growing territory; 1,000,000 
bushel grain storage elevators; 150 em- 
ployes, markets of production in South- 
western States, European countries, 
South America, West Indes, and Mexico. 
Ball Brothers Glass Company manu- 
factures 90,000 to 100,000 jars per day, 
working from 75 to 100 employes. 
There is also a window glass factory, 
two mattress factories, iron and culvert 
plant, creameries, etc. 

Agriculture and Cattle: Sixty percent 



of the land in Wichita County is now in 
cultivation, the principal crop being cot- 
ton and grain. Total value of crops for 
Wichita County is approximately 
$4,000,000. Large quantities of corn, 
kaffir corn, maize, oats, fruits and vege- 
tables are raised. 

Cattle are raised in large numbers, 
the prevailing stock being Herefords. 

Buildings: Wichita Falls has more 
newly completed buildings than any 
other city of twice its size in the South- 
west. The estimated cost of new build- 
ings built during 1920 is $14,000,000. 
There is not a more elegantly appointed 
hotel in the Southwest than the Kemp 
which represents an investment of 

Banks: The six banks of Wichita Falls 
had deposits at the last call (December 
1920) of approximately $30,000,000. 
Bank clearings J 920 $225,295,070.31- 

Wichita Falls prides itself on the qual- 
ity of its retail mercantile establishments 
Its stores, in appointments and in range 
of stock and selection, rank with the best 
among the cities of th e Southwest. Its 
annual volume of retail sales approxi- 
mates $30,000,000. 

Trade Territory: Wichita Falls has a 
trade territory with population of 
730,000. It is the logical distributing 
point for a territory covering a radius 
of 100 miles. 

Wholesale Houses: Four Wholesale 
grocery firms and three wholesale pro- 
duce firms. 

Railroads: There are six railroads — 
M. K., & T., Fort Worth & Denver 
Wichita Falls and Northwestern, Wichi- 
ta Falls & Southern, Wichita Valley, 
Wichita Falls & Oklahoma. The railroad 
business for the first half of 1920 in- 
creased 255 percent over 1919. 

Bonds: Wichita Falls voted and sold 
during 1920 $2,425,000 of municipal 
bonds for various improvements. 
$800,000 was used for the purchase of 
the water works, with an additional 
$200,000 set aside for new water mains 
and extensions. 

Some of the other improvements now 
under way are: Paving, $340,000, sani- 
tary sewers, $700,000. Storm sewers, 
$260,000. Parks $25,000; Stokes Incin- 
erator, $25,000. 

The city and county are engaged in a 
program of civic improvements which 
will involve the spending of about Ten 
Million Dollars in the next two years. 

This includes 46 miles of county concrete 
roads, 60 blocks of city paving, and an 
irrigation project that will impound 
enough water for a city of 200,000 
people and will irrigate 150,000 acres 
of fertile land just west of Wichita Falls. 

Wichita Falls paid more income tax in 
1920 than any other city in Texas. 

Assessed Valuation: 

City $33,000,000.00 

County 93,468,650.00 

Form of City Government, — Commis- 
sion, with five commissioners. 

Gas: Gas from the Texhoma Gas 
Field, a distance of twelve miles, is trans- 
ported to local industrial plants. The rate 
charged is 30c to large industrial con- 

Working Conditions: Estimated num- 
ber of working people in Wichita Falls 
11,000; weekly payroll $440,000. 

Papers: Two daily papers — Wichita 
Daily Times with average daily circula- 
tion of 7804. 

The Wichita Falls Record News, aver- 
age daily circulation 6719. 

Postal Receipts: During 1920 $224,- 
217.17— $30,000 more than 1919. 

Schools: Ten. with 109 teachers, 9 
principals, 4 supervisors ; Scholastic pop- 
ulation 5,794. 

Churches: 29, including the missions; 
including the newly completed First 
Baptist Church which cost approximate- 
ly $800,000. 

Street Paving: 13 1-2 miles. 
Street Railways: 10 miles. 
Theatres: Eight — two newly complet- 

Parks: Among the municipal parks 
are, Bellvue, Floral Heights, Kemp Li- 
brary Park, Huff-McGregor and several 
small ornamental triangular parks and 
plots. There are three playgrounds, al- 
so Wichita Lake Pavilion and amuse- 
ment Park. 

The Wichita Falls Chamber of Com- 
merce is one of the largest and best 
financed organizations of any city twice 
its size in the State. It represents approx- 
imately 1400 firms and individuals hold- 
ing about 2400 memberships, who 
pledged their annual budget of approxi- 
mately $60,000, at the beginning of 1920 
for three years. 

It is proudly known as "The City that 
Faith Built," and the chief idea of this 
organiation is "To make Wichita Falls a 
Better Place to Live In." 




of Fort Worth 
Late Brig. Gen. U. S. Army. 

THE World's War, which 1 cost the 
United States considerably more than 
a million dollars an hour, was not won 
by armed forces alone, and every man, 
woman and child who patriotically ful- 
filled their duty in their lines of endea- 
vor, may justly share in the glory, of 
which there is plenty for all. 

The outstanding feature of War's pre- 
paration was the very general accept- 
ance of the selective service law, under 
which from June 5th. 1917, to Septem- 
ber 12th. 1918. there were 990,522 reg- 
istrations in Texas. 

The men from Texas were of the high- 
est order of physical condition in the 
country, over 77 per cent of those called 
being accepted into military service. 
Only those physically fit to fight were 
inducted into the armed forces, and the 
work of making munitions, running rail- 
roads and building- ships was done by 
men not enrolled in such armed forces. 

T exas furnished to the national armed 
forces of the United States, from April 
6th, 1917, to November 11th, 1918, an 
aggregate of 198,228 men, apportioned 
175,344 to the army, 22,522 to the 
Navy and Marine Corps, and 362 to the 
Coast Guard and U. S. Guard. 

Texas furnished the greater part of 
the 36th and 90th Divisions, one unit in 
the 42nd Division, and her sons in vary- 
ing numbers were present in all divi- 
sions and in all of the branches of the 
armed forces. 

American combat forces were organ- 
ized into divisions having an approxi- 
mate strength of 28,000. These divisions 
were the largest on the western front, 
the British division approximating 15,- 
000 and the French and German about 
12,000 each. 

There were sent overseas 42 American 
Divisions and of these divisions 29 took 
part in the active combat service. The 
36th, 42nd, and 90th were active com- 

bat divisions and at the time of the 
greatest activity, early in October, 1918, 
all 29 divisions were in action, at which 
time they held over a hundred miles of 
front or 23 per cent of the entire allied 
battle line. 

A. summary of the accomplishments 
of the divisions, in which large numbers 
of Texans bore a distinguished part, is 
as follows: 

36th Division: No days spent in 
quiet sector; 23 days in active sector; 
advanced 21 kilometers against the en- 
emy; captured 549 prisoners; casual- 
ties suffered. 600 killed, 2528 wound- 

42nd Division : 125 days in quiet sec- 

:i9 days in active sector; advanced 55 
kilometers; captured 1317 prisoners; 
casualties suffered 2644 killed, 13,919 

90th Division: 42 days in quiet sector; 
26 days in active sector; advanced 
28 1-2 kilometers; captured 1876 pris- 
oners; casualties suffered 1392 killed, 
7277 wounded. 
Of the 16 camps and 16 cantonements 

in the U. S., the following were located 

in Texas: 

Camp Bowie (Fort Worth), Camp Lo- 
gan (Houston), Camp Travis (San An- 
tonio), and Camp MacArthur (Waco). 

In addition there were aviation fields 
at Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San 

The Texas War Record Bureau of the 
University of Texas, has filed pertaining 
to the following subjects, the mere nam- 
ing of which illustrates how others than 
combat troops aided in winning the war: 
The State Draft Boards. 
Liberty Loan Organizations, 
War Saving Stamps Campaigns, 
Red Cross Activities in Texas, 
Training Camps in Texas, 
State Council of Defense. 
Food Administration in Texas, 
Ship Construction in Texas Ports. 






Of Dallas 

Department Adjutant, the American Legion of Texas 

A MERE glimpse into the inside history of 
the Empire State of the Union will show a 
citizenship nurtured in the strongest bonds of 
patriotism and loyalty. Successively acknowl- 
edging the supremacy of six flags and wresting 
her independence from each of the first five, 
then to go by her own free will under the 
Stars and Stripes, is a heritage approached by 
no other state and forms a noble history of 
which Texas is justly proud. 

It was this citizenship, nurtured in the cradle 
of Texas Liberty. Loyalty and Patriotism, that 
made an immediate response to the greatest 
call of all — the world conflict of 1917-1918. 
Standing fifth in point of population, she also 
stood fifth in the total number of men sent 
into the service; thus living up to her exact 
record. In actual figures we furnished 175,- 
344 men for the Army, 2 2,522 for the Navy and 
Marine Corps, and 362 in the United States 
Coast Guards, a total of 198,228, or 4.16 per- 
cent of the whole.* 

*The figures on the air service are not yet 
available, but our state sent many men into 
this enticing but dangerous branch, and Texas 
was awarded five aviation training camps — 
containing about three fourths of all the air 
service of the Nation. 

Texas' response to the call for volunteers 
was immediate and spontaneous, and after the 
Selective Service Act went into effect 7 5 out 
of every 100 men examined were accepted for 
service. A record unsurpassed and equalled 
only by eleven other states. Not counting the 
thousands of Texas men in other organizations 
and on special service, Texas wholly furnished 
two main divisions, trained, equipped and 
sent overseas. 

The 36th Division, composed of Texas Na- 
tional Guardsmen, was drafted into Federal 
service August 5th, 1917, after having been 
recruited to war strength by its own efforts. 
This division was trained at Camp Bowie, Tex., 
under the command of Major General E. St. 
John Greblfe. General Oreble, (however, was 
relieved of the command on the eve of the 
departure for France, being succeeded by Major 
General Smith. The bulk of this division 
reached France in July 1918, and reached the 
front about October 1st, receiving its first shell 
fire at St. Mihiel, October 6-7. It remained a 
combat division to the end of the war. They 

captured 54 9 prisoners. The total casualties of 
this division amounted to 2,528. The artillery 
of Ibis division was returned to the United 
States in March, 1919, the remainder of the 
division following in May. 

The 90th Division was organized at Camp 
Travis during the months of September and 
October, 1917, from National Army troops un- 
der the command of Major General Henry T. 
Allen. This division reached France in June, 
1918, and went into action during September 
of the same year, remaining a combat division 
for the remainder of the war. This division 
captured 1,87 5 prisoners. Total casualties 
amounted to 7,277. The 90th Division returned 
to the United States in June, 1919. 

Outside of Uiese two divisions, thousands of 
Texans were in other organizations and did 
(heir duty as only real men can know or under 
stand. Speaking of Texas troops, the com- 
manding general of the American Expeditionary 
Forces referred to them as men '"who did what 
war to be expected when we remember the his 
tory of their state, nurtured, as they are. in 
the cradle of loyalty and patriotism. I consider 
that the work of the 90th Division was not 
surpassed and the 36th was a very good second 
to it. ' Approximately 3,000 loyal Texans paid 
the supreme sacrifice in France in order that 
freedom and justice might not die. 

And after two years the war was over and 
the boys came home. They found that the re- 
construction era had problems far more reach- 
ing than the problems of warfare. There are 
battles of peace as of war. Instinctively the 
men who were organized ii^to the greatest 
fighting organization of our National history 
turned into an organization of their own, 
wherein they might work together toward the 
forwarding of the same principles of decent 
goverment for which they went to war in 1917. 

For these reasons, therefore, the American 
Legion had its birth. Its work in the promot- 
ing of 100 per cent Americanism and kindred 
subjects speaks for itself. 

The future of the American Legion will be 
what its membership shall make it, and re- 
membering of what material this membership 
is composed, we may say that the future is 
very bright. On the experience of the past 
shall we build our plans for a larger and 
better America always. 



Adjutant General of Texas, 


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Propr. Hotel Amarillo, 


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W&? ^wp^^^^^^.;^''.- : 

ft J3jb titamiSt&A If x ^p^^^;'E 

,,«*0r . _^JK.tfaM$T&^tm^^ ^^^^Mr^ ^'"' : ' 



\u / 


Oil Producer. 


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Secy. Board of City Development 


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Oil Producer, 
Wichita Falls 

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Travelling Salesman, 



H^ "^ 



^K ^.-^A^" 

y : .5 

^B^^gnppP^ ^_ 

r ^ 


, j 


Attorney at Law, 
El Paso 

MAJOR F. E. Baker, 

Civil Engineer, 

El Paso 

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Mineral Weils, 




Chief of Police, 

El Paso 

Automobile Dealer, 

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U. S. Army, 


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Attorney at Law, 
Del Rio 


Furniture Dealer, 



Attorney at Law, 

Big Spring 



Hale Center 

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| ■• ..;;■.' .■■■.. ■■■'■ • 

' £zf> ^ -' 


Sk- ^ 


\u$ - - 

1 ■.-■- V;' •.:.:--. ■'■'••.. 

i •■■ • - v 


2nd. Vice-Pres. Ideal Garage & Auto 


San Antonio 

Seott & Sedwick, Importers, 
San Antonio 



Scott & Sedwick, Importers 


Propr. Aviation Garage, 

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Attorney at Law, 

Wichita Falls 

Real Estate, 
Wichita Falls 


Attorney at Law, 




Wichita Falls 

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Movie Actor, 
Mineral Wells, 


Attorney at Law, 

Mineral Wells 


Travelling Salesman, 

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Attorney at Law, 


Merchant Tailor, 
El Paso 


Attorney at Law, 
El Paso 


Advertising Manager, 
El Paso 

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El Paso 

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;^?W .:• i | !; Ssft 


;; J J '; 5*c : 

V r 



Attorney at Law, 

Brown wood 


Propr. Odell Garage, 



Mgr. Tex^.s Utilities Co. 


SGT. J. J. A LI. EN, 

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County Tax Assessor, 


Real Estate, 

El Paso 



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v ' Cigar Dealer, 

.;*,;' Cisco 

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Bank Teller, 

El Paso 


Real Estate, 


Hotel Proprietor, 



Yeoman in U. S. Navy, 

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Fire Chief, 



Bank Commissioner and Examiner, 


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El Paso 

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Formerly of Austin 

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Formerly of Comanche 


P'ormerly of Wichita Falls 



Formerly of Cisco 



Formerly of El Paso 

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Formerly of San Angelo 


Formerly of Plainview 


Formerly of Brownwood 



Formerly of Cisco 

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Formery of Uvalde 



Formerly of Uvalde 


Formerly of Uvalde 



Formerly of Vernon 

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"Formerly of San Angelo 


Formerly of Bartonsite 



Formerly of Cisco 



Formerly of San Angelo 

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Attorney at Law, 
El Paso 


Attorney at Law, 

El Paso 




Cattle Raiser, 

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Grain Dealer, 


Mineral Wells, 


Secy. Chamber of Commerce, 

Brown wood 


Supt. Rradstreet 's, 

Wichita Falls 

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Grain Buyer, 



Attorney at Law, 



vk ' 

•f^ ^ 

>m ** 

\-:.; " " . ■ 






Automobile Dealer, 



Episcopal Rector, 


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Gas Engineer, 

Mineral Wells, 


Postal Clerk, 



Automobile Dealer, 



Agt. S. P,. Ry. Co. 


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Texans Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice 

Anderson County 

Brede, Reuben O. 
Bridges, Sam 
Chapman, Clyde 
Congleton. Lawrence M. 
Crupley, Sam 
Dartie, Ike 

Dean, Robert Crockett 
Ellison, Horace 
Durham, E. E., Jr. 
Gardner, Ben H., Jr., Lieut. 
Gatlin, Charles 
Gorman, Edwin M. 
Hassel, Clarence Albert 
Holland, Floyd Evert 
Hutcherson, Kirk 

King, Fred 

Lee, Wille 

Love, Harry 

McDonald, Sgt. Thos. J. 

Morris, Wm. Yens. 

Moore, R. L. 

Partlow, Lee 

Reese, Guy Mason 

Rehbein, Henry A. C. 

Stewart, Peas 

Turner, Isadore 

Atascosa County 

Brister, Charles 
Bruner, Peter 
Castillo, Desederio 
Caruthers, Verdo 
Edwards, Devera 
Jaggy, Frank 
Lancaster, Daniel 
Luna, Bartola, Jr. 
Matton, Frank 
Moore, Lt. J. A. 
Padgett, Arthur 
Smalley, Allen 

Aransas County 

Barber, Simon D. 
Brundret, Oscar B. 

Archer County 

Harmonson, Houston 
Jones, Ira. 
Miller, Richard 
Pendegrass, Doss 

Armstrong County 

Craig, Charles V. 
Gist, Harold 
Nichols, Walter B. 
Thomas, Carroll 

Austin County 

Johnson. Lemuel 
Lueckmeyer, Fred 
Machemehl, Capt. H. T. 
Machemehl. Willie 
Meyer, Ben H. 

Mau, Willie C. 
Palso, Jesse 
Peters, Herman 
Regenbrecht, Ferd. Lt. 
Reichle, Willie 
Ringer, Edwin 
Rinn, Edwin 
Rippel, John 
Southern, Noah 
Stafford, Edmund 
Thompson, Julius 
Voelkel, Oscar 
Warmke, Oscar 
Whitley, Hezikiah 
Zernicek, John Emil 

Handera County 

Baker, N. B. 
Baumer J. Henry 
Bounds, Leslie 
Burleson, Eddie 
Clark, Sam, Jr. 
Davis, Blake 
Evans, Charles 
Hammond, Fred 
Kalka. John 
Loesberg, Henry 
Newcomer, Emit 
Patterson, Lowell 
Pierce Wade 
Petty, J. N.. Jr. 
Polvado. Ernest 
Polvado, John 

Bastrop County 
Winston, G. P. 

Baylor County 

Allen, Sam 
Armstrong, Frank 
Ausley, Claude 
Blankenship, Wm. L. 
Dennis, Homer N. 
Estridge, Esaw 
Graham, Noel H, 
Morris, Columbus Reed 
Watts, Frank 
Williams, Arthur 
Wilson, Reuben L. 

Bee County 

Bosquez, Tranquilino 
Dugat, Charles R. 
Goza, Daniel Robert 
Gonzales Coyentano 
Kurtz, John 

McCampbell, Fowler, Jr. 
Maley, Joe 
Miles, John B. 
Sivley, Andrew 
Sugarek, Ed M. 
Varusa, Frank 

Bell County 

Adams John Q. 
Altwein, George A. 
Baker, Arthur Wood 

Bishop, Edward 
Crosby, Robert S. 
Deck, Rogers E. 
Dice, Garrison B. 
Ellis, Elbert 
Foster, Orion Bentley 
Gillespie, Harry 
Graham, Eugene 
Graham, Roy H. 
Griffin, George W. 
Heard, Lt. Leon 
Heard, Cal. F. 
Heliums, Jacob Leslie 
Hennington, Benj. F. 
Henson, Duke 
Hoover, Jesse W. 
Hughes, Walter L. 
Kimrough, Chas. Lamb 
Kleen, Walter H. 
Knight, James Henry 
Lamb, Earl H. 
Lanham, Howard 
Lankford, Howard L. 
Leslie. Walter 
Lewellen, Grady 
McFarland, Wm. H. 
Miller, Earl H. 
Moore, Lt. Z. H. 
Moore, J. A. 
Murphy, Grover C. 
Oliver, Augustus C. 
Pace Sergt. George 
Palmer, Claude 
Parks, Albert Clarence 
Parmer, Claude I. 
Perry. V. I. 
Queen, Lt. Dudley W. 
Ray, Clifton G. 
Reavis, Wm. L. 
Riley, Sam 
Rivas, Sandalio 
Rollins, Ellbridge 
Shanklin, John W. 
Shanklin Richard 
Sherrill, Will , 
Smith, Charles 
Speer, Thos. King 
Strange, Henry, Allen 
Thornton, Benj. F. 
Thompson, Robt. E. 
Vaden, A. D. 
Wade, Clarence A. 
Watson, Shelley 
Whittington, John T. 
Williams. Albert 
Williams. Willie 
Wimberley. James T. 
Wren, Jack 
Yancy, Andeen 
Younger, Thomas 

Bexar County 

Allen, Lt. Holcombe 
Ance, Edward M. 
Antonio, Ares C. 
Applewhite, Sgt. T. D. 
Archterberg, Sgt. H. J. 



ROLL OF HONOR. — Continued 

Badgett, Robert W. 
Bailey, Victor L. 
Barkley, David B. 
Barnell, Lt. Jos. C. 
Baxter, Lt. Harold S. 
Brown, V. P. Jr, Lieut 
Bristow, Sgt. Arthur 
Calloway, Y. W. 
Brooks, S. J. 
Calloway, Orin 
Cardenas, Henry A. 
Carriere, Wm. S. 
Casonova, Simon A. 
Clark, Henry C. 
Clark, Major Lloyd W. 
Dascomb, Capt. Arthur S. 
Delgado, Frank 
De Sosa, Polidoro 
Dilla, Louis 
Doebbler, Arthur 
Duckworth, Sgt. Irwin 
Ewing John 
Ferris, Gilbert S. 
Flato, Gilbert 
Flato, Victor 
Fly, Lt. Montgomery 
Flores, Jose S. 
Fraser, Lt. Alex H. 
Frausto, Frank 
Gardner, Kenneth S. 
Gaston, Corp. Arthur 
Gaston, Corp. Robert A. 
Gembler, Arthur L. 
Goetze, Adolph 
Graham, Lt. Richard H. 
Guerro, Francisco 
Hadra, Fred 
Haltom, Lt. Travis Lee 
Hays, Lt. Albert B. 
Hawkes, Sgt. John P. 
Hernandez, Pedro 
Hill, Miss A. W. (nurse) 
Hoppe, Herbert 
Hutchens, Ernest L. 
Igo, Herbert G. 
Janas Adolph 
Jeffries, Walter B. 
Johnson. John B. 
Jordt, Harry C. 
Karnowsky, Sgt. F. E. 
Kieler, Frank J. 
Klaus, Peter 

Lancaster, Corp Daniel E. 
Lane, Sgt. Wm. F. 
Lane, Corp. Roy 
Lewis, Lloyd L. 
Linn, Lt. Frank C. 
Martinez, Mateo 
Matterson, Corp. G. B. 
Maule, Lt. C. Wendell 
Meyer, Sgt. Emil A. 
Mayers, Hayden P Capt. 
McCord, Alex M. 
McCracken, Irving M. 
McFadden, Williford Lt. 

Miller, Jacob A. 
Mooney, Lt. Thos. F. 
Niel, Corp. Ernest A. 
Nobles, Albert S. 
Oakley, Earl G. 

Ogden, Ira C. Capt. 
Ortegon, Jose 
Palmer, Earl O 
Phillips, Bruce 
Pinder, Sgt. Thos. E. 
Pittman, Dewey L. 
Ploch, Conrad 
Reynolds, William C. 
Ries, Hans B. 
Robertson, Corp. Edward 
Rodriquez, Claudio M. 
Rogers, Corp. Herman 
Royster, Baylis B. 
Reumpel, Christian 
Ryan, H. M. 
Sarran, Dave A. 
Sarran, Sgt. Ed. L. 
Suarez, Victor 
Schulz, Richard 
Schwegmann, C. F. 
Scott, B. R. A., Jr. 
Sien, Wallace J. 
Sosa, Polidoro De. 
Smith , Cole F. 
Stewart, A. E. 
Spangler, George A. 
Stone, Lt. Duncan M. 
Sullivan, Lt. Edward B. 
Taylor, Y. D. 
Thompson, Sgt. Robt. D. 
Taylor, John M. 
Tillman, George D. 
Terry Robt. E. 
Turner, James W. 
Villemain, William J. 
Ware, Sgt. Wm. H. 
Walker, Lt. Roger W. 
Weaver, Corp. Bedford 
Wellage, Capt. Geo. F. 
Webber, Sgt. Joe C. 
Webber, Sgt. Wm. W. 
Westerman, Waldo W. 
Whitfield, Charles M. 
Williams, Lawson G. 
Wood, Corp. Twigg L. 
Woodman, Lt. Lucas 
Wooley, Lt. R. P. 
Worrell, Sgt. Marian H. 

Zainotz, Chris 
Zuhlke, Emil, Jr. 

Bosque County 

Arington, Sgt. Hamp M. 
Brittain, Joseph 
Boone, Napoleon B. 
Childress, Richard 
Collum, Nance V. 
DeCordova, Curtis 
Harris, H. T. 
Jorgenson, Tarvel M. 
Larson, Sgt. Aimer C. 
Moseley, Russell 
O'Bryum, Truston 
Renter, Henry 
Trowl, Thomas D. 
Wallum, Ole 

Bowie County 

Ames, Corp. Frederick C. 

Anderson, Claud C. 
Compton, Amos Grady 
Compton, J. A. 
Cook, Travis D. 
Dillingham, E. 
Edmon, Lt. John M. 
Forston, Howard M. 
Gibson, Barney H. 
Hadley, Corp. R. F. 
Hartwell,, Lt. John. 
Henry, Corp. Otis 
Hurt, Orley 
Johnson, J. G. 
Johnson. Horace R. 
Lutner, George 
McDugald, Bruce T. 
Moore, Jesse 
Morris, John 
Morrow, Collie 
Oates, Wesley H. 
Occles, Steven 
Ochs, B. F. 
Phelps, Marvin K. 
Pinkerton, John 
Pool, Robert 
Powell, Jesse 
Russell, Ike 
Steitler, John L. 
Steward, Wm. H. 
Tilman, Mark 
Vernon, Grover W. 
Wallace, Joe T. 
Watts, John C. 
White, Sgt. Edwin K. 
Williams, Clarence 
Wilson, Edward F. 

Brazoria County 

Apling, Walter 
Klemments, Charles 
Lee, Harry 
Manaker, Fred 
Robinson, Harold 
Saunders, Willie 
Scraecler, Arthur 
Singleton, I. T. 
Singleton, L. D. 

Brazos County 

Buchanan, Robert Leslie 
Crenshaw, Phenan C. 
Endler, August 
Graham, Lieut. Cyrus E. 
HalJ, Aaron M. 
Lere, Joseph 
Minis, Homer T. 
Barker, Joseph W. 
Ruffino, Andrea 
Suber, Ross 

Brewster County 

Crawford, Frank M. 
Hancock, James Newton 
Means, Laurence 

Briscoe County 
Graves, Benton 
Baker, Oscar 



ROLL OF HONOR.— Continued 

Williams, John C. 

.. Brooks County 

Gonzales, Jose Maria 
Lopez, Jose Maria 
McGown, C. Holmes 
Maupin, Joseph 

Brown County 

Abney, Mack 
Bales, Virgil 
Brandon, Arthur Ross 
Brown, Homer 
Buck, Ernest A. 
Carnes, Barney 
Grimes, Arthur 
Guthrie, David 
Harrell, J. W. 
Hindman, Eddie 
Hodge, Miller 
Hood, Bud 
Hunter, Ed. W. 
Knuckles, Albert E. 
Lee, Harry 
Miller, Charles R. 
McMurtrey, Wills 
Moore, Pa^ul 
Oxford, Henry 
Phillips, Henry 
Reasoner, Fred 
Weatherby, Bert 
Wilkins, Doxey 
Shaw, Gus 
Shaw, Seth 
Skinner, T. E. 
Smith , Isham 
Wilkens, Doxie 
Weatherby, Bert 

Burleson County- 
Brewer, Trueman 
Brooks, Clarence 
Cantavespi, Henry 
Dean, Clinton 
Deutsch, J. J. 
Engleman, A. 
Gerland, William 
Touston, T. C. 
Honlandsworth, Cecil 
Katulan, Henry 
Inaglotz, Carl 
Love, Otho 
Lyons, Robert Ryan 
Mays, Marion 
Maxwell, Clark 
Millinax, Lee 
Price, Ree 
Payonk, Gus 
Sefick, Frank 
Sefick, Will 
Stolz, Charles 
Weyand, Dan 
Warren, Will 


Witte, A. O. 
Wiebusch, William 
Wooten, Snell 

Burnet County 

Craddock, To?n D. 

Darrah, Thomas, Jr. 
Dixon, James 
Dodd, W. Henry 
Fagan, James M. 
Fagan, Jesse D. 
Francis, Fred 
Hale, Henry M. 
Hester, John Carl 
Hill, W. I. 
Hill, Alvin, 
Hendrix, Chester 
Howell, Theodore 
Huff, Dee 
Kolp, Walter 
McGhee, John H. 
Mantez, Joe 
Parker, Noah 
Reagor, Luther E. 
Reed, Raymond 
Scott, Marvin 
Stiles, Marshall A. 
Wagenfehr, Alvin 
Whitney, Orlie 
Wilburn, John A. 
Williams, Wm. M. 
Williamson, John P. H. 

Caldwell County 

Callihan, Wilbur H. 
Carter, Willie B. 
Cook, Otto E. 
Cook, George W. 
Davis, Corp. Ben. F. 
Davis, Webster Lee 
Grutzmacher, Frank G. 
Guerrera, Francis L. 
Heliums, Grover C. 
Horner, John V. 
Hanson, James Irwin 
Harrison, Elbert Floyd 
Ingram, Corp. Milton 
Jackson, Carl Elroy 
Johnston, S. B., Jr. 
Koehler, Otto A. 
McCarley, Benton I. 
Millican, Earl Crockett 
Raney, Sgt. Henry T. 
Perry, Willie Anderson 
Ussery, Jesse 
Voight, Orlin F. 
Williams, Corp. T. H. 

Calhoun County 

Bennett, Andrew 
Curtis, Paul 
Dierlam, Robert 
Harper, Fred 
Holy, Frank J. 
Moore, Clyde 
Ruble, Wm. Reginald 
Schumpert. George 
Smith, Fletcher 
Tanner, Edward M. 

Callahan County 
Bell, Robt. McDonald 
Bush, Bruce B. 
Copponger, T. B. 

Gunn, John Murray 
Johnson, Norman 
Keele, Orion 
Russell, Windall Holmes 
Slough, John W. 

Cameron County 

Closner, Alejandro 
Faulk, Wm. M. 
Garcia, Alejandro 
Garcia, Jose 
Hanson, John 
Hockaday, Percy H. 
Klemann, Hermann 
Morelos, Gregoria 
Moralos, Salvador 
Navarijo, Leonci 
Oaks, Louis 
Clavares, Manuel 
Perez, Alberto 
Sanchez, Manuel 
Sebree, Wm. James 
Stell, George W. 
Stromei, Gianain 
Trevini, Alejandro 

Chambers County 
Jones, Earl 
Skeeter, Jasper 
Spath, Freeman 

Cherokee County 
Allen, Will 
Bagley, John T. 
Beeman, Marcellus 
Bradford, H. 
Chapman, Harold 
Claiborne. Jim 
Coleman, Henry 
Cook, Joe T. 
Cook, Gaston 
Davis, Sidnay 
Earle, Henry Grady 
Finley, Tom 
Fuller, Earl 
Glenn, Sam F. 
Grisby, Chester 
Hood. Donley Ira 
Heermans, Willie 
Isgate, Bryce 
Jenkins, E. J. 
McDonald, A. C. 
McGill, Rayford 
Norman, Daniel 
Perkins. Alonzo 
Perry, Joe 
Prather, Wm. S. 
Reagan, J. T. 
Rochey, Charles A. 
Sanders, Jake 
Sanford. W. M. 
Scott, Albert E. 
Shelton, Jesse E. 
Sholley, Carl 
Sorrells, Lawrence 
Spain, Oscar 
Spivey, Kirby 
Ronton. S. Rogers. 
Tolar, Morrs F. 



ROLL OF HONOR.— Continued 

Vest, Jeff 
Wrotenberry, Willie 

Childress County. 

Atkinson, Herschel 
Allen, John 
Allen, Josh 
Baird, Charles 
Callaway, Lee 
Conrad, Jas E. 
Coppard, James F. 
Cox, Romea D. 
Cox, James M. 
Crandall, James P. 
Dry, Sgt. Clarence 
Fleming, Jack 
Furr, Ralph 
Moore, John P. 
Shoemaker, L. O. 

Clay County 

Page, William P. 
Shoemaker, Lonni O. 
Carlin, Orrin 
Deering, Ernest 
Edwards, Euclid Oswald 
House, H. H. 
Linderman, A. Harry 
Patterson, Willie E. 
Stephens, Perry A. 
Thurman, Horace N. 
Simmons, Euclid Oswald 

Coleman County 

Callahan, Aubrey H. 
Cole, Frank R. 
Duncan, Joe B. 
Fondren, John 
Grounds, Frank 
Hector, Carr E. 
Hielman, Jesse G. 
Hurt, Milton E. 
Leflar, John Edgar 
Love, Coleman Stevens 
Ray, Otto 

Shipman, John Ed. 
Wladen, Robert 
Rose, Oscar B. 

Collin County 
Anderson. A. M. 
Barnes, Lee 
Biler, Joe 
Bishop, — — 
Cuffman, Robert 
Dellew, James I. 
Emerson, John 
Floyd, J. W. 
Giges, Jimmy 
Guinn, Tillman 
Hardin, P. J. 
McCandless, Alex J. 


Parkman, Franklin 
Peeoles, Sidney 
Rucker. Willie 


Stelzer, Albert 
Walters. Marvin 
Thurman. ■ 

Collingsworth County. 

Harris, James Allen 
Leggitt, Clifford B. 

Colorado County 

Sparlin, Earle E. 
Westbrook, lEugene 
Ashford, William 
Brast Otto 
Brune, Ernest 
Fried, Adolph 
Freeman, Frank 
Hines, Squire 
Koles, — — 
Larson, Raymond 
McGrew, Clint 
Mahalic, Joe 
Malock, John 
Mosmeyer, John 
Matze, John 
Ray, Lide 
Onken, Henry 
Ruehanek, Vladik 
Schneider, John 
Schobel, Walter 
Seaborn, Benjamin F. 
Thompson, Wm. D. 
Vogelsang, Robert 
Sens, Charles 
Winkler, — — 
Worrell, Hamilton 

Comanche County 

Acker, James 
Bynum, Richard B. 
Caldwell, George 
Clark, Irvin C. 
Cox, Grady 

Cunningham, Lt. J. R. 
Duke, Tom J. 
Dunlap, John C. 
Fagan, Thomas E. 
Fisher, Autrey A. 
Gee, Clarence 
Guyer, Ed 
Hughes, Arthur 
Kennedy, John F. 
Kenedy, Walter 
McCamey, John Price 
McDermott, Frank C. 
McNew, Fred 
Mitchell, Henry 
Moore, John W. 
Munn, John Duncan 
Patterson, James A. 
Prim, James Calvin 
Stephens, Homer A. 
Todd, Corp. Hyman B. 

Comal County 

Kellerman, Alfred 
Kramme, Ed Carl 
Kuebel, Oscar 
Linnartz, Walter 
Moeller, Herbert 
Pape Alwin 
Tague, Clarence 
Voight, Hugo J. 

Wehe, Bruno 
Wetz, Percy V. 

Concho County 

Ambriz, George 
Gates, George W. 
Hill, Willie 
Lapp, John Richard 
Morris, Frank Munnslyn 
Potter, John O. 
Sims, Dunlap Oris 
Stafford, John Henryl 
Stephens, Merrion Ed. 
Tillery, Wm. Ashby 
Van Huss, Grover C. 

Cooke County 

Anderson, O. R. 
Cobble, Lee 
Downward, Hugh 
Gebtry, Andy 
Hartsell, — — 
Keel, Frank 
Manhahan, James A. 
Morris, Albert Sidney 
Murchison. Warren M 
Norman, W. G. 
Stevenson John 
Tune, Sam 
Witt, Thomas F. 

Coryell County 

Alford, John 
Arnold, Cyrus Monroe 
Bird Charley 
Caldwell, Hal 
Cole, J. C. 
Curtis, John Knox 
Easter, Oscar H. 
Garrett, Frank B. 
Gilmer, Corvin 
Hannah, Frank 
Hirsch, Grover C. 
Lovell, John Calvin 
McGee, Gordon R. 
Mathis, Hugo 
Maxwell, David Fulton 
Maxwell, Isaac L. 
Melburn, Robert L. 
Mounce, Jake 
Oxford, Henry 
Parks, Willie R. 
Pennington, Earl 
Sanders, Marvin 
Sawyer, Austin 
Scott, William 
South, Stanley 
Treavers, Herndon 
Yancey, Roy A. 

Cottle County 
Waggoner, Gren 

Culberson County 
Armstrong, Colman R. 
Bailey, Earl 

Dallam County 
Johnson, Lt. Russell 
Rhodes, Roy E. 
Rouse, Robert 



ROLL OF HONOR. — Continued 

This page is generously and patriotically contributed by William J. Quig- 
ly of El Paso to assist in perpetuating the loyal sons of Texas who paid the su- 
preme sacrifice in the World War. 

Dallas County 

Anderson, Clifford 
Allen, Artise 
Andrews, Charles Ii. 
Anderson, Lt. Ferris 
Bussy, Lt. Chas. Bowen 
Boggess, Railey E. 
Barthlow, Lovey F. 
Bridges, Frank 
Black, Nathan 
Bodenhamer, Reed 
Carter, Capt. Jos. D. 
Clevenger, Cunther F. 
Curry, Charles 
Clewis, Jesse E. 
Chilton, Lt. Arch 
Chester, Elmer E. 
Clark, J. F. 
Chichrillo, Sam 
Davis, Robert 
Davis, Wra. B. 
Davenport, Floyd 
Durrett, John A. 
Ellison, Lt. E. M. 
Everett, Sgt. Lesly D. 
Erickson, Mech. Jonas 
Evans, Walter L . 
Ervay, Lt. Ervay E. 
Evans, W. J. 
Elliott, Ernest 
Fleming, W. M. ' 
Fraser, Capt. E. R. 
Field, Lt. Knight W. 
Ford, Earl W. 
Garrett, Frank B. 
Gross, Corp. Bayard T. 
Gallagher, James D. 
Grace, Robert 
Harned, Lt. Charles D. 
Halpin, Alex S. 
Hunt, Clyde 
Howe, George 
Higginbotham, J H. 
Hambrick, Frank H. 
Johnson, Bentley C. 
Jarnigan, A. E. 
Keeling, Lt. W T alter S 
Klein, Charles 
Know, Roger C. 
Kirk, John S. 
King, Wilcox 
Lowe, William M. 
Low, John L. W. 
Lacy, Harry 
Lane, Dewey 
Lee, Harry A. 
Matthews, Lt. Roy E. 
McNeal, Joe 
McClendon, J. H. 
Moffett, Robert G. 
Mallard, Clarence 
Martin, Corp. Bradley 
Miller, John O. 
Merritt, Thomas N. 

Martens, C. H. K. 
Moffett, Robert 
Moreland, M. T. 
Murphy, Corpl. John B. 
Nolan, Sgt. Harry 
Owens, Lt. Nathaniel E. 
Ochs, B. P. 
Peters, George 
Phillips, Irvin B. 
Perry, Donovan C. 
Peyton, Lt. Harry L. 
Plowman, Geo. H. 
Ramsey, S. D. 
Robertson Bibb B. 
Robertson, Grantville 
Slaton, Lt. F. W. 
Smith, Corp. L. L. 
Stephens, Joseph I. 
Scott, Earl 
Spade, Jacob W. 
Scott, Ray E. 
Stuart, Ben O. 
Stewart, William J. 
Talbot, Nathan 
Taylor, Alfred 
Tamsitt, George R. 
Tucker, Lt. Dixie B. 
Willoughby, Roy 
Webb, Corp. Frank 
Watson, Tom B. 
Wilson, Charles B. 
Washington, Sgt. R. F. 
White, Patrick 
Worden, Eddie Ray 
Weaver, Rosser W. 
Wood, Jackson B. 

Dawson County 

Allen, Otho 
East ham, Claude 
Hamilton, William 
Houston, Robert 
McQueen Walter 
Rice, Floyd 
Williams, Allen 

Denton County 

Anthony, Henry 
Booker, Loone 
Buster, Lair 
Calvert, Ollie B. 
Combs, Ocey 
Crim, James C. 
Crouch, James B. 
Cudd, Hulbert 
Curtis, Clyde 
Dodson, Howard 
Davidson, Burle H. 
Davis, Jeff B. 
Elliott, Frank 
Fleming, W .M. 
Guinn, Tillman J. 
Heath, Curtis 
Holley, John V. 
Holyfield, Charley 

Hyden, Charles L. 
Loter, Silas S. 
Johnson, George B. 
Mays, A. J. 
McDuffee, Norman 
McNitzky, Arthur 
Morris, Charles 
Riney, Joseph C. 
Spraggins, Oscar J. 
Worley, Leonard 
Yarnell, John 
Young, Alfred K. 

DeWitt County 

Barre, Barnard H. 
Bednorz, — — 
Blakeslee, Vincent 
Bonne, Charles 
Bonne, Jesse 
Bonne, Joe 
Cain, Otto 
Christiansen, — — 
Cunningham, Will 
Danysche, Steve 
Dinter, William 


Elliott, Grant 
Fawcett, John 
Goode, Henry 
Hauser, Emil 
Hildebrandt, Ben W. X. 
Little, Basil 
Linn, Frank C. 
McCullough, Earl 
Mikes, Cornelius 
Par tain, Burns 
Range, Fritz 
Schwietz. Max 
Schroetter, C. W. 
Schorlemmer, Henry 
Stolleis, Alfred 
Thiems, William H. 
Thomas, Osie 
Taylor, J. H. 

Dickens County 

Williams, Boyd McC. 

Dimmit County 

Mobley, Clarence 
Rael, Juan Villa 

Donley County 

Adamson, Wesley 
Alvey, Floy G. 
Blanks, James J. 
Roswell, Roy 
Cameron, Sam S. 
Clayton, Charles W. 
Clark, Sgt. Aubyn E. 
Dingier, Judie V. 
Heisler, Will 
Hennise, Charles W. 
Lane, Lloyd 
Leonard, Earl 
Nelson, Nelse E. 



ROLL OF HONOR.— Continued 

This page is generously and patriotically contributed by the Honorable W- 
W. Turney of El Paso to the loyal sons of El Paso County who paid the supreme 

sacrifice in the World War. 

Poe, Alton C. 
Waldrop, Bergen X. 
Sawyer, Joe 
Stocking, Homer G. 

Duval County 
Banda, Porfirio 
Fuente, Alfonso de la 
Gauch, Oliver 
Herman, Daniel 
Palacios, Rafael 
Pena, Abelardo A. 
Perez, Mauricio 
Quesada, Santiago 
Ranjel, Juan 
Serna, Tomas 

Edwards County 
Bourland, Capt. Wm. F. 

Ellis County 
Carpenter, John E. 
Grimes, James S. 
Stout, Sam D. 
Voorhies Clyde C 
Zhanai, John 

El Paso County 

Able, Dexter 
Aeraser, James 
Allen, Lt. Frank 
Apodaca, Alfred 
Armigo, Mareas B. 
Arnold, Sgt. Edgar T. 
Barela, Eugenio 
Biggs, Lt. James 
Bridges, Earl 
Brown, Talley 
Brown, Paul 
Brown, Lt. Roger 
Brown, Sgt. Walter 
Campbell, Raymond C. 
Cochran, Luckett 
Coutlion, Frank 
Churco, Benjamin J. 
Dickenson, Corp Chas. E. 
Farmer, Corp. Carroll 
Feathers, Sgt. Kenziem 
Fraser, Capt. Harey L. 
Galligan, Thomas H. 
Gonzales, Domacino 
Graham, Mount 
Hall, George S. 
Hathaway, Arthur 
Hawkins, Sgt. W. M. 
Honeycut, Greer 
Holt, Ed 

Hurst. Daniel Wells 
Hutchinson, Lt. Robt. J. 
Hosea, Jefferson E. 
Kahn, Capt. Eugene M. 
Kamp, Nelson R 
Kilburn, Lt. Harold E. 
Lawton, Daniel 
Livesay, J. R. Jr. 
Lopez. Richard 
Lucero, Pedro 

McQueen, Sgt. Paul 
McNamara, Michael J. 
Okell, A. E. 
Percifield Arlie 
Pollock Ralph H. 
Post, John James 
Pryor, Capt. John P . 
Rawlins, Willie Joe 
Rice, William 
Roberts, John W. 
Romeliotis, Corp. Diomion 
Seaman, Lt. O. Rivas. 
Schaffer, W. S. 
Scholtz, Tom 
Schulz, Fred 
Smith, Sgi. Peter 
Spencer, Indley 
Telles, Antonio 
Thomas, D. W. 
Wagge, Maj. Frederick 
Watson, Gwynnel L. 
Webster, Sgt. Joseph 
Wilson, Robert Lee 

Erath County 
Alexander. Harvey W. 
Boyd, Clarence 
Brittain, Benj. Y. 
Davis, Ralph R. 
Deaver, James F. 
Gee. Clarence 
Harris, Homer G. 
Harding, Pete J. 
Haywood, Ben 
Henderson, Earl 
Jackson, Willie D. 
Jones, Samuel 
Keahey, Clifford 
Lay, James A. 
Long, Lawrence 
McClusky, Joe 
McDaniel, Jewell 
Nix, Bert 
Pickett, Guy O. 
Powell, H. A. 
Savage, Romie 
Trigg, Wyatt 
Turnbow, Amnion 
Whitefield, Elmer 
Young, Cecil 

Falls County 

Beckworth, Will 
Bischnow, Joe 
Bryan, E. Jay 
Buck, Walter 
Caywood, Brodie 
Chambers, Keith 
Collins, John 
Curry, Morgan 
Clendening, Harvey Benj. 
Deck, Roger E. 
Gaither, Gordon 
Garrett, Daniel E. 
Hairston, Harvey 
Home, Edwin 

Kessler, Otto 
Kyser, H. E. 
Krause. Herman 
McKee, Henry E, 
Powers, Henry 
Rice, Irby 
Richard, William 
Steger, Bernard 
Vinson, Perry Lee 
Wallace, — - — 

Fayette County 

Adams, Robert Fulton 
Bauerkemper, Luldwig E. 
Behrens, John Henry 
Berger, Ed 
Brown, Jessie 
Colle, George 
Doms, William 
Dormak, Ludwig 
Ehlers, Hugo James 
Faktor, Vladimir 
Garlin, H. A. 
Geldmacher, Bodo 
Goette, Ed 
Graf, Walter 
Heinze, Frederich Wm. 
Jarmon, Jesse 
Jaster, Martin 
Juren, Charles 
Queilberg, Otho 
Keisling, Adolph 
Knovicka Emil 
Knezek, Richard E. 
Koepke, William 
Kruse, H. T. 
Kulhanek, Lad 
Langston. John 
Larsen, C. M. 
Levy, Allison 
Machas, Louis 
McClellan, Frank J. 
Maeckel, Eugene 
Manske, Elton 
Manthey, Robert 
Mehner, Otto 
Michal, Jaromir 
Martin, Jaster 
Mendel, Ferd. 
Michalkisi, Beno 
Mitchell, Fields 
Niemeyer, John Henry 
Niell, Charles 
Oeltjen, Fritz 
Piwetz, Stace 
Quade, L. 
Quitta, Fred 
Rabel, Emil 
Ruether, Otto 
Ruman, L. P. 
Samohyl, Henry 
Sassin, Joe 

Schroeder, Herbert H. 
Schroeder, Henry 
Schroeder, John Henry 



ROLL OF HONOR.— Continued 

Schulze, Gus H. 
Sevik, Conrad 
Smith, A. F. 
Tauch, Adolph 
Starry, Jerome 
Terrell, Tonie 
Wagner, Felix 
Webb, Jeff 
Weis, Eumund 
Winter, Henry 
Witte, Rudolph 

Fisher County 

Cryte, Will 
Dennis, Bertie Cole 
Dowell, Will 
Gruben, Carl 
Jones, Walter Elijah 
Miers, Walter 
Paterson, Keifer C. 
Ray, Aud 
Smaley, J. P. 
Young, Theo. Ernest 

Floyd County 

Landrum, Willie 
McDermitt, Corp. C. F. 

Foard County 

Caldwell, L. P. 
Campbell, Albert 
Ford Gordon 
Montgomery, Haywood 
Scales, Frank 
Wooden, Hugh 

Franklin County 

Brannum, Ertis 
Bennett, Edgar 
Causey, Buford 
Gill, Noah 
Merrill, Bob 
Newkirk, Clymer 
Simpson, Frank W. 
Smith, Everette 

Frio County 

Biles, Clyde M. 
Craig, Wool 
Donovan, Ralph 
Edwards, William 
Farmer, Jack 
Ferguson, Tho. G. 
Killough. Willie L. 
Morino, George 
Redmond, Amos 
Vaughan, Edgar 

Galveston County 

Astall, Douglas Nichols 
Austin. Garrett 
Berg, George 
Blake, Wm. Charles 
Bone. A. R. 
Brown, Wm. Henry 
Burke, Clifford 
Carrague, Michael 
Chirardi, George 

Collerians, William 
Collins, Charles C. 
Conant, Earl L. 
Cornett, Lt. Julius Victor 
Crawford, Joseph 
Creppon, Felix 
Crosby, James Daniel 
Dureaux, Alfred 
Duroux, Louis A. 
Evans, James 
Falconer, Addison Bentley 
Falligant, Champion G. 
Fisher, H. W. 
Fisher, Lt. Stanley 
Ftaart, Charles 
Graves. Ira 
Greer, Don H. 
Hart, Ernest 
Holland, Vernon Kiley 
Johnson, Frederich 
Karboske, Otto Herman 
Kelly, Charles 
Kimball, Ed. R. 
Kirchner, Geo. W. 
Kitchell, Sgt. Alvin R. 
Lalich, Maxine 
Lassingne, Michael 
Lockhart, Sgt. John W. 
Mackay, Vernon H. 
McNeal, H. L. 
Meena, August K. 
Metzger, Theodore E. 
Moon, Mortimer K. 
Mooney, Lt. H. 
Muller, Corp. Robt. E. 
Mullins. Henry H. 
O'Neill, Corp. Jas. Anthon 
Paisley, James C. 
Patterson, J. C. 
Page, Jack 
Paul, Raymond C. 
Peterson, Laurence S. 
Petropol, Geo. Jas. 
Perkins, Thorman 
Pinkerton, Lt. Alvin Dani 
Poole, William H. 
Reding, Emanuel 
Reilly, Chas Victor 
Ross, John S. 
Rust, Chas. Victor 
Rust, Lieut. Chas E. 
Saunders, John W. 
Scott, Leslie B. 
Scott, Morgan 
Schmidt, Geo. Edward 
Sebree, Wm. James 
Seelan, Robert B. 
Shockley, MacKinley 
Singer, Rolling 
Smith, Guyton 
Snoddy. Melvin E. 
Start, Charles 
Stone, Erich E. 
Sutton, Richard M. 
Voight, Conrad F. 
Warner, Mathews Hart 
Washington. Robert 

Wern, John 
Wiley, John 
Winslow, Charles 

Garza County 
Byerly, Corp. C. L. 
Cole, J. C. 
Mauney, Alvin 
Morgan, Edward L. 
Pierce, Guy 
Reed. Sumpter 
Redmond, Harvey W. 

Gillespie County 

Beyer, Emil 
Brinkhoff, Eddie 
Eckhardt. Walter 
Burrow, Walter 
Enderlin. Willie 
Grobe, Felix 
Hohman, Herman 
Kaiser, Eddie 
Jordan, Louis J. 
Kock, Henry 
McBeth, Fadget 
Schneider, Henry 
Schlaudt, Alfred 
Tatsch, Edwin 
Tobin, Robert H. 

Goliad County 

Barden, Charles W. 

Billups, George 

Connervy, Robert Lee 

Dawson, Rollins 

Ewell, Jas. H. Jr. 

Fell, Herman 

Harding, Thomas Marion 

Hillyer. B. 

Homey, Alfred 

Jank, Paul 

Kohl, Alfred 

Loomis, Albert 

May, Ray 

Robinson, Tom 

Roney, Frank 

Sattlemaier, Andreas 

Schroeder, Paul 

Shelton, Ross E. 

Whipple, Henry M. 

Gonzales County 

Alley, Ross Holmes 
Barfield, Clifton 
Bartlett, John Abner 
Blakeslee, Vincent 
Bowen, Winston 
Brice, Milton J. 
Brelsford. Frank 
Caraway, Arthur 
Castaneda, Paulito 
Cook, George 
Davis, Robert A. 
Dornak, Steve 
Dylla, Theofil 
Ehrig, Ben 

Freeman, John Edgar 
Foster, Cleburn H. 
Gillespie, Rufus 



ROLL OF HONOR. — Continued 

Ham. Dee Meyers 
Hill, Willie 
Hopkins, Thomas R. 
Kalinec, John 
Keck. Henry Numa 
Langley, Lacy 
Long, Jesse 
Mahan, Ollie 
Maloch. Frank 
Meyers. Wells 
Mitchell. Laurence 
Moore, Tracy 
Oncken, Alfred Gus 
Partain, Abner Buris 
Quitta, Ferdinand F. 
Reed, Alfred W. 
Rogers, Matt Howard 
Reuter, Walter 
Robinson, Bryan 
Rutledge, Alva 
Schlick, Walter A. 
Soefje, Robert A. 
Stephens. Ike 
Tieken, Alfred G. 
Tolle, Alwin 
Vernon, Doran 
Weber, Pleas 

Gray County 

Floyd, Andrew H. 
Kerley, George A. 

Grayson County 

Baxter, E. H. 
Belote, Charlie 
Bivins, Lee 
Bond, James 
Buster, Sgt. E. L. 
Cameron, Sam S. 
Covey, Clarence 
Davidson, Burle H. 
Dodson, Elmer 
Ellis, Jas. G., Jr. 
Everheart, Preston 
Judd, Walter 
Grounds, Frank 
Harding, Frank O. 
Hill, Corp. Gordon B. 
Hughes, Lt. James H. 
Jones. Sam J. 
Kelly, John H. 
Key, Oscar C. 
Leeper, Dan C. 
May, Jones 
Michael, Jesse 
Parker, Reece 
Rice, Clarence L. 
Richardson, James 
Rhineheart, E. B. 
Secrest, Luther 
Truitt, Corp. C. C. 
Younger, Lt. Bruce 

Gregg County 

Camp, Bernay 
Crim, Robert 
Fisher. Perry L. 
Hoover, Charlie 

Jones, Elmer 
Sims Hosea 
Smith, Sidney 

Grimes County 

Crenshaw, Robert 
Elliott. John 
McLewis, Lewis 
Martin, Charles 
Maynard, Edward 
Meekins, Leroy 
Pasket, Walter 
Sanders, August 
Snook, Louis 
Taylor, Alfred 
Thomas, Sgt. Hamp 
Wasson, B. 

Guadalupe County 

Bartles, George 
P.orman. Alvin 
Cabassos, Hilario 
Clack, Ellis 
Coates, Ross 
Cone. Hardy Wilson 
Cone, Howard M. 
Cor day, Frank 
Dierks, Hermann 
Ewing, John 
Franks, Hermann 
Hagan, Frank 
Hartwell, Willie T. 
Harris, Frank 
Hoermann. Ernest E. 
Jurgens. Alfred 
Kraft, Helmuth 
Klein, Otto H. 
Moreland, Sinclair 
Weber, August 
Werner, Guido 
Wood, Horace U. 
Smith, Frank P. 
Springs, James 
Stolte, Louis 
Taylor, Morgan 

Hale County 

Abram, Clarence 
Anderson, Lt. Jennings 
Barton, Joseph J. 
Brahan, R. W., Jr. 
Blakemore, Ray 
Cooper, Lt. James A. 
Cunningham, James 
Curtis, William C. 
Dice, Garrison 
Fitzgerald, George 
McDaniel, John F. 
Scott, Sgt. Geo. R. 
Stoddard, Chester 
Turner, - 

Hall County 

Barbee, Crip 
Blanks, Jim 
Fisher, Elmer F. 
Fleming, Frank 

Gallaway, Newman J. 
Gooch, Glen Grant 
Graves, - 
Hancock, Luther 
Hopper, C. 
Jordan, Claude B. 
Montgomery, H. V. 
Peddie, Scott 
Poe, Alton C. 
Scaff, Quintus 
Simmons, Charles 
Strong, J. C. 
Stalman, Watson 
Tracy, Elmer 
Watson, Conlay A. 
Yarborough, Roy 

Hamilton County 

Poole, Miss E. P. 

(Red Cross Nurse) 

Hansford County 

Spivey, Sullivan 

Hardin County 

Belt, John 
Craddick, G. H. 
Gardner, K. S. 
Hawthorne, Percy 
Holland, Fayette 
Jefferson, Culberson 
Jenkins, Grover 
King, Lee 
Kennedy, Shirley 
McQueen, L. F. 
Rymes, Troy F. 
Smith, Cook 
Thomas, August 
Walton, May 
Wiggins Waldon 

Harris County 

Acres, Charles H. 
Acuff, Norman Douglas 
Acuff, Robt. E. Lee 
Alexander, John W. 
Alexander, Leslie 
Alexander, Wesley 
Allen, Corp. Shelley 
Altis, Russell 
Anderson, Oscar 
Anthony, Lansing 
Autrey, Max 
Banks, John L. 
Banks, Corp. Wm. W. 
Banks, William 
Barkdull, Earl 
Barnes, S. L. P. 
Bartlett, Harry Bryant 
Bethea, Cecil G. 
Bissonnet, Lt. Geo. H. 
Boyle, William H. 
Bray, P'rank B. 
Bray, W. C. 

Brailsford, Lt. Thos R. 
Brewer, Howard 
Briley, Felix H. 



ROLL OF HONOR.— Continued 

Brooks, Clarence 
Brown, Will 
Burkett, Capt. John R. 
Burkhart, Franklin P. 
Burton, Sgt. Norwood N. 
Butler, Fred D. 
Byrne, Hugh O. 
Canfield, Sgt. Henry R. 
Carter, Eddie P. 
Caylor, Joseph B. 
Chandler, Sgt. Walter E. 
Collins, John 
Collins, William 
Collier, Corp, Marion M. 
Coronas, Pete F. 
Cowart, Win. B. 
Clark, Sgt. John Fred 
Daly, John 
D'Amico, Sam 
Delesdernier, S. G. 
Dey, Corp. Claud M. 
Dismukes, Tom 
Dorbandt, Justin 
Dunlavy, Herbert D. 
Durnall, Norman E. 
Dwinell, Norman E. 
Edwards, Lawrence J. 
Elliott, Lt. Karl L. 
Everton, M. D. 
Fashion, August J. 
Feagin, Richard Henry 
Floyd, Lewis 
Gibson, Capt. Robt. M. 
Giegelt, Emil 
Glenn, Sgt. Elsa L. 
Glogler, Lee George 
Gonzales, Alphonse 
Gratehouse, John W. 
Green, Sgt. Tommie 
Greeg, Donald 
Hall, Willie B. 
Halpern, Lawrence 
Hammons, Corp. C. C. 
Harris, George 
Harris, Joseph J. 
Harris, Sgt. Sam L. 
Harrison, Capt. Geo. L. 
Hathaway, Lt. Edw. T. 
Hawkins, John P. 
Hensley, Thomas L. 
Hicks, Earl 
Hicks, Thomas B. 
Hildebrandt, Carl 
Hines, Harrison 
Hollimon, Floyd G. 
Hopkins, Corp. Fred B. 
Hubbell, Hillis L. 
Jackson, E. D. 
Jaeger, M. W. 
Jensen, Lawrence G. 
Johnson, Ralph A. 
Joines, Carson D. 
Jones, William J. 
Kuhlman, Justin 
Lambert, Grover 
Lanahan, Edward D. 
Latimer, O. 

Layton, Robert E. 
Lee, Randolph T. 
Lenahan, Edward D. 
Lemke, Sgt. Colin Grey 
Martin, Jacob, Jr. 
Mayes, C. W. 
McCall, Andy 
McDonald, Allen J. 
Mcintosh, Lt. John M. 
McNeil, Dr. H. Lee 
McReynolds, Taylor L. 
Meek, Chester A. 
Melnar, Frank E. 
Meineke, Martin B. 
Michel, William J. 
Miller, Charles Edgar 
Miller, James M. 
Millie, Ollie 
Moore, Lt. Frank M. 
Moore, Thomas W. 
Morris, Rosoce W. 
Naplava, Dominick 
Nelson, Albert P. 
Nettleton, Robert 
Nicholson, Claud 
Nogle, Russell B. 
Norton, George T. 
Norvick, Sam 
Ogle, Charles W. 
Ollre, Joseph E. 
Ollre, Joe Emile 
O'Reilly, Wallace 
Patterson, Chas. Hazen 
Pecore, Sgt. Raymond C. 
Pederson, George 
Pielop, Edward 
Pierce, Corp. A. 
Pizer, Nathan L. 
Plummer, Roy S. 
Quinn, Sgt. Thomas H. 
Raezer, John W. 
Reisner, Lt. Ed. L. 
Riley, Jamei A. 
Roberson, Meshack 
Romack, Corp. F. R. 
Russell, Charles E. 
Sanders, Wm. L. 
Schoeffer, W. C. 
Schuler, Marion 
Shock, Corp. Ernest D. 
Simmons, Claud C. 
Simmons, William L. 
Singleton, Sgt. Drue 
Smith, C. D. 
Smith, Robert N. 
Smith, Sgt. Shelby 
Snover, Oscar 
Scoia, Joseph P. 
South, Sgt. Ira W. 
Stackhouse, B. C. 
Stedman, James M. 
Stephenson, James T. 
Stevenson, Harry Lee 
Stuebner, Theodore M. 
Styers, James Lewis 
Sweeney. William W. 

Taggart, Harry 
Teetshorn, Roy G. 
Thompson, Sgt. John P. 
Tompkins, Robert W. 
Truett, Willie 
Tuck, Robert E. 
Tuffley, Edward W. 
Truley, Wesley 
Vetuskie, Selix 
Tramboo, Will 
Trumbo, Frank 
Trumbo, Will 
Vetuskie, Felix 
Vlachos Leonidas 
Vick, Charles 
Walson, Shelley 
Wagner, Leeland J. 
Warrach, Dave 
Waugh, Terrell T. 
Weber, Sgt. Joseph C. 
Westley, Will 
Westcott, Charles 
Wiggins, L. 
Woggins, L. 
Wood, Corp. Charles 
Wood, Corp. Tom W. 
Wuenche, Gustav. 

Harrison County 

Allen, Lt. Will C. 
Ryan, George 
Summers, Bonnie T. 

Hartley County 
Perkins, Grady 

Hays County 
Adair, Elmer W. 
Allen, Clarence 
Andrez, Ramon 
Arnold, Corp. Jack 
Bell, John N. 
Gardner, Kenneth 
Haile, David 
Harris. William 
Harwell, Tom 
Hill, Martin C. 
Jones, Wharton 
Kemp, John E. 
Lawrence, Murray 
Lindsey, Clinton 
Mayfield, Willie 
Moore, Paul C. 
Perkins, Overton 
Quick, Matthew M. 
Stribling, Joe 
Suttles. Maurice 
Walters, Corp. Chas T. 
Watson, William 
Whipple, Henry 
Zapalac, George A. 

Hidalgo County 
Boiler, Sgt. Oscar J. 
Damron, James 
Dennett, Jesse Horace 
Garcia. Sgt. Joe A. 
Gusman. Corp. Manuel 
Hansen, Vermun G. 



ROLL OF HONOR. — Continued 

Hennessey, Win. B. 
Morgan, Lieut. Fred H. 
Nelson, Sgt. Arthur E. 
Rome, Clifford J. 
Snavely. William 

Hondo County 

Baker, Walter 
Creek, James W. 
Cleveland, Larkin C. 
Harkins, Albert 
Gidion, Oscar W. 
Joiner, Elmer A. 
Jones. Hood 
King, A. J. 
Kelly. Ollie 
Shaver, Cecil 
Tidwell, Clyde A. 

Houston Count y 

Adams, Isaiah D. 
Brailsford. Lt. Thos. R. 
Carlton, Shade 
Creath, Corp. Wyat N. 
Dennis, Clifford A. 
Ellis, John B. 
Fobbs, Mose 
Harrison, James A. 
Hester, Danile M. 
High, Lacy 
Hudson, Chesley W. 
Johnson, Henry 
LaRue, Barker T. 
Matchett. William R. 
Nelson, William 
Poole, Archie 
Rawls, Jesse R. 
Ritchie, James 
Richards, Norman 
Satcher, Joe 
Sims, Irvin 

Sepmore, Corp. Thos H. 
Sullivan, Albert D. 

Howard County 

Martin, Lt. Wm. Frank 
Hudspeth County 

Boone, Albert 
Richardson, Allen 

Irion County 

Burns, Wallace 
Kelly, William Neal 
Morgan, Edgar G. 
Roach, Aubrey 
Sterrett, Sgt. Steve 

Jack County 

Baker, Bruce W. 
Bailey, Abe M. 
Blankenship, Willie 
Durham, Bartlett C. 
Early, Thomas V. 
Gladden, Edwin 
Gahagen, Sam A. 

Gully, Fred 
Green, Billie 
Pickens, Clyde 
Williams, Arthur 

Jackson County 

Allen, Raymond 
Brunette, Roy 
Clark, Flin 
Coates, Thomas Lee 
Cowgill, Roy 
Crawford, Milton 
Deal, John 
Macon, Robert W. 
Nash, Dan 
Rogers, Ben F. 
Traylor, Sam 
Yoas, Hugh 

Jasper County 

Blackshear, Major W. R. 
Carter Pierce 
Foster, Jesse 
Crissom, Oliver H. 
Hicks, Marion S. 
Holmes, Carl Bentley 
Jones, George 
Morgan, Lester 
Perkins, Robert A. 
Seale, Tom Blount 
Sheffield, Carl 

Jeff Davis County 

French, George 
Munos, Manuel 
Naja, Nicholas 
Seay, Percy 

Jim Wells County 

Diaz, Milton 
Flores, Sixto 
Herras, Florencio 
Lynn, James 
Nayer, Milton 
Owen, Halbert A. 
Reynolds, Charles 

Johnson County 

Beatty, Charles L. 
Busch, Charles Edward 
Boultinghouse, Schillie 
Carroll, Sgt. Irwin 
Carter, Connie J. 
Clark, Ernest O. 
Goodhue, Gains 
Homes, Lt. Arthur V. 
Korkan, Mike 
Lewis, Corp. Sam 
Levy, Lt. Leslie S. 
Minor, Lt. Farrell 
Priddie, Capt. Dick 
Reed, Herbert 
Robertson, Corp. Vincent 
Riley, Edward F. 
Smart, Carroll 
Wallace, Lt. Mahlon 

Watson, Leo 
Blaschke, Willie 

Kaufman County 

Jones, Lt. Hamlet P. 

Kendall County 

Palrow, W. R. L. 
Feller, Albert 
Langston, Roy 
Phillip, Bruno 
Perez, Juan 
Stribling, John 
Strauch, Paul 
Steves, August 
Schulz, Richard 
Smith, Adam 

Kerr County 

Baker, Sidney B. E. 
Burleson, Eddy 
Cowden, Jay 
Denton, Leonard 
Dowdy, Monroe 
Garrett, V. E. 
Fellers, Albert 
Floyd, Louis 
Holloman, Grover 
Johannessen, Ralph 
Kaiser, Edwin John 
Merritt, Harvey 
Reeves, Thomas B. 
Reeves, Wm. Milton 
Spicer, Robert 
Wilson, John 

Kimble County 

Brinkrolf, Edmund 
Cowsert, Dave 
Fleming, Burt M. 
Leifster, Julius 
Rembold, Tom 
Walker, Laurence 

Kleberg County 

Anderson, Ernest A. 
Allen, Lt. Halcombe 
Beaseman, George A. 
Beane, Lawrence H. 
Edwards, Ollie 
Grant, Arthur 
Green, Harry 
Hansen, Helmer 
Harper, John G. 
Hopkins, F. V. 
Kay, Evans 
McClanahan, Wm. F. 
Sedwick, Robert 
Whitley, Earl 

Knox County 

Teague, Lt. Wm. J. 

Lampasas County 

Abney, William H. 
Alexander, Harvey 



ROLL OF HONOR. — Continued 

Alexander, Omar 
Alexander, Thomas H. 
Butts, Owen B. 
Cowan, Sam L. 
Carlile, Lewis 
Chambliss, Raymond B. 
Hutchinson, Thomas J. 
Jones, Cecil R. 
LeBounty, C. L. 
Manning, — — 
Moore, Joe 
Neely. Ralph 
Northington, Benton 
O'Keefe, Paul 
Parsons, Manning 
Rush, W. T. 
Skaggs. Walter 
Tittle, Morris B. 

LtSalle County 

Evans, Clyde 
Neeley, Clarence 
Neeley, Penn 
Wilson, Reuben 

Lavaca County 

Artlett, Gus J. 
Berger, Edward 
Brown, Archie 
Butschek, Frank J. 
Clark, John 
Crabb, Jesse W. 
Duke, Herbert 
Fawcett, Corp. John 
Garner, Corp. M. F. 
Gerger, Frank 
Goode, Henry 
Harless, Omar 
Holland, Ira 
Hedgeons, Thomas Eli 
Judd, Sgt. Charles 
Jurac, Anton 
Kolar, Joe 
Klekar, John 
Kuhn Steve 
Little, Sgt. Basil 
Mazic, Paul 
Merrem, Sgt. Edgar F. 
Meyer, Oscar C. 
Mendell, Ferdinand J. 
Mersberger, John 
Norrel, Henrv W. 
Moore, Sgt. Shelton N. 
Perryman, Homer W. 
Phelps, Henry 
Rosenaur, Emil 
Shaefer, Henry E. 
Smolik, August 
Spanihel, August J. 
Stanek, Frank 
Starbuck, George 
Till, John J. 
Tylich, Joe T. 
Tarlica, Willie A. 
Valenta, Fred A. 
Weiss, Edmund J. 

Woefel, Tom 

Lee County 

Bets, Tom 

Bolander, Quince R. 
Bownds, J. C. 
Budd, Vinton 
Carlisle, J. C. 
Clopton, Archie 
Connor, James 
Elledge, Raymond P. 
Francis. Clinton 
Galbreath, Burt 
Huff, Luther 
Iselt, William 
Jatzlau, Osw 
King, Vance 
Kreuger, Ed. 
Lay, William 
Moerbe, Ernest 
Norville, J. O. 
Norville, Ocie 
Phillips, R. E. 
Schneider, Ernest 
Schnell, Frank 
Smith, George C. 
Smith, Horace T. Jr. 
Ruff in, Bradshaw 
Theiss, Ben 
Urban, Charles M. 
Vogel, Herman 
Weiser, Gerhard 
Wojthe, John 
York, Asa 
York, Randle 

Limestone County 

Wallace, M. D. 

Lipscomb County 

Gilson, Eddie 
Hill, John 
Tailer, Huston 

Llano County 

Anderson, Lee 
Click, Otto 
dinger, Oscar 
Crockett, Elmer Lee 
Griggs, William F. 
Hedeman, Harry 
Leverett, Calvin S. 
King, Alex 
Maxwell, Claud 
Osbourn, John W. 
Ratliff, Albert 
Reagor, Luther E. 
Rogers, Jackson S. E. 
Shelton, Archie Lee 
Tompkins, Jacob F. 
Watkins, Walter W. 

Lubbock County 

Allen, Philip 
Allen, Terrell 
Biggers, Earl G. 

Britton, Horace 
Brooks, Joel M. 
Brown, Edward L. 
Lambert, Henry O. 
Peek, Sterling M. 

McCulloch County 

Allen, Elijah 
Baisden, Horace 
Blount, James K. 
Dunna'm, Henry A. 
Hallford, Harris B. 
McFerrin, Leon 
Price, William 
Stafford, Corp. John S. 
Walker, Willie J. 
Williams, Charles J. 

MoMullen County 

Cade, Vedal 
Gonzales, Santos 
Melton, Frank 

Madison County 

Coldwell, Jasper 
Gafford, Lee 
Mathis, Joe 
Reed, Austin McG. 
Stewart, Earl 

Mason County 

Clark, Richard 
Dusrt, Edwin 
Echert, Max Henry 
Geistweidt, Albert H. 
Jones, Miss M. (nurse) 
Jothmann, Alfred E. 
Owens, Elmer W. 
Simons, Philip H. 

Matagorda County 

Buckley, Jesse Lee 
Foster, T. E. 
Good, Lt. Sidney 
Gundy, Andy 
Martin, George 
Montgomery, Charlie 
Patterson, Bob 
Neil, William J. B. 
Polk, Corp. Roland W. 

Maverick County 

Hausse, Lt. Charles 
Ortiz, Concepcion 
Thomas, Lt. William D. 
Wellage, Capt. Geo. F. 

Medina County 

Britsch, George 
Chancey, Osborne 
Evans, Clyde 
Grant, Ollie 
Jones, Lt. Hal S. 
Killough, Everett 
Killough, Willie 
Koch, Alfred 



ROLL OF HONOR.— Continued 

This page is generously and patriotically contributed by the First State 
Bank of Abilene to assist in perpetuating the loyal sons of Texas who paid the su- 
preme sacrifice in the World War. 

McLennan County 

Lutz, Eric 
Lynch, Freddie 
Mann, Leopold 
Miller, Ben R. 
Mofield, John W. 
Morales, Florentine 
Nehr, Louis 
Perner, August 
Rothe, Amos 
Roberson, Arthur 
Rogers, Herman 
Rudinger, Joseph 
Ward. Walter 
Weiss, Joseph 
Weyand, Ernest 
Wurzbach, Oscar E. 
Zuercher, Louis 

Midland County 

Edwards, Oran 
Lynch, W. W. 
Holloway, Corrol 

Milam County 

Childres, S. T. 
Green, Lawless 

Mills County 

Blackburd, Peter R. 
Edmonds, Harry 
Hall, — — 
Leonard, John 
Pollard, Roy 
Watson, John 

Mitchell County 

Brown, J. H. 
Garland, Tim 
Hooker, Oran 
Merritt, Junius 
Peters, J. S. 
Williams, Bill M. 
Wright, Andy 

Montgomery County 

Anderson, Edwin 
Britton, Corp. James N. 
Case, George 
Hackney, Lt. David R. 
Hicks, Earl 
Kelley, Emmett S. 
McGowan, Alex 
McCummon, Corp. M. 
Meredith, Sgt. Maj. J. N. 
Moore, Sgt. Shelton 
Olive, James 
Perry, Clarence L. 
Prestwood, Sgt. Maj. 
Sutton, John 
Williamson, Ben 

Young, Paul 

Moore County 

Rasnick. James D. 

McLennan County 

Abbott, Zem 
Abernathy, Robert 
Appleby Andrew T. 
Anderson, Leo O. 
Ashbrook. Frank P. 

Balor, Stuart 
Ballew, Thomas L. 
Bell, Extral L. 
Bell, Eugene C. 
Blankenship, Barney 
Brown, Hogey 
Brooks, Jessie W. 
Bryan, Earl E. 
Bryan, Jay E. 
Bryan, T. O. 
Brittain, Joseph 
Brant, Sanders B. 

Caruthers, Cecil 
Chapman, Howard 
Christian, L. D. 
Cone, Edward B. 
Cone. Cornelius B. 
Clark, John B. 
Clendering, B. H. 
Crook, Edward B. 
Cottle, James C. 
Cook, J. Gould 
Cox, Walton 

Davis,, Hardin 
Dehart, Arthur 
Downey, R. C. 
Duncan, Ray N. 
Dugger, Dennis C. 
Dugger, Sam 

Eckles, Frank 
Edmond, James A. 
Embry, Walter Sinley 
Elliott, Lt. James N. 

Faulk, Lt. William 
Foster, Tom 
Fricke, William H. 
Freman, Ira L. 
Findlater, James R. 
Fisher, Sgt. Elmer F. 

Garrett, Winford C. 
Garrett, Cal. O. 
Graham, Lt. J. E. 
Granger. Warren 
Greer, Lt. James F. 
Grady, Thomas P. 

Hancock, John L. 

Harper, Albert S. 
Harper, Thomas E. 
Hillman, Herbert R. 

Johnson, T. S. 
Johnston, Sgt. Ed. 
Judkins, Willie G. 

Key, Lt. Oscar C. 
King, Lt. Norman 
Kuehl, Edward G. 
Kyser, Hawthorne E. 

Lands, William W. 
Lange, Roy B. 
Little, John Walton 
Lang, Daniel 
Larson, Alma C. 
Lipscomb, Addie 
Long, Dan 
Luther, John C. 

Magro, Sive 
Meroney, Kyle A. 
Mills, Charles F. 
Mitchell, Frank A. 
McCreary, John C. 
Magro, Mike 
McKinney, James 
Morales, Solomon 
Moseley, Russell 
Moody, Silas E. 
Moore, James M. 
McGrew, Brenette 
McKee, Henry E. 
McWilliams, Sgt. R. C. 

Nekon, Emmett G. 
Nelson, Emil B. 
Neyland, Lt. J. J. 
Nelgson, Daniel J. 

Oliver, Roy B. 
Oliver, Capt. Fred N. 
Owens, Halbert 

Parnu'm, John W. 
Peyton, Lt. Harry L. 
Ponder, Fred R. 
Perry, William L. 
Parr, Clarence W. 
Philip, Frank 
Ponder, Phillip W. 
Paterson, Edward W. 
Phillips, Roy L. 
Porinsky, Herman 
Padgitt, Ross 

Quinn, T. E. 

Rogers, Charles J. 
Reid, John W. 
Raines, Reed W. 
Russell, James D. 



ROLL OF HONOR. — Continued 

Shear, Lt. Harold 
Smith, Guston K. 
Stegall, Giles 
Scott, William 
Stepp, T. H. 
Sheffield, Horace L. 
Shelton, B. G. 
Speegle, Giles 
Sterling, Wayne B. 
Stovall, Alvin M. 

Teague, Bryan W. 
Torbett, Halley 
Toiler, Herbert G. 
Turner, Benjamin F. 
Turner, Benjamin T. 
Tucker, Z. F. 
Taylor, J. H. 

Vonhuss, Grover C. 

Wells, Albert E. 
White, Enoch L. 
Willis, Paul 
Wright, Fiske 
Wollum, Torleif 
Wilson, Edmund W. 
Watkins, Curtis 

Yanex, Jesus 

Nacogdoches County 

Arrington, George 
Bell, Charlie 
Berryhill, Corp. Richard 
Briley, Felix H. 
Brister, Edgar 
Chapman, Clyde 
Collina, Arthur 
Crow, Jennings 
Dodd, Henry C. 
Duncan, Corp. Baxter 
Ford, Beatrial M. 
Hoffmeister, Lt. Wm. B. 
Fulgham. Lt. Wm. B. 
Hardy, Ernest 
Hood, Daniel I. 
Houston, Marion R. 
Hutchinson, George W. 
Hutson, Henry J. 
Jones, Charlie 
Kennedy, Charles C. 
King, William 
Knous, Henry B. 
Olds, Corp. Thomas F. 
Lunsford, Henry 
Muckelroy, Edgar 
Pierce, Corp. Teddy C. 
Richards, Alex 
Plucker, Thomas R. 
Roberts, Lewis 
Sachsleven, Fred 
Spradley, Charles 
Strickland, Joe 
Tignor, John 
Walters, Arnold B. 
Whitaker, Henry 

Navarro County 

Allison, Perry A. 
Andrews, Lt. Ray 
Benson, Lt. Frank C. 
Bolt, William A. 
Clow, Calvin C. 
Crawford, Buster 
Fetty, Clyde 
Fulton, Egbert P. C. 
Gilbreath, Lt. Robert E. 
Greer, Willie 
Graves, Steve A. 
Jackson, Sam 
Johnson, Charles B. 
Johnson, James O. 
Jones, Jesse B. 
Lynch, Lewis A. 
McElroy, Arnold 
McGehee, Benjamin 
Phillips, Walter 
Sewell, Charles 
Steeley, David H. 
Suggs, Lonny 
Wiggins, Lewis 
Wilson, Oscar 
Vinson, George L. 

Newton County 

Daniels, Roy 
Jackson, Evabder M. 
Paul, Clarence 
Simmons, Connie 
Warren, Charlie 
Winston, Charlie 

Nolan County 

Allgood, Joe 
Bagley, Nathan 
Barrett, Pleas 
Connoly Bert 
Frost, Jack 
McDonald, Oscar 
Mashburn, Charles 
Martin, Rufus 
Morrison, Joe 
Pate, John T. 

Nueces County 

Almarez, Juvenicio 
Alvarado, Tomas 
Blair, Albert Lee 
Grant, Arthur 
Reioux, Leo O. 
Roper, William A. 
Summa, Charles A. 
Winn Willie 
Wood, Rufus C. 

Ochiltree County 

Goodall, Jim 
Johnson, Pierce 
Walters, Thomas, Jr. 

Orange County 

Grubbs, L. T. 

Palo Pinto County 

Anderson, Lt. Ferrif S. 

Edmondson, — - — 
Goble, Clifford 
Holt, Monroe M. 
George, Antonio 
May, John S. 
Slay, George B. 

Panola County 

Black, Grover H. 
Fleming, Lawrence 
Johnson, Tob 
Pierce, Jozie 
Prine, Arthur 
McBride, Charles W. 
McDonald, Charles 
McDonald. William R. 
Stuart, Sheldon 

Parker County 

Allen Frank 
Alexander, Clyde 
Atwood, George 
Barber, Ben 
Bell, Roy E. 
Bird, Sam 
Brawley, Tom 
Carver, Frances A. 
Curtis, Jim 
Copeland, Ben 
Davis, Will 
Davis, Peter R. 
DeBusk, Vernon L. 
Finley, Lee 
Graft, Roy 
Hutcheson, Tom 
Hightower, William 
Hinkle, Robert 
Johnson, Eddie H. 
Lack, Aaron 
Morgan, Albert N. 
Ross, Palmer 
Snodderly, Glenn 
Sturgis, James Earl 
Van Story, Sam V., Jr. 
Woody, Bryce 
Wieland, Chris E. 
Westbrook, Noah 
Williams, Lloyd 

Pecos County 

Abel, J. D. 
Brown, W. L. 
Hall, Alfred 
Rodriguez, Juan M. 

Potter County 

Hanson, Capt. David T. 
Parkinson, Phil 

Presidio County 

Farmer. Carl 

Raines County 

Allen, Jeptha 
Blunt, Jack 
Yandell, Marshall 

Randall County 

Brown, Virgil 



ROLL OF HONOR.— Continued 

Dooley, Clifford 
Floyd. Willie A. 
Guest, George 
Gamel, Clayton 
Key, Archie 
Moreland, R. R. 
Murchison, Warren 
Weynard, Ernest K. 
Zollers, Elmer H. 

Red River County 

Adams, William H. 
Austin, Walter G. 
Bachman, Fred 
Burks, John 
Coleman, Clarence 
Crawford, Guy L, 
Crosby, Tom 
Darnall, Willie 
Dodson, Robert O. 
Epperson, Shelly 
Foster, William 
Garner, George W. 
Galloway. John F. 
Griffin, Robert L. 
Helms. Willie T. 
Hunt, Ed 
Jackson, Hugh 
McDowell. Richard 
Mitchell. J. O. 
O'Bannon, Tom 
Parker, Sam L. 
Pirtle, Ab. 
Roberts, Ethel 
Suggs, Jesse 
Terry, Emery R. 
Thames, R. G. 

Reeves County 

Hudson, W. A. 

Robertson County 

Allen, Carrol 
Bailey, Edward 
Baxter, John 
Campbell, Mark 
Domarowski, Tom 
Edwards, Roy G. 
Heath, Lesley L. 
Holloway, Leonard 
May, Fount 
Peets, Thomas 
Ryman, Maurice 
Scott, Archie B. 
Scrinser, Miles 
Weber, John 
Wiley, Frank 

Roberts County 

Hightower, William C. 
Hix, Leroy G. 
Pulaski, Thaddus L. 

Rockwell County 

Bennett, Herman 
Fisher, Perry 
Jackson, Walter 
Johnson, Porter 

Hall, Clifford 
McMurray, William 
Mulry, Robert 
Shook, Everett 
Sebastian, Roy 

Runnels County 

Allison, Elmer C. 
Allen, John W. 
Embry, Walter F. 
Galloway, Bert M. 
Grimes, Carl 
Harding, Luther 
Hemiinge, Carl B. 
Hinkle, Carl B. 
Hoelscher, Joe B. 
Kiefer, Adolph 
Pumphrey, Dennis L. 
Scoggons, Roy 
Schwertner, Toney 
Sission, LeRoy 
Steele, James M. 
Tindall, Marvin 
Straach, Arthur 
Vaughn, Isaac M. 
Williams, Oscar 
Williams. Pat 
Zappe, Arthur 

Rusk County 

Yates, Horace C. 

San Augustine County 

Bullock, James W. 
Burus, William 
Cartwright, James 
Emmons, Edward H. 
Fitzgerald, Garland 
Fussell, John L. 
Garner, Wyott 
Gill, William 
Hardy, Ernest 
Holman, Dan 
Matthews, William C. 
Reeder, Luther B. 
Taylor, Wilbur 
West, Levy 
Whitton, Nugent 

S;in Jacinto County 

Adams, Lee 
Blackburn, A. L. 
Everitt, Robert Lee 
DeOlive, Rufus E. 
Nelson, John 
Wyatt, Jesse 

San Patricio County 

Flim, Sgt. John Evan 
San Saba County 

Murray, W. B. 

Schleicher County 

Bellew, Thomas L. 
Harrison, Elbert 
McCormick, Ben 
Wicks, S. I. 

Scurry County 

Darrow, E. L. 
Hooten, Harry D. 
Ingram. Elliott J. 
Porter, William C. 
Rose, Roy 
Simpson — — 
Teague, John 
Westbrook, — — 

Smith County 

Ferreli. Hubert 

Soiiierville County 

Buzan, Wendell 
Cheek, William 
Currie, John 
Currie, Oscar 
Ketter, Ain. 
Pruitt, Hugh 
McCoy. George 

Stonewall County 
Johnson, Fred 
Moore, Warren Pringle 

Swisher County 
Bell, Julian 
Brown, Edward 
Fink, John 
O'Neal, Earles 
Zoeller, Elmer 

Tarrant County 
Abel, Luther R. 
Adams, Herman B. 
Alcorm. Lt. L. C. 
Allen, Birt B. 
Atwood, George 
Autrey. J. G. 
Battaglia, Charles 
Berger, Lee Castle 
Buchanan, James W. 
Capps, Andrew W. 
Cardwell. Corbett 
Cartan, George H. 
Clay, H. R. Jr. 
Cooper, Lt. Aubrey 
Covington, Claud T. 
Criner, John W. 
Compton, March 
Cross, John R. 
Curtis. William I. 
Burleson, Ben Davis 
Britt, Corp. William 
Davidson. Harold V. 
Dignum, Fred Charles 
Dent, Luther 
Dowling, Broadus S. 
Dumas. Hugh 
Evans, Sam, Jr. 
Forrester, James P. 
Foster, Thomas J. 
Fritts, J. A. 
Green, Capt. W. M. 
Haddock. Walter V. 
Hager, George W. 
Hall, Joseph L. 
Halpin, Alexander 
Hampton, Frank M. 
Harwell. William 



ROLL OF HONOR. — Continued 

This page is patriotically contributed by the First State Bank of Abilene. 

Hodge, Esco 
Hollingsworth, Percy 
Holmes, Charles 
Hurst, Rhado 
Irvine, Hal 
Jones, O. K. 
Jones, Corp. Roger C. 
Kane, B. B. 
Kilgore, Felan 
King, James J. 
Kurucar Charles 
Lawing, Furman 
Lee, Corp. Frederick C. 
Lofgren, Oscar T. 
McCurdy, Corp. Mai 
McKee, Sgt. Preston 
Nation, Noah 
Neely. Hayden 
O'Malley, E. J. 
Paddock, Russell E. 
Perkins. Albert E. 
Pich, Sgt. Arnold C. 
Pritchett, Sam 
Raiz, Samuel E. 
Regan, Sgt. F. D. 
Rippy, Conrad 
Reedy, Pete 
Reese, Monty 
Reeves, Lee 
Shea, James M. 
Smith, Walton 
Storey, Weaver 
Titus. Rene J. 
Trible, Richard W. 
Tyler, Corp. J. V. 
Weiler, Corp. Leonard 
Woodman, C. Uncan 
Yancy, Carl D. 
Yates. Roy 

Taylor County. 

Adams, Lt. Chester A. 
Banner, Robert F. 
Brown, Lt. Arthur S. 
Burkett, Homer W. 
Camp, Ennis 
Coil, Joe 
Edwards, Oran 
Ellis, Corp. Wm. J. 
Fuller, Ben 
Gipson, Ben H. 
Hyser, Vanduke 
Hodges, G. C. 
Lamar. Z. T. 
Logan, Joe 
McDavid, Lt. Allan 
Miller, Jasper 
Miller, Willie Leo 
Milner, Claud 
Penkins, L. E. Jr. 
Poe, Alton C. 
Sanders, Morgan E. 
Wasson, James C. 
White, Lester E. 

Whitehead, Claud 
Woodle, Alfred J. 

Trockmorton County 

Allen, Phillip 
Allen, Terrell 
Buckner, Wallace N. 
Butler, John C. 
Farrow, Chester E. 
Horton, J. F. 
Irwin, Ennis 
Riley, Ben. J. 
Walker, Clyde 

Tom Green County. 

Andersen, Oscar 
Boyd, Samuel 
Burns, William 
Byrd, Eddie 
Findlater, James R. 
Fondred, John W. 
Goodfellow, John J.. Jr. 
Heyser, Van Duke 
Huff, Henry C. 
Johnson, Walter 
Manuel, Frank 
Miles, Arthur N. 
Millar, Garland 
Morgan, Edgar G. 
Phillips, Harvey L. 
Sawyer, John D. 
Stokes, Jesse Lee 
Stovall, Desford E. 
Sturgis, Earl 

Travis County 

Arbuckle, Tom 
Beaumert, Henry 
Bethea, William A. 
Basford, Corp. Wm. B. 
Bergstrom, Edgar S. 
Blandine, John 
Benedict, Carl S. 
Bull, R. P. 
Burditt, Lonnie 
Campbell, Paul H. 
Caldwell, M. A. 
Casey, W. J. 
Childress, E. H. 
Clack, Ellis F. 
Clark, William G. 
Clark Edward 
Cavileer, Joe E. 
Clayton. Robert W. 
Crawford. Earl H. 
Creton, L .B. 
Davis, James L. 
Davis, James E. Jr. 
Donley, Aracadie 
DuBlanc, Corp John J. 
Eilers, George 
Fisher, John R. 
Foster, Sgt. Thomas H. 
Garza Sacramento 

Harris, Ollie 
Hennig, Gustaf 
Hill, Martin C. 
Hudlin, David 
Hutchings, Maj. Edwin 
Jones, Miss M. (nurse) 
Kemp, John E. 
Kippenbrock, Lt. Carl L. 
Koch, Sat. Eugene L. 
Kerlin, Sgt. Alfred 
Klaener, Edward H. 
Klunkert, Charles 
Larson, Gabriel E. 
Lillard, James F., Jr. 
Lindsey. Corp. J. S. . 
Love, Raymond 
iWitchell, Vance 
Martin, W. B. 
Murray, J. P. 
Moreland,, Sinclair 
McDonnell, A. S. 
Moore, C J 

Oliphant, Sgt Terrell M 
Pearson, Ernest 
Penn, Eugene D 
Pinckney, Lt Charles E 
Pinson, Joe J. 
Putney, Dewey A. 
Raven, Earl J. 
Robey, Walter 
Scherding, W. T. 
Scott, Atchinson 
Smith, Oscar 
Stewart, Oscar W. 
Taylor, Roy 
Templeton, Preston 
Titus, Rena J. 
Thompson, Corp. M. 
Turner, H. Grady 
Ulit, Corp. Alvey 
Wager, Sgt. H. F. 
Weiland, Corp. Fritz 

Tyler Coun'.y 

Ard, Sie 

Blackman, David 
Bradshaw, Noah 
Clarke, Jeff D. 
Connor, Ben 
Daniels, Clint 
Dear m on, John W. 
Dunkin Hyman 
Hennessey, Dr. Wm. F. 
McDonald, Jesse E. 
McDuffie, Levy 
McGee, Eddie 
McGrew, Rod 
Odum, John P. 
Pate. Robert M. 
Penticost, Sam H. 
Roberts, Corp. Henry 
Rondeau, Arnette 
Walker, Earl 
Weeks, Ocie L. 


ROLL OF HONOR.— Continued 

Uvalde County 

Applewhite, Wert 
Baylor, John R. 
Barber, Reuben 
Barnhill, Thos. M. 
Blanchette. Frank 
Bownds, Leslie 
Boykin, James 
Clary, Sidney R. 
Click. George 
Cummings, Frank 
Diaz, Victorino 
Dalrymple, James H. 
Dickie, Charles 
Dole, Richard 
Elliott. Marvin 
Goldbeck, E. A. 
Gooding, James E. 
Grenn, Porter 
Haby, Oscar 
Hines, John 
Humphreys. Collie 
Hurt, Arthur 
Johnson, John R. 
Leak, Abner 
Leiber, Oscar 
Loftis, Davis 
McGinnis, Russell 
McNair, Jake 
Partain, Abner 
Peters, Herbert N. 
Piper, Arthur 
Shue, Alvin 
Taylor, Yancey D. 
Valle, Thomas 
Vick, Roy 
White, Otis 
Whitfield, Maxwell 

Van Ziindt County 

Easterwood, Jesse L. 
Matthews, John L. 

Val Verde County 

Anderson, Robert 
Bolner, Joe 
Carta, John A. 
Jones, John P. 
Henderson, George D. 
Heid, Alvin 
Hollmig, Walter L. 
Whiddon, Willie 
Woodman, C. U. 

Victoria County. 

Abshier, Overton A. 
Anderson, Reed T. 
Attwoods, Elijah 
Bell, Henry 
Beyer, John 
Brady, George 
Branch, John R. 
Brown, Leon N. 
Butler, Willie W. 
Canfield, Harry 
Davidson, Horace C. 
DeVasier, Joseph H. 

Dunn, John C. 
Fox, Lawrence 
Garza, Manuel 
Groce, Maurice 
Haflin, William M. 
Handley. Andrew J. 
Holy, Frank J. 
Hoeber, Fritz 
Innocenti, Harry 
Kohl, Alfred 
Lambertson, Tom 
Ley, Edwin 
Mikeska, John 
Mitchell, Leo E. 
Nitchman, Walter E. 
Noble, Albert S. 
Thomas, Bonn H. 
Villareal, Pedro 
Warrach, David 
Weaver, David D, 
Wolf, Fritz 
Wurdle, Henry 
Zear. Leon 

Walker County 

Adams, Lee 
Crawford Samuel I. 
Cansler, Douglas 
Hye. Benjamin 
Johnson, Colbert 
McAdams, Boyd 
Montgomery, James 
Oliphant, M. Bolie 
Palmer, Jesse 
Ross, Reginald 
Norvel, Robert 
Pierce, Allen E. 
Polk, Russell 
Standley, Hulen 
Stephenson, Arthur 
Shields, John B. 
Thompson, Charles V. 
Webb, Herbert 
Wells, Walter W. 
Willis, J. D. Jr. 
Welch, J. H. 
Benge, Wm. J.. Jr. 

Waller County 

Agopian, Pete 
Clapp, Robert 
Gardiner, Tom B. 
Groce, John V. 
Johnson, Rufus 
Mikeska, John 
Miller, August 
Mitchell, Charlie 
Samuels, Charlie 

Ward County 

Bohannan, Ed. 

Washington County, 

Barnhill, Pleas D. 
Baranowski, Stephen 
Booker, W. E. 
Cain, Joe 

Dupree, Hillary 
Feseler, Hy F. 
Fortune, Bennie 
Green, Sam 
Guthman. Edwin 
Gutkowski. Sigmund 
Head, Willie 
Hickey, John 
Hoxie, William 
Jaster, Martin E. 
Jaukowski, Ignac. 
Jones, Cornelius 
Kaliszewski, Bernard 
Kramer, Edwin 
Kramer, J. F. H. 
Lasch, David 
Maas, Robert E. 
Meyer, Hugo 
Meyer, Henry 
Mueller, Fred 
Murski, Lee 
Nieswiadomy, Walter 
Prenzler, Louis 
Rosenbaum, Wm. A 
Rosentreter, Theophile 
Sander, Edward F. 
Sierzycki, Henry 
Schweiss, Corp. A. R. 
Schaer, Henry 
Shepard, Lonnie 

Young County. 

Baker, Bruce 
Burton, Bruce 
Grover, Walter Lee 
Weaver, Rosser W. 

Zavala County 

Bird. Elmer 
McCormack, Emmett 
Moore, John Wesley 
Rambia, Grover C. 
Riggs. James G. 
Taylor, Emanuel 
Tockhorn, Henry 
Van Cleave, Andrew J. 
Ware, Gus Black 
Wegner, Ad. J. 
Wright, Sgt. Ad. K. 

Webb County 

Akabass, Maurice 
Bigden, Sgt. George 
Boldt, Sgt. Adam 
Carrejo, Moises 
Cousineaum, Lt. E. J. 
Correu, Corp. Jack 
Diaz, Corp. Leonardo 
Ford, William L. 
Folsoin, Louis F. 
Garcia, Francisco 
Hastings, Benjamin 
Ibarra, Jose 
Lake, William 
Little, Corp. Cilus 
Lopez, Edmundo 
Rendon, Lorenzo 



ROLL OF HONOR. — Continued 

Smith, Sgt. Gus K. 
Smith, Harold 
Winch, Percy R. 
Woodul, Sgt. Charles 
Ybarra, Jose 
Zamora, Jose 

Wharton County 

Arnold, — — 
Bennington, J. P. 
Craig, Samuel R. 
Crosson, Alvis 
Frels, Adolf 
Gann, R. L. 
Jackson, Tillie 
Jones W. F. 
Kyle, Samuel 
Lutringer, Charles 
Mitchell, Nat 
Mills, Fred 
Reiser, Earl 
Roger. Alvia 
Rowald, Horace 
Schaer, Henry 
Tobolo, Herman 
Truitt, James 
Tuck, Robert R. 
Wychopin, ■ — — 

Wichita County 

Carrigan, Alfred H., Jr. 
Goodwin, William H. 

Wilbarger County 

Ashley, Jesse H. 
Batchelor, John M. 
Brooks, Richard M. 
Finley, James W. 
Hanna, Ewell H. 
Lyon, Dewey E. 
Miller, Grady M. 
Mintz, W. M. 
Owens, Melville D. 
Robinson, Albert E. 
Streit, :Karl 

Williamson County 

Atchison, Claude 
Bennett, Andrew E. 
Brown, G. E. 
Champion, — — 
Daniel, Claude 
Conoway, William 
Dyens, Jesse W. 
Franks, Thomas 
Fruenel, Henry 
Garrison, Walter 
Goree, Rogers 
Harrison, Abe 
Hatka, Ben L. 
Heinatz, John A. 
Hemple, Herman 


Johns, George 
Johnson, Walter 

Joyner, Charles 
Kimbrough, Charles 
Leidberg, Clarence E. 
Luhn, G. D. 
McAndrews, George 
McHenry, Cecil 
Miller, Henry 
Moore, Zack J. 
Noren, Oscar 
Parsons, Mantor 
Perryman, Homer W. 
Phillips, J. O. 
Queen, Dudley W. 
Salyer, Allie 
Southern, Curtis 
Stanley, Fred 
Westberg, - 
Walker, Jack 
Uhlrich, Abe 

Wilson County 

Collier, Orien E. 
Eppinette, Harvey 
Kasper, Joseph Alfred 
Masters, James L. 
Politza, John E. 
Wheeler, Owen Linear 

Wood County 

Busy, Adolphus G. 
Forest, Harry 
Harwood, Norman S. 
Robbins, Isham C. 
Weems, George 



The Part of the Texas Doctors in the War 


(Deceased ) 

Formerly of San Antonio, Texas 

Ex-President State Medical Association of Texas 

TO tell what the Texas Doctors have 
done in this war is an impossible 
task. It would be to ask of the wind that 
blew through the camps and cantone- 
ments of our army while all slept but the 
surgeon and the sufferer; it would be 
to make a witness of the mother and fath- 
er of the boy who has been brought back 
to them from the gates of death ; to make 
a witness of the man who bears under his 
blouse the wound of death; and mo^e, 
it would be to hear the stories told by 
the souls of soldiers who sleep under the 
poppies of France — stories we shall nev- 
er hear. I can not do this, but there are 
some facts and some truths ready at hand 
chat may be told. 

There was commissioned from Texas 
the following medical personnel : 

Army .... 825 

Navy ..-• 50 

National Guard 52 

Total 927 

Added to this should be 142 more rec- 
ommended for commission at the time 
of the signing of the armistice. There 
are about 5000 active practitioners in 
the State. Texas actually contributed to 
the war one doctor for ever 5.2 men in 
active medical practice. This is a greater 
contribution than that of any other pro- 
fession than that of nursing. Late 
in March of 1918, the officers of the 
State Medical Association of Texas made 
a preliminary classification of the doc- 
tors of the State, as to their availability 
for military service. Later, the Texas 
Committee of the Committee of Ameri- 
can Physicians for Medical Prepared- 
ness, under the leadership of Dr. W. B. 
Ri;ss, began a survey of the profession 
and secured the detail of Lt. Col. Hol- 
man Taylor for this work. After this the 
Council of National Defgnse, Medical 
Section, took over the work of the afore- 
said committee. At the urgent solicita- 
tion of the Council of National Defense, 
Medical Section, a more complete survey 
and classification of the doctors of Texas 
was begun in May by the acting Secre- 
tary, Dr. I. C. Chase, in connection with 

the State Committee of the Council of 
National Defense, Medical Section. This 
was an enormous task thrown upon the 
central office without any extra com- 
pensation to the employees of the As- 
sociation. Biographical data of great 
value concerning almost every doctor in 
the State was accumulated and an up-to- 
date directory was compiled. As this 
work of final classification was about to 
begin and the results be forwarded to 
Washington, on August 15th, Major 
Franklin Martin wired that the central 
committee of the Council of National 
Defense, Medical Section, had been re- 
organized and would, from Washington, 
begin a new classification, and urged 
'chat complete questionaires from the 
State, secured on new blanks, be for- 
warded to Washington within a week. 
Blanks for this purpose were mailed 
from Washington and a new organiza- 
tion of county advisers were appointed 
by Washington authorities. This result- 
ed in the organization of the "Volunteer 
Medical Service Corps," with a new ex- 
ecutive committee of the Texas Govern- 
ing Board of the Volunteer Medical Ser- 
vice Corps." This new Committee began 
new classifications, but had hardly 
started its work when the armistice 
was signed. Its work was not complete 
at the time the Volunteer Medical Ser- 
vice Corps was suspended in April. 

This was the fourth classification un- 
dertaken in Texas during the war. Al- 
though these classifications, for want of 
a central unified plan of action, seemed 
abortive, they doubtless awakened a 
great deal of interest and lead indirect- 
ly to an increase in applications for com- 
missions. The amount of work voluntari- 
ly contributed by the district supervisors- 
councilors, executive committee and 
county secretaries, in these surveys, can 
hardly, and probably never will, be ap- 
preciated by the mass of the profession 

In connection with the draft mach- 
inery the records show that almost all 
available doctors took some part of the 
burden upon their shoulders, in addition 
to other sacrifices that they were mak- 
ing and labor that they were doing. The 



records of the Texas Boards in sending 
clean and able men to the front ties 
Connecticut for second place in the low 
number of rejections, Texas having 5.12 
per cent; Connecticut, 5.11 per cent, 
while Maryland hardly exceeded Texas 
and Connecticut, her percentaue being 

There were during this war, 600 med- 
ical men on district and local boards, 
and 150 on medical advisory boards, to- 
taling 750. This, together with those 
commissioned in the Army, Navy and 
National Guard, 927, and 142 who had 
been recommended for commission at 
the time of the signing of the armistice, 
makes a total of 1,819, exclusive of the 
Volunteer Medical Service Corps. This 
large number of physicians serving on 
boards, and those activly engaged in 
war during hostilities, it will be remem- 
bered, was out of about 5,000 active 
practitioners of the state. 

Everyone who made the sacrifice he 
was called upon to make deserves dis- 
tinction. Rank played but a paltry part 
in this great melting pot. Some one, 
some time, will tell the undying story 
of the bravery and chivalry of our sons 
on the Western front. 

Without comparison or criticism and 
with a heart full of gratitude and ap- 
preciation, I desire to say that, what- 
ever else may be said, or whatever oth- 
er viewpoint may be taken concerning 
the part the Texas doctors played dur- 
ing this war, it must be conceded that 
they paid in full, and in every particu- 
lar, their debt to their country, to hu- 
manity and to liberty. Paid even to their 
pound of flesh, paid with their talents, 
their blood, their bones and their bodies; 
and greater, or more than this, none 
could have done — and yet they paid it 
frankly, willingly and cheerfully. 

And while you did only the thing ex- 
pected of you, you followed in the foot- 
steps of your forebears, and the exam- 
ples of your forefathers, who when the 
tyranny of Mexico required our blood 
and treasure to procure and perpetuate 
freedom; when the question of secession 
was to be settled by the arbitrament of 
arms on an hundred battle fields, laid 
their all on the altar of their country. 
Your action was non the less heroic. 

Not the least soul satisfying thought 
that warms the heart of every doctor 

in the contemplation of this unparal- 
leled tragedy and unparalleled sacrifice 
is the realization that almost if not every 
physician in Texas did his or her part 
to the fullest. And it is pleasing and 
gratifying that there is an imperishable 
record showing that many who did not 
and could not for many reasons put on 
the uniform, did their full duty for hu- 
manity and freedom. Those who gave 
their lives, health, talents and time, to 
their country, serving in the very fore- 
front of the battle lines; those who 
spent gruelling hours over wrecked and 
torn humanity on operating tables in 
advanced hospitals; those serving in 
base and post hospitals, and cantone- 
ments in this country, camp infirmaries 
and all, in whatsoever position they 
served, too much cannot be said in 
praise, and no State can be more proud 
of her sons. 

I do not undertake to determine by 
what occult means our government se- 
lected physicians for this duty or that, 
or why or how the rank or status was 
fixed ; who was sent overseas and who 
was left, or who was placed at the very 
forefront of responsible duty or kept in 
the rear ; but this I do assert, the best 
was neither taken nor left, given higher 
or lower rank. And I, here and now, de- 
sire to pay tribute to the doctor who, 
forsaking all else, clung to his country in 
her hour of peril, regardless of pay, em- 
olument or rank, or where, what or how 
he served. Among them there must be 
no distinction. If our government was 
short of surgeons in France, if our col- 
leagues were overworked, if medical 
men were needed, the responsibility can- 
not be laid at the door of the Texas sur- 
geons, for each of you know the con- 
stant cry from the beginning to the end 
from the Texas doctors was, "Here am I, 
send me." If you were marooned, forgot- 
ten, overlooked and left behind, the re- 
sponsibility was not ours. And thank God 
every Texas surgeon did his duty and his 
full duty, regardless of personal equa- 
tion and the refrain was "Place me 
where I can do the most good." 

It is with the keenest pleasure that 
I now turn to the other side of the pic- 
ture and am able to say with pride and 
greatest pleasure, that while those in 
uniform were doing their full part, the 
civil surgeon was doing his and doing 
more. Too much cannot be said of and 



too much credit can not be given to the 
unfortunate surgeon who had to stay 
at home and still do his duty. The draft 
machinery, Red Cross, the increased 
work incidental to the departure of 
many surgeons, gave opportunity to 
those who stayed at home to pay and 
pay in full the debt that they owed 
their country, and it is unnecessary to 
say again that it was paid to the fullest. 
Especially should a wreath be laid at 
the feet of the older practitioners of 
medicine, God bless them, who had par- 
tially retired from practice when the 
war came, but who again picked up the 
thread of practice and devoted them- 
selves assiduously to the work that had 
previously been done by younger men. 
I know physicians over 65 years of age 
who during the war did not decline a 
single call ; and I feel that more than 
this, no man has done. With examples 
like these, is it to be wondered that our 
younger men filled full the measure of 
their duty? 

And truly the doctor to whom my 
heart goes out the most, is the unfor- 
tunate surgeon whom circumstances and 
conditions prevented from going to the 
front when his soul cried out to join the 
innumerable caravan that was march- 
ing on to victory or to death. Texas 
had many of these and they carried a 
burden and did a duty absolutely sub- 
lime in its nature and stupendous in its 
character; and the services they ren- 
dered to our State Association, to our 

institutions of learning and to many 
semi-public and private enterprises, of 
which the world could know nothing, 
were second to no duty that any son of 
the State has done. 

I cannot refrain from here mention- 
ing the one who stands out particularly 
prominent in this kind of service: the 
man who has carried the burden of our 
Journal and assisted in the affairs of 
our State Association, as no other man 
could have done. I refer to Dr. Ira Carl- 
eton Chase. When the war was apparent- 
ly tumbling our house down around our 
ears, when it looked as though suspen- 
sion and disorganization started us in the 
face, it was he who stepped into tne 
breach and gave us his time and his 
talent to a degree that could not have 
been expected of any one. 

These things and more have been 
done by the doctors of Texas. We have 
dovie our duty, done it willingly and 
cheerfully, not boastfully, or arrogantly; 
yet we do boast of one man, the valliant 
man of our profession whom we loaned 
to the line to command the most feared 
organization on earth — a regiment of 
Texas Infantry. I refer to Lieutenant 
Colonel Holman Taylor, who led a reg- 
iment of our boys through the fiery fur- 
nace. And now his duty done, he lays 
down his title and rank of Commission 
and proudly assumes that of Doctor of 
Medicine and becomes again our be-, 
loved and efficient Secretary. 




State Commander. 
American Legion 

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El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 









See Who's Who Section For Data 




, ^9B 


r l 

'■■: V 

LT. K. J. SCOTT, M. D. 

CAPT. J. M. F. GILL, M. D. 






See Who's Who Section For Data 








LT. A. C. SLRMAN, M. D. 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Wichita Falls 

El Paso 


• Ik 








» j 




J. M. ESTES, M. D. 

A. J. COOPER, M. D. 

See Who's Who Section For Data 






' Memphis 

See Who's Who Section For Data 


J. M. HORN M. D. 


B. A. FOWLER, M. D. 


See Who's Who Section For Data 









R. J. ORR, M. D. 



See Who's Who Section For Data 






M. T. LEAL, M. D. 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Eagle Pass 

Mineral Wells, 

0. W. MeFarling, M. D. 

Mineral Wells, 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



The Texas Public Health Association 

The Texas Public Health Associa- 
tion, with state offices at 616 Little- 
field Building, Austin, is a society incor- 
porated under the laws of Texas and 
formed by a number of prominent Tex- 
as citizens who are interested in health 
■ — especially the fight against tubercu- 

The principal aims of the association 
are : To disseminate Knowledge con- 
cerning the causes and methods of pre- 
vention of communicable diseases, in- 
cluding tuberculosis; investigation of 
the prevalence of such diseases in Tex- 
as, and the collecting and publishing of 
useful information; securing of proper 
legislation H:o promote the jrelief and 
suppression of such diseases; coopera- 
tion with other health organizations; 
promoting active public health works; 
and encouragement of adequate provis- 
ion for consumptives and those suffering 
from other preventable diseases, by es- 
tablishment of sanatoria, dispensaries, 
and otherwise. 

The activities of the association are 
financed chiefly through Ithe, sale of 
Christmas Seals and the gifts of friends 
interested in public health. All the funds 
received are used for health work, the 
association's share going to aid Texans 
in Texas. 

The officers of the association for 
1921 are: Dr. Z. T. Scott, Austin, Pres- 
ident; Dr Elva A. Wright, Houston, 1st 
Vice President; James H. Allison, Ft. 
Worth, 2nd Vice President; J. W. But- 
ler, Galveston, Secretary;-, and H. A. 
Wroe, Austin, Treasurer. 

Among the 42 well known citizens 
of Texas who constitute the Board of 
Directors are the following: Dr. R. W. 
Baird, Dallas, Mrs W. S. Benson, Alvin, 
C. M. Bishop, Georgetown, Miss Annie 
Webb Blanton, Austin, Dr. Morris Boern- 
er, Austin, Dr. O. T. Bunday, Marlin, Dr. 
M. M. Carrick. Austin, Dr. T. C. Chase, 
Fort Worth, Dr. Boyd Cornick, San An- 
gelo, J. S. Dickey, Jr., Henrietta, Mrs. 
Frank Drane, Corsicana, John W. Ever- 
mr,n, Dallas, Dr. W. C. Farmer, San 
Antonio, Mrs. Florence Floore, Cleburne, 
Dr. C. W. Goddard, Austin, Dr. A. E. 
Greer, Houston, Dr. Frank Gregg, Aus- 
tin, Dr. R. B. Homan, El Paso, Howell 
Johnson, Fort Stockton, Miss Sallie Lee 

Lightfoot, Paris, Mrs. S. M. N- Marrs, 
Austin, Mrs. George D. Morgan, Galves- 
ton, Mrs. F. W. McAllister, San Anton- 
io., Dr. J. B. McKnight, Carlsbad, Mrs. 
Eltweed Pomeroy, Donna, W. F. Ram- 
sey, Dallas, Chas. Saville, Dallas, R. H. 
Spencer, Houston, Dr. Holman Taylor, 
Fort Worth, Dr. C. S Venable, San 
Antonio, Robert E. Vinson, Austin. 

D wight E. Breed is the Executive Sec- 
retary and is assisted in carrying on the 
activities of the association by Miss Win- 
nie I. Bracy, Assistant Secretary, Miss 
M. Elizabeth Seymour, Field Secretary 
Miss Pearl N. Hyer, Children's Secre- 
tary, R. C. Ortega, Mexican Secretary, 
and F. R. Barnwell, Lecturer to Negroes. 

The work of the association is con- 
ducted in the following manner by seven 

oversight State Association's work and 
helps to organize and assist local anti- 
tuberculosis organizations in various 
parts of Texas. 

2.. .NURSING. Public Health Nurses 
examine school children, conduct baby 
clinics and lecture to children and moth- 
ers on health. 

3.. .MEXICAN. An especially well 
trained Mexican Secretary devotes all 
his time to forming health societies 
among the Mexican population of the 
State, to giving lectures and creating in- 
terest in better health. Maintains Mex- 
ican exhibit. 

4. CHILDREN'S- Conducts Modern 
Health Crusade. Lectures are given in 
the schools with movie slides. Children's 
Secretary conducts health pageants and 

5. PUBLICITY. Edits monthly health 
magazine; prepares press stories; publi- 
shes health bulletins; exhibit, poster, 
film and slide service; conducts health 
essay contests. 

6. FIELD SERVICE. Lectures are 
given all groups desiring health and 
tuberculosis information; assistance 
given local tuberculosis and health so- 
cieties and clubs; makes sanitary and 
tuberculosis surveys. 

7. NEGRO. A special worker goes 
among the negroes of the State organ- 
izing health clubs and arousing inter- 
est in preventative health measures. 





Ex-President, Texas Music Teachers' Association 

THE idea recently prevailed in some por- 
tions of the country that Texas is an un- 
tamed region where all the male population 
wears the regulation cowboy outfit (which is 
regulation only in the movies) and where the 
indians still indulge in occasional outbreaks 
and where bears may be seen wandering down 
Slain Street. An inevitable corollary of this 
impression was that Texas was necessarily quite 
undeveloped musically. However, we may reas- 
onably lay claim to being in a favorably ad- 
vanced state musically and in support of our 
claims we enumerate a few of our musical re- 

There are within the state a large number 
of schools and colleges which maintain large 
music departments administered by teachers 
of the broadest experience and musicianship, 
many of whom are of national repute. The Uni- 
versity of Texas has a Department of Music 
whose work is counted toward the academic de- 
gree in the university. The College of Industrial 
Arts, at Denton, a state school, has one of the 
largest fine arts departments in the country. 

The State Department of Education is show- 
ing an active interest in music in the public 
schools of the state. Only recently a commit- 
tee was appointed by the State Superintendent 
of Public Instruction, Miss Annie Webb Blanton, 
to revise all the present public school music 
courses and to provide a number of new ones 
for use in the high schools. The State Commit- 
tee on Affiliation has officially ruled that mu- 
sic is a suitable subject for high school credit 
on the same basis as any other subject. Texas 
has a State Supervisor of Music. 

One of the sure signs of the progressiveness 
of the music teaching profession of a state, 
and indirectly of the entire musical activity of 
the state, is the presence of a State Music 
Teachers' Association. The Texas Music Teach- 
ers' Association, ranking perhaps fifth in the 
country in membership, has accomplished much 
in unifying the interests of the profession and 
in establishing the educational value of music 
study. It was through the efforts of the asso- 
ciation that the State Department of Education 
has been interested in taking up seriously the 
status of music in the schools. The association 
has also obtained from the Association of Tex- 
as Coleges a statement of policy looking toward 
the recognition of high school music credits for 
college entrance. 

The Texas Federation of Music Clubs, affili- 
ated with the National Federation of Music 

Clubs, is an influential organization represent- 
ing some seventy of the most active music 
clubs of the state. Many of the leading teachers 
of the state have given scholarships to the 
federation, which are awarded Jto deserving 
students. The Scholarship Committee has each 
year been able to secure scholarships from well- 
known teachers and schools in the national mu- 
sical centers, which are awarded in open com- 

One of the unmistakable evidences of an 
aroused public interest in music is the success- 
ful operation of a symphony orchestra. Ther3 
are at least four orchestras of symphonic pro- 
portions in the state — the San Antonio Sym- 
phony Orchestra, conducted by Julian Paul 
Blitz; the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Walter 
J. Fried, conductor; the University Symphony 
Orchestra, of Austin, Prof. Frank L. Reed, con- 
ductor; and the Waco Symphony Orchestra, 
Severin Frank, conductor. 

The largest cities of the state have concert 
seasons that would have done credit to cities 
thrice their size a few years ago. In addition 
to individual artists some of the most important 
symphonic and operatic organizations have an- 
nual appearances in Texas. The Chicago Opera 
Association has for some years appeared in 
Texas. It may be mentioned that Texas heard 
Galli-Curci in opera before New York had that 

One of the musical resources of the state is 
the only periodical published in the Southwest 
devoted exclusively to the interests of music. 
This is "The Musicale," published monthly in 
Dallas. This journal is the official organ of the 
Texas Music Teachers' Association, the Texas 
Federation of Music Clubs, the Texas Chapter 
of the American Guild of Organists, and the 
Texas Music Merchants' Association. 

During the fall of 1919 Dallas first celebrated 
"Music Day," which proved to be one of the 
most potent agencies for publicity for music 
that has been devised. On that day all the mu- 
sical interests of the city united for the exploit- 
ation of its musical resources by means of con- 
certs, receptions, and demonstrations, New 
York later had a Music Week, and whether or 
not it was suggested by the Texas event, at 
least the chronological sequence gives us the 
right to assert that such was its inception. 

These conditions indicate progressive devel- 
opments and assure the accomplishment of sub- 
stantial results. 




Governor of Texas, 


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Attorney and Banker, 


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See Who's Who Section For Data 



El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



Viee-Pres. The MeKinnev Steel Co. 

Cleveland Ohio 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Hotel Owner and Operator, 

El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Eeal Estate and Investments 
El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Bishop of El Paso Diocese, 

Roman Catholic Church, 

El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Attorney at Law, 


See Who's Who Section For Data 




Attorney at Law, 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Oil Producer, 
Wichita Falls 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Oil Producer and Banker, 

Wichita Falls, 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Attorney at, Law, 

Wichita Falls 

See Who's Who Section For Data 





Kell Milling Co. 


See Who's Who Section For Data 



L. J. HART, 

Capitalist and Real Estate Operator, 

President San Antonio Hotel Co, 

(Operating the Gunter Hotel,) 

San Antonio 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



President and General Counsel 
Standard Blue Book Company, 

Sun Antonio 

See Who's Who Section Tor Data 



Secretary and Treasurer, 
Standard Blue Book Co. 
San Antonio 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




: Tm ■■■:■■. j 

■ ;• :-3JBoBI ■BJBjjwft;^ ~ '■"■'■ : ;.' "■,'■ ^B|;'" : ,v. ft} 





Pres. Texas Hotel Men's Assn. 

Pies. Hotel Men's International 

Mutual Benefit Assn. 

Manager, Gunter Hotel, San Antonio 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Oil Producer and Bankor, 

Fort Worth 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Real Estate. 


See Who's Who Section For Data 



■ J2H 


j** HB- 



. j 

-i-ji ** 


Vice-Pres. First National Bank, 



Rnnehman and Cattle Raiser, 


Wholesale Grocer, 



See Who's Who Section For Data 






J. W. McGee, 
Real Estate. 


Real Estate, 


W. M. Rice, 




Pres. Panhandle Plains Chamber of 



See Who's Who SecTion For Data 




Agricultural Expert. 

Big Spring 



Big Spring 

Rex Gaitlier, 

Merchant Tailor, 


Band Director, 

See Who's Who Section For Data 













Fort Worth 

See Who's Who Section Tor Data 




Attorney at Law, 


Attorney at Law, 


Hotel Propietor, 


See Who's Who Section Tor Data 




Retired Merchant 

Attorney at Law, 


Real Estate, 



Lumber Dealer, 


See Who's Who Section Tor Data 






Wholesale Grain Dealer, 


J. A. HILL, 

Pres. West Texas Normal College 


W. J. Flesher, 

Attorney at Law, and his pals. 

Son, Wm. J. Jr. Daughter, Henrietta May 


See Who's Who Section For Data 





Del Rio 



Del Rio 


Real Estate, 

Del Rio 


Attorney at Law, 

Del Rio 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



A. P. Coles, 

Real Estate & Investments 

El Paso 

A P. COLES AND BROS. Real Estate, Insurance & Mortgages 

El Paso 

J. Frank COLES. 

Real Estate & Investments 
El Paso 


Real Estate & Investments 

El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



The El Paso Association of Life Underwriters was organized 
April 10th, "1.915. 

There were nine charter members, as follows: Henry T. Bowie, 
Occidental Life Ins. Co., Harry Carpenter, Kansas City Life Ins. Co., 
H. F. Duck, Reliance Life Ins. Co., C. J. Hellerstedt, International 
Life Ins. Co., A. H. Rodes, Two Republic Life Ins. Co., C. R. Russell, 
International Life Ins. Co., H. W. Schroeder, Pacific Mutual Life Ins. 
Co., J. J. Tyndall, Union Central Life Ins. Co., A. L. McKnight, Aetna 
Life Ins. Co. 

The First President was Mr. J. J. Tyndall of the Union Cen- 
tral Life Ins. Co. Mr. Harry Carpenter was the first Secretary and 
Treasurer. Mr. H. W. Schroeder was our first National Committeeman 
to the National Convention. The membership during the first year 
increased to 32 active members. 

The object of the Association is to advance in every legiti- 
mate way the interests of Legal Reserve Life Insurance, and to bring 
those engaged in the business into more intimate, friendly, social and 
business relations. 

The regular meeting night is the first Monday night of each 
month with the exception that no meetings are held during the months 
of June, July and August. The annual meeting is the first Monday 
night in January and is celebrated with a Banquet and the Election 
of Officers. 

The 1021 Officers are Mr. E. E. Perrenot, President., Mr. D. 
F. Sullivan, 1st Vice-President., Mr. C. M. Davis, 2nd Vice-President., 
Mr. Henry T. Bowie, Secretary and Treasurer. 

The 1921 membership is as follows; Fred F. Barnes, A. L. 
McKnight, John Roelyn, and Geo. W. Snider, Aetna Life Ins. Co., Joe 
Sabrinsky and D. C. Shelbourne American National Life Ins. Co., 
F. L. Fowler, R. J. Williams and Otto J. Wyler, Bankers Life Ins. Co., 
J. L. Johnson, H. A. Lay and P. A. Miller, The Capitol Life Ins. Co., 
A. C. Dunbar, First Texas Prudential. J. L. Ouzts Indiana State Life 
Ins. Co., Sol Franklin, International Life Ins. Co., C. M. Davis, Kansas 
City Life Ins. Co., Leo R. Schuster, Missouri State Life Ins. Co., T. L. 
Peach, National Life Co., U. S. A., Henry T. Bowie and P. W. Williams, 
Occidental Life Ins. Co., H. W. Schroeder and M. E. Stiwel, Pacific 
Mutual Life Ins. Co., L. A. Goodman, Pan American Life Ins. Co., 
D. F. Sullivan, Reliance Life Ins. Co., J. L. Ely, J. J. Golden, J. M. 
Happei, J. E. Heald, R. T. Lewis, C. A. Long, E. E. Perrenot, P. R. 
Perrenot, Warren Pilcher, W. S. Race and A. H. Rodes, Two Re- 
public Life Ins. Co., R. H. Rinehart, Union Central Life Ins. Co. 



: ' 


Life Insurance, 

El Paso 


Life Insurance, 

El Paso 

■ ^JP w'S^'. / 


f , * 1 




Real Estate and Insurance 

El Paso 


Life Insurance, 

El Paso 

See Who's Who Section Tor Data 




United States Congressman, 
El Paso 


Mayor of El Paso, 

El Paso 


Real Estate, 

El Paso 


El Paso 

See Who's Who Section Tor Data 



El Paso 

El Paso 


Attorney at Law, 

El' Paso 


Architect and Consulting Engineer, 
El Paso 

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Real Estate. 

El Paso 

El Paso 


Real Estate, 
Building Contractor, 
El Paso 


Attorney at Law, 

El Paso 

See Who's Who Section Tor Data 



El Paso 


Insurance and Real Estate, 


Hhk *4ME?^ ^jAUQ 



r m^ 


Attorney at Law, 



Attorney at Law, 


See Who's Who Section For Data 






Cotton Broker, 

J. D. McComb, 

Attorney at Law. 

County Judge, 


See Who's Who Section For Data 




Mexican Consul, 
Eagle Pass 


Mexican Consul, 


Mexico Consul, 

Del Rio 




See Who's Who Section Tor Data 



R. K. MIMS, 




^pPl 4S$ 


v» *r 





Customs Broker, 

See Who's Who Section Tor Data 




Attorney at Law, 

Mineral Wells, 


Attorney at Law, 

Mineral Wells, 


Owner Famous Well, 

Mineral Wells, 


Mayor of Mineral Wells, 
Mineral Wells 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Dealer in Books and Stationery, 
Mineral Wells, 

Oil Producer, 
Mineral Wells, 


>M W 



Hotel mgr. 
Mineral Wells 


Real Estate, 

Mineral Wells, 

See Who's Who Section For Data 





Formerly of Mineral Wells 



Formerly of Memphis 


Secy. Chamber of Commerce, 

Income Tax Consultant, 
Mineral Wells, 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Mgr. Pierce Oil Corporation, 



County Clerk. 


Real Estate and Live Stock Dealer, 


Propr. rf Foundry & Machine Shop. 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




Attorney at Law. 



Attorney at Law, 

C. H. CURL, 

Attorney at Law, 







See Who's Who Section For Data 




Attorney at Law, 

LT. J. E. BABB, 

Attorney at Law, 



Attorney at Law, 



Manager Chamber of Commerce., 


See Who's Who Section For Data 



Oil Producer, 
Wichita Falls 



Wichita Falls 


Cemetary Promoter, 

Wichita Falls 


Wichita Falls 

See Who's Who Section For Data 




P^^ ^-^4 



Proprietor of Business College, 
Wichita Falls 

Band Director, 
Wichita Falls 


Mgr. R. C. Dun & Co. 
Wichita Falls 




See Who's Who Section For Data 









Real Estate, 

Del Rio 


New York City, 
Formerly of Mineral Wells 

See Who's Who Section Tor Data 



El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



El Paso 

El Paso 



Sec Who's Who Section For Data 



El Paso 

See Who's Who Section Tor Data 



El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



MRS. J. M. F. GILL, 


Mineral Wells, 

Mineral Wells, 

See Who's Who Section Tor Data 



Big Spring 


San Antonio 


See Who's Who Section Tor Data 




Limited and restricted to those receiving an invitation issued by request of the State 
Chairman and the various local Selective Advisory Committees. This registration is 

complimentary and without cost. 

Adams, Rufe E., Comanche; Physician and Surgeon. 
Sec'y. Comanche County Medical Society 1919-20. Born 
in Comanche, Jan. 13. 1888. Descendant of F. E. Adams 
and Mrs. Clara Adele Simmons Adams. Married Mrs. 
C-wya Williams on Jan. 2, 1920. Educated at Tex. A. & 
M. College, Civil Engineer's degree, 1910. Univ. of Tex- 
as Medical School 191S. Member of Scottish and York 
Rites, Shrine and B>. P. O. E. Railroad Surgeon. Favor- 
ite recreations, football, baseball, fishing and hunting. 
Served, as private in U. S. Army Medical Corps, 14th 
Cavalry, at Marfa, Texas, Camp Mabry, Texas and Uni- 
versity of Texas Army Training School. 
Adams, X. E., Mineral Wells. Propr. Business College. 
Active in War work. , 

Allbright, Ernest G., Brownwood ; Sec'y-. of Brownwood 
Chamber of Commerce. Born in Terrell, Texas, August 
11, 1894. Married Miss Effie Helen Sunderman, Sept. 1, 
1920. Member of Masonic Lodge and K. of P. Favorite 
recreations, football and baseball. Served as private in 
"E" Co., 13th Regiment, 8th Division. Trained in Camp 
Fremont and Camp Mills and served with the A. E. F. 
In Brest, France. 

Alexander, Aubrey G., Fort Worth ; Attorney-at-law, 
firm of Ross, Ross and Alexander. Born in Lancaster, 
Missouri, Dec. 24, 1SS6. Married Miss Dorothy McBee, 
Sept. 15th, 1920. Educated at University of Missouri, L. 
L. B. Member of R. C. Club, Ft. Worth Club, Elks Club, 
K. of P. and American Legion. Favorite recreation, hunt- 
ing nd golf. Served as Major in 357 Regiment, 90th Di- 
vision in U. S. and with A .E. F. in France. Trained at 
Camp Travis, Texas. 

Alexander, B. M., Laredo; Vice-President of Laredo Nat- 
ional Bank, Auditor Laredo Bridge Co. ; Interested in 
Alexander & Clifton Cattle Co. Born in Cuero, Texas, 
Aug. 29, 1879. Married Miss Jessie Lee Hellman, Jan. 9th 
1,919. Educated at Victoria, Texas. Member of Elks 
Lodge. District Chairman Red Cross and United War 
Work Campaign. 

Alexander, Chas. B., Coleman. Student in University of 
Texas, (Medical Dept.) at Galveston. Born in Coleman, 
Texas, Aug. 20, 189S. Descendant of Dr. and Mrs. C M. 
Alexander of Columbus. Graduated at Texas University 
at Austin. Member of Coleman High School. 
Alexander, C. M. Dr., Coleman; Physician and Surgeon. 
Trustee of State Medical Association of Texas. Born in 
Kentucky. Jan 17. 1857. Descendant of Joseph H. Alex- 
ander and Julia Richter. Married Miss Mary B. Brown, 
Oct. 30, 1883. Educated at Cumberland University, A. B. 
graduated at University of Louisville, 1882, Member Dis- 
trict Medical Advisory Board. 

Alexander, Clinton X.. (deceased) bon in Belton, Texas, 
January 8th, 1891, of American parentage, the only 
son of J. Alexander and wife, of Cisco, Texas. Edu^ 
cated in the schools of Cisco and Tyler. Favorite rec- 
reations, baseball and other athletic sports. Formerly 
employed by the Wells Fargo and American Express 
companies and as cashier of the Merchants and Farm- 
ers Bank of Cisco. Member of the Presbyterian Church 
Odd Fellows, Woodmen, Masonic Blue Lodge and the 
Cisco Volunteer Fire Company. Military record: Vol- 
unteered services on July 27th, 1917 and served as mu- 
sician in the 133rd Field Artillery Band, 36th Division, 
at Camp Blair, Dallas; Camp Bowie, Fort Worth; and 
in France with the American Expeditionary Forces. 
When going across his ship was attacked by German 
submarines but defeated them, came out victorious and 
landed safely in France. After ten months of stren- 
uous foreign service, during which time he was "n 
four of the greatest battles of the war, Clinton re- 
turned home, sick, and died at his home in Cisco on 
November 5th, 1919 aged 28 years. 

Alexander, Isaac; Laredo; Merchant,!. A. Alexander & 
Bro., Director Laredo National Bank, Director of Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Born in Victoria, Texas. Feb. 7, 1869. 
Descendant of Samuel and Rosa Aaron Alexander. Ed- 
ucated at College of City of New York. Member of Elks 
(B. P. O. E.), Assisted in Liberty Loan Campaigns, 
United War Work and War Camp Community Service. 
Alexander, J. D., Cisco; Retired Capitalist and Cotton 
Broker. Ex-Alderman. Born in Prussia, 1S52. Descendant 
of Selden Knowlton. Educated at Berlin. Germany, and 
Waco, Texas. Married Miss Julia D. Knowlton, March 
6. 1881. Member of Masonic Lodge, Odd Fellows, Wood- 
men, Elks, York Rite Chapter, Circle, Re- 
bekahs and Homesteaders, lie gave his only son, Clinton 
L. Alexander, in the late war. 

Alexander, Mrs. .1. D., Cisc>; Sec'y. of the State Re- 
bekah Assembly for twenty-five consecutive years. Re- 
signed as Sec'y. March 1921, and was elected Warden 
and given a Special Deputy's Commission. Mrs. Alexand- 

er is also engaged m the work of the Woodmen, Circle 
being a Deputy in her District, and a Supreme Delegate 
to the Georgia, Illinois and New York conventions is an 
active member m the League of American Pen Women 
Washington, D. C. and has been elected several times to 
represent them in the National Press Association and 
the National Federation of Women's Clubs. In 1902 she 
joined the Texas Woman's Press Association; the follow 
ing year she was elected Treasurer and held the office 
tor five years, from that to Sec'y, and served two terms, 
served on the Executive Boavd, and as Vice-President; in 
1919 she became President and served until 1921. 
Allen, Dr. Homer Bryan, Brownwood ; Physician and Sur 
geon, (Drs. Paige & Allen). Born in Brown County, Tex- 
ns. Ancestry, Scotch. Irish, American. Married Miss 
Carrie Elizabeth Camp, Sept. 15th, 1918. Educated at 
Howard Payne College, A. B-, University of Texas, M 
D. Member M. W. A., Masonic Order and Baptist Church, 
Favorite recreations, fishing and hunting. Served as pri- 
vate S. A. T. C. Medical Unit of the University of Texas, 
Allen Hubert E., Lubbock; Manager of Texas Utilities 
Co. Born in Searcy, Arkansas, Nov. 19, 1894. Married 
Miss Bernice M. Blankenship, Oct. 9, 1919. Educated 
at Milwaukee School of Engineering, graduated with de- 
gree of E. E. Member of Masonic Lodge. (A. F. & A. M.) 
Favorite recreations, all outdoor sports. Served as Ser- 
geant in A. Co. 529 Regiment, Engineers, France. 

Allen, J. J., Alpine; Postmaster, interested in firm of 
Allen & Bechtol, Real Estate dealers. Formerly Sheriff 
of Terrell Co., and City Marshall of Alpine. 'Born in 
Liberty Hill, Texas, Nov. 20, 1S75, of Scotch and Irish 
parentage. Educated at State Normal and Texas Uni- 
versity, A. B. Married Miss Mvrtle Crawford. Aug. 11, 
1907. Member of Masonic (32nd degree), Elks, W. O. W. 
and Praetorian lodges. Favorite recreations, hunting, 
fishing and motoring. Volunteered and served as 1st 
class pvt. and Sgt. in Hdqrs. Co., 123rd. Regiment, 58th 
Brigade, 33rd Division, Field Artillery in France aniH) 
Luxemberg, during World War. On the firing line fifty- 
six days, at St. Mihiel, Argonne, Meuse, and Defensive 
Sectors. Also served as a volunteer in Spanish American 

Allen, Keeoe De Course, Wichita Falls ; Born in Kansas 
City, Mo.. Jan. 22, 1900. Descendant of Reece S. and Jen- 
nie F. Fulton Allen. Educated at the Terrell School, 
Dallas, and Cornell University, Ithiea, N. Y. 
Allen, Keeee S.„ Wichita Falls; Member of Kemp-Munger 
& Allen Co. and Allen Oil Co., Director in First National 
Rank. Born in Missouri, Nov. 25, 1871. Descendant of 
Chas. and Mary Weathers Alien of N. Y. and Mo. Mar- 
ried Miss Jennie Ferguson, Fultom Co., Mo. Aug. 22, 
189S. Member of Scottish Rite and Shrine. Wichita Club, 
Houston Club. Dallas Athletic Club, Houston Lunch Club 
Fultom Missouri Country Club and M. E. Church. Serv- 
ed on Liberty Loan Committee. 

Allen, W. D., Coleman; Real Estate. Born in Coleman, 
May 26, 1892. Descendant of George H. and Alice E. 
Allen. Married Miss Kathleene Coulson, Dec. 10, 1913. Ed- 
ucated at Texas Christian University and University of 
Texas. Member of Masonic Lodge. Served as First Lieu- 
tenant in 42 Co., Baloon Section in Meuse-Argonne, 

Allen, Walter Rice, Perryton, Ochiltree County, former- 
ly of Henrietta; Attorney-at-law. Firm of Allen & Allen; 
former Count v Attorney of Clay County, Texas two 
terms. Born in Hamilton, Hamilton Co., Texas, April 
1, 1889. Descendant of Capt. James Monroe Rice of early 
frontier history in central Texas. Married Miss Jessie 
Louise Harris, Nov. 27. 1916. Educated at Baylor Uni- 
versity and University of Texas, Law Department. Mem- 
ber of A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., Baptist Church, Delta 
Theta Phi College Fraternity and American Legion. Fa- 
vorite recreations, golf and tennis. Served as Govern- 
ment Appeal Agent as a part of duties as County At- 
torney of Clay County, Tex^s, before volunteering his 
services and recruiting, principally at his own expense, 
a volunteer troop of Cavalry in Clay, Young, Wise and 
Jack Counties of Texas. - 

Allison, J. E., Amarillo: Supply Station Agent, Pierce 
Oil Corp. Born in 'Decatur, Texas, Jan. 5 . 1S93. Educa- 
ted at Decatur High School. Member of Elks and W. O. 
W. Favorite recreations, fishing and hunting. Served 
in U. S. Navv. two years, on U. S. Minnesota. Torpedoed 
Sept. 29, 1918. 

Allison, Luke Pryor, Dr., Brownwood; Surgeon. Born in 
McKinney, Texas. Married Miss Marian Miner, 1907. 
Educated at Brownwood High School, University of St. 
Louis, M. D. Member of Masonic Bodies. Favorite re- 




creations, athletics. Served as C'apt. in Base Hospital 
ivork and M. O. T. C. in Ft. Sill Okla. and Camp Green- 
leaf, Georgia. Also served on Local Exemption Board 

Andersen, Osear S., (deceased), San Angelo. Born in 
Parker County, Dec. 4, 1888. .Married Miss Grace Anthony 
July 5, 1918. Educated University of Texas. Was a mem- 
ber of San Angela Club. Served in 106th Dixie Division 
in World War. Died in Glasgow Scotland, Sept. 30, 191S 
Anderson, A. L. Dr., Brownwood : Physician and Sur- 
geon. Born in Elysian Fields, Texas. Feb. 19, 1867. Mar- 
ried Miss Tillie Emmett, Dec. 27, 1897. Educated at Uni- 
versity of Texas (Medical Dept.) M. D. Member of 
Shrine, Lions Club and Methodist Church. War work; 
Medical member of Brown County Local Board. 

Anderson, E. J., Snyder; Fa: in Mortgages & Real Estate 
firm. Baker, Grayum and Anderson, Sec'y. Scurry Coun- 
ty Chamber of Commerce. Born in Waterloo, Iowa, Feb. 
7, 18S3. Married Miss Gladys McCormick, August 29, 
1912. Educated at Galesburg, Illinois. Member of Episco- 
pal Church, A. F. & A. M. and York Rite Past Com- 
mander of Knights Templar. War work; Chairman Red 
Cross, United War Work, Salvation Army Drive. Chair- 
man of Liberty Loan Committees, Chairman of Red 
Cross Drives and County Food Administrator. 
Anderson, Frank L,., Marfa; merchant. Proprietor, An- 
derson's Gift Store. Born in Texas, Sept. 13, 1897. Mar- 
ried Miss Florrie Cotter, of Alpine, Jan. <!, 1917. Edu- 
cated at Alpine High School. 

Anderson, J. ('., Dr., I'lainview ; Physician and Surgeon. 
President of District and County Medical Societies. Born 
in Bradley County, Arkansas, Dec. 11, 1858. Descendant 
of J. C. Anderson of Arkansas Married Miss Ara Jen- 
nings, Nov. 23, 1887. Educated at Missouri Medical Col- 
lege, St. M. D. Member of Episcopal Church. 32nd 
Degree Mason, Knight Templar and Shriner. War Work; 
Served on Red Cross Executive Committee, during en- 
tire war, four minute speaker and was active in every 
Red Cross and Liberty Loan drive. Lost his son Lt. 
Jennings Anderson, who died at Camp McArthur, Waco, 
Base Hospital. 

Anderson, Jennings Lieut., (deceased), Plainview; Born 
in Granger, Texas. Oct. 23. P94. Descendant of Dr. J. C. 
Anderson of Plainview, Texas. Was Educated at Public 
Schools of Granger and Plainview and Colorado School 
of Mines. Was member of Episcopal Church and Elks. 
Was a member of Texas National Guards and served a 
year on the Mexican frontier, then volunteered and en- 
listed in the 20th Field Artillery, U. S. Army. Died April 
13, 1918. 

Anderson, J. ('.. Jr.. Plainview; Cashier, First National 
Bank. Born in Williamson County, Texas, Dec. 18, 1890. 
Educated at University of Texas. Married Miss Florence 
Harrington, April 17. 1913. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Episcopal Church and B. I'. O. E. War Work; Sec'y. 
and Treasurer. Hale County ( hapter American Red Cross 
jnd Chairman of Armenian Relief Committee. 

Anderson, Paul Hopkins, El Paso: Teller, State Nat- 
ional Bank. Burn in El Paso, Texas. May 9, 1892. Edu- 
cated at High School. Easton. Md. Member of Episcopal 
Church and the Caluinus Club. Served as private in 
Co. G, 360th Infantry 90th Division in Camp Travis 
and with the A. E. F. in France. Took part in the St. 
Mihiel Drive and on the Argonne Front at Bois de Ban- 
theville and was wounded on Nov. 1, 1918, in battle (if 
Le Grande Curre Farm. Was awarded the D. S. P. and 
the Croix de Guerre for extraordinary heroism in action. 

Anderson, William Bean Dr., Brownwood; Specialist on 
Eve, Ear, Nose and Throat. Firm of Drs. Anderson & 
Rosebrough. Past-President of 4th District Medical So- 
ciety and Past-President of Brown'Co. Medical Society. 
Born in Columbia. Alabama. Feb. 20. 1803. Descendant 
of Daniel M. and Martha Elizabeth Bean Anderson of 
Alabama and Texas. Married Miss Fannie Elizabeth 
Lewis, Dec. 13, 1884. Educated at Baylor University, 
Waco. Vanderbilt and Tulane rniversitv, M. D. Con- 
tributed to the subject matter of Wood's book. "A Sys- 
tem of Ophthalmic Therapeutics. Member of Baptist 
Church. K. of P. Masonic Lodge, and York Rite. War 
Work: served in Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps. 

Andreas. II. M., EI Paso; Banker, Vice-Pres. City Nat- 
ional Bank. Born in Silver City, New Mexico, Oct. 12, 
1882. Married Miss Lena Luetley, Jan. 17, 1900. Edu- 
cated at St. Vincent College, Los Angeles. Member of 
Catholic Church, K. of C, W. O. W., Maoabees and 
Elks. Favorite recreations, golf, fishing and hunting. 
War work: Treasurer for Red Cross, and Chairman Red 
Cross Committee. Assistant Chairman Jewish War Re- 
lief, Assistant Chairman, Salvation Army Com.. Build- 
in:: Committee of Knights of Columbus Huts, Treas- 
urer United War Work and Chairman Knights of Colum- 

Andrews, J. Ray. Aniarillo; merchant, Pros. The An- 
drews-McDonald Co. Inc. gorii in Grayson County, Tex- 

as, Nov. 30 18S8. Descendant of Edwin J. Andrews, 
Sherman, Texas. Married Miss Barbara Ewald, Aug. 28, 
1919. Educated at Sherman Public Schools. Member of 
Christian Church and B. P. O. E. Favorite recreations, 
fishing and hunting. Entered army as private, trained 
for commission at Camp J. F. Johnston, Florida. Served 
as 2nd Lieut., Q. M. C, attached to General Staff, 
Washington, D. C. 

Arledft-e, Stewart E., Mineral Wells, interested in motion 
pictures. Fanning & Dunn also interested in firm of 
Oldham & Arledge. Born in Bonham, Texas, July 13, 
189.5. Descendant of G. E. Arledge and Laura Stewart 
Arledge. Educated at University of Texas. Member of 
Elks, Phi Gamma Delta and Kiwanis. Served as pri- 
vate in Co. P.. 

Arnold ,I>. H., Memphis: Arnold & Garden, Grocers 
Born in Otsego County, N. \'., June 0, 1S54. Descen- 
dant of Henry D. Arnold. Married Miss Mary Hillikon 
June 30, 1880. Member of York Rite and Shrine Favor- 
ite recreations, fishing and hunting. 

Arnold, Fred T., Graham; Attornev-at-law, Firm of 
Arnold & Kay, Young County Abstract Co., also held 
position of County Attorney of Young County Born in 
Graham, Texas, Nov. 30, 1883. Descendant* of R F 
Arnold. Married Miss Gradie Mizzell, Dec. 31 191° Ed- 
ucated at University of Texas, L. L. B. Member of Bap- 
tist Church. Chairman of Draft Board. 
Armstrong, J. M. Dr., Coleman; Physician and Surgeon 
President of County Medical Society. Born in Piano 
Texas, Sept. 18, 1891. Descendant of Armstrongs and 
I attersons of Kentucky and Tennessee. Married Miss 
Minnie B. Fugitt, June 15, 1902. Educated at Garland 
High School, Dallas Medical College and Medical Dept. 
of Trinity University. M. D. .Member of Christian Church 
and I. O. O. F. Favorite recreation, motoring. War 
work : Hospital work and served on Local Examining 

.Art, Joseph L.. Wichita Falls; Jeweler, Art Jewelry 
Co., Born in Detroit. Michigan, April 0, 1883. Married 
Miss Jeanette Riesenberg, 1910. Educated at O S U 
Member of Elks, Wichita Country Club. Coif Club, Pres- 
ident of Temple Israel. Favorite recreation, golf. War 
work: Served on Liberty Loan Committee. 
Aston, S. N., Dp.,- Coleman ; Physician and Surgeon. Born 
in Choctaw County, Miss., March 29. 1871, of Scotch- 
Irish parentage. Married Miss Inez Johnson, July 5' 
1899. Educated at High School and University of Texas! 
M. D. Member of Presbyterian Church. War work; Mem- 
ber of District Medical Advisory Board. 
Atkinson. Curtis Dr.. Wichita Falls; Physician and Sur- 
geon County Health Officer,. Larimer County, Colo- 
rado for three years .Born in Oxford, Indiana. Oct. 3, 
1874. Descendant of Robert M. Atkinson of Indiana 
Married Miss Anna L. Lindlev, Aug. 31. 189.8. Educated 
at Indiana University, A. B. 1897, Jefferson Medical Col- 
lege, M. I). 1900. Member of Presbyterian Church. Wich- 
ita Rotary Club and A. F. and A. M. Favorite recrea- 
'fcions, baseball and tennis. Served as 1st. Lieutenant. 
Medical Reserve Corps. U. S. A. at Medical Officers' 
Training Camp, Fort Riley, Kansas; Post Surgeon, Call 
Field, Wjchita Falls, Texas. Commissioned Captain M. 
C, U. S. Army. Nov. 10, 1917. Commissioned Maj, M. 
C. U. S. Army, March 11, 1918. Discharged May 22.' 1919 
Atkinson, George M., Del Rio; Merchant. Del Rio Hard- 
ware Co. Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., .Taji. B. 1850. De- 
scendant of the Atkinsons of Co. Aymar. Ireland and 
the Rathbornes of Massachusetts and West Virginia. 
Married Miss Carrie Heers. April 3. 1887. Educated at 
Quebec High School, Quebec, Canada. Ontario Agricul- 
ture College, Gulph, Canada. Member of R. A. M., York 
Rite. A. F. & A. M. and Elks. 

Austin, lloleonibe McKae, l>r., Laredo: Physician and 
Surgeon, City Health Officer. Born in Jackson La., of 
English parentage. Educated at Centenary College, 
Jackson, La. and Medical Dept. of University of Texas, 
1902. M. D. Married Miss Susie Me< ullough, Nov. 9, 1904. 
Member of Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreations, 
tennis and chess. Member of Medical Reserve. Assis- 
tant Medical Examiner of Draft Board and Chairman 
of Local Chapter Red Cross. 

Avant, A. M., Marfa: Real Estate Dealer and Ranch- 
man, Coughrnn & Avant Livestock and Land Dealers. 
Sheriff and Tax Collector of Atascosa Co.. Texas, for 
ten years, 1894 to 1904, Ex-President. Texas Sheriffs' 
Association. Editor and Manager of the Marfa New Era, 
Editor and owner of the Ploasauton Monitor. Born in 
Gonzales Co., Texas, March 25, 1X02. Descendant of 
French-Irish parentage, his father A. Avant settled in 
Gonzales Co., Texas, in 1852 and resided there until his 
death, Aug. 1901. Married Miss Ida Johnson of Gon- 
zales Co., Texas. May 10, 1883. Served as Chairman of 
Local Exemption Board. 
Avis, A. W. Jake, Wichita Falls; Merchant, The Gift 




Shoppe. Born in Wichita Falls, Texas Dec. 3894. Descen- 
dant of Mr. and Mrs. James David Avis. Educated at 
Wichita Falls, Texas. Member of First Presbyterian 
Church, B. P. O. E. Favorite recreation, horseback 
riding. Served as Sergeant in Supply Co., 142nd Regi- 
ment, 36th Division, in France eleven months . 
Aycock, Clyde A. (deceased) Cisco; Was born in Cisco. 
Texas Aug. 21, 1809. Son of F. E and Mollie Aycock of 
Cisco, Texas. Enlisted April 5, 1917, in Co. B., 4th Texas 
Inf., and served on the Border with the National Guard 
until Oct. 14th, 1917, when he was drafted into the U. S'. 
service and trained at Camp Bowie, Ft. Worth, Texas, 
with Co. D., 144th. Inf., 36th Division. He was killed in 
action. Oct 14, 1918, at Givny France, at the age of 
nineteen years and two months. 

Babb, Jen-ell C, Lawyer. Sweetwater, Texas, City Attor- 
ney. Born in Baird, Texas, March 1(1, 1891, of "Scotch- 
Irish parentage. Married Miss K. Fitzgerald, Jan. 15, 
1920. Educated at University of Texas, graduated with 
degree of L. L. B. Member of Scottish Kite (18th 1 de- 
gree) Elks, Accacia Fraternity II. of Texas, and Episco- 
pal Church. Favorite recreations, fishing and hunting. 
Served in World War as 2nd Lt. in 10th Brigade of 
Field Artillery, 10th Division at Camp Funston, Kan. 
Member of Legal Advisory Board to the Local Exemp- 
tion Board at Sweetwater, Texas, and assisted in Liberty 
Loan drives 

Bacon, B. B. Wichita Falls; Propr. J. G. Jones Grain 
Co. Born in Fayette Co., Kentucky. June 20, 1892. Son 
of Otis L. Bacon. Married Miss Margurite Minter, Oct. 
12. 1915. Educated at University of Colorado. Member of 
Elks, Am. Legion and Sigma Chi. Served in World War 
as pvt. in Co. G., 360th Regt., 90th Division, overseas 
nine months, with the A. E. F., at St. Mihiel, Meuse and 

Bailey, K. Dr., Coleman ; Physician. Born in Arkansas, 
April 28, 1882. Educated at Tulane University (Medical 
Dept.,) degree. M. D. Mason, York Rite and Shriner. 
Married Miss Nelle Polk, Dec. 27, 1913. Served as Captain 
M. C. in Base Hospital Group, Camp Greenleaf, Ga. 
Kaiiies, George W., Jr., Alpine. Banker, Cashier First 
National Bank. Born in El Paso, Texas Dec. 2, 1883. De- 
scendant of George W. and Annie Mcintosh Baines. Mar- 
ried Miss Maude Hancock, Dec. 31, 1908. Educated at 
Cleburne High School, Cleburne, Texas, and Baylor Uni- 
versity. Member of Masonic Lodge (all branches! and 
Baptist Church. Served as County Chairman of WSS 
tvork for two years, and Treas. of Red Cross for 3 years. 

Baker, Forrest Earl, El Paso; Civil Engineer; Sec'v. 
Southwestern Society of Engineers, 191(5-1917, District 
Sec'y. American Association of Engineers. Born in Iowa 
Sept. 18th', 1S77. Son of Welcome Martin Baker and 
Grandson of William Baker. Married Miss La Dorna M. 
Compton. 1901. Educated at El Paso Co. Schools. Mem- 
ber of York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shrine, K. P., Kiwanis 
Club, Amer. Assn. of Engineers, Third Division Society, 
American Legion, Society of American Military Engi- 
neers, and Society of the Officers of the Great Wai\ 
Served three years in Texas National Guard, 1907-8-9. 
Mar. 21st, 1917, Commissioned Captain E. R. C. June 
1th. 1917, ordered to active duty at Fort Leavenworth 
Training Camp. Aug. loth, 1917, Commissioned Major 
E. R. C. Mar.-Apr. 1918 Assigned to 3rd Eng. Tr. Reg. 
in command of 2nd Bn. Aug. -Sept. 1918, Post Exchange 
Officer in charge of five exchanges at Ft. Benj. Harri- 
son, Indianapolis, Ind. Oct. 1st, 1918. Organized the 
118th Engineers into a Regiment of 12 Companies. Com- 
manded Transport "Lapland" as Military Officer, on 
trip over, Dec 1918. Commanded 142 Co. T. C, (old Co. 

D. 118th Engineers), a Railway Maintenance and Con- 
struction Co. Mar. 1919. Assigned to 310th, 603rd En- 
gineers in Germany. Commanded Co. E. 310th and su- 
pervised building of the Wengerohr Remount Depot, 
having a capacity of over 20.0110 animals. June 1919, or- 
dered to 6th Engineeers. Served as Bn. Adj. and Person- 
nel Adi. Command of Co. A. Honorably discharged Oca- 
ober 29th, 1919. Feb. (1th, 1920, Commissioned C'a'pfaiu 

E. R. C. May 1st, 1920. Commissioned Major E. R. C. 

Baker, V. K., Stamford: Manufacturer; President and 
General Manager. Stamford Ice A- Ref. ( ompanv. Born in 
Mc( lennan County, Sept. 27, 1*73. Member of K. of P. 
und Masonic Lodge, Christian Church. Married Miss Lot- 
tie G. Arendt, May 3, 1898. Descendant of John H. & 
Eva E. Baker. Served on Liberty Loan Drives. 
Ball. I). Dr., Cisco; Physician, Firm of Drs. Clark & 
Ball. Born in Lillin, Johnson County, Texas, Nov. 11. 
1889. Married Miss Elizabeth Unison Fultz, 1920. Edu- 
cated at North Texas State Normal and University of 
Texas; degree, M. D. Member of Baptist Church. En- 
listed in Medical Reserve. Internship in John Sealy Hos- 
pital, Galveston. — — — 
Ballew, James Morgan, Memphis; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Vice-Pres. Hall-Childress-ColliTiswoi'th & Donley 
Co., Medical Society. Local Surgeon, Ft. Worth & Den- 

ver Ry., 1905 to 1921. Born in Resaea, Ga., Sept 25, 1802. 
English, descendant of Thomas and Winnie Tatum Bal- 
lew of Ga. Married Miss Clara Johnson of Resaea, Ga., 
Dec. 25, 1891. Educated at Louisville (Ky.) Medical Col- 
lege, M D. Member of Baptist Church and Masonic 
Lodge. Served as Captain in Base Hospital at Camp Lo- 
gan, Texas, Aug. 1917 to Dec. 1918. 

Barber .George Douthitt, Mineral Wells; Journalist; 
City Editor. Index Publishing Company. Born in Sey- 
mour, Texas, July 23, 1895. Descendant of George P. 
Barber and Mrs. 'Sonora Couthitt Barber. Educated at 
Mineral Wells High School and Baylor University. Mem- 
ber of Odd Fellows, W. O. W., Kiwanis Club,; Ameri- 
can Legion and Baptist Church. Favorite recreations, 
Golf, swimming, hunting, football, boxing and tennis. 
Served as private in Ambulance Co. (30th) Fifth Divi- 

Barglebaugh, C E., El Paso; Architect & Consulting 
Engineer, Barglebaugh & Whitson. Born in Conway, Ark 
Oct. 13, 1881. Descendant of H. M. Barglebaugh of Vir- 
ginia and M. E. Barglebaugh (nee Brown) of Tennessee. 
Married Miss Daisv Millican of Ft. Worth, June, 1902. 
Educated at Yoakum, (Texas I High School and Univer- 
sity of Illinois. Member of Masonic Lodge. American So- 
ciety of Civl Engineers, Texas State Association of Ar- 
chitects', American Association of Engineers, and Am- 
erican Geographical Society. Served as Engineer, De- 
sign Board Emergency Fleet Corporation, United States 
Shipping Board, Washington, D. C. during war. 
Barnard, James H., Wichita Falls; Merchant: Assistant 
Mgr , P. B. M. Company. Born in Celeste. Texas, Nov. 
28th, 1890. Married Miss Audrey Adickes, Sept. 18, 1919. 
Educated at Virginia Military Institute and University 
of Texas. Member of Baptist Church. Favorite recrea- 
tion golf. Served as 1st. Lieutenant. Company C, 142ud 
Regiment, 36th Division in Champagne, Meuse and Ar- 
gonne Offensives. 

Barnes, F. J., Ranger; Lumberman, E. J. Barnes Lumb- 
er Co Interested i nfirm of Stickle-Grogan-Morso Com- 
any. Born in Eastland County, Texas, Sept. 3, 1889 De- 
scendant of C. Barnes, (grandson) S. C. and ,1. L 
Barnes of Eastland County (pioneer settler). Married 
Miss Blanche Pennington, May 2, 1913. Educated in 
Ranger High School. Member of Elks, Rotary Club, Re- 
tail Merchants and Director Chamber or Commerce. Fa- 
vorite recreation, tennis. Served as Lt. ill U. S. army. 

Barnes, H. D. Br., Childress; Surgeon; Pres. Barnes 
Buster Oil Co. Born in Hodgenville, Ky., Jan. 13, 1800. 
Descendant of Elijah Barnes and Mollie E. Dyer. Mar- 
ried Miss Linnie A. Moss Sept. 10, 1889. Educated at 
Ft Worth Universitv (Med. Dept.), 1902, M. D. Member 
of Baptist Church, W. O. W.. K. of P., Elks. Chairman 
Local Draft Board from beginning to end of war. 
Barr Dr. Bov Earl. Childress; Dentist. Born in Dou- 
nellson Iowa," Dee. 23, 1888. Descendant of Clark Barr. 
parents from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, and Claresse 
A Bell Oates, parents, pioneers of Lee County, Iowa 
Married Miss Agnes Jeanes, Jan. 15, 1916. Educated at 
Universitv of Texas. Western Dental College of Kansas 
Citv Mo" D D S. Member of West Texas Dental, feo- 
cietv and'Psi Phi Fraternity. Served as Captain, Dental 
Corps. 343rd F. A., 90th Division, Camp Travis, lexas; 
in France and Army of Occupation m Germany Dis- 
i -barged honorably, July 11. 1919. Captain Dental Sec- 
tion Officers' Reserve Corps. 

Barron, Fred C, Wichita Falls; Banker City National 
Hank of Commerce. City Treasurer, Wichita Falls. Boin 
in Piano, Texas. April 13. 1882. Married M,ss Maude 
Walker June 16, 1910. Educated at Baylor and \ale 
Colleges I'hB and BA. Member of Baptist Church and 
Masonic' Lodge. Member of Wichita County Liberty 

Barton Tj^r?,' (deceased) was the son of Mr. and Mrs. 
1 I Barton of Bartonsite, Texas. Served as private in 
Co D 360th Infantry. Texas Brigade, 90th Division in 
France with American Expeditionary Forces Was in 
active engagements and patrol duty, in the American 

sector. n * ar Von '"- v nnd Pont-a-Momson. -«iiw atst 

Mihiel and Verdun. Was killed in action, Nov. 2 1918, 
and was buried by the Chaplain on the field of battle, 
just north of Andavarnc near the Meuse River, I- ranee. 
Barton, Gen. Thomas D., Amarillo; Druggist. Fly-Bar- 
ton Drug Co Adjutant General ot Texas. Born in Ivil- 
srore Gregg County, Texas, Jan. 20, 1875. Descendant of 
George W Barton". Educated at St. Jo, Texas. Married 
Miss Rowena McCoy, Nov. 5, 1905. Member of Knights 
of Pythias and American Legion. Military Record:! In 
1892 General Barton first entered the National Guard, 
•is an enlisted man with the famous old 6th Texas In- 
fantry, with whi.-h he served until 1895. While in Mon- 
tana in 1898. General Barton enlisted in the 1st Mon- 
tana Infantrv. received training in that State and at the 
Presidio of San Francisco and served throughout the 




Spanish -American War as a non-commissioned officer, 
in the Philipine Islands campaigns. Upon General Bar- 
ton's return to the United States, following his service 
in the l'hilipines, he went back into the Texas Nat- 
ional Guard, being commissioned a captain in the 4th 
Texas Infantry, with which he served until 1905. On 
June 4, 1917. General Barton was commissioned captain 
in the Texas National Guard and organized a company 
in the 7th Infantry at Amarillo, Texas. His company, 
with Company C of Lubbock, was consolidated at Camp 
Bowie and became Company G, 142nd Infantry. He 
commanded this organization throughout its period of 
training, both in this country and in France and led 
the company in battle on the Champaigne front. During 
the engagement incident to the capture, of the town of 
St. Etienne and the driving of the Germans from Mont 
Blanc Kidge, he was severely wounded. The great he- 
roism displayed by General Barton in this engagement 
and his tenacity in going forward at great cost and de- 
spite his wounds, together with the attainment of the 
objective, earned for him promotion to a majority at 
the front and resulted in the awarding to him of the 
Distinguished Service Cross, the French Croix de 
Guerre and the Italian Croix de Guerre. In commemora- 
tion of General Barton's* splendid courage and forcef 
fulness, the particular ridge which was assigned its ob- 
jective, was named Barton's Hill. Soon after his pro- 
motion at the front the then Major Barton was as- 
signed to duty in charge of the Military Police Detach- 
ment of the 36th Division. Later he was appointed upon 
the United States Military Mission for the Repatriation 
of Russian prisoners, with headquarters in Berlin. He 
spent six months on this detail and returned to the 
United States in the fall of 1919. General Barton left the 
service at Camp Pike, Arkansas, and returned to his 
home at Amarillo. 

Bashara, M. J., Wichita Falls; Oil Producer and Refiner. 
American Refining Company. Born in Assyria, 1871. 
Married Miss Olga Unice June 19, 1901. Member of 
Wichita Club, Ad Club and Chamber of Commerce. 
Served on Liberty Loan Committees in all drives. 

Bass, C. L... Wichita Falls; Attornev-at-law. Born in 
Talapoosa Co., Ala.. July 24, 1800. Married Miss Ledelle 
Kidd, Dec. 20, 1SS8. Bexar County Chairman of Demo- 
cratic Party, 19O5-190S. Member of S. C. and C. C. A. of 
U. S. Assisted actively in ill war work and had two 
sons in the war. 

Beach, Henry S., El Paso; Importer and Jobber. Born 
in San Jose. Calif., March 24, 1876. Descendant of Tyler 
Beach (California Pioneer). Married Miss Elsie Hag- 
gart, Sept. 7, 1898. Educated in High Schools. Member 
of Toltee Club, El Paso Country Club, Elks, and Episco- 
pal Church. Favorite recreations, golf, tennis and music. 
Served on Executive Committees in Liberty Loan drives 
and was associate Field Director, American Red Cross. 
Beaumont, T>r. G. B., Coleman; Physician. Born in 
Clarksville, Tenn. 1845. Descendant of Wm. Beaumont 
of Yorkshire. England, and Mrs. Susan B. Cook, daught- 
er of Rev. Valentine Cook of Kentucky. Married Miss 
Fany Davis Duke, 1869. Educated at Soule' University, 
Texas. Member of M. E. Church South. Served as pri- 
vate in Company A, Sth Regiment, Civil War, 1861-2. 

Beohtol, Gillian W.. Alpine: Real Estate, Allen & Bech- 
tol. Born in Goliad", Texas. March 21, 1895. Descendant 
of Dr. W. S Bechtol. Educated at Goliad. Married Miss 
Thelma Virginia Cauble. Sept. 22, 1920. Member of Meth- 
odist Church and American Legion. Served as Wagoner 
in Co. A,. Ammunition Trains, Sth Division, in U. • S. 
and France. 

Beeler, Dr B. B., Mineral Wells; Physician. Citv Health 
Officer and Ex-County Health Officer; Assistant Col- 
laborating Epidemialogist U. S. Public Health Service. 
Born in Collin County. Texas, Sept. 10. 1865. Married 
Miss May Agnes Young, June 10, 1897. Educated at T-rin 
ity University and College of Physicians and Surgeons. 
Baltimore Md., 1905. M. D. Member of Odd Fellows. 
Kiwanis Club, and M. E. Church South. Served as Palo 
Pinto County representative of the Volunteer Medical 
Service Corps. 

Beeler, I>iek, Mineral Wells; Insurance (Fire) Born in 
Dallas, Texas Oct. 2::, 1SS0. Married Miss Nell Wy brants 
May 29. 1907. Educated in Public S'Chools. Member of 
( hamber of Commerce, Country Club and Methodist 
Church. Favorite Recreation: <iolf and motoring. As- 
sisted in Red Cross drives. 

Bell, Samuel Baseom, San Antonio: Attorney at Law. 
San Antonio Loan and Trust Building. Educated at 
Trinity University and University of Texas; degree, B. 
L. Born in Texas, October 10th, 1803. 

Bender, Karl, Eastland: County Clerk. Born in Gorman, 
Texas. Jan. 13, 1889. Educated at University of Texas. 
B. A. Member of Elks. Masonic Lodge and Methodist 
Church; Commander, American Legion, Dulin -Daniel 
Post No. TO. Eastland. Favorite recreations: Football 

and baseball. Served as private in Hdqrs. Co., 345th F. 
A. 90th Division, 1917-191'.), Camp Travis, England. 
France and Germany. 

Bennett, B. F., Stamford; Field Organizer for West 
Texas Chamber of Commerce Principal, Bluff Dale, 
Public School 1904-1905; Principal. Harbin Public 
Schools, 1905-1900, Principal, Mirkel High School, 1906- 
1907; Supt., Mirkel Public Schools 1907-1908; Prof. 
Mathematics & History, Abilene Christian College. 1908- 
1909; President Lingleville Christian College 1909-1910; 
Supt., Sterling City Public Schools, 1911-1913; Su D t. 
Eldorado Public Schools, 1913-1910; Secretary, Seymour 
Young Men's Business League, 1917; Sec'y. Abilene 
Chamber of Commerce. 1918-1919. Born in Erath Coun- 
ty, Texas, Aug. 5, 1878. Descendant of Old English 
Family. Married Miss Mattie Hunt, Jan. 24, 1903. (died 
Jan. 1910) ; Married Miss Ethel Smith, Jan. 1, 1912. Ed- 
ucated at University of Texas. Member of York Rite, 
Shrine, K. of P., Eiks, Lions Club, Athaneum Societal 
Christian Church. War Work: Served as Division Su- 
pervisor, War Industrial Board, Sub. Regional Chair- 
man. Highway Transport., and assisted in Red Cross 
and Liberty Loan Drives. 

Bennett, <'. f.„ Mineral Wells ; Real Estate. Pres. Ben- 
net- Woods-Garrett Realty Co. Born in Lamar County, 
Texas, Jan. 12, 1872. Descendant of Major J. B. Bennett 
of Mississippi (Grandfather), Veteran in War bettween 
U. S. & Mexico: J. M. Bennett (father) Veteran of Civil 
War who volunteered at the age of 16 and served to 
the end of the war. Married Miss Tula H. Newberry, 
April 10, 1895. Educated in Paris, Texas, Public Schools 
Member of B. P. O. E., Mineral Wells Golf and Coun- 
try Club, and Christian Church. Favorite recreations: 
Golf, Hunting and fishing. Assisted in Liberty Bond 
Drives, etc. 

Bennett. R. M., Amarillo: Physician and Surgeon. Born 
in Andersonville, Ky., Feb. 2S, 1874. Ancestry, Scotch- 
Irish. Married Miss Lula L. Dixon. July 29, 1911. Ed- 
ucated at University of Ky.. M. D. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Odd Fellows, and Methodist Church. Favorite 
recreations, hunting and golf. Served as Captain, M. R. 
C, Ft. Riley, Kans., in Evacuation Hospital No. 12 with 
A. E. F. in' France and in Germany with Army of Oc- 

Bennett, Stephen, Stamford: Postmaster. Tax Collector, 
City Secretary. City Treausrer and Judge of Police 
Court. Born ' in Shackleford County, Texas, Dec. 15, 
1891 Educated at Stamford High School. Member of 
K of P., York Rite and Shrine. Served as private in 
Company C. 4th Bat., 7th Division, Camp McArthur, 

Bennett, Thomas Joshua. Austin: Surgeon. Born in Tex- 
as January 21st, 1.S54. Educated at Trinity University, 
Greenwood Masonic Institute and University of Louisi- 
ana Degree, M. D. Church afl., Presbyterian. War work: 
Chairman Medical Advisory Board. Author of several 
articles on medical and surgical subjects. Editor of The 
Texas Sanitariun. 1S91-92. 

Benton, Will M., Amarillo. Caunty Tax Assessor. Born 
in Missouri Aug. 29, 189.3. Descendant of W. B & 
Martha Mav Moore Benton. Married Miss Inez L Winn, 
due 13 1919 Educated in Amarillo Public Schools. 
Member oil Elks Club and Christian Church. Favorite 
recreations: Huntiiiff and fishing. Served as Sergeant 
in Army Recruiting Station. El Paso. Tex. from May 
9th 1917 to Mav 12. 1918 in O. T. C. S., Camp MacArthur 
Waco Tex. from May 13th, 1918 to July 15. 1918; as 
Re"t S"t-Maior in Hq. Detch. Replacement troops, tamp 
Pike Ark to Feb. 1, 1919; Discharged at Camp Bowie, 
Texas, Feb. 13. 1919. 

Beretta John Kinir. San Antonio, Banker: President 
National Hank of Commerce. President of Laredo Ra- 
tional Bank, Laredo; Vice President Laredo Bridge 
Companv, (International Bridge), Native of Arkansas. 
Educated in public schools of San Antonio and St. 
Mary's College. Member of San Antonio Club, San An- 
tonio Country Club, Anglo-American and City Club. 
Favorite recreations, fishing, hunting and mo'orng. 
Ancestry Father Italian and mother American of Eng- 
lish descent. War Work: City Chairman Liberty Loan 

Beretta Mrs. J. K.. San Antonio. Members of house- 
hold: John Kill',' Beretta (husband), John Ward Beret- 
ta (soul. War Work: Chairman War Risk Insurance 
Work in San Antonio representing Colonial Dames of 
America; instructor in surgical dressng. director in 
knifing department, First Aid Nurse. Received Red 
Cross badge for special work. Clubs: President S. A. 
History Club, member of Housewives League. U. D. ( .. 
C D. of America, American, Round Table, Anglo 
America Club and Battle of Flowers Association. Maiden 
name. Sallie Mills Ward. Was Captain in every Lib- 
erty Loan drive. 
Berkley. Benjamin F„ Alpine. Pres., Alpine State Rank 




Pres., Border Cattle Loan Company. Born in Mercer 
County. Kentucky, Feb. 2, 1875. Descendant of the Vir- 
ginia Berkleys. Married Miss Clara L. Dugat, Feb. 2, 
1903. Educated at Transylvania University, Lexington, 
Kentucky. Member of Masonic Lodge, I. 0. O. F., K. 
of P. and Christian Church. Favorite recreation. Hunt- 
ing and Fishing. Member otf Military Exemption 
Board, Brewster County, Texas. 

Bettes, Dr. E. J., Cisco. Physician and Surgeon. Born 
iu Tennessee, Dec. 28, 1851. Descendant of A. P. C Bettes 
of Tennessee. Married Miss Austell Reese Smith, Kept. 
27, 1877. Educated at Carson & Newman College, Tenn. 
University, 1901; Atlanta Medical College, 1881, M. D. 
Member of Masonic Lodge, W. O. W., F. N. of A. 
Homesteaders and Baptist Church. Examined enlisted 
men for war service. 

Beverley, George H„ Dalhart; Aviator it. U. S. Army. 
Born in Amarillo, Texas, May 27, 1897, Descendant of 
Sir Robert de Beverley of Sussex, England. Educated at 
A. & M. College of Texas, B. S. Married Miss Edith 
Duke, July 11, 1920. Member of Elks Lodge and Pres- 
byterian Church. Favorite recreations: baseball, tennis, 
football and basketball. Served as Lieut, in Air Service 
in Texas, Tenn., Georgia, Florida and Oklahoma during 
world war. Continued as Lieutenant, Air Service, now 
stationed at Post Field ,Ft. Sill, Okla. 
Bible, Homer A., Cisco; Cigar Dealer. Born in Bells. 
Grayson County, Texas, Dec. 8, 1892. Ancestry, Eng- 
lish. Married Miss Lorena Leazar, June 27, 1920. Edu- 
cated at Bells Public Schools and Tyler Commercial Col- 
lege. Member of Methodist Church. Favorite recreations: 
Baseball, hunting and fishing. Served as Construction 
Foreman in Company C. 31st Division in 100th Con- 
struction Engineers, overseas 8 months with A. E. F. in 

Biggs, A. Lee, Hereford: County and District Clerk. 
Born in Celina, Texas, June 11th, 1894. Descendant of 
John H. Biggs and Lavada McCoy Biggs. Married Miss 
Pearl Clark, Nov. 5, 1911. Educated at Hereford High 
School. Member of First Christian Church, I. O. O. F. 
and American Legion. Served as Acting Yeoman, Elec- 
trical School, Mare Island, Calif, in 1918. Bating, Ra- 
dio Electrician, Lds. 

Biles, J. D., Big Springs; Druggist, J. D. Biles, Drugs. 
Born in Pittsburg. Texas, Nov. 30th, 1880. Married Miss 
Olive L. Gentry, Dec. 29„ 1908. Favorite recreation, fish- 

Billingslea, W. F., Burkburnett ; Manager, Star Publish- 
ing Co. Born in Hinds County. Miss. Dec. 25, 1887. Mar- 
ried Miss Louise Bandolph, Dec. 27, 1911. Educated in 
Elgin High School. 

Bilyeu. J. R., Wichita Falls; President, National School 
of Business. Born iu Arkansas City, Kans., July 25, 1884. 
Descendant of P. M. Bilyeu and Elizabeth Palmer Bilyeu 
Educated at Stillwater, Oklahoma, Schools and A. & M. 
College, Texas. Member of Christian Church. 
Birdsong, J. A., Vernon ; Gen'I Mgr., See'y. and Treas- 
urer, Kell Milling Co. (Director and Stockholder). Mem- 
ber of City Council, Sherman, Texas, for six years. 
Born in Marianna, Ark., June 0, 1864 Ancestry, Scotch- 
Irish-English-French. Married Miss {Catherine Hogue 
(deceased). Member of Presbyterian Church, 32nd de- 
gree Mason and Shriner. Favorite recreation, golf. Serv- 
ed in Liberty Loan and Red Cross drives, member of 
County Council of Defense. 

Bird well, John W„ Mineral Wells; Attorney-at-law. 
Born in Johnson County. Texas, Oct. 30, 1870. Descen- 
dant of John Birdwell (grandfather). Veteran of the 
Civil War. Married Miss Madge Neill, Nov. 22. 1898. Ed- 
ucated at Mineral Wells College, B. A. Member of K. 
of P., W. O. W.. Golf and Country Club, Baptist Church 
Favorite recreation, Golf. Served as 4-minute man, and 
Att'y for Bed Cross. 

Bizzell, John Thomas, Mineral Wells; Real Estate and 
Loans. Bepresentative of United Home Builders of Am- 
erica. Born in Hardeman County, Tenn., Jan. 23, 1808. 
Descendant of David James & Sarah M. Sellers Bizzell, 
Abram Sellers and Bavford Bizzell of Henderson Coun- 
ty, Tenn.. Married Miss Lelia I. Loftin, Dec. 21, 1892. 
Educated at Bonham High School and Savoy College, 
Texas. Member of Masonic Lodge. W. O. W., O. U. ( A. 
M., and Church of Christ. Favorite recreations, hunt- 
ing and fishing. War Work: Food Saving Division, 
(Coml. Travelers' Section). 

Blair, Merrill W., Wichita Falls; Oil Investments, Gen'I 
Mgr., Inland Oil Co.. Boom 512, City Natl Bldg. 
Interested in Woodburn Oil Corporation. Born in Ft. 
Worth, Jan. 9th, 1S92. Married Miss Eddie Carver, 
June 3. 1915. Educated at University of North Carolina. 
32 degree Mason, Shriner and Elk. Member of Wichita 
Falls "Golf Club, S. A. E. Fraternity, Chamber of Com- 
merce. Wichita Club, Cipher Club and Episcopal Church. 
Favorite recreations: Varsity Track and Base Ball 
Teams, Univ. of N. C. 1909-1911. Served as Major, Inf., 

142nd Begiraent, 36th Division, U. S'. Army, in Meuse- 
Argonne Offensive France 1918. Campagne Front Oct 
8, 1918 — Nov. 21, 1918. Volunteered as Piivate in Co. A, 
7th Texas Inf., July 5, 1917. Promoted to Sergeant Aug. 
">. 1917. Conim. Second Lieut. Nov. 7, 1917, 142nd Inf., 30th 
Division. Comui. 1st Lieut. Apr. 27, 1918 ; comm. Cap- 
tain, Oct. 30, 1918; Comm. Major, Feb. 24, 1919 Hdqs. 
Inf., 36th Division. Recommended Lt. Colonel, Apr. 15, 
1919, Hdqs. Inf., 36th Division. 

Blanton, Annie Webb, Austin; State Superintendent of 
Public Instruction of Texas, State Department of Edu- 
cation. Native of Texas. Educated at University of Tex- 
as and University of Chicago : degree B. L. Member of 

+■ \\r% Mo nn !■.,..,„> IJ'ot'rnni C+nf '< 1 i ■ i I. . . ^ i ., . ■ ■ r-. i I 'In!, *■ 

Grammar," and "Exercises in Punctuation and Com- 
position." Great-grandfather, of Virginia, was a Cap- 
tain in the Revolutionary War. 

Blanton, W. 1'., Bowie; Banker, Pres. First State Bank 
of Bowie. Retired Physician. Born in Bright Star, Ark.. 
July 25, 1872. Ancestry, Scotch-Irish. Married Miss Piety 
E. Borden, Oct. 15, 1893. Educated at Parsons CoSlegie 
and University of Louisville, Ky., M. D. (1893). Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge and Presbyterian Church. Fa- 
vorite recreations: Hunting and fishing. Served as 
Chairman of War Saving Stamps fund, etc. 
Blanehette, Frank' C, (deceased). Uvalde; Stockman. 
Born in Uvalde, Texas, March 29, 1887. Educated! in 
Uvalde Public Schools. Member of Catholic Church. 
Served as 1st Class Private in Co; C, 111 Regiment, 36th 
Division in France. Killed in Action, Oct. 8, 1918, at 
Argonne Forest. 

Blanehette. Wallace M., Uvalde: Carpenter. Born in 
Uvalde, Feb 14, 1894. Educated in Uvalde Public 
Schools. Member of W. O. W. and Catholic Church. 
Served as Corporal in Company C, 141st Begiment. 36th 
Division iu France. Beturned home July 3rd 1919. 

Blease, Elberti Jr., Cisco: Manager, Blease Motor Co. 
Born in Asheville N. C. Educated in Public Schools of 
Winston and Salem, N. C. Member of First Presbyterian 
Church. Favorite recreation, baseball. Served in U. S'. N. 
B. F. 

Bloodworth, C. C, Graham; Banker. Ass't Cashier. First 
Nat'l Bank. Born in Texas, 1893. Descendant of J. M. 
Bloodworth and L. C. Bloodworth. Married Miss Louis 
Norris. 1919. Educated at Decatur Baptist College. Mem- 
ber of Baptist Church. Served in U. S. Navy at Naval 
Training Station. Chicago, and on Patrol duty at De- 
troit, Mich. Officers' Training Camp, Belham Bay, N.Y- 
Bloor, Alfred Wainwright : Major in U. S. Army, former- 
Iv an attorney at Austin, Texas. Born in Pennsylvania. 
September 9th, 1876. Educated at A. & M. College and 
Universitvof Texas: degrees. B. S. A. and LL. B. Mem- 
ber of Elks Club. Favorite rcreation : hunting and mil- 
itarv trap shooting. Church all., Methodist. Ancestry. 
English- father A. S. Bloor, and mother, Martha Wain- 
wright Bloor War work: Served with Texas Volunteer 
Infantry in War with Spain, 1S98: appointed Major, 
First Infantry, Texas Volunteer Guard, 1902; appointed 
Lieutenant Colonel. Second Infantry Texas National 
Guard 1914; commanded Detachment of lexas National 
Guard 14 Companies infantry, two troops cavalry and 
one batterv of artillery, on Mexican border. 1914: Team 
Captain. Second Infantry, T. N. G Regimental Rifle 
Tenn which won championship of the United States foi 
regimental rifle teams, at Camp Perry. Ohio. 1911 : team 
captain and shooting member ot Second Infantry. 1. N. 
G Regimental Bifle Team, winning championship of 
Texas National Guard, 1912-13; team captain and shoot- 
ing member of Texas State Bifle team at Sea Girt, N 
J ' 1912 won championship of Texas National Guard 
with nistol 1912: won championship of Second Infantry 
T N G with rifle, 1912; assistant Adjutant General 
of Texas 'in drafting State Militia Law. 1905; appointed 
on Board of Officers to draft State Militia Law, Jan- 
uary to March. 1917: served in World War from April 
15tli 1917 to Julv 18th, 1918: instructor in musketry for 
Texas Brigade, T. N. G., at Fort Sam Houston; appoint- 




ed Colonel of Infantry and assigned to command the 
Seventh Infantry, Texas National Guard, mustered out 
of Federal service to accept promotion to Colonel, July 
20, 1917: assigned to the command of the 142nd U. S. 
Infantry; commanded the 142nd U. S. Infantry, 36th 
Division, during the Meuse-Argonne offensive, (Cham- 
pagne), France, commanded the 142nd Infantry, 3(ith 
Division, continuously from October 14th, 1VH7, to July 
8th, 1919; appointed Colonel of Cavalry, National Guard 
of Texas, and assigned to command the Second Cavalry. 
Married Miss Lucile Manor, December 4th, 1901. 
Boa/., P. A., Bridgeport; Merchant. Born in Syria, July 
18, 1882. Married Miss Amleen Shabay, June 7, 1902. 32 
degree Mason, Shriner and Odd Fellow. Favorite re- 
creations, hunting and fishing. Chairman, Bed Cross 
drives and assisted in all liberty loan drives. 
Bock, p. E., Mineral Wells; Genl. Supt., Gulf, Texas & 
Western Railway Co. Born in Berlin, Germany, Nov. 7, 
1866. Descendant of Edward and Augusta Neuman Bock. 
Married Miss Charlotte E. Parsons, Sept. 24, 1.S90. Ed- 
ucated at Detroit. Mich., schools. Member of Presby- 
terian church. Assisted in all Liberty Bond Drives and 
as District Chairman of Red Cross Committees. 
Bohart, K. E. T., Wichita Falls; Manager. Midwest 
Printing Co., Interested in Smathers Power Typewriter 
Co. Born in Lathrop, Mo., Feb. 5, 1887. Descendant of 
Jacob and Sallie Lindsay Bohart. Educated in Public 
Schools of Purcell, Okla. Member of B. P. O. E., Ad 
Club,, Wichita Club and T. P. A. Favorite recreation: 
Fishing. Served as Regimental Sergeant Major, School 
of Fire for F. A. in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 
Boheman, W. F., Sanderson. Merchant, Bohemian's Con- 
fectionery; Proprietor, Hotel St. Francis, Sanderson, 
and interested in First National Bank of El Paso. 
Born in Wisconsin, Feb. S, 1S72. Married Miss Mary 
Hums, Sept. 1906. Educated in Public Schools of Wis- 
consin. Member of Elks Club and Catholic Church. Fa- 
vorite recreation, hunting. Served on Liberty Bond 
Committees during war. 

Boon, Howard. Cisco Automobile Mechanic, Boon & 
Pass. Born in Thorp Springs, March 20, 1896. Married 
Miss Mattie Sue Cockran, Oct. 2, 1920. Educated in Pub- 
lic Schools of Weatherford. Volunteered and served in 
the Navy duriug the war. Received Honorable dis- 

Boon, Reid (deceased), Cisco. Born in Thorp Springs, 
Hood County. Texas, Oct. 3, 1893. Descendant of B. H. 
Boon and Elizabeth Byrdie Bright Boon. Educated in 
Public Schools of Weatherford. Servd in Company K. 
358th Regiment, 90th Division. Killed :n the St. Mihiel 
drive, Sept. 12, 1918. 

Boon, R. H.. Cisco; Member of firm, Boon-Swindle 
(Wholesale Flour & Feed Co.) Born in Mansfield, Texas. 
March 1, 1800. Descendant of George Boon from Kent. 
England, who came to West Virginia in 1838 and set- 
tled in Blanco County, Texas, 1858. Married Miss Eliza- 
beth Byrdie Bright, Oct. 22, 1890. Educated at Grand- 
bury College. Member of M. E. Church, South. Two sons 
served in World War. Reid Boon was killed in battle 
and Howard Boon served in Navy and received hon- 
orable discharge. 

Booth, Al. B., Wichita Falls: Auto Distributor. Over- 
land Motors Co. Born in Chicago, Dec. 31, 1893. De- 
scendant of A. Booth (A. Booth Fishries Co.). Married 
Miss Bertha May Kemp. Oct. 18, 1918. Educated at Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin (Agriculture) B. A. Member of 
Masonic Lodge. Episcopal Church and Sigma Me Fra- 
ternity Served as 1st Lieut., R. M. A., in Ground 
School, University of Calif., Berkley, Calif.. Flying 
School, Rockwell Field, San Diego. Calif., Instructor, 
('all Field. Wichita Falls, Texas. Discharged at Garden 
City, L I., New York (after having received overseas 
orders). Dec. 8, 1918. 

Bowman, F. M., Mineral Wells; Merchant; Proprietor, 
Mineral Wells Hardware Co. Born in Tensas Parish, 
La., Sept. 8, 1860. Descendant of Joseph and John Bow- 
man (Austin's Colony, 1822). Married Miss Elizabeth 
Hyde. June .".. 1889. Member of Masonic Lodge and Bap- 
tist Church. Member of Council of Defense during war. 
Bowie, Henry T., El Paso; General Agent, Accidental 
Life Insurance Co. See'v. Treas.. El Paso Ass'n. of Life 
Underwriters, 1920. Born in Chicago, 111.. Oct. 30. 1N72. 
Descendant of the Bowie Clan of Scotland. Married Miss 
Margaretta M. McNary. Nov. 30, 1905. Educated in Pub- 
lic Schools of Chicago. Member of First Presbyterian 
Church. B. P. O. E.. El Paso ( oiintry Club, Ad Club 
and Automobile Club. Favorite recreation. Motoring. 
Served on Liberty Loan, War Savings Stamp and Red 
Cross Committees. 

itiiyiT, John K. Amarillo. Insurance. Post Adjutant. 
American Legion. In active military service during the 
World War. 

Buyer, Win., Amarillo. Judge, County Civil Appeals. 
Porn in Travis County, Texas, Sept. 10, 1871. Married 

Miss Katharine Taumhill, July 24. 1901. Educated at 
Southwestern University and University of Texas, LL. 
B. and A. B. degrees. Member of Polo Duro club, Golf 
and Country Club of Amarillo and Methodist Church. 
Favorite recreation: fishing. Served on Liberty Loan 
Committees, etc. , 

Boyce, William ('., Jr., Amarillo. Storage Business, Arm- 
strong Transfer .V Storage Co. Born in Covington. Tenn. 
Dec. 25, 1897. Educated in Amarillo High School, Mem- 
ber Masonic Lodge, Elks Club and Presbyterian Church. 
Served as Second Lieut, in 132nd F. A., 36th Division, 
France, A. E .F. 

Boyd, A. E. Plainview; Insurance. President, Chamber 
of Commerce. Born in Boyd, Texas, July 29, 1887. De- 
scendant of H. T. Boyd. Married Miss "Effie Murphy, 
July S, 1920. Educated at Decatur College and Baylor 
University, A. B. Member of Baptist Church and Elks 
Lodge. Favorite Rcreations: Fishing, hunting and moun- 
tain outings. Pres. "Lick the Kaiser Club" of Eddy 
County N. M. and served in Liberty Loan Drives. 
Bozeman, Herbert E., Ranger: Managing Editor. Ranger 
Daily Times. Born in Louisiana, July 4, 1888. Educated 
at Texas Christian University, A. B. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and Christian Church. Served as 2nd Lieut., 
2(ith Inf. Regiment, 1st Division, during World War. 
Brackenridge, Major John A. Taylor. Served through- 
out the Spanish-American War in Cuba, World War, En. 
tered training camp at Camp Bowie, Fort Worth ; pro- 
moted to rank of Major, and served with the A. E. F. 
in France; formerly Captain of the Governor's Guards 
of Austin. Educated at University of Texas; degree, 
LL. B. Ancestry, Scotch-Irish. His father, J. M. Brack- 
enridge, (deceased), a member of the well-known Brack- 
euridge family of San Antonio and Austin and a brother 
of the late Geo. W. Braokenridge (deceased); his moth- 
er. Mrs. Martha Owen Braokenridge. resides at 405 W. 
Eleventh Street, Austin. 

Bradford, Ed.. .Sweetwater; Cashier, Texas Bank & 
Trust Co. Born in Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 6, 1881, Married 
Miss Hattie Corbett. May 3, 1905. Educated at Public 
Schools and Metropolitan Business College. Dallas. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge and Christian Church. Assisted in 
all war drives for Nolan County. 

Bradley, John Warwick, Wichita Falls; Propr., North 
Texas Furniture Company. Born in Rochester, Minn., 
Sept. 8, 1875. Descendant of David W. Bradley and 
Mary J. Bradley. Married Miss Harriette A. Butts. Oct. 
18, 1901. Educated in Public Schools of Bochester, Minn. 
Member of Masonic Lodge, Shrine, 1. O. O. P., Rotary 
Club and First Christian Church. 

Bralian, Robert Weakley, deceased, (son of R. W. Bra- 
han), of Plainview, Hale County, Texas. Was born in 
Nashville, Tenn., June 7, 1896. Descendant of the Bra- 
nans, Weakleys, Vallianto and Spragens of Miss., Tenn. 
and Ala. Educated at Plainview and Texas State Uni- 
versity. Member of Episcopal Church. Was commission- 
ed 2nd Lieut, in Co. L, 372nd Regiment, 92d Divi- 
sion, First Officers x'raining Camp, Leon Springs, was 
promoted to 1st Lieut., Sept. 28, 1918, went overseas with 
the 158th Infantry, from Camp Kearney, Cal., and was 
killed in action, Sept. 29, 1918, on the Champagne Front 
between Verdun and Rheims. 

Brain, Lawrence E., Perryton; Agent Santa Fe Rail- 
way Co. Born in Wichita, Kans., Mav IS, 1888. Married 
Miss Ada Belle Williams. July 27, 1913. Educated at 
Pond Creek, Okla. Member of Masonic Lodge, York 
Kite. Shrine. Perryton Shrine Club, K. L. S. and M. W. 
A. Favorite recreations: tennis and golf. 
Braswell, Sam McCoy, Clarendon; Editor and Publisher. 
Clarendon News. Ass't. Sec'y., Texas Press Association, 
and Pres., Panhandle Press. Born in McOee's Bend, 
Ala., Nov. 22. 18.86. Ancestry Scotch-Irish. Descendant of 
Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Braswell. Married Miss Clair Phil- 
lips. June 5, 1907. Educated at Polytechnic College, B. 
Lit. Member of Masonic Lodge, York Rite, Shrine, 
Country Club, Shrine Club. Texas Press Ass'n., Pan- 
handle' Press Ass'n., and Methodist Church. Favorite 
recreations, Football, tennis, fishing and Band work. 
Served as County Chairman. United War Work, Coun- 
cil of Defense, 'County Food Administrator, Liberty 
Loan Exec. Com., Publicity Chairman, lied Cross and 
W. S. S. 

Bray, Thomas A., El Paso; Inspector in charge of the 
Bureau of Animal Industry. Dept. of Agriculture. Pres. 
El Paso Humane Society, 11107 to 1921. Pom in London. 
England, Jan. 4. 1858. Descendant of English parentage. 
Married Miss Elizabeth Reardon. Oct. 6, 1886. Edu- 
cated at St. George's College, K. C. Veterinary College. 
D. B. S., and the Mussoorle School; Mussoorie, Ind. 

Member of Masonic Lodge and I. O. O. F. Served in 
Liberty Bond Sales, and Chairman of Alamo Council of 
Defense, El Paso. 

Breed, D wight E., Austin: Executive Secretary and Di- 
rector of Texas Public Health Association ami Direct- 




oi' National Juvenile Motion Picture League. Born in 
Michigan, September 2!), 1SS4. Educated at Grinnell 
Academy and Grinnell College, Iowa; post-graduate 
work Iowa Teachers' College and New York School of 
Philanthropy. Member of Masonic Blue Lodge, Scot- 
tish Kite, Royal Arcanum and Rotary Club. Favorite 
recreation, motoring. Church afl., Congregational. Wat- 
Work: Health education in army eamp s through the 
Texas Public Health Ass'n and Sec'y of Travis Coun- 
ty American Bed Cross. Married Miss Florence Bracy, 
July 23rd, 1912, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Brelsford, Homer P., Eastland. Lawyer and Banker. 
Member of firm, Scott, Brelsford, Funderburk & Fer- 
rell; Pres., First State Bank; Pres., Eastland Gas & 
Electric Co.; Pres., Lake Eastland Corp., Pres., Eastland 
Hotel Company; and Gen'l. Att'y. & Director, Eastland, 
Ranger. Wichita Falls & Gulf Ry. Co. Held position as 
State Senator from the 28th District . ; Representative 
from 82nd Representative District, and Special Justice, 
Court of Civil Appeals (Fort Worth) and Supreme Court 
of Texas. Born in Onaiga, 111., Sept. 1, 1869. Ancestry, 
English. Married Miss Marjorie Parvin, 1893. Educated 
at Notre Dame Universtiy, M. A. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Shrine, ETks. K. of P., W. O. W.. and I. O. O. F 
Favorite recreation, hunting. Served as Chairman, East- 
land County Draft Board; Food administrator of East- 
land County and Chairman of Speakers Bureau for the 
11th Congressional District, during war. 
Bretherton, M. Thomas; El Paso. Proprietor, El Paso 
Multigra idling Co. Born in Ft. Worth, Texas. Descen- 
dant of Montague J. Bretherton (English). Educated in 
Galveston High Schools. Member of El Paso Chamber of 
Commerce. Favorite recreation, Athletics. Served as 1st 
Lieut., Engineers, U. S. Army Casual unattached. In 
France for twenty-five months ,with the A .E. F. 
Brewster, Calvin G., Laredo. Customs Broker & Insur- 
ance. U. S'. Jury Commissioner, Southern District of 
Texas. Ex-Collector of Customs, District of Corpus 
Christi & U. S. Marshall. Born in Tiskilwa, 111., July 
19, 1S44. Ancestrv: English & Irish. Married Miss Lvdia 
A. Barnard. June 10, 18(59. Educated at Lombard Uni- 
versity, Alesburg, 111. Member of Masonic Lodge and 
Episcopal Church. Favorite recreations: Fishing & hunt- 
ing. Served as private in 19th 111. Volunteer Regiment 
from Chicago in the Civil War, at the age of 16. 
Brice, Dr. John Henry, Cisco; Surgeon, Briee-Payne 
Hospital. Born in Terrell, Texas, Dec. 19. 1S77. Descen- 
dant of Robert Bruce. Married Miss Myrtle Bettis, Nov. 
22, 1905. Educated at Ft. Worth University, M. D. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Bodge, and Baptist Church. Favorite 
recreations, hunting and fishing. Served as Capt., M. C. 
Base Hospitals, Ft. Sill and Ft. Sam Houston, Surgical 

Brient, S. J., El Paso; Gen'l., S'ee'v., Y. M. C. A. Born 
in England. Aug. 21, 1874. Married Miss Ellen Flske, 
Oct. 22, 1992. Received University education. Member of 
Rotary Club. Served in Spanish American War and did 
Army Y. M. C. A. work. 

Briggs, Geo. W., Lubbock ; Insurance, Briggs & Young. 
Interested in Lubbock Building & Loan Ass'n. Held po- 
sition as Sec'y Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and 
Field Mgr., West Texas Chamber of Commerce. Born 
in Mazomanie, Wis., Apr. 12, 1877. English descent (fam- 
ily in America over 2(H) years). Married Miss Delia Pen- 
gra, July 17. 1907. Educated at University of Wisconi- 
sin, B. L. Member of Presbyterian Church, Masonic 
Lodge, York Rite, Shrine, R. P. O. E., Rotary Club; 
Served on Board of Directors, West Texas Chamber 
of Commerce. Favorite recreation: Golf. Served as Field 
Mgr. on Red Cro^s Drives and assisted in all war drives 
Briscoe. <;. C. Mineral Wells: Real Estate. Interested 
in J. M. Moffit & Co., Cuero. Born in Texas, July 4th, 
1875. Member of Baptist Church. Assisted in Liberty 
Bond drives. 

Broaddus, H. W., El Paso; Real Estate & Insurance, 
Broaddus & Le Baron. Born in Glasgow, Howard Coun- 
ty. Missouri, Jan. 27. 1862. Married Miss Bessie Cole, 
Feb. 22, 1893. Educated at Glasirow-Britchard Institute. 
Member of Episcopal Church Masonic Lodge, Country 
Club, and director of Toltec Club. Favorite recreations, 
hunting and fishing. Captain of team in all Liberty 
Loan and Red Cross drives during entire war. 

Broaddus, Mrs. Hoi-ace W., El Paso. Summer home. 1131 
E. Boulevard. Cloudcroft, N. M. Members of Household: 
Horace Walker Broaddus (husband); Francis Colo 
Broaddus. born Mar. 14, 1899.: John Morgan Broaddus. 
born July 21, 1901 ; Horace Walker Broadus. Jr., born 
Jan. 2">, 1908 and Herbert Kendrick Broaddus, botrn 
Feb. 21. 1911 (children). Assisted in Red Cross work. 
Director of Woman's work, during entire war, for El 
Paso County.; Chairman, awarding Red Cross Service 
Pins; Chairman. Peace time program for El Paso 
County Chapter A. R. C. : Chairman. Southwest Division, 
A. R. C. Advisory Committee. Gave over 5,000 hours to 

Red Cross work. Received badge and four stripes for 
service. V. Oh., Red Cross Shop; asissted in all Red 
Cross membership and War Fund Drives, and Chairman 
Day Nursery. Executive member of Associated Charities 
for twelve years; Director of Woman's Club; Pres., 
St. Clements Guide and Box Sec'y., Missionary District 
of New Mexico and Texas west of the Pecos River; Ex- 
Regent of Daughters of the American Rev.; & Member 
of Daughters of 1812. 

Brooks, .Tame s t., Big Spring's, Lawyer. Held position 
as Supt. of Public Inst., Ellis County, Texas; County 
Att'y, Howard County; and Mayor of Big Springs, 
County Judge elect. Born in Brown County, Texas, Jan. 
16, 1878. Married Miss Mandye Barrick, June IN. 1919. 
Educated at Valparaiso University. Member of K. of P.. 
Masonic Lodge and Elks. Served as Captain in Company 
D. 117 Supply Train, 42nd Division, in France and Ger- 
many, eighteen months. 

Brooks, Mrs. James T., Big Spring; Educated at Carl- 
ton College, Bonhara. Texas. Member of Presbyterian 
Church. Assisted in Red Cross and Canteen Work, and 
Sec'y., Home Service. 

Brown, Charles A., Jr., El Paso. Salesman, Goodyear 
Tire & Rubber Company. Born in Wichita Falls. Tex- 
as, Sept. 19, 1K95. Educated at University of Texas. A. 
B. Member of Presbyterian Church, 32nd degree Mason. 
Knight Templar and Shriner. Favorite, recreation, base- 
ball. Served as Lieut, in the financial branch of the 
Army. Volunteered and entered when war was declared. 
Brown, C. A., Alpine; Pres., First National Bank, Alpine, 
and Marfal National Bank, Marfa. Born in Centenary. 
Va., May 13, I860. Ancestry, English. Welsch. Scotch and 
Irish. Married Miss Ethel Downing (deceased) and later 
married Miss Eula Jones. Educated in High Schools. 
Member of Presbyterian Church, Masonic Lodge. York 
Rite and Shrine. Assisted in Red Cross, War Stamp 
and Liberty Bond sales. 

Brown, I>r. C. P., El Paso; Physician and Surgeon. 
Brown, Pred L,., Plainview; Merchant. Mgr., Dowden 
Hardware Company. Born in 1 Onarga, 111., Sept. 3, 1867. 
Descendant of Samuel and Clara J. Brown. Married 
Miss Hattie Hitchcock, Nov. 20, 1889. Educated at Grand 
Prairy Seminary. Onarga, 111. Member of I. O. < >. F. 
and M. E. Church. Assisted in Red Cross war work. 
Brown, Glenn I,., (deceased) Son of Fred L. and Hattie 
E Brown, Plainview, Texas. Born in Ornaga. 111., Dec. 
"5 1890 Married Miss Jessie O. Tolbert, Sept. 17, 1913. 
Educated in Public Schools of Onarga, 111. Was a mem- 
ber of Masonic Bodge and M. E. Church. Served as 2nd 
Lieut Company L, 359th Inf., 99th Division. Died in 
Base Hospital No. 23, Sept. 23, 1918, from wounds re- 
ceived in St. Mihiel offensive. France. 
Brown, Dr. M. T.., Brownwood ; Physician. Born in Nac- 
ogdoches County, Texas. Nov. 20. 1867. Descendant of 
Kenj R and Mary Jane Harmon Brown of Ga. Married 
Miss E Thompson June 6, 1892. Educated at Universi- 
ty of Tenn. M. D. Member of Methodist Church. Serv- 
ed on Dist Medical Advisory Board and as Food Admin- 
istrator for Brown County, during World War. 
Brown Sam W., Laredo Cashier, Laredo National Bank 
Born in Seguin, Texas, Sept. 27, 1868. Married Miss Ada 
O Stubbs Dec. 21, 181)0. Educated in Public Schools of 
Bianco Member of A. F. & A. M., W. O. W., B. P. O. E., 
and Methodist Church. Favorite recreation: fishing. 
Brownell, Win. H-. Amarillo; Grain Dealer. Ass't. Mgr.. 
J N Beaslev Grain Co. Born in Souris. Prince Edward 
Island Canada, Nov. 30, 1888. Educated at East Denver 
High School and Universitv of Denver. Member of B. P. 
O E A F & A. M„ Kiwanis Club, American Legion, 
Beta 'Theta Pi Fraternity, and Presbyterian Church. 
Served as 1st Lieut, in Company G. and Bn. Adit.. 142nd 
Regiment, 36th Division. Promoted to Captain in Per- 
sonnel Company and Ass't. Divn. ; Major, 36th Division. 

Bryan Dr. Prank B., Childress; Physician. Born in 
Itu'ssellville, Logan County, Ky., July 19, 1SS0. Descen- 
dant of Win & Sallie Bryan. Married Miss Laurelle 
Morrow Sept. 1911. Educated at Bethel College, Russell- 
ville Ky and Louisville Medical College, Louisville, 
Ky ' Favorite recreations, baseball, horse racing and 
hunting. Served as Chairman, Childress County Red 
Cross Chapter. 

Brvant B. IS., Stamford; Merchant. Bryant-Luck Co. 
Born in Anson. Texas Feb. 12, 1889. Descendant of John 
C and Sallie C. Bryant. Married Miss Josephine Gentry, 
Aug. 10. 1909. Educated at Stamford High School and 
\ usti ii College (Sherman). Member of Scottish Bite, 
York Kite, Shrine. K. of P., Commercial Club and M. E. 
Church. Favorite recreation, baseball Served as County 
Food Administrator and Chairman, War Savings Com- 
mittee, during war.. 

Buchanan. J. H., Graham; Ass't. Cashier, Beckham Nat- 
ional Bank. Born in Texas, March 13, 1S9S. Descendant 




of W. W. Buchanan. Married Miss Helen Lawrence, 
Dec. 10, 1919. Member of Masonic Lodge and M. E. 
Church. Served in Navy, San Pedro Station, Calif. 
Buck, Capt. Raymond E., Ft. Worth; Attorney, Latti- 
more & Buck. Born in Ft. Worth, Texas, July" 13, 18(14 
Educated at Ft. Worth High School, T. C. U., and Uni- 
versity of Texas, L. L. B. Member of River Crest Coun- 
try Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Knights of 
Pythias and American Legion. Served as Captain in 
Company D, 308th Regiment, A ..A. M. G. Btn.. 77th 
and 1st Army in American Expeditionary Forces, 

Buckley, Kellis G., Wichita Falls; Teller, American 
National Bank. Held position as Cashier, First Nat'l 
Bank, Italy, Texas. Born in Durant, Miss., July 10, 
1887. Educated at. Trinity University and University of 
Texas. Member of Masonic Lodge, American Legion "and 
Presbyterian Church. Served as Private, Q. M. C. in 
Camp Johnson, Fla. and Mehun-Sin-Yeore, France. 
Billiard, Dr. Chester C, Brownwood ; Phvsician and 
Surgeon. Past City and Present County Health Officer. 
Pres., Brown County Medical Societv, 1920. Born in 
Hamilton, Texas, June 23, 1887. Descendant of A. D. 
and Margaret E. Howard Bullard. Married Miss May 
Davis, Apr. 12, 1917. Educated at Hamilton Public 
Schools. Vanderbilt University (Tenn.) and So. Meth. 
Univ., Dallas; M. D. Member "of Elks, Lion's Club, and 
Presbyterian Church. Served as 1st Lt., U. S. N. Guard, 
Med. Corps, 36th Division, 111th Eng., Camp Bowie, 
Tex., and on Med. Advisory Board of Brown County. 
Bullington, Orville, Wichita Falls; Lawyer, firm of 
Bullington, Boone, Humphrey <fe Hoffman. President of 
American National Bank of Wichita Falls. Born in Mis- 
souri, Feb. 10, 1882. Descendant of English parentage, 
father, W. J. Bullington. Married Misa Sadie Kell. June 
28, 1911. Educated at University of Texas, L. L. B., 
1905. Member of Elks, I. O. O. F., Rotary Club, Wichita 
Club and Wichita Falls Golf Club Served ?s Lt. Colonel 
in 8th Regiment, Texas National Guard. 
Bunkley, Dr. E. P., Stamford; Physician and Surgeon, 
Drs. Bunklev & Southard. Born in Collin County, Nov. 
22, 1882. Descendant of J. E. and Marv Eliza Bunklev. 
Married Miss Lutie Allen, Nov. 22, 1910. Educated at 
Tulane University, New Orleans, M. D. Member of Mas- 
onic Lodge, K. of P., and Baptist Church. Served as 
Chairman, Liberty Loan Committee. 

Burkett, Joe, Eastland, Lawyer; Burkett, Anderson & Orr 
Formerly District Clerk, Eastland County 1910-1914 ; 
County Judge, Eastland County 1914-16; District Judge 
42nd and SSth Districts, 1916-1919, and Representative 
Eastland and Callahan Counties, 1920. Born in Llano 
County, Texas, Oct. 19, 1885. Married Miss Fannve N. . 
Pullig. Feb. 1, 1907. Educated in Public Schools and 
Haukins Normal College. Member of Odd Fellows, Elks, 
W. O. W., Masonic Lodge and York Rite. 

Burns, Darnce B., Bowie: Merchant and Civil Engineer. 
Post Commander, Speake-Mever Post No. 252, American 
Legion. Born in Texas, Sept. 22, 1892. Descendant of 
Dr. Clarence E. Burns and Bethana Harris Burns. Ed- 
ucated at A. & M. College and Mars Hill College, Ash- 
ville, N. C. Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite 
and Shrine. Served as Lieut.. Company D, Regiment 
310 & 6, Engineeers Division 85 & 3rd in 3rd Eng. 
Training Camp, Petersburg, Va., with A. E. F. in 
France 16 mo. and Amer. Forces in Germany (Army of 

Bums, Lester T.. Wichita Falls; Real Estate. Born in 
Medora, 111., Feb. 6. 1894. Married Miss Lillian Mc- 
Gregor, Oct. 3, 1916. Educated in Public Schools of Me- 
dora 111. Member of Wichita Club and B. P. O. E. Fa- 
vorite recreations, golf and travel. Served as 1st Lieut.. 
Company I. 142nd Regiment, 36th Division in Meuse- 
Argonne Offensive (Champagne), and also Laison Offi- 
cer 71st Brigade Hdq. with A. E. F. in France. 

Burnside, A. W., Wichita Falls; General Agent Indian- 
apolis State Life Insurance Co. Born in Westerville. 
Ohio, April 29, 1897. Descendant of F. E. Burnside and 
Win. Wallace. Married Miss Fannie K. Wood, June 2, 
1919. Educated at Wichita High School and Rice In- 
stitute'. Member <>f Presbyterian Church, Golf Club, 
Rotary Club, Wichita Club, Masonic Lodge and Shrine. 
Favorite recreation, limiting. Served as 2nd M. M. Navy 

Burrow, Charles R., Canyon: Owner, Canyon Lumber Co. 
Held position as city Treasurer. Born in Shelbyville, 
Tonus. Nov. 0, 1878. Descendant of John M. Morrow 
and Bettle Truett (daughter of Major Truett of the 
Mexican War) Married Miss Bula \V light, April 29, 1903. 
Educated in Public' Schools of < omanche, Texas. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge. York Rite and Baptist Church. 
Served as Chairman i nUnited War Work, , 

Burt, Maurice O., Ranger; Secy Ranger Retail Mer- 
chants Ass'n. Born in Pennsylvania, Aug. 3, 1879. De- 

ber nd N llt °i2 Ir cn9 S " H ' Burt Married Miss Eva L - Hu- 
Buster, A. L., Stamford; Banker. Born in Temple Tex- 
Voi-^Vt- 10 ' i 8Sb - Married Miss Bess Putnam, Dec. 23 
1915. Educated at Baylor University and T. C. U Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge, York Rite and Baptist Church 
Served as 4-minute man during war. 

Bvrd , Salan C. Claude; Realtor, Stockman and Farm- 
er; Firm of Byrd, Mickel & Hill. Born in Collin Countv 
lexas, July 2o, 1891. Descendant of C. M. Byrd Vir- 
ginia ; R. Callihan Byrd and the Bvrd family of Vir- 
ginia^ Educated at Claudia High School and Polvteeh- 
'II? ^^Se, Ft Worth. Served as Captain in Troop M, 
4th Regiment, N. G. Texas. Served on Exemption Board 
Armstrong County, Texas. 

Caldwell, Albert J., Dr., Amarillo; Phvsician and Sur- 
geon. Born in Columbia-, Tennessee, July 2. 1867 Descen- 
dant of Blue Bloods of Scotland. Married Miss Leona 
Dudley March 26. 1916. Educated at High School. Mem- 
ber of lork & Scottish Rites (32nd degree), Mvstie 
Shrine and Elks. Served as Surgeon in S. W. Division, 
12th Cavalry and 24th Infantry. 

Calvert, Robert S., Sweetwater; Banker, First National 
Bank, Sweetwater, Assistant Cashier. Born in McGregor 
Texas, April 27, 1S93. Descendant of Sir George Cal- 
vert, First Lord Baltimore. Married Miss Josephine 
Moody, March 24, 1920. Educated at Brownwood Texas 
Member of Baptist Church, A. F. & A. M. and B P O. 
E. Favorite recreation, baseball. Served as Sergeant in 
United States Air Service, with A. E. F. in France. 
Campbell, E. S., Jr., Amarillo, Texas; Ass't. Cashier 
Amarillo Bank it Trust Co. Born in Duncanville, Texas 
Sept. 26, 1894. Descendant of E. S. Cnmnbell and Lola 
Wheatley. Educated at Terril School, Dallas. Member 
of A. F. & A. M. Served as Corporal in Co. G, 142nd 
Regiment, 36th Division and 2nd Lieutenant of Infantry 
Camp Pike, Arkansas. 

Cannon, Jesse, Abilene; Real Estate & Life Insurance 
Cannon & McGee. Born in Kentucky, May 22, 1859 Ed- 
ucated in Kentucky. Married Miss Leli'a D. Pattillo, 
daughter of Dr. Patillo of Georgia, February 29, 1SS6. 
Cantu, Lorenzo, Dr., Eagle Pass; Phvsician and Sur- 
geon. Railway Surgeon,, 1904 to 1914, Sec'y Medina 
Uvalde,, Maverick Co. Medical Societv, Federal Health 
Officer at Piedras Negras, Mexico 1901 to 1914. Mayor 
of Pedras Negras, Mexico. 1906 to 1909. Born in Monte- 
rey, Nueva Leon, Mexico. Sept. 5, 1862, of Spanish and 
Mexican parentage. Married Miss Consuelo Zamhrano 
June 28, 1890. Educated at Monterey, Mexico. Medical 
College. M. D. 1886. Member of Masonic Scottish Rite 
(32nd degree), Knights of Pythias, Mesquite Club and 
Casino Nacional Club. 

Cargill, William D., Stamford ; Manager, Cargill Baking- 
Co. Born in Hico, Texas, March 31, 1889. Married Miss 
Vera L. Morton, Dec. 23. 1919. Member of Presbyterian 
Church. Masonic Lodge, I. O. O. F. and K. of P" Serv- 
ed as Captain in 47 Co., 165 Depot Brigade, Camp Trav- 
is, Texas. 

Carlander, Guy A., Amarillo: Architect. Vice-President 
Farmers & Stockmen's Loan & Investment Associa- 
tion. Born in Pratt, Kansas, April 8, 1898. Descendant 
of Gust. Carlander, father, Albert Carlander, grand- 
father, Elsa Carlander, mother, W. H. Hise. grand- 
father. Educated at Ottwa, University, Ottwa, Kansas, 
and Armour Institute, Chicago. Member of Baptist 
Church, Scottish Rite (32 degree). Shrine, Lions Club, 
American Assn. of Engineers and Country Club. Fa- 
vorite recreations, golf and tennis. Served as 2nd Lieut, 
in 2nd Battalion, Chemical Warfare Section at Edge- 
wood Arsenal. Edgewood. Md. 

Carothers, W. D., Brady; Cashier 'if Commercial Nat- 
ional Bank, President of Brady Auto Co. and Brady 
Compress Co. Bom in Jeffersonville, Ind., Feb. 8, 1864. 
Married Miss Nannie French, March 25, 1884. Educated 
at Racine, Wisconsin. Member of Episcopal Church, Ma- 
sonic Lodge. I. 0. O. F. and K. of P. War work: Serv- 
ed as Chairman of seven county Committees, including 
Food Administration. Council of Defense. Red Cross, 

Salvation Army 1 Liberty Loan Committees. 

Carrigan, A. H., Wichita Falls; lawyer, Carrigan, Mont- 
gomery, Britain & Morgan. Held position of District 
Judge for twelve years. Born in Arkansas, May 12, 
I860. Descendant of A. H. Carrigan, Sr. of Arkansas 
who served in the Civil War as Lieut. Col. in 20th 
Regiment. Married Miss Lula Barwise, Dec. 10 1891; 
Educated it University of Arkansas, A. B. Member 
of Presbyterian Church and Masonic Lodge. War work: 
Chairman Legal Advisory Board, Wichita Falls, had 
two sons in great war, one killed in action. 

Carrigan, A. II. Jr., Lt., {deceased i. Born in Wichita 
Falls, July 14, 1895. son of .Indue A. II. Carrigan of 
Wichita Falls: Left University of Texas in \pril 1917, 
to enlist in the United States Army. Was commission- 




ed 2nd Lieutenant In National Guards. 7th Texas In- 
fantry, at training camp at Leon Springs, June 5, 

1917, was made First Lieutenant, Camp Bowie, 36th 
Division, of Co. L, 142nd Infantry and went overseas 
in July 1918, as second in command of Co. L., 142nd 
Infantry. While fighting with his division in the Cham- 
pagne front, he was killed in action on October Sth, 

1918. The Marshal of France issued to him, posthu- 
mously, two citations for his heroism in battle and 
awarded to him the Croix de Guerre with the Palm. 
The War Department awarded to him the Distinguished 
Service Cross and issued to him a citation for extra- 
ordinary heroism and bravery in battle, owing to the 
fact th at) he was killed in an attempt to rescue a 
wounded soldier in his company. The American Le- 
gion Post, at Wichita Falls, was named for him. 
Carter, Charles F., Wichita Falls : Publicity Manager of 
Chamber of Commerce. Horn in Woolwich) Maine, July 
5, 1888. Descendant of Maine settlers, back to ten years 
before Plymouth Rock landing. Married Miss Sadie 
Irene Holmes, June 9, 1917. Educated at Bowdeu Col- 
lege, A. B. Favorite recreations: golf, motoring and 
bridge. Member of Episcopal Church, University Club, 
Wichita Falls Ad Club and Psi Upsilon Fraternity. 
Served as Bn. Sergt. Maj. in Hdqtrs. Co., in Camp 
MacArther, Waco, Texas. 

Carter, F. B., Sanderson; Proprietor of Hotel. Born in 
Arkansas. Jan. 8, 1857. Married Miss Mattie Timberlakc, 
Dec. 27, 1888. Member of W. O. W. 

Castner, Norman L., Marfa; Castner Motor Co. of Malta, 
Alpine and Pecos, Texas. Born in Llano, Texas, March 
14, 1890. Descendant of Edward Castner of Llano, Mar- 
ried Miss Ellen Garnett of Alpine, Dec. If), 1917. Edu- 
cated at San Marcos, Texas. Member of Scottish Rite 
and Shrine. Served in U. S'. Navy at Charleston, S. C. 
and Palm Island. 

Castelebrry, Dr. G. <«., Lubbock. Physician and Surgeon. 
Was in active military service during the great World 

Castellaw, Jelks F„ Ranger, Merchant. President and 
Manager of Castellaw Clo. Co., President of Retail 
Merchants Ass'n. Director of Chamber of Commerce and 
Director of Ranger Gas Co. Born in Ennis, Texas, Dec. 
26, 1888. Descendant of J. F. and M. A. Castellaw. Mar- 
ried Miss Rosalie Roberts, March 27, 1911. Educated at 
Ennis, Texas. Member of Baptist Church, Rotary Club, 
Elks Club, K. of P. Lodge and Ennis Country Club. 
Favorite recreation, hunting and golfing. Assisted in 
all Red Cross and Liberty Loan Campaigns. 

Castelberry. G. G. Dr., Lubbock ; Surgery and medicine. 
Sec'v. Medical Society of Lubbock Co. Born in Vanzandt 
County, Feb. 1885. Married Miss E. Brawner, May 1912. 
Educated at University of Texas, M. D. Member of 
York Rite Masonic Lodge, and Shrine. Favorite recrea- 
tions, outdoor sports. Served on Local Selective Draft 
Board of Garza County and as 2nd Lieut. M. C. Base 
Hospital No. 138 discharged in Pennsylvania. 
Caton, James H., Dr.. Eastland: Physician and Sur- 
geon. Born in Detroit, Texas, Dec 27 1878. Descen- 
dant of James Henry and Mary Susan Chambers Caton. 
Married Miss Jessie Talbot. April 30. 1908. Educated 
:it Detroit Normal. Detroit, Texas and Kentucky School 
of Medicine, M. D. Member of A. F. ,fc A. M., York- 
Rite, Shrine. K. of P. Eastland Club. Eastland 
Shriner's Club and Christian Church. Favorite recrea- 
tions, hunting and fishing. Member Local Exemp- 
tion Board, Red River County, also as 1st. Lieut. In- 
firmary, C. I O. T. S.. Camp MacArthur. Waco, In- 
firmary. A. R. D. No. 224. Camp MacArther, Waco, Texas 
Chamberlain. John M., Mineral Wells : Income Tax Con- 
sultant: held position of State Senator of Illinois and 
Mayor of East St. Louis, Illinois. Born in Lebanon, 
111., Aug. 19. 1872. Married Miss Lulu M. Farthing, Nov. 
26. 190.".. Educated at MeKendree College, A. M. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge. 

Chancellor, J. W.. Bowie; lawyer, Chancellor & Brvan. 
Mayor of Bowie, Texas. Born in Rusk, Feb. 19, 1876 
Married Miss Irene F. Chancellor. Sept. 3. 1805. Educated 
in Public Schools. Member of Baptist (hurh, I. O. O. F. 
Masons and W. O. W. Favorite recreations, motoring 
and swimming. Chairman Exemption Board of Montague 
-Co. and Red Cross. 

Chandler. J. I/., Bowie; Cashier, First State Bank, Bow'e' 
Texas. Director in Sunset State Bank Sunset Texas, 
served four years as Countv Clerk Montague Co. Born in 
Rockwall Co. Texas, Dec. 13. 1878. Married Miss Anna 
Shoemaker, Jan. 19, 190S. Educated at Country Schools 
of Montague Co. Member of A. F. & A. M. and W. O. W 
Lodge. Assisted in all war work. 

Chatham, James W., Jr.. Wichita Falls: Sec'y. Chamber 
of Commerce. Born in Greenville, Texas. Oct. 13 1892. 
Married Mi«s Dorothv Quinn. Julv 15, 1919. Educated at 
Greenville High School, Terrill School, Dallas and In- 

terstate Traffic School, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Member of 
Masonic Lodge, Shrine and Elks. Favorite recreations 
golf and hunting. Served as 1st Lieut. Q. M. C. Disburs- 
ing Quarter Master, U. S. Camp Travis, Texas, Camp 
Johnson, Florida, Camp Sevier, S. C, in France at Ne- 
vers, Pau, Bordeaux, Rimaucourt. 

Chenault, Chas. v., Wichita Falls; Drilling Contractor, 
Chenault Drilling Co., also interested in Chenault & 
Norwood. Born in Hillsboro, Texas, July 3, 1891. De- 
scendant of Hervey Chenault and Sallie Bullock Chenault 
his' father H. Chenault enlisted in Co. K., Sumner 
Grays. 2nd Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers, muster- 
ed into service of the Confederate States at Lvnch- 
burg, Virginia, May 14, 1S61 and served through the 
Civil War. .Married Miss Louie Childress, July 30, 1919. 
Educated at Lebanon, Tenn.. High School. Member of 
Church of Christ. Enlisted July 2, 1918, and served with 
the M. G. Co. 117th Regiment, 30th Division, Camp Se- 
vier, S. C. and with the A. E. F. in France from May 8, 
1918 to March 29. 1919. Received from the British Govt.. 
Citation and Distinguished Conduct Medal, for bravery 
in action, near Bellicourt, France, Sept. 29, 1918. 

Christen, L. J., Laredo: Sunt, of Public Schools. Born 
in New Orleans, Dec. 1859. Married Miss Stella Burbank, 
June 1902. Educated at New Orleans, France and Ger- 
many. Member of Elks. 

Clark, Floyd E., Dr., Cisco; Physician and Surgeon, Drs. 
Clark & Ball. Bom in McKinney, Texas, Dec. 18S8. 
Married Miss Lelia McCary, June 2, 1912 Educated at 
University of Texas, M. D. Member of Methodist 
Church, ami Masonic Lodge. Favorite recreation, fish- 
ing. Enlisted in Medical Reserve Corps and served on 
Local Board of Examiners, Kent Co. 

demons, Ira Brown, Comanche; Student at John Tarl- 
ton College, Stephen ville, Texas. Born in Waller, Texas 
Jan. 16, 1901. Descendant of Dr. Ira T. and Alice Brown 
Clemons of Comanche and grandson of Capt. Win. W. 
and Mary Clements Brown of La Mar. S. C. Educated 
in Comanche County High School. Member of Metho- 
dist Church. Favorite recreation, football and baseball. 
Clemons, Ira Tvson, Dr., Comanche; Physician and Sur- 
geon, City Health Officer. 1913-14. Pies. Comanche Co. 
Medical Societv, 1918. Born in Brenham, Washington 
Co., Texas, Sept. 27. 1870. Descendant of Ira Tyson and 
Sarah J. Williamson, grandson of James and Nancy 
Carrol of Virginia and Robert and Sarah Peal William- 
son of Ireland. Married Miss Alice Brown, June 14, 1899. 
Educated at High School, Hill's Business College of 
Waco, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. and Uni- 
versity of Texas, M. D., 1897. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, York Rite Chapter, K. of P., Methodist Church, 
Steward for twenty four years and District Steward for 
six years. Served on Local Medical exam. Board as 
supervisor in 1917, also in 14th District, U. S. Public- 
Health Service since 1918. 

(lower, A. J., Memphis; Hardware Merchant, Harrison 
& Clower Hardware Co. Born in Quanah, Texas, March 
IS, 1900. Descendant of W. W. and Addie Neal Lipscomb 
Clower. Educated at University of Texas and S. M. 
University, Dallas, Texas. Member of Delta Sigma Phi 
Fraternitv. Favorite recreations, bunting and t'ist ,5 >>sr. 
Served in S. A. T. C. in University of Texas. Austin, Tex 
Clower, W. W. (deceased), Memphis: Was a Hardware 
Merchant (Harrison & Clower Hilw. Co.). Born in El- 
dorado, Ark. Dec. 14, 1860. Descendant of Johnson S. 
Clower. Married Miss Addie Neal Lipscomb, Oct. 14, 
1896. Was a member of Board of Advisors of the Coun- 
cil of Defense in Hall County and was an active mem- 
ber in Liberty Loan Drives and in selling Thrift 

Cobb.Zach Lamar, El Paso: lawyer, Collector of Cus- 
toms at El Paso, Adviser on Mexico with War Trade 
Board at Washington. Born in Athens. Georgia. Jan. 
26, 1888. Descendant of Howell Cobb of Georgia. Married 
Miss Wilma Lindley Grayson, June 3, 1908. Educated at 
University of Georgia, P>. L. Member of Presbyterian 
Church. Elks and Masonic Lodge. Served unofficially 
in public speeches in behalf Liberty Bonds, Stamps and 
Red Cross. 

Coblentz, M., El Paso: Merchant, President The White 
House Store. Born in Alsace, May 19, 1881. Married Miss 
Anne Gregory. July 4, 1911. Educated at Paris, France. 
Member of Country Club, University Club. Progress 
Club, Auto Club Elks and Masonic Lodge. Favorite 
recreation, gardening. Devoted one entire floor to Red 
Cross Headquarters and equipped same, during the war. 
Cochran, K. II. Dr., Coleman; Physician and Surgeon, 
Sec'v Countv Medical Societv. Born in Alabama, July 
22. 1876. Descendant of Win. and Cornelia Agnew Coch- 
ran, Grandson of Hiram Cochran of Ga. Educated at 
High School and Atlanta College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons. Member of Presbvterian Church. Served as Cap- 
tain M. c. Rl5th Supply Train, 90th Division in France 
with A. E. F. and Army of Occupation in Germany. 




Colin, Max, Mineral Wells; Merchant. Born in Lodiz. 
Poland, July 20, 1864. Married Miss Melanye Lehman, 
Feb. 1, 1898. Member of Karvania Country Club. Ma- 
sonic Lodge (32nd degree, Scottish Rite and Shrine 
Assisted in all War Work. , 

Cole, Howard S., Ranger; Lamb Motion Picture Thea- 
tre, Cole Bros. Cole's Cafeteria and Ex-President of 
Chamber of Commerce. Born in New York, Feb. 17, 
1876. Descendant of Cole family of New England and 
Sutherland family of Scotland. Married Miss Brantley, 
Oct. 14, 1898. Member of the Masonic Lodge, Shrine and 
Rotary Club. Favorite recreations, Camping and tennis. 
Served as Major in 328th Co. and 182nd Infantry, in 
America and the 9th Corps in France. 
Coleman, F. E., Big Spring; Manager West Texas Elec- 
tric Co. Born in Ennonville, Va., Nov. 20, 1S78, of 
Scotch parentage. Married Miss Rubv Watson, Oct. 
22, 1917. Educated at Public Schools. Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge and York Rite. War Work: Served as 
Captain of Red Cross Team. 

Coleman, W. F., Alpine; Ex-Postmaster. Born in Har- 
rison County, Texas, Aug. 23, 1872. Married Miss Annie 
Belle Coleman, Sept. 18, 1904. Member of Baptist Church 
and a Royal Arch Mason. Favorite recreation, hunting. 

Coles, Alfred Porter, El Paso ; A. P. Coles & Bros., Real 
Estate, Mortgages and Banking. Born in Lebanon, Tenn., 
July 5, 1861. Descendant of J. F. Coles and Susan Hunt 
Coles, Married Miss Nellye Bell, Jan. 1893. Educated at 
Cumberland and Vanderbilt Universities. Member of 
Methodist Church, Masonic Lodge. K. of P., Toltec 
Club, University Club and Country Club. Favorite recrea- 
tion, horseback riding, golf and hunting. War work: 
Chairman for County War Savings Stamps, and Special 
work for Assistant Secretary of War. 

Coles, Alfred Porter Mrs.. 800 Ma gaff in Ave., El Paso, 
M&'iden name, Nellie Bell, native state Mississippi; 
Summer home. Camp Nodaway. Cloudcroft, New Mex- 
ico. Members of household, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Beil, 
(mother) and A. P. Coles, (husband). Day Chairman of 
sewing and later Supervisor of sewing in Red Cross 
Work," Captain in Liberty Loan, War Savings Stamps, 
Salvation Army, and Red Cross Drives, booth in Fes- 
tival of Allies, Assisted in Red Cross Gift Shop. Mem- 
ber of Woman's Club. Y. W. C .A., TJ. D. C, and one 
of the first members of Woman's Charity Ass'n, act- 
ing as President and Vice-President of same which af- 
terwards merged into present Associated Charities. 

Coles, John Franklin. El Paso; A. P. Coles & Bros., Real 
Estate & Insurance. Born in Lebanon, Tenn.. Aug. 12, 
1868. Descendant of J. F. Coles and Susan Hunt Coles. 
Married Miss Adele Fewel Oct. 24. 1906. Educated at 
Lebanon, Tenn. Member of Toltec and Country Clubs. 
Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing. Served in 
all War work drives. 

Coles, Mrs. John Franklin, El Paso; Maiden Name, Adele 
Fewel. Members of household: John Franklin Coies, 
(husband) William Fewel Coles (son) Katherine Hunt 
Coles and Frances Caroline Coles, (daughters) Sum- 
mer home, Cloud Croft, N. M. Favorite recreations, 
swimming, golf, horseback riding and dancing. Mem- 
ber of Ei Paso Women's Club, D. D. Ci, D. A. R.. and 
Women's Advisory Board of the El Paso School for 
Girls. Mrs. Coles christened and started the steam roll- 
er which began the first street paving ever done in El 
Paso, and her mother, (Mrs. W. J. Fewel) lighted the 
first gas jet ever burned in El Paso. 

Coles, Otis Calvin. El Paso. Born in Lebanon, Tenn., 
March 1. 1877. Descendant of John Franklin Coles and 
Susan G. Coles. Married Miss IClizabeth Hills Reese, 
Nov. 18, 1908. Educated at Lebanon, Tenn., public 
school. Came to El Paso Jan. 5, 1895, entering the real 
estate and insurance business as a member of the 
firm of A. P. Coles & Bros., who are still conducting 
the same business in El Paso. Member of Toltec Club, 
Country Club and the Elks. Favorite recreations, hunt- 
ing, fishing and golf. Served on the board of directors 
of El Paso Chamber of Commerce during the years 
1916, 1917 and 1918, the last year being honored with 
the presidency. The vear 1918 being the most strenuous 
period of the World's War. the Chamber of Commerce 
devoted most of its time to war work and it's officers 
and members did heroic work in that service, especially 
in the Red Cross Work, sale of Liberty Bonds and War 
Savings Stamps. During the last few months of the 
war, the need of men in the Army was so great that 
many of the business men of El Paso volunteered their 
services to the Government, among them being the 
President of the Chamber of Commerce, whose services 
were accepted, and he would have been assigned to 
duty had the war continued five day longer. The appre- 
ciation of the offer of his services was demonstrated 
by (he Government's voluntarily commissioning him as 
a < aptain in the Reserve Corps, shortly after the close 
of the war, which commission he now holds. 

Coles, Mrs. Otis Clavin, El Paso. Maiden name Eliza- 
beth Hills Reese. Married Otis Clavin Coles, November 
18, 1908. Mrs. Coles is prominent in El Paso social 
and club circles. 

Collins, Harry Wilbourne, Coleman ; with Magnolia Pe- 
troleum Co. Born in Coleman, Texas, Nov. 6, 1897. De- 
scendant of L. E. Collins and Cora Pevton Collins. 
Educated at Coleman, Texas and Lexington, Missouri. 
Member of Baptist Church. Favorite recreation, baseball. 
Served as Sgt. in 5th Regiment, Texas National Guard 
in Camp Stanley, Texas and Fort Oglethorp, Ga. 
Collins, Henry Milton, Coleman; Asst. Cashier First 
National Bank, Coleman, Texas. Born in Coleman, Tex- 
as, Oct. 7, 18S7. Descendant of L. E. and Cora Peyton 
Collins. Married Miss Hazelle Hooper, May 20. 1919. 
Educated at Coleman Schools. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and Shrine. Favorite recreation, fishing. Served 
as Reg. Sgt. Major in Camp Personnel Detachment, 
Camp Travis. 

Collins, F. E., Coleman; Banker, President of 1st Nat- 
ional Bank. Born in Georgia, Feb. 11, 1855. Descendant 
of H. W. Collins. Married Miss Cora Peyton, Feb 18, 
1880. Member of Baptist Church, Masonic Lodge and 
Odd Fellows. War Work: Served as Four Minute Man. 
Had three sons in World War, one served in France 
eighteen months. 

Collins, F. E. Jr., Breckenridge ; Accountant with First 
National Bank of Breckenridge. Born in Coleman, Texas, 
Sept. 6, 1895. Descendant of L. E. and Cora Peyton 
Collins. Educated at Coleman, Texas, and Lexington, 
Missouri. Member of Baptist Church, Masonic Lodge, 
Scottish Rite and Shrine. Served as 1st Class Musician 
in Band, 21st F. A., 5th Division, in France and Army 
of Occupation in Germany. 

Conley, E. A., Lubbock; Dry Goods Salesman, A. B. 
Conley, Jr., Born in Grosebeck. Texas, May 15, 1895. 
Educated at Austin, Texas. Member of Baptist Church, 
Masonic Lodge and Elks. Served as Sergeant in Hdqs. 
Co., 345th F. A., 90th Division, in France and Germany 
for eleven months. 

Connally Dr. Hersehel Frank, Waco : Surgeon. Born in 
Texas, January 6th, 1878. Educated at Vanderbilt Uni- 
versity ; degree, M. D. Member of Masonic Blue Lodge, 
i'ork Rite and Shrine. Member of Rotary Club and the 
Spring Lake Country Club. Church afl., Baptist. Ances- 
try, descendant of the Connally family of Ireland. War 
Work: Lieutenant Colonel M. C., Chief Surgical Service, 
Base Hospital No. 90, Fort Riley, Kansas, and Chau- 
mont, France; later was made Commanding Officer of 
Base Hospital No. 90. Vice-President Texas State Med- 
ical Association, 1918. 

Connally, Tom F., Clarendon; Wholesale Grain Dealer, 
Tom F. Connally Grain Co., Pres. of Texas Grain Deal- 
ers Assn., 1917 to 1918, member of the National Texas 
and Panhandle Grain Dealers Assn., Mayor of Clarendon, 
Texas, 1913 to 1917. Born in McLennan Co., Texas, Dec. 
31, 1872. Descendant of the Connallys from Ireland. Mar- 
ried Miss Maggie Dnke, Sept. 6. 1893. Educated at 
Trinity University. Member of Methodist Church, Ma- 
sonic Lodge, York Rite and Shrine, Clarendon Country 
Club, Red Cross. Clarendon Chamber of Commerce. War 
Work: Chairman, Donley Co. Council of Defense, memb- 
er of Finance committee, putting over Liberty Loan 
Drives. , 

Cooke, William H. Jr., Clarendon; Traveling Salesman 
for Stafford Lowdon) Co. Formerly Deputy Co. Clerk, 
Donley Co. Born in Clarendon. Texas, Feb. 20, 1888. 
Descendant of Col. .lames Burch Cooke. U. C. S'. and 
Spureme Judge, U. S. A. Married Miss Kitty Fleming, 
Oct. 30, 1920. Educated at Austin College and T. B. U., 
Texas. Member of B. P. O. E., U. C. T., W. O. W., and 
American Legion. Favorite recreation, athletics. Served 
as Pvt., Sgt. 1st Sgt., 2nd and 1st Lieut in Co. H., 
142nd Regiment, 36th Division, in the United States 
and eleven months overseas. Enlisted June 1917 as 
Pvt, Discharged March 1919. as First Lieut. 

Conley, W., El Paso; Vice-President of City National 
Dank and Pres. of t itv Mortgage Co. Born in Brook- 
field, Mo., Aug. 19, 1875. Descendant of M. L. Cooley. 
Married Miss Marin Beattie, Sept. 18, 1901 Educated 
at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Member of Masonic Orders. 
War Work: Served in the Red Cross. 

Cooper, Andrew J. Dr., Abilene; Phvsieian and Surgeon, 
R. R. Surgeon of M. K. & T., 1914 and Frisco Ry„ 1910 and 
County Health Officer of Taylor Co., 1910. Born in 
Opolika, Ala., July 10, 1875. Descendant of Maj. A. J. 
Cooper, who served in the war of 61. Married Miss 
Cora Lee Barnes. Oct. 1, 1899. Educated at Baylor 
University, Waco. Texas and Medical College, Louis 
ville, Kentucky, M. D. Member of Baptist Church, W. 
O. W. and M. W. of A. and I. O. O, F. Favorite recrea- 
tions, hunting and fishing. War Work: Served as Med- 
ical Examiner without pay. 


WHO'S WHO SECTION — Continued 


Cordell, Harold D., Childress; County Clerk, also in- 
terested in Abstract of Title work for several years. 
Born in Lancaster, Ohio, Aug. 10, 1887. Descendant of 
Frank D. and Addie L. Chaney Cordell. Married Miss 
Mayme T. Jefferies, Feb. 2, 191.3. Educated at High 
School, Brownwood, Texas. Member of Elks, M. W. A., 
I. O. O. F. and W. O. W. Served as Sec'y and mem- 
ber of Childress Local Draft Board. 

Correll, R. T.. Perrvton ; Lawyer, County Judge of 
Ochiltree County, 1914 to 1918. Born in Floyd County, 
Va., Nov. 12, 1881. Descendant of the Correll Family of 
Virginia. Married Miss Carrie E. Whippo. June 1, 1916. 
Educated at University of Virginia. Member of ' A. F. & 
A. M., K. of P. and S'eottsh Rite. Favorite recreation, 
automobiliug. Served as Chairman of Liberty Loan 
Drives, member of local Board, Chairman of Food Ad- 
ministration. Chairman of Legal Advisory Board, Chair- 
man of Speakers Bureau all for Ochiltree County, Texas, 
from the start to the finish. 

Costello, Cyril J., Bowie; Former See'y of Chamber of 
Commerce. Born in Toronto. Canada, 1886. Married Miss 
Nellie Cahill of Temple, Texas. Educated at St. Michael s 
College, Toronto. Member of Knights of Columbus. 
Cowart, Robert W., Dr., Brownwood ; Physician and Sur- 
geon, Daughertv & Cowart, Physicians & Surgeons Sani- 
tarium. Born in Bowser, Texas, March 14. 1880. Ed- 
ucated at Bavlor Medical College, M. D., 1916. Member 
of Masonic Lodge and Fraternal Brotherhood. Served 
as 1st. Lieut, as instructor Medical Officers Training 
School, Ft. Rilev, Kansas from April 7, 1918 to Jan. 
10, 1919. 

Cox, Emmett D., San Angelo ; Bookkeeper, Cox Rushing 
Greer Co. Born in Giddiugs, Texas, June 8, 1896. Ed- 
ucated at. Giddiugs and San Angelo Public School. 
Member of Masonic Lodge, A. F. & A. M„ Methodist 
Church, Vice-Commander of Jas. J. Goodfellow Post 
No 32 American Legion. Favorite recreation, all kinds 
of athletics. Served as Sergeant A. S. A. in 194th Aero 
Squadron, Ellington Field, Houston, Texas. 

Craifj. Gerald S., Philadelphia: Teacher, Science Dept, 
Oak Lane School of Philadelphia. Born in DeGratt, 
Ohio May 6, 1893, of Scotch and .Anglo Saxon parent- 
age 'Married Miss Prudence Bower, Dec. 27, 1915. Ed- 
ucated at Bavlor and Columbia Universities, A. B. and 
A. M. Member of Baptist Church and Masonic Lodge. 
Favorite recreation, tennis. Served as 1st. S'g'C in ..08th 
Supply Co. Q. M. C. Base Sec. No, 2 A. E. F. France 
Address at time of enlistment was Littlefield, Texas. 
Enlisted at Ft. Sam Houston. Texas and passed ex- 
amination for commission at Tours, France, Dec. 6, lJlb. 
Crandall, Clias. R., Mineral Wells; Drilling Contractor, 
Brady Bros J. S. Tavlor. and Supt. of production, 
Mocai Oil Co., Cal. Helped develop Kansas Oil Field in 
Butler with Buffalo Drilling Co. and have been quite 
active in developing Palo Pinto Co. with the Prairie 
Oil & Gas Co., having put down some of the deepest 
tests in the state. Born in Andover, N. \., April 1', 
1879. Descendant of Geo. H. and Amanda F. Barrows 
Crandall. Married Miss Gertrude B. King, Aug. 8, 1916. 
Educated at Lima Lutheran College, Lima Ohio and 
Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio, B. C. S. Mem- 
ber of Bradford Lodge, B. P. O. E. Favorite recreations, 
baseball and fishing. 

Cranfill, Britt E., Wichita Falls" Oil Gray- Craniill 
Co Born in Turnersville, Texas, Sept. 16, 1889. Edu- 
cated at Waco, Texas. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Elks and Country Clubs of Dallas and Wichita Falls. 
Favorite recreation, golf. War Work: Served in Navy 
Intelligence Office, San Francisco, Cal. 
Cranford, J. I>., Mineral Wells; Banker. Postmaster, 
1902 to 1914. Mayor 1913 to 1917 Bom in Texas June 
■>6 187° of English parentage. Married Miss Myrtle a. 
Wise Dec 21 1913. Educated at Grogan Academy, 
Lone' Oak. Member of Episcopal Church, Masonic Lodge, 
O E. S., Chamber of Commerce, Golf and Country uiud. 
Favorite recreations, fishing and golfing. 
Crawford. Chas. M., Childress; Asst. Adjutant General, 
Austin. Born in Crandall, Texas, FeK 10 1894. Educated 
at Childress, Texas High School. Member of Scottish 
Rite (32 degree), Shrine. Served as Rgt. Sgt. Majoi in 
Hdqs. Co., 142 Infantry, 36 Division in A. E. F. 
Crawford, Harvey, El Paso; Banker, President of The 
Border National Bank. 

Crawford, James L., Dr., Laredo; Physician and Sur- 
geon Born in Texas, Oct. 18, 1883, of Scotch parentage 
Married Miss Beuna B. Perry, Jan. 15, 1913. Educated 
at Trov Texas High School and Vanderbilt Universi- 
ty Medical Dept., Nashville, Tenn., M. D, Member of 
Methodist Church. Favorite recreations, fishing and 
limiting. Served as 1st. Lt. and Capt. m Med, Corps 
141st and 143 Regiment, 36th Division, in U. S., Camp 
Bowie, Ft. Worth, Texas and France, 
Crawford, S, R„ Graham; Capitalist, Ex-President Beck- 











National Bank, President of Graham Mill 
Elevator Co., interested in Oriental Hotel, Dai- 
Texas. Born March 9, 1846, in Wane County, Va. 
•ated at Public School. Member of Masonic Blue 
;e. Assisted in all war work. 

s, J. M., Childress, Banker, F. & M. State Bank, 
in Lavaca County, 1884. Married Miss Annie Jef. 
1910. Member of Masonic Lodge and Presbyterian 
h. War work: Coal Administrator, and Red Cross 

Crisp, A. M., Uvalde; General Merchandising and Bank- 
ing, Sec'y and Treasurer of F. A. Piper Co. Born in 
Columbus, Texas, Dec. 8, 1867. Descendant of Dr. David 
H. Crisp of Columbus and Uvalde. Married Miss Mary 
Boone, daughter of former Attorney General, H. H. 
Boone of Texas', a distinguished Confederate Soldier. 
Educated at Public School, Columbus Member of K. 
of P. Favorite recreations, fishing and hunting. As- 
sisted in various War Drives and selling of bonds, 
Thrift Stamps and in Red Cross Work. 
Criswell, J. S., Graham; Vice-President and General 
Manager, Graham Mill & Elevator. Interested in Ice, 
Milling & Grain business. Born in Texas' Nov. 24, 1879 
.Married Miss Nora D. Longino, Oct. 12, 1904. Educat- 
ed at Graham and Ft. Worth. Member of Methodist 
Church, Masonic Lodge and is a Knight Templar. 
Croft, Guy, Mineral Wells; Capitalist (retired), Bank 
of Mineral Wells, Guaranty State Bank, and exten- 
sive Real Estate interests and oil holdings in Stephen 
Co. Born iu Hunt Co., Texas, Aug. 14, 1S73. Descen- 
dant of E. D. and Sophie Robertson Croft, natives of 
Tennessee, who emigrated to Texas in 1869. Married 
Miss Lelon Seale, June 3, 1894. Educated at High School. 
Member of Presbyterian Church, Elks, Odd Fellows, 
M. W. O. W., Rotary Club, Life Membership West Texas 
Chamber of Commerce, Mineral Wells' Chamber of Com- 
merce and Country Club. Favorite recreations, golf, 
hunting and fishing. War work : Chairman of the 
2nd Liberty Bond Drive and active in all war work. 

Croom, Cleveland W., El Paso; Lawyer, Dyer, Croom & 
Jones,! County Attorney, El Paso. County, 1914 to 1916. 
Born in Dardeuelle, Ark. Married Miss Dardes Mc- 
Daniel, Oct. 14. 1908. Educated at University of W. Va. 
and University of Ark., B. A. and B. L. • 
Croom, Sam G., El Paso; Lawyer, Dyer, Croom & Jones. 
Born in Dardanellee, Ark., July 14, 1894. Educated at 
University of Arkansas, A. B. and Harvard University, 
L. L. B. Member of Presbyterian Church, El Paso 
Country Club, University Club and Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon Fraternity. Trained at Camri Ft. Logan II. Roots. 
Ark., served as 1st Lieut, in 335th Machine Gun Bn. 
87th Division and as Divisional Machine Gun Instructor 
in U. S. and Adjutant of 335th M. G. Bn. in France. 
Crowdus, Mrs. Jolira William, El Paso; Maiden name, 
Minnie Elaine Adoue, daughter of the late Mr. and 
Mrs. Bertrand Adoue of Galveston, Texas. Husband; 
John William Crowdus. Life member of Red Cross, 
Sec'y of Guild of St, Clemonts Episcopal Church and 
member of AVonian's Club and Y. W. C. A. 

Crudginton, Harvey M., Amarillo : Automobile Dealer, 
President of Crudginton Motor Co. Born in Breck- 
enridge, Tex,as, March 21, 1892 Descendant of A. 
Crudginton, who emigrated from England at an early 
date and served in General Greene's Army. Married Miss 
Leta F. Pitts, Dee. 17, 1917, Educated at Amarillo. Fa- 
vorite recreations, riding and shooting. Served as Pvt. 
in Troop B., Texas National Guard, April 4, 1911 to 
April 3, 1914, 1st Squadron Texas Cavalry, 2nd Lieut. 
T. N. G., April 20, 1914 to May 21, 1910, 1st Lieutenant 
Texas Cavalrv. T. N. G. May 21, 1916 to July 6, 1817, 
Capt., Texas Cavalry, T. N. G. July 6, 1917 to Oct. 15, 

1917, Captain, 132nd F. A., Oct. 15. 1917 to June 19; 

1918, Major, 132nd F. A., June 10. 1918 to Oct. 15, 1918. 
transferred from 132nd F. A. to 138th F. A., in France 
Oct. 15, 191S. When the 13Sth F. A. returned to U. S'., 
Dec. 10. 1918, was retained with assignment to 314th 
F. A., 80th Division and was with the 314th F. A. from 
Dec. 23, 1918 to May 6, 1919. Discharged at Camp Lee, 
Va., May 6, 1919 with the rank of Major in the Field 

Crudginton, John W., Amarillo: John P. Mathis & Co., 
Real Estate. Born in Stephens Co., Texas, July 6, 1894, 
of Scotch, Irish parentage. Educated at Amarillo High 
School. Member of Presbyterian Church, B. P. O. E. and 
American Legion. Favorite recreation, athletics. Served 
as Sergeant in Battery B., 132nd F. A., 36th Division, 
in France seven months. 

Crume, J. J. Dr., Amarillo: Oculist and Aurist, Dra. 
Crume & Killough, Pres. of Potter County Medical So- 
ciety and Sec'y of Panhandle Dist. Med. Society. Born 
in Dallas, Texas, Sept. 9. 1S67. Descendant of John 
Crume. Educated at Med. Dept. Fort Worth Universi- 
ty, M. D. Married Miss Myrta Manning, Aug. 25, 1907. 




Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing. War Work: 
Member of Advisory Board. 

Crutcher, ]>r. Albert B., Mineral Wells; Dentist. Mar- 
ried Miss Hudson, formerly of Galveston. Educated at 
Vanderbilt University, Tenu. D. D. S. Member of Ki- 
wanis Club and Baptist Church. Served as 1st. Lieut. 
D. C, Sect. 11, 19171 to June 24 1918, Capt. D. C. .Tune 
24, 1918 to Feb. 24, 11119. Major D. C, Feb. 24, 1919 to 
July 5, 1919 with 36th Division until discharged. At 
present Major in the Reserve Corps. 

Crutcher, George XV., Eastland; Insurance Agent. Torn 
D. Crutcher & Co.. Mayor of East Dallas. 1SS6 to 1890 
and District Clerk, Eastland Co., 1876 to 1S78. Born in 
Harrison Co., Kentucky, May 5, 1S49. Descendant of 
Granville Crutcher of Frankfort, Kentucky. Married Miss 
Leonora Lawrence, Feb. 4, 1877. Educated at Country 
School and University of Kentucky. Member of Masonic 

Crutcher, I>r. J. XV., Mineral Wells; Dentist. Born in 
Tennessee, Feb. 13, 1882. Married Miss Owene Brack- 
en ridge Peeler, r.he only daughter of Col. and Mrs. A. J. 
Feeler of Texas, July 26. 1911. Educated at Vanderbilt 
University, XV. Va., D. D. S. Member of Baptist Church 
Country Club, Masonic Blue Lodge Scottish Rite (32nd 
degree), Shrine and Rotary Club. Favorite recreations, 
golf, hunting and fishing. 

Crutcher, John XV., Mrs.. Mineral Wells. The only dau- 
ghter of Col. and Mrs. A. J. Peeler. Her mother was 
Miss Roberta O. Brackenridge. a member of the Brack- 
enridge family of San Antonio. Born in Austin, Texas. 
Educated at Kidd-Key Conservatory of Music, Sherman 
and the Belton Baptist College. Member of the Baptist 
Church and Daughters of the American Revolution. 
Active in all War Work and social affairs. 
Crutcher, Tom D., Eastland; Tom W. Crutcher & Co., 
Insurance and Real Estate, Director and past Sec'y of 
Eastland Chamber of Commerce. Born in Dallas, Tex- 
as, Aug. 12, 1888. Educated at Dallas Public Schools. 
Member of Eastland Tennis and Gun Club and Past 
and Present Exalted Ruler of B. P. O. E.. present 
Treasurer of the Masonic Lodge. Favorite recreation, 
tennis, baseball, fishing and hunting. Served on the 
Red Cross. Liberty Loan and Elk Relief Committees. 

Culton, D. H., Tulia : Attorney at Law. Member of the 
firm of Culton & Taylor, Attorneys. President. Culton 
Abstract & Title Co. County Attorney, Swisher County. 
1910-1912. Born in Springtown. Parker Co. Texas, Oct. 
3, 1SSS. Educated in public schools, supplemented with 
special study at the University of Texas Taught 
school, 1905 to 1910. Was admitted to the bar in Feb- 
ruary, 1910. Married Miss Velma Langford in 1912, who 
died in 1918. Married Mrs. Ora Innes, 1921. Member of 
all Masonic bodies. York Rite, Mystic Shrine, W. O. W. 
Methodist Church and American Legion. Civilian war 
Work: served as chairman of Swisher County Local 
Advisory Board and assisted in all drives. Military rec- 
ord, served as Regimental Sgt. -Major, Judge Advocate 
General's Department, at Camp Travis. Texas. 
Cummings, K. C, Memphis; Harrison-Olower Hardware 
Co. Born in Meridian ,Miss., March 27, 1896. Descen- 
dant of M. J. Cummings. Married Miss Clara Goffnett, 
Sept. 11, 1919. Educated at Memphis. Member of Meth- 
odist Church and I. O. O. F. Served as Corporal in Co. 
D. 111th Supply Train, in France, from Aug. 12, 1917 
to May 23, 1918. Trained at Camp Bowie, Texas. 
Cummins, Erwin Jeptha, Dr., El Paso: Physician and 
Surgeon . Born in Putnev, South Dakota, Aug. 27, 18S6. 
Married Miss Edna Frances Gaffe, Sept. 21, 1912. Ed- 
ucated in Northwestern University, M. D. Member of 
Trinity Methodist ( lnirch and Masonic Lodge. Served 
as Captain in 61st. Regt. C. A. C. Division, in France. 
Cunningham, Rector, (deceased). Comanche; Born in 
Comanche, July 16, 1893. Descendant of Mr. and Mrs. 
Aaron Cunningham. Served aa a Lt. in 3rd Co. 359th 
Regiment, 90th Division, with the A. E. F. in France. 
Enlisted May, 1917, and was killed in action Sept., 1918 
being the first casualty from Comanche Co. The Am- 
erican Legion Post at Comanche was named after him. 
Curl, Chas. H., Plainview ; Lawyer. Born in Ohio, Jan. 
23, 1872, of English parentage. Educated at DeGraff, 
Ohio, and Cincinnati Law School, B. L. Married Mrs. 
Estelle C. Craig, Nov. 25, 1903. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreation, 
touring. War Work: Was Chairman of the Legal Ad- 
visory Board of Lamb County, Vice Chairman of Red 
I 'loss. Hale County Chapter and assisted in every 
Liberty Bond and Red ( ross Drive. Had two sons in 
the service in France. 

Curl, C. II. Mrs., 1'lainview. Born in DeGraff, Ohio. 
Aug. 16, 1872 of Scotch-Irish parentage. Educated at 

DeGraff, Ohio. Member Of Eastern Star, Presbyterian 
Church and various local societies. War Work: Chair- 
man Littlefield Branch Red Cross and assisted exten- 
sively in all Bed Cross Work. 

Dalrymple, Henry James, (deceased) Uvalde. Born in 
Uvalde, Oct. 24, 1SS9. Educated in Public Schools of 
Uvalde. Served as 1st Class Private in Company C, 
Hist Regiment, Camp Bowie, U. S. Died Feb. 0, "l918 
at Camp Bowie. 

Dalrymple, Miss Ze.ia ; Uvalde. County Clerk since 1906 
Native of Uvalde. Educated in Public Schools of Uvalde. 
Member of M. E. Church, South, and Eastern Star. 
Dameroii, XV. E., Hereford; Lawyer. Jones & Dameron. 
County Attorney for five years.. Born in Bloomfield, 
Cooke County, Texas, Feb. 28, 1888. Ancestry, Scotch- 
Irish. Married Miss Jane Gregg, May 5, 1920.' Educated 
at Washington & Lee University and University of Tex- 
as. Member of Masonic Lodge and Shrine. Served in 
the Navy. 

Daniel, W.. Wichita Falls; Treas. and Gen. Mgr., Tri- 
angle Oil Co.. and Knouth. Oil Co. Born in Texas, 1882. 
Favorite recreations, golf and hunting. Assisted in Red 
Cross and Y. M. C. A. drives. 

Daughety, Dr. Jewel ; Brownwood ; Surgeon, Drs. 
Daughety & Cowart. On Staff of Instructors, Texas 
Baptist Memorial Sanitarium, 1920; Physicians and 
Surgeons Hospital: Baylor Medical Colleae, 1919-1926 ; 
Southern Methodist Medical College, (Dept. Patholo- 
gy), 1914-1915. Surgeon for Oriental Oil Co., Southern 
Surety Co., Proctor cfc Gambel : and Phvsician, Southern 
Methodist University (Men's Bldg.), 1917-191S. Born in 
Saulsbury. T'enn., July 4, 18S7. Descendant of Reubin 
and Elizabeth Daughety. Educated at S. M. U., M. D. 
Member of Baptist Church. Married Miss Marie Oswald 
Apr. 1, 1910. Served as Red Cross Nurse Instructor dur- 
ing war. 

Davenport, A., Ranger; Merchant, Davenport Hardware 
Co. Interested in Texas Bank & Trust Co., Guarantee 
State Bank, Gordan, Texas; Fire and Police Commission- 
er; and Director of Chamber of Commerce. Born in San 
Green County, Texas, Nov. 29, 1S75. Ancestry, Scotch- 
Irish. Married Miss Louvie A. Gamer, Oct. 20, 190S. Ed- 
ucated in Weatherford High School. Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge, Elks and Rotary Club. Favorite recrea- 
tions. Trap shooting and hunting. Assisted in all Lib- 
erty Loan and Victory Loan drives during war. 

Davidson, J. C, Childress; Born in Edoin. Van Zandt 
County, Texas, Aug. 30. 1S93. Educated in Childress 
High School. Member of A. F. & A. M., B. P. O. E. and 
M. E. Church, South. Favorite recreations, Hunting, 
Fishing and Baseball. Served as Corporal in Hdq. Co. 
315th Regiment, Engineers, 90th Division, in A. E. F., 
Army of Occupation in Germany. 

Davidson, John XV. Childress: Lawyer. Born in Van 
Zandt County, Texas, Aug. 3, 1869. Married Miss Katie 
Longmire, Apr 2S, 18S9. Educated at Southwestern Uni- 
versity. Member of Methodist Church. Served as Chair- 
man Advisory Board and 4-minute man. Assisted in all 
war activities. 

Davidson, Robt. L,., Childress; Real Estate & Farm 
Loans. Born in Edom, Texas, Jan. 29, 1890. Educated in 
Grand 'Saline High School. Member of A. F. & A. M., 
B. P. O. E. and M. E. Church, South. Favorite re.-rca- 
tions, Hunting. Fishing, Baseball and Tennis. Served 
as Bat. Sgt. Major, 142nd Inf., 36th Division and 2nd 
Lieut., Q. M. C, Motor Supply Train No. 422, A. E. F. 

Davis, Abner; Fort Worth. Banker and Oil Producer] 
Pies.. Abner Davis Svstein Bank. Interested in Wichita 
Falls Belt Ry., First National Refineries (Texas), and 
Abner Davis Corporation (Arkansas). Born in Virginia, 
Sept. 13, 1S73. Married Miss Grace Trowell, Umatilla; 
Fla., Apr. 2, 1894. Educated in Public Schools of Vir- 

Davis, Chas., El Paso; Mayor. Interested in Bijou The- 
atre and Security Bank. Member of 30th and 31st State 
Legislature of Texas (2 years), County Tax Collector 
(2 terms) and members Board of Directors A. & M. 
College. Born in Bryan, Texas, July 20, 1877. Married 
Miss Fannie Montgomery of Austin, Texas, Dec 29. 
1900. Educated at Bingham School, V. M. S. Member 
of Masonic Lodge, K. of P. and Elks. Favorite recre- 
ations. Golf and hunting. Assisted in Red Cross and 
Liberty Bond campaigns during war. 

Davis, Mrs. Charles. Ft. Worth. Members of Household: 
Charles Davis (husband) and Frances Davis (daughter). 
Summer Home address: 625 W. Boulevard. Cloudcroft, 
N. M. Member of Woman's Club and Y. W. C. A. .Maid- 
en name, Fannie Montgomery. Married Charles Davis 
Dec. 29, 1909, at Austin, Texas. 

Davis, Chas. K., Mineral Wells: Salesman, Martin 
Company. Born in Brownwood, Texas, May 19, 1895; 
Son of Charles N. and Florence Simmons Davis. Member 
of Masonic Lodge and Mineral Wells Country Club. 
Favorite recreations football, golf and baseball. Serv- 
ed as Captain in Company M. 111th Inf.. 36th Divi- 




sion, at Camp Bowie, Tex., and" with the A. E. F., .France. 
Davis, Dr. Eldrcd A., Minedal Wells; Physician, Propr. 
of the Davis Wells & Baths. Born in Enrlington, Ky., 
Feb. 14, 1881. Descendant of Sir John Davis of Eng- 
land and Vifginia., Married Miss Helen Smith March 
27, 190S. Educated at Kentucky State and University 
of Nashville. M. D. Member of Masonic bodies, I. O. O. 
F. and Rotary Club. Favorite recreation, fishing. Serv- 
ed as Private, 3rd Ky. Vol. Inf. in Cuba during Span- 
ish-American War, Served as Hospital Steward in I'hil- 
lirjines in TJ. S'. Navy, detailed on Relief Expedition 
Kurs-Jap War; Captain Inf. with Texas Troops, Mex- 
ican Border, 1916, and Captain of Medical Corps, Camp 
Riley, Kaus., during World War. 

Davis, K. F., El Paso. Mgr., Draugbon's Business Col- 
lege. Born in Wise County, Texas, March 17, 1S7S, of 
Canadian parentage. Married April 7th, 1913. Educated 
in schools of Texas, holds degree of A. B. Member of 
Rotary Club and Ad Club. 

Davis, Dr. Raleigh L,., Big, Spring; Physician and Sur- 
geon, Drs. Hall & Davis. Born in Savoy, Texas, Dec. 3, 
1S90. Ancestry: Scotch. Married. Miss Angie Lloyd, June 
7, 1910. Educated at University of Texas, Galveston, M. 
D. Member of Masonic Lodge. Served as Capt., M. R. C, 
in Base Hospital No. SO, France 12 months. 
Davis, Waters, El Paso ; Lawyer. Born in Corpus Chris- 
ti, Texas, March 15. 1862. Ancestry, Scotch-English. Mar- 
ried Miss Agnes Howard, 1SS0. Educated at Texas Mil- 
itary Institute, Austin, and Michigan University, L. L. 
B. Favorite recreation, golf. 

Deady, Dr. Howard P., El Paso. Surgeon. Born in Haek- 
ensack. N. J., Feb. 5, 1S75. Educated at N. Y. H. College 
and Hospital, D. M. S. Married Miss Caroline Miller, 
July 28. 190S. Member of Elks and El Paso University 
Club. Volunteered for service in M. C, accepted Nov. 
5, 191S. 

Deaver, H. E., Memphis; Pres. Hall County National 
Bank. Born in Grayson County, Texas, Aug. 28, 1S62. 
Descendant of John A. Deaver. Married Miss Maud 
Montgomery, March 17. 1892. Educated at Waco Uni- 
versity and Sam Houston State Normal. Member of 
Presbyterian Church. Served as Attorney for Exemption 
Board and was active in all war work. 
Denman, Thomas E., Brownwood ; District Manager, 
Southwestern Life Insurance Co., Sec'v, and Treas.. 
U. C. T. Council 395;. Pres., Lions Club, 1920. Born in 
Bell County, Texas, Oct., 20, 1879. Descendant of Moses 
H. and Kuth V. Walton of Bell County. Married Miss 
Iua Coggin, July 20, 1904. Educated at Brownwood 
Public Schools. Member of Lions Club, U. C. T., Ma- 
sonic Lodge and Presbyterian Church, U. S. A. Serv- 
ed as Chairman, Red Cross; District Chairman, United 
War Work (Boy's Dept.) and served on Liberty Loan 
Committees during war. 

Dennis, James Robert, Jacksboro; Publisher, Jacksboro 
Gazette. Post Commander, Bailey-Durham Post No. 35, 
American Legion. Born in Gordon, Texas, July 13, 1S92. 
Educated in Jacksboro Public School. Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge, York Rite and Baptist Church. Favorite 
recreation, athletics. Served as Private in Company G. 
142nd Inf., 30th Division in France. Wounded in action 
Oct. 25. 19 IS. 

Develin, Joseph Chubb. San Angelo; Rancher: Born in 
Philadelphia, Pa. July 8, 1SS9. Educated at Haverford 
College, Pa., B. A. Married Miss Jeannette Millspaugh, 
July 15, 1914. Member of Military Order of Foreign 
Wars, American Legion, Elks, and San Angelo Country 
Club. Served as Capt. in Hdqs. Co., 54th Pioneer Inf., 
Meuse-Argonne offensive with 1st Army, Five months 
with Army of Occupation, Coblenz, Germany. 

Dial, W. I'., Memphis; Wholesale Grain and Farming. 
Interested in Hall County State Bank ond the Citizens 
State Bank. Born in Woodstock, Georgia, Feb. 17, 1S64. 
Ancestry Scotch-Irish. Descendant of Tullie John Dial 
(Confederate Veteran). Married Miss Eulah Kerr of 
Fannin County, Texas, July 3, 1889. Educated in pri- 
vate and Public Schools. Member of W. O. W. and the 
Methodist Church. Active in Liberty Bond Drives and 
W. S. Stamp sales. 

Dickinson, Byron C, Lubbock ; Grain Dealer. Post Com- 
mander, Allen Bros. Post, 14S, American Legion, and 
S'ec'y-Treas., Lubbock Grain & Coal Co.. Inc. Born in 
Cameron, Texas, March 14, 1S97. Descendant of W. K. 
Dickinson, Sr., from England, S. C. and Ga. Married 
Miss Maxie Marshall. Feb. 6, 1921. Educated in Lub- 
bock High School and W. T. & N. C. of Canyon, Tex. 
Member of B. P. O. E. and American Legion. Favorite 
recreations, hunting and trapshooting. Served as S'gt. 
and 2nd Lieut, in Company D 4th Regiment,, Texas 
Cavalry, N. G. T. 

Dickinson, W. K. Sr., Lubbock. Cattleman, Grain Deal- 
er and Banker. Vice-Pres., Lubbock State Bank, and in- 
terested in Lubbock Grain & Coal Company. Born in 

Lyonville, Ala. April 22, 1SC0. Descendant of the Dick- 
inson family who migrated from England to South Caro- 
lina and Georgia. Married Miss Betty Holt, Nov S 1891 
Member ot Methodist Church. Loyal supporter of War 

Pietrick, Boyd Jackson, El Paso; Advertising Mgr 

E? eI 1 t l:.?^ al ', k , e , r Company. Born in Houtzdale, Penn June 
30, 1890. Educated at Cornell University. Served "as 1st 
Lieut, in Company H, 144th Inf., 36th Division in 
Meuse-Argonne Offensive (Champagne Sector) France 
Dild.y, Dr. Joe E., Brownwood ; Physician. Ex-Council- 
or Fourth District, State Medical Association. Born in 
Nashville, Ark June 24, 1870. Descendant of E. R Dildv 
and Nancy Abbott Dildy. Educated at University of 
Tenn M. D. Married Miss Emma Taylor, 1890 Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge. York Rite. I. OO. F. and Bap- 
tist Church Served as 1st.. Lieut., M. R .C, Camp ul- 
Dry, S. A. 1 C, State University, Austin, Texas 1918 
Served on Medical Advisory Board, 1917 and 'Acting 
Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Public Health, Houston 1919 

W.,r7r ,k i'r E rV E - . Mil ' en '! > v eHs; Treas. Famous Mineral 
Water Co. Born in Louisiana, Mo., March 6, 1800 Son 
or Andrew Jackson Dismuke and Mary Zanetta" Jordon 
Dismuke of Kentucky and Missouri. Descendant of Pa, 
Dismuke of Baltimore, Md., from France in the lStl 
century. Married Miss Marcus Brown Dec 19 1881 
Dodier, W- H., Laredo; Merchant. A. H. Dodier & Bio 
Born in Matamoros, Mexico, Aug. 11, 1883 Ancestrv 
French, American and Mexican. Married Miss Victoria 
Ramirez March 1918. Educated in San Antonio Pub- 

recrfattoB?'hvfnttn- e . r ° f LatiQ American Club - Favorite 

Z ; A' f> J ? m * s [ E ! ia, V Veru °n; Physician and Sur 
Tern,' ih, , D i°.J ls( ?«.£ f! oclson ; b oit. in Hickman Count! 
^""iJ a - V .>\ !«L. Descendant of Elias and France: 

Nashville, Tenn.; m;. DTM^mber"of 'Mason^Lo^rior^ 

Rite Shrine, M. E. Church and County, State and A M 
A. Societies. Favorite recreations, hunting, swimming 
and golf. Served as Private in Company G Walli rs 
Bat, Green's Brg., Texas, C. S. Army in Trans-Miss 
fense P1 19?s eP ' ^ em ^ of Texas "a* Council of Le- 

ber 'of Masonic Lodge, Shrine. B. P 6 "e ' K "' of P 
Methodist Church and County, State" and American" 
Medical Societies,, Served in V. M. R. S C. during war 
Donnell, Ben p. Wichita Falls: Editor,' Times Publish- 
lng J c ?; 1 Bor '! '" Greensburg, Indiana, May 28, 1881 Mar- 
ried Miss M. thristensen, Jan. 15. 1909. Educated at 
Gieenburg High School and Indiana University. Mem- 
ber ot Masonic Lodge, Elks, Wichita Club, Rotary Club 
University Club and Presbyterian Church. Assisted in 
all \\ ar work. 

Doran, F H Del Rio: Funeral Director, Doran Under- 
taking Co. Pres. School Board, 1920. Director Cham- 
ber of Commerce, 1919-1920: Member Executive Commit- 
tee, Associated Charities, Officer, First Presbyterian 
Church, Commissioned Boy Scouts of America' Born 
in Brown County. Texas, Feb. 2, 18S2 of Irish De- 
scent. Married Miss Blanche Brumley, Sept 3 1905 
Descendant of Pros. Jas. K. Polk. Educated at Sterling 
City High School and Toby's Business College (Waco 
Tex.) Member of Presbyterian Church, W. O. W (Sec'v 
1917) and K. of P. Favorite recreations. Camping and 
fishing. Director, Val Verde County W. S. S'„ 1919. 
Dowden, E. Jr., Plainview; Member of firm, Dowden 
Hardware Co. Born in Kansas City, Mo., Jan 1 1892' 
Descendant of Daniel Boone of Kentucky. Married Miss 
Josephine Piggott, Jan. 18, 1920. Educated in Golden 
Colo., degree E. M. Member of Bi P. O E Favorite 
recreation, hunting. Served as Master Engineer, J G 
in Hdqs. Co. 5th Corps troops in Meuse-Argonne.' France 
9 months. 

Dowden, William P., Plainview; Member of firm Dow- 
den Hardware Co. Born in Allerton, Iowa, May 10 
1885. Descendant of Daniel Boone of Kentucky Married 
Miss Harriott A. Alderson, Dec. 17. 1919. Educated at 
Kentucky State College. Member of B. P. O E Favorite 
recreation, hunting. Served as Master Engineer, R G 
in Hdqs. Company, 5th Corps troops, in Meuse-Ar- 
gonne Offensive, France 9 months. 

Dreben, Sam, EI Paso ; Broker. Born in Poltova. Russia, 
June 1. 1S7S. 32 degree Mason and Member of University 
Club. Served in Philippine Insurrection, 1899-1902: Boxer 
Revolution Chinaj 1900: Mexican Punitive Expedition, 
1910; 1st Sgt„ Co. A. 141st Inf.. 30th Division in World 
War. Received Distinguished Service Cross; Medaille 



WHO'S WHO SECTION — Continued 

Militaire; and Croix de Guerre with two Palms. D. S. 
C. Reads as follows: "For extraordinary heroism in 
action near St. Etienne, France. S October 18. Sgt. 
Dreben discovered a body of German troops going to 
the support of machine gun nest, situated in. a pocket 
near where the French and American lines joined. Sgt 
Dieben cafled for volunteers and with the aid of about 
thirty men. rushed the German position, captured _ toui 
machine guns, killed more than forty of the enemy, 
SJtured two and returned to our lines without the 
loss of a man." 
Drown, Eeroy M.. Cisco ; Treas and Mgr •> Mobley Hotel 

brf 4 S. Sa?ed^Pub& ip^VbS; 

Wise Favorite recreations. Fishing. Tennis and Baseball 
Duckworth Ira *£**%*?%& ^eS^ 

Fortress Monroe. Va. in Coast Aitillery. 

Duckworth, Walter Sidney, Post: Bu]pt. of Textile ^ -oik 

83rd Field Artillery. Camp Knox. Ky. 

Dudgeon, Dr. Eamartine o, Sweetwater ; ^™«an and 

go P splNo E 27 France? and Vice Chairman of Medical 

52°? V^iSffi D ^ d A«es«an & t 

^^^an^Add^l^d^^^ Vated at McGreg^ 


Comme4^VarWorU: B pres St Civilian Relief Work 

?44o?th- W^Te^f JSedPcaf ffi, ^Born^ 
ISns^Beri ^h A rSle Se p^can^n^iSl 
Lewis Duncan and Sarah K. ™«« Educated at Tu- 
Miss Browning 0ut ) a "%TT Member of Masonic Lodge 
^tSratf y To°rk L Rite i an > di ? ^nl Served as 1st Lt. 
Scottish Kite x MacArthur, Texas 

DupVe, M. M„ Lubbock. Supt of Sch ools. Born n i Ohio, 
Sept.. 4, 1866 •Descendant of John and a uacy J &t 

Married Miss Nobia B^". Au^ -l. i - M . lsou „- L odg e 
Leba^non^OMo Schools, BS Member or i « ^ 

W . O. W.. K. of P.. °*ate xeac "« lB t Treasury Derjt. 
odist Church. Served as Special a vul, 

ZTlTnZn ^;^orney at Law S «, 

Former Director, Pres and \ ice * re ., Maj . riea 

Ass'n. Born in Waco, Texas, Apm ' allatin, Tenn. 
Miss Anne L. Green, °^VvCcn e V Hampden Sidney, 
Educated at Hampden Sid e> < < -<■ ' . . ,, 1 . eSl , y . 

Tenn. and Baylor University Waco. Memo ^ 
terian Church, Elks, loltec ^iuu, g ecreatlon , 

Hui^ S^ed^E?pLo4% Advisory Board and 
Ei,, P rt^Loan Coramittees during War cer , 

Easley, A C..Wich^a Falls BanKer ^^ N;lti 
Wichita State Bank &l rust co., j , Manager of 

Farm Loan Assn .Tieasurer ana b b M . 

T. G. TJ., Fasley Pecan |o lion in iv Ma ' rried Miss 

r , 1864 . Descendant o« William Easiey au .. g 

Claudia Miller. June 2... isjo \ rtu, ^ : , 1 Me mber of Lis- 
tian University, A. B 1890. A. ■ ., ' _, ft n|1(1 A , 

B\ one year, in Villers in Haye sector, St. Mihiel Of- 
iensive, Puvenelle Sector, Meuse-Argonne Offensive iu 

1, *w.i..t ^..t,. .. «- n,irin!n» U.,.|ll,.i,n)>fO|.o 

Dec. ii, 1920. liaucated at (juanaii i-iigu school ami Bay- 
lor Uuiv. Member of Baptist Church, K. of P. Lodge, 
American Legion and Rotary Club. Favorite recreation, 
baseball and hunting. Served as 1st. Lieut, ill Co. H., 
3rd Trg. Reg. R;pl .Div., Camp Pike, Ark. 

„ of the Red Cross Drives for two years. 
Elbert, Milton S., Dallas; Special Agent, Phoenix Ins. 
Co. and Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. x 



Elmendorf, Gus, Marfa; Manager, Sec'y and Treasur 
of Marfa Mfg. Co. Born in San Antonio, Texas, Se[ 

9. 1 STF, ATn vvi oil AHce Tnlio T.rtrta? Anv TtO-l TTVlnnnl-. 

j, 1875. Married Miss Julia Lopez, Apr., 1904. Educated 
at Public Schools of San Antonio. Member of Catholic 
Church. Favorite recreation, outdoor sports. Served on 
Selective Service Board for Presidio County during the 
entire war, 

Emery, Kay Waldo, El Paso ;. Proprietor of Geo. D. Ken- 
dall Optical Co. Stockholder of El Paso Bank A- Trust 
Co. Born in Creston, Iowa, July 2, 1881. Descendant of 
Edgar T. and Ada A. Emery. Married Miss Il'ah Gunn, 
March 11, 1917. Educated at Bradley Horological School, 
Dr. of Optics. Member of A. F. & A. M„ Scottish Rite 
York Rite and Shrine. 

Engelking, C. P., Electra ; Lawyer, Engelking & Dotson. 
Formerly Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue in 
charge of 4th Division of Texas. Ex-Pres., of Chamber 
of Commerce. Born in Sealev, Texas. June 2, 1890. 
Descendant of S. Engelking, Sr. Educated at Blinn Me- 
morial College, Brenham, Texas, A. & M. Las Cruces, 
New Mexico, Baylor University, Waco and University of 
Texas, Austin, A. B. & L. L. B. Married Miss Hilda 
Wallace, June S. 1918. Member of K. of P. Served as 
Private in 84th Co., Camp Travis, Cadet in Officers 
Training School, Camp McArther and served in legal 
branch of Bureau of War Risk Ins., Special Investi- 
gator for Aljutant General, on Mexican Border. Ex- 
Texas Ranger. 

Eppler, J. C, Cisco; Patterson & Eppler, Real Estate. 
Born in Cisco, Texas, Dec. 2, 1882. Married Miss Anna 
Lee Chauncey, Feb. 22. 1900. Educated at College and 
Public Schools of Texas. Member of York Rite, A. F. & 
A. M., Shrine, K. of P. and W. O. W. Favorite recre- 
ation, bafcsball. Assisted in all Liberty Bond Drives dur- 
ing war. 

Bslick, E. E., Mineral Wells. Oil Producer, Assisted in 
all war activities. 

12. jm*. uw«mu»-. ■•-■ -irvinc-itcd at Texas i. nris- •>" •■•" '"•>""»*■ _ 

Claudia Miller. June 2.., 18JU y™« u Member ,,f Lis- EsteS; cliff, Hereford; Ass't. Cashier, First State Bank 

Man University, A B^ISW. A. m., ; rhlll and A(1 & Trust Cf) Born in Anson, Texas, Nov. 23, 1S88. Mar- 

, ip l es of ClriBt. University piutt.xennis Nat _ Wilson, Oct. 22. 1920. Served as Pvt. 

?lub. Served in Texas Voluntcei^u.'. ; . { H ( . ( ]st|| F _ A 3) . d Division . 

Club. Served in Texas «'--' -^„- wdmls p() si 
ional Guard from 1896 to 19W, occupy .. Loan 

P^S.^r'^^ung^ntPo^oVthe Kaiser and his 
klan." „ 

EasterBn,. Allen Claude Marfaj ^^^"^^8^1 
Petroleum Products, Set -y ami J ' •' • Co „„, v , Texas, 
Hereford Breeders' Assn l-n ;n ^▼»%^ggSg- Mar . 
Dec. 6. 188 1. Son of Mr. and 1 »u . x Me mber of 

ried Miss Bird!? P^eaH Myers Nov^i fc ^^ Boapd 

iV Trust to. tiorn m Alison, icxas, i\ov. ^.j, woo. ojiui- 
ried Miss Clvde Wilson, Oct. 22, 1920. Served as Pvt. 
and N. C. O. in Hdq. Co., 18th F. A., 3rd Division. 

Estes, 3. M., Dr., Abilene: Physician and Surgeon. Drs. 
Alexander Estes & Hectrick. Born in Texas, Aug. 18, 
1873 Educated at Simmons College, (B. S.) Abilene! 
University of Texas Medical College, M. D. Married 
Miss Ada' Bruck, Aug. 28, 1902. Member of York Rite, 
Scottish Rite, Shrine, Baptist Church, K. of P. and 
Elks. Served as Chairman, 4th District Medical Ad- 
visory Board. 

Estes, William Brcckenridg% Amarillo; Sec'y, of the 
Citv Board of Development. Educated at Public 
Schools of Tennessee, Bowen's School for Boys, \ un- 
derbill" University- and University of Kentucky. Married 
Miss Ames, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Ames of 
Amarillo Member of Rotary Club and Commander or 




Hanson Post No. 54 of the American Legion. Entered 
the U. S. Army as a 2nd Lieut, of Engineers and was 
sent to Alaska in 1914 as a member of the Alaskan 
Railroad Commission. His next post was in Panama, 
where he served on the staff of J. A. LaPrince, sani- 
tation engineer of the Caual Zone. From Panama he 
was transferred to the United States and served on 
the Mississippi River Commission, and for one year was 
Government Supervisor of Levees for the Memphis dis- 
trict under Maj. H. T. Markam. Resigning from the 
army, he was next associated in business with Stephen 
B. Vaughan, at Chatanooga, Tenn. and was Sec'y. of 
the Business Men's Ass'n., also Sec'y. of the Young 
Men's Chamber of Commerce, from which he resigned 
to enlist in the U. S. Army, immediately after the 
declaration of war with Germany. On May 15, 1917, he 
was commissioned 2nd Lieut, in the Field Artillery. 
Serving with signal distinction on the French front, 
he was engaged in three major campaigns of Chateau 
Thierry, St. Mihiel and the Argonne. He was wounded 
twice, once by shrapnel, and once by a bullet, which he 
still carries in the head and was twice gassed. Won the 
Croix de Guerre, with Palm, and so grateful were the 
mayors of two small French towns, for saving them 
from the German invaders that they accorded him the 
unusual compliment of inviting him to re-name the 
towns. The two towns, originally named Maux Vauge 
and Hervellere, are now called "Billy'' and "lone" af- 
ter himself and his wife. He was discharged from the 
army a Major, in the Reserve Corps, after the signing 
of the amristice, after being promoted from 2nd. Lieut, 
to 1st. Lieut, and to Captain. 

Eubank, Charlie C, Wichita Falls; Southern Oil Cor- 
poration, Oil Dispatcher. Born in Coryell County, Texas, 
Sept. 15, 1895, of Scotch-Irish extraction. Educated at 
High School, Copperas Cove, Texas. Member of Masonic 
Lodge. Favorite recreations, baseball and football. En- 
listed Aug. 1917, Sgt. in Co. C, 5th Field Slg. Bn. 3rd 
Division, Reg, Army. Trained at Fort Leayenwortli, 
Kansas. Took part in five major operations at Aisne, 
Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, Meuse.-Ar- 
gonne and Chateau Thierry defensive sector. Was with 
the Army of Occupation in Germany. Dec. 23, 1918 to 
July 22, 1919. Discharged Sept. 5, 1919. 
Falvey, Jerry C. Dr., Wichita Falls; Physician and 
Surgeon. Born in Wells, Texas. Sept. 26, 1SS6.' Descendant 
of Dr. James C. and Matilda White Falvey. Educated at 
Vanderbilt, Sewanee and Memphis Hospital Medical 
College, M. D. and P. H. G. Member of Shrine, Elks, 
Scottish Rite and A. K. K. Served as 1st. Lieut., Base 
Hospital. Waco, Texas, Hattisburg, Miss, and Key West 
Fla., and as Examiner on Draft Board. 
Fanning, John C, Mineral Wells. Interested in motion 
picture theatres. Member of Rotary Club. 
Farmer, Harry L., Dr., Ranger: Physician and Sur- 
geon, Drs. Shelton and Farmer. Born in Texas, 1895. 
Educated at Howard Payne College, Baylor Medical 
College, A. B. and M. D. Member of Masonic Lodge 
and B. P. O. E. Served as Lt., Med. Corp, U. S. N. R. F., 
naval station, New Orleans. 
Feldman, Fred J., El Paso: Photographer. 

Fenley, G. B., Uvalde; Attorney-at-law, also cattle 
raiser and ranchman. County Attorney, Uvalde Countv, 
1S92-93, County Judge Uvalde County, 1896-9S, Demo- 
cratic Presidential Elector from Texas, 1916 and twice 
a member of the Democratic Executive Committee from 
Texas. Born in Uvalde County, Tex., March 3, 1872, of 
Scotch-Irish parentage. Educated at T. C. U. and Uni- 
versity of Texas. Married Miss Callie Brashear, Nov. 
27, 1892. Member of Christian Church. K. of P. and Ma- 
sonic Lodge. War Work : Served as member of Local 
Advisory Board of Uvalde County, Texas. 

Fenley, Green B., Jr., Uvalde; Student. Law Dept., Uni- 
versity of Texas. Born in Uvalde, Aug 18, 1899. Edu- 
cated at Washington and Lee University and Uni- 
versity of Texas. Member of Christian Church and 
Sigma Nu Fraternity. Trained at Student's Army Train- 
ing Corps, University of Texas. 

Ferguson, II. W., Alpine; Cashier, Alpine State Bank. 
Interested in Border Cattle Loan Co. Born in Texas. 
Jan. 28, 1S92. of Irish parentage. Educated f.'t Alpine 
High School. Married Miss Nellie Collins. June 6, 1918. 
Member of A. F. & A. M„ W. O. W.. Christian Church 
and Y. P. S. C. E. During World War served as Sgt., 
8th Hdrjs. Bn., 165th D. B., also served on Red Cross, 
Finance Committee, Liberty, Victory and W. S. S. drives 

Ferguson, Nellie Collins, Mrs., Alpine: Husband, H. W. 
Ferguson. Educated at Alpine High School. Member of 
Christian Church, Young Peoples' Society of Christian 
Endeavor. Alpine Study Club and O. E. S'. Assisted in 
Liberty and Victory Loan Drives and Red Cross act- 

Ferguson. Dr. K. C. Eastland; Physician and Surgeon. 
Born in Dallas, Texas Only 31, 1885. Educated at Dal- 
las, Texas, M. D. Married Miss Mae Durham, July 1st, 

1919. Member of Methodist Church. Served a s 1st. Lieut.. 
Base Hospital, Camp Sevier, S. C. Member of Draft 
Board, Dallas. 

Ferguson, W. K., Wichita Falls; Banker, Pres. Wichita 
State Bank & Trust Co. and Guaranty State Bank, Cliil- 
licothe, Texas. Born in Waco, Texas April 6, 1875. De- 
scendant of Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Ferguson. Educated at 
T. C. University. Married Miss Elma Childs, 1899. Mem- 
ber of Christian Church, Masonic Lodge, Odd Fellows 
ami Elks. War Work: Served in Liberty Bond Cam- 

Fewell, William J., El Paso; Capitalist. Born in North 
Carolina, Aug. 1846, of Scotch-Irish parentage. Married 
Miss Carrie Catron of Mo. Educated in Private School 
and Trinity College, N. C. Favorite recreation, travel- 
ing. Served through the Civil War as a Confederate 
soldier, in Junior Reserves 

Tiller. F. M., El Paso ; Sales Manager, with Charles B. 
Stevens. Born in Monmouth, Illinois, Aug. 22, 1870. De- 
scendant of Francis M. Filler. Educated at Stansburg, 
Mo. Married Miss Georgia E. McBeath, Nov. 27, 1899. 
Member of Methodist Church and K. of P. Favorite 
recreation, hunting. Served as Pvt., Battery B., Pa. 
Volunteers, Spanish'American War, Porto Rica and as 
Y. M. C. A. Sec'y in World's War. 

Finberg, Geo., Abilene; Geo. Finberg Cotton Co. Born 
in Boston, Mass., March 9, 1S75. of Russian and Polish 
parentage. Educated at Boston, Mass. Married Miss 
Hattie Tillman, June 11, 1906. Favorite recreations, 
traveling and baseball. Member of Blue Lodge and York 

Fires, A. J., Childress: Attorney. Fires & Diggs. Born 
in Clay County, Ind., June 5, I860, of Scotch-Irish and 
English parentage. Educated at Louisville, Law Uni- 
versity, A. B. Married Miss Margaret Warwick, May 
15, 1889. Member of Masonic Lodge, Odd Feilows and 
Iv. of P. War Work: Chairman of Legal Advisory Com- 

Fitzgerald, David, Memphis; Attorney-at-law, Leak & 
Fitzgerald. Born in McKenzie, Tenn., July 23. 1892. De- 
scendant of Rev. P. M. and Edna Roach Fitzgerald. 
Educated at Mo. Valley College, Marshall, Mo. and Cum- 
berland University, Lebanon, Tenn., A. B. and LI. B. 
Member of A. F. & A. M., R. A. M., I. O. O. F. and Am- 
erican Legion. Served as Sgt. in Camp Headquarters 
Detachment. Camp Travis, Texas. 

Fitzslmmons, T. J., Wichita Falls; Manager. It. G. 
Dun Co. Born in Texas, Sept. 25, 1896. Educated at Ft. 
Worth High School and Business College. Married Miss 
Helen Eason, April 22, 191S. Member of Baptist Church 
and Gun Club. 

Flaniken, B. D. Dr., Vernon ; Physician and Surgeon. 
Pr£s. Wilbarger Med. Society, 1919-20. Born in Bell Co, 
Texas, Dec. 9. 187S. Descendant of D. and Josie Moffetr. 
Flaniken. Educated at B. M. A. Med- Dept., T, C. U, 
M. D. Married Miss Ada D. Hutchings, July 11, 1908. 
Member of Blue Lodge and Shrine. Physician, Exemp- 
tion Board for duration of war. 

Flesher, Charles Kul us. Canyon; Lawyer, Flesher & 
Flesher. County Judge of Randall County. 1916 to 1920. 

Born in Reedy, W. Va., July 23, 1884. Descendant of A. 

L. and Henrietta Somerville Flesher Educated at Uni- 
versity of Texas. Married Miss Avis M. Baird, June 8, 
1916. Member of Methodist Church. Chairman of Lib- 
erty Loan Committee and County Food Administration. 

Flesher, William Jackson, Canyon ; Lawyer, Flesher & 
Flesher. County Attorney, Randall County for six 
years. Born in Reedy, W. Va., Sept. 14, 18S2. Descendant 
of A. L. and Henrietta Somerville Flesher. Educated at 
North Texas State Normal School and University of 
Texas. Married Miss May Ballard, Dec. 25, 1910. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite (32nd degree), 
Shrine and Methodist Church. Favorite recreations, fish- 
ing and golf. Served as member Board of Legal Ad- 
visers. Red Cross Finance Committee, Council for De- 
fense and Appeal Agent for Local Board. 
Fletcher, Miss ISessye Adah.. Uvalde: Manager and Edi- 
tor of Uvalde leader News Pub. Co. Born in Hamilton 
Co.. Texas, March 8, 1891. Descendant of Gen. Earl, 
Major Roddy and Ezra R. Owen. Indian fighters with 
Daniel Boone. Educated at College of Industrial Arts, 
Denton. Texas. Member of Methodist Church. 
Fletcher, H. T., Alpine; Manager of the 02 Ranch. 
County Commissioner, Precinct 2, Brewster Co. Direc- 
tor of Chamber of Commerce and Chairman, Good Road 
Committees. Born in Marshall, Texas. May S, 1SS4 of 
Scotch, Irish, French and English parentage. Educated 
at University of Texas. Married Miss Lois Fischer, 
Nov. 4, 1913. Member of Masonic Blue Lodge. York Rite 
Chapter' ond Council, Scottish' Rite, Shrine, K. of P. 
Presbyterian Church and Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. 
Served as Legal Advisor of Board of Registration. 
Fletcher, Dr. John H., Wichita Falls; Physician and 
Surgeon, Drs. Walker and Fletcher. Born in England, 




Jan. 2G, 1S79. Educated at Hlndley, England High 
School and St. Louis (.Mo. I P. & S. Hospital Med. Col- 
lege, M. D. Married Miss S. A. Guun, 1905. Member of 
Elks, .Shrine and Woodman. Favorite recreation, polo. 
Served as 1'vt.. Co., E., 20th Division, Cuba. Sgt., Co., L., 
34th Inf. Phillipines and Capt. 131st F. A. France 
Fletcher, Tom, Plainview ; with McClelland Buiek Co. 
Born in Santa Anna, Texas, June 21, 1894. Descendant 
of II. M. Fletcher of Plainview. Educated at Public 
Schools and Wayland College. Plainview. Married Miss 
Reece Littleton, Nov. 2, 1920. Member of Baptist 
Church, Elks and American Legion. Favorite recreations, 
hunting and fishing. Served as Pvt. in 141st Ambu- 
lance Corps of 311th Sanitary Train, in France eleven 
mouths, on Meuse Argonne Offensive and Champagne 

Folsom, Allison T., Sanderson; County Attorney, four 
terms, Terrell Count}'. Interested in Terrell County 
Abstract Co., Times Publishing Co., Southwest Texas 
Oil &. Gas Co. and Sea Shell Syndicate. Born in Fox- 
boro, Mass., Aug. 10, 1ST5. Educated at University of 
Texas, LL. B. Married Missi Clarissa L. Clark, July 1(1, 
1910. Member of I. O. O. F., American Petroleum In- 
stitute and State Sec.'y of M. O. Praetorians. War Work: 
Served on Chairman Legal Advisory Board, Terrell Co. 
Fortner, Dr. Amos Hall, Sweetwater: Physician and 
Surgeon, Drs. Bosebrough & Fortner. Born in Collin Co 
Feb. 10, 1SS4. Descendant of Amos Hall Fortner and 
Eliza Fortner. Educated at Tulane University, M. I). 
Married Miss Martha Brvant, Oct. 5 .1915. Member of 
Scottish Rite, B. P. O. E., Methodist Church, American 
Legion and the Stars and Bars honorary society of 
the Medical Dept. of Tulane University. Served as 1st 
Lieut. 81st M. C, 16th Division, Camp Kearney, San 
Diego, Calif., during world war. 

Foster, John J., Del Rio ; Lawyer, Foster & Foster. 
Interested in Del Rio Lumber Co. and Del Rio Bank 
& Trust Co. Born in Manchestter, England, April 15, 
1S67, of English parentage. Educated at Georgetown, 
D. C, LL. B. Married Miss Mary Rollins Brown, a 
descendant of Hunton and Longfellow families. Member 
of Masonic Lodge, Elks, Christian Church and Scottish 
Rite. Favorite recreation, fishing. Served as member of 
Legal Advisory Draft Board, Council of Defense and as 
Federal Food Administrator, Val Verde County, during 
world war. 

Foster, Phil B., Del Rio; Lawyer, Foster & Foster. 
• ounty Attorney, Val Verde Co., Texas. Born in Lincoln, 
Neb. May 2, 1SS9. Descendant of the Hunton and Long- 
fellow families. Educated at A. & M. College, Texas. 
Married Mith Ethel Carstarphen, July 23, 1910. Member 
of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, Knights of Pythias, 
American Legion and Christian Church. Favorite recrea- 
tion, motoring. Served as Capt. Troop M., 2nd Division, 
Texas Cavalry, organized and recruited the troop. Grad- 
uated C. O. T. S. at Camp Stanley, Texas during world 
wa r. 

Fowler. Dr. Bradley A., Brownwood : Physician and Sur- 
geon. Served on Judicial Council of State Med. Assn.. 
1892. Burn in Trigg Co., Kv., Aug. 31, 1865. Descendant 
of Wesley T. and Elizabeth McWaters of Ky. Mar- 
ried Miss Mabel Loney, Nov. 13, 1,895. Educated at 
Yaudclbill and Washington Universities', M. D. Mem- 
ber of Episcopal Church, Elks, K. of P. and W. O. W. 
Favorite recreation, traveling in America and Foreign 
countries. Elected official physician for National Edito- 
rial Assn., 1909. Chairman of Home Service Section of 
Red Cross. 1917 to 1921: member of 35th Judicial Dis- 
trict, State Board of Med. Examiners. 

Fraser, Harry L., deceased, El Paso; served as Captain 
in (lie World War. 

Free, William IT. Abilene; Cashier. First State Bank: 
Vice President National Ravings iV Investment Co., Dal- 
las. Born in Arkadelphia, Ark., Aug. 5. 1879. Married 
Miss Eula Bonner, Dec. 24, 1905. Member of Church id' 
Christ, Masonic Lodge. K. of P. and Elks. Served as a 
four minute man., on the Bed Cross Board and on Lib- 
erty Loan Committees, during world war. 

Freeman, ('. ])., Eastland , 

French, Gordon A., Del Kin; Publisher and Editor. Dis- 
trict Clerk, Val Verde ( ountv. Born in Loudon. Eng- 
land, Feb. 1846. Descendant Of David French of Wales. 
Married Miss Mary Weatherliead, daughter of Gover- 
nor Wcathorhend of the (inoeu's Guard, Sept. 1808. Kd- 

I'cated a1 London University. Member of Episcopal 

' Inn I: Larii:,. hi;: r&Ciier.SJ of fiftv veaif. ir. I:\;s 
Mr. Trench published I lie Austin Sifter, Marfa New 

Era, Del Rio West Texas News and edited Val Verde 

County Herald. War Work: Assisted in Red Cross and 

Publicity work. 

Frendenthal. fi. •!.. El Paso: Wholesale Grocer, See'v of 
the II. Lcsinsky Co. Born in 8a- Harbor. N. Y.. 1863. 
Educated at New York City, Business College. Married 

Miss Gnlland, 1905. Member of Masonic Lodge and 

Elks. Favorite recreation, boating. 

Fritz, D. L., Wichita Falls; Auto Dealer, owner of 
Fritz Motor Co. Born in Exeter, Neb. Dec. 2, 1894. Edu- 
cated at High School, Custer City, Okla. Married Miss 
Lillian Evans, June 7, 1918. Member of Blue Lodge, 
York Rite, Scottish Rite and Mystic Shrine. Favorite 
recreations, outdoor sports. Served a sprivate in 4th 
Co. Cone. Brig., Kelly Field, Texas, for ten months. 
Frizzell, l)r. Thomas D., Quanah : Physician and Sur- 
geon, Drs. Frizzell, Hanua & McDauiel. Born in Texas, 
Dec. 20, 1870. Descendant of P. F. and I. B. Thomp- 
son Frizzell. Educated at School of Medicine, M. I).. 
Louisville, Ky. Married Miss Anuie C. Gotten, July 22, 
1894. Member of Baotist Church, Shrine and Ry. Sur- 
geons. Served as Capt. in M. C. U. S. A., and on Local 
Exemption Board prior to commission. 
Frost, Cyrus B., Eastland; Lawyer; firm of J. R. Frost 
& Cyrus B. Frost. County Attorney, Eastland Co. for 
four year s ! 'nd County Judge Eastland Co. Born in 
Bowie, Texas, March 9, 1S87. Descendant of General 
John Frost of England and Pocahontas of Va. Edu- 
cated at University of Texas, 1908. 1909 and 1911. Mar- 
ried Miss Loura M;Vye Burleson, Nov. 13, 1910. Member 
of Methodist Church, Masonic Lodge, Scotish Rite (32nd 
degree) and Shrine. Served as Chairman of all Liberty 
Loan drives and other War Finance drives of Eastland 
Co., Texas. 

Frost, Mrs. Loura Maye, Eastland. Maiden Name, Louia 
Maye Burleson. Married Cyrus B. Frost Nov. 13, 1920. 
Was very, active iu all war work. 

Fuller, George Bruce, Wichita Falls; District Supt, 
White Oil Corp. Born in Peoria, 111., May 19, 1877. Ed- 
ucated at Peoria. 111. Married Miss Bertha Estelle 
Wickenden. Member of Shrine .Masonic Lodge (32 de- 
gree), Wichita Club and Episcopal Church. Served as 
Major, Q. M. C, U. S. Army, 36th Division, iu U. S. as 
Finance Officer. 

Funk, Dr. P. C, Bridgeport: Physician and Surgeon. 
Vice President of First Nat. Bank of Bridgeport. Born 
in Missouri, Feb. 15, I860. Descendant of Martin and 
Harriet Williamson Funk. Educated at Savoy College, 
Savoy. Tex. and) University of Kentucky. M. D. Mar- 
ried - Mis s M. C. Hartzog, Sept. 29, 1880. Member of Bap- 
tist Church. War Work: Chairman. Red Cross Chapter, 

Gabbert, Br. William Floyd, Herefor-d. Physician and 
Surgeon, Drs. Price and Gabbert. Born in New Haven 
W. Va., Dec. 24, 1879. Married Miss Lillian Moss. Oct. 
1. 1911. Educated at University of Louisville, Ky.. M. D. 
Member of A. F. & A. M., St. Michael & All Angels. 
Baltimore, Md., and Potter County Medical Society, 
Amarillo. Served as Capt., Sanitary Train Company, 
11th Division, Camp Hospital No. 33 A. E. F. 

Gabriel, T. AV., Wichita Falls. Broker. 
Gaither. Rex S., Brownwood: Manager, Brownwood 
Bank. Interested in Gaither & King Tailoring Co. Di- 
rector, Brownwood Band, 1903-1920. Born in Walnut 
Grove. Ala.,, Dec. 12. 1879. Son of Dr. G. F. Gaither 
and S. E. Thompson Gaither. Married Miss Josephine 
B. Son, April 11, 1904. Educated at Montgomery and 
Birmingham High Schools and Walnut Grove College, 
N. E. Ala., Etowah County, (special course in band di- 
recting under H. N. Boyer.) 

Galbraith, Miss David C... New York City. SeC'y., Jour- 
nalism, Vocal music and Languages. Born in Mineral 
Wells, Texas. Descendant of English and Scotch-Irish 
parentage. Educated at Columbia University. Member of 
Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreations, Writing, Vo- 
cal music and dancing. 

Gallaber, .J. J., Graham: Hotel Prop., Dolman House: 
Chairman, Board of Directors, Guaranty State Bank. 
Native of < bristian, Texas. Descendant of J. J. Gal- 
laoher and Mary Lamar Gallahcr. Married Miss D. 
Parkinson. < ict. 29. ran. Educated at Weatherford Col- 
lege. Member of Masonic Lodge, Shrine, K. of P.. and 
Pres., Shrine Club. Favorite recreations, baseball and 
hunting. Served as Military Instructor of Graham High 
School, anil was in Navy for 3 years. 

Gallemore, A. .1.. Big Spring: Manager, Burton Lingo 
Co. Born in Henderson Countv, Jan. 5. 1874. Descen- 
dant of Scotch-Irish parentage. Married Miss Mattie 
Carl Ramsey, July 20. 1890. Educated in Public 8, -hoots. 

Member of Masonic Lodge, York Rite and Shrine. Sel'V 
eil as Sec'v. of Exemption Board for Big Spring ami 
Howard County During entire war. 

Gamble Henry ('.. Canyon: Merchant. Canyon City Sup- 
ply Co. Post Commander American Legion. Born in Ben 
ton, Tenn., Aug. 0, 1801. Ancestry, Irish. Descendant of 
Win. Gamble and Mrs. M. Denton Gamble. Educated it 
Grant University. Served as Lieut., 322nd Sqd., Ail- 
Service, as Military Aviator. 
Gamble. H. R... EI Paso. Lawyer. Walthall & Gamble. 

Refree in Bankruptcy. Born in Mononghela, Pa.. June 
19 ls"7 Descendant of Irish pav°ntfi£re Married Mrs. 

Pelle F. Beachi'l. Nov. 4 Tall Received education at 




Washington and Jefferson. Member of University Club. 
Garcia, M. M., Laredo. Cashier, Merchants State Bank 
& Trust Co. Born in Rio Grande City, Texas, June 17, 
1872. Descendant of Spanish parentage. Married Miss 
Carmen de Lassalx, March 17, 1917. Educated at Uni- 
versity of Texas, A. B. and A. M. Member of Masonic- 
Lodge and W. O. \V. 

Uarlk-k, Dr. H. Stow; Laredo. Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat Specialist. Ex- Pres. .Webb County Medical So- 
ciety; Ex-Prof. Otology aud Oto-Laryngologv, Laura 
Memorial Woman's Medical College, Cincinnati, >hio ; 
Ex-Assist, to Chairman, Oto-laryngologv, Med. <_>epi.. 
University of Cincinnati. Served on Staff of Chiidrens 
Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital and Speers Memorial 
Hospital at Cincinnati, Ohio. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, 
July 29, 1S75. Ancestry, English. Married Miss Mary 
Alice Heekin of Cincinnati, Ohio, May 24, 1906. Edu- 
cated at Cornell University and University of Penn., 
M. D. Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Bite. Am- 
erican Legion, Elks. Episcopal Church, Suffolk Inst, of 
Archaeology, England, F. R. S. A., Ireland and Fellon 
Acad., Opthol. & Otology. Favorite recreation, Hunt- 
ing. Served as Captain and assistant Surgeon, M. O. R. 
C, and special State Banger, (Texas). 
Garrett, l>r. George H„ Del Rio. Physician and Surgeon. 
Sec'y. Medina, Uvalde, Maverick, Vai Verde. Terrell, Ed- 
wards, Real, Kinney and Zavalla County Medical So- 
ciety. Born in Sulphur Springs Texas, Aug. 3, 1S76 
Married Miss Tookah Ross, Dec. 15, 19(10, Educated at 
University of Louisville, Ky., M. D. Member of Masonic- 
Lodge, York Rite, Shrine, K. of P., and Post Command- 
er, Val Verde American Legion. Served as Capt, M. C, 
3rd Inf., Surgeon Camp Hospital, Del Rio, Tex. 
Gates, Dr. Ellis F., Eagle Pass; Physician and Surgeon. 
Post Commander, American Legion. Born in Texas, Feb 
6, 1S86. Descendant of Scotch parentage. Married Miss 
Frances Adams, Dec. 1G, 1909. Educated at University 
of Tennessee, M. D. Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish 
Rite and Shrine Favorite recreations, golf and tennis 
Served as Lieut, and Capt. in Medical Corps, 3rd Reg- 
iment, U. S. Army; Regimental Surgeon at Camp Eagle 
Pass, Texas. 

Gill, Dr. 3. M. F., Burkburnett; Physician and Sur- 
geon. City Health Officer. Born in Ark., Mav 30, 1868. 
Descendant of J. V.'M. Gill and Sarah E. Steele Gill. 
Married Miss May Terry, 1S93. Educated at Tulaue Uni- 
versity, New Orleans, M. D. Served as Capt.. M. C. Camp 
Travis Base Hospital, San Antonio and Ft. Caswell, N.C. 
Gill, Mrs J. M. F. (Ma'y Terry), Burkburnett; Members 
of household: Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Mc-Call, Miss Pauline 
Gill and Dr. J. M. F. Gill. Sec'y, Texas Women's 
Press Ass'n. and U. D. C, (Austin, Tex.) Born in New 
Orleans, La. Descendant of Fannie A. Pittfield, New 
Orleans, La., and Geo. W. Terry. Educated at Prescott, 
Arkansas High School. Member of Texas Woman's Press 
Assn. and Red Cross, Austin Quill Club, U. D. C, Py- 
thian Sisters, and Presbyterian Church Served as Aid 
Nurse in Camp Travis Base Hospital (Flu Epidemic) 
Oct. and Nov., 1918. Assisted in Red Cross work in Aus- 
tin and San Antonio. Formerly engaged in Newspaper 
reportorial work with newspapers in Houston, Galveston, 
Austin, Wichita Falls, Burkburnett and Cameron, Texas. 
Gillies, Donald Burton, Clevelan.d Ohio. Vice-Pres. The 
MoKinney Steel Co. Born in Bruce Mines, Ontario, Can- 
ada, Nov. 4. 1872. Descendant of Neil and Jessie Gillies 
of Scotland. Married Miss Marv Lou Yancey. Sept. 11, 
1911. Educated at Michigan College of Mines, E. M. 
Member of all Masonic Bodies, including York Rite 
Scottish Rite and Shrine. Member of Elks. "K. P., Rocky 
Mountain Club, New York, Chihuahua Foreign Club 
and Montana Societv of Engineers. Served on all Lib- 
erty Loan. Red Cross, War Savings, Y. M. C. A , and 
other United War Work drives. 

Gilliland, Carl, Hereford; Attorney. Director First State 
Bank. Born in Lillyclale, Clay County, Tenn., Oct 14 
1877. Descendant of J. K. P. Gilliland and Margaret Of- 
ficer Gilliland of Tenn., G. F. (James and Lillian Davis 
Gilliland) G. G. F. (Allen and Polly Pascall Gilliland) 
G. G. G. Married Miss Irene Estes, June 15, 1905 Ed- 
ucated at Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn I 
L. B. Member of M. E. Church, South, Masonic Lodge 
nnd York Rite. Favorite recreations, Football, Baseball 
Horse Racing and athletic sports. Served on Food Con- 
servation Com., Red Cross Com., Cam., County Council 
of Defense, Liberty Loan Committees. 

Gillis, Walter, Del Rio. Lawyer and Ranchman. Dis- 
trict Attorney, 1888-1892, and District Judge 1892-1900 
Born in Alabama; Apr. 7. 1801. Married) Miss Luelle 
Jose, 1892. Educated at Sam Houston Normal and Uni- 
versity of Texas, L. L. B. 

Gist, Dr. Robert Dennis, Amarillo ; rhvsician and Sur- 
geon, Drs. Lumpkin, Gist, McMeans & Basso. Born in 
Era, Texas, Feb. 13, 1882. Descendant of S. V. and Lola 
Renfro Gist. Educated at Universitv of Tex., M. D Mar- 
ried Miss Anna Floye Strohwig, June 26, 1907. Mem- 

ber of Masonic Lodge and Elks. Served in Chief Sur- 
gical Service Base Hospital No. 84, France. Ft. Riley, M. 
O. T. C, New Orleans Post Graduate Course, Base Hos- 
pital, Camp McArthur. 

Glover, Geo. \\., San Angelo ; Ass't. Mgr., Martin-Glov- 
er Co. Born in Brown County, Tex., Feb. 22, 1895. Mar- 
ried Miss Velma Louise Carson. Oct. 20. 1919. Educated 
in Public Schools and Howard Payne College, Brown- 
wood, Texas. Member of Baptist Church. Favorite rec- 
reation, tennis. Served as 2nd Lieut, of Inf. at Camp 
Pits irk, with different tr lining unit;... and as Div- 
isional Instructor in Automatic Rifle-. 
Goad, T. J., Mineral Wells'; Firm of Good Motor Com- 
p-aiLvy, (Automobiles). Stockholder in First State Bank 
& Trust Co. Vice-Pres., Security State Bank. Born in 
Walnut Ridge, Ark., 1887. Married Miss Winifred Clay- 
ton, Mar. 19, 1920. Educated at Walnuti Ridge High 
School. Favorite recreations, golf, motoring aud hunting. 
Goggin, J. M., El Paso. Lawyer, Davis & Goggin. Chair- 
man Board of Directors, Border National Bank. Held 
position as County Judge aud District Judge. Bom in 
Virginia, Oct. 29, 1804. Descendant of James M. and 
Elizabeth Nelson Page Goggin. Married Miss Lilla Hat- 
field Simpson, Apr. 11, 1894. Educated at A. & M. Col- 
lege and University of Texas, L. L. B. Favorite rec- 
reation, fishing. Served as Chairman of District Ex- 
emption Board, Western District of Texas. Chairman of 
Council of Defense, EI Paso County, Texas, „-.!d Legal 
Advisory Board. 

Golding-, John Barnes, Amarillo; Born in Alvarado, Tex- 
as, Nov. 30, 1SS1. Descendant of John Calhoun Golding 
and Sarah Barnes Golding. Educated at Alvarado High 
School. Married Miss Mabel Patterson, Oct. 12. 1902. 
Member of Masonic Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, Shrine 
and Elks. Called into Federal service, May 9, 1916 as 
Captain of Cavalry. Commanded Troop B, 1st Cav. T. 
N. G. at Laredo, Texas. Was stationed on the Rio 
Grande River with 1st Squndrou of Texas Cavalry until 
March 1917, when he was ordered to Camp Wilson, (now 
Camp Travis) near Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. Promoted 

to Major of Cavalry and assigned to Command Squad- 
ron, June 10, 1917. Ordered to Ft. Worth, Texas, July 
23, 1917, and established and commanded a new camp 
which was later named Camp Bowie and became the 
home of the 30th Division. Released Command to Maj. 
General E. St. John Grebel, when the order creating 
the 36th Division was issued. Promoted to Lt. Col. of 
Cavalry, Sept. 5, 1917, date of commission as of June 
25, 1917. Transferred to Artillery on Oct. 15th and as- 
signed as Lt. Col., 132ud F. A. Graduated from Ft Sill 
School of Fire, March 8, 1918. Sailed for France, July 
30, 191S and went through two submarine attacks off 
the coats of Britany, Aug. 11, 1918. Finished Brigade 
School of Fire at Coquedon, France, Oct. 1, 1918. Was 
on foreign duty about eight months. Returned to U. S. 
and was on duty as Asst. G 3 of the 2nd Division, at 
Camp Travis, Texas, until he resigned, Sept. 15, 3920. 

Goldstein, A. H., El Paso; Attorney at Law-, Goldstein 
& Miller. Born in Austin, Texas, Dec. 24, 1878. Married 

Miss Emma Neeman Mav 24, 1905. Educated at Univer- 
sity of Texas, B. S'., 1899, L. L. B., 1901. Member of 
Local Draft Board. 
Gonzalez, Antonio M., Laredo; Member of firm, Ferrara 

Y Cia. (forwarding agents and Mexican Customs 
Brokers). Interested in Merchant's State Bank & Trust 
Co.. Laredo, Texas, and Banque Fracaise de Mexique, 
Mexico, D. F. Born in Villaldama, N. L. Mexico, Sept. 

12. 1865. Descendant of Mexican parentage. Married Miss 

Antonio Garcia, Jan. 30, 1887. Educated in schools of 

Villaldama, N. L., Mexico. Secretary of Latin-America 

iClub, Laredo. Tex. 

Goodfellow, J. J., San Angelo: Surveyor and Civil En- 
gineer. County Surveyor and Licensed State Land 
Surveyor. Born in Moberly, Mo., Aug. 11, 1S56. De- 
scendant of Moses Goodfellow and Nance Terrell Beale 
Goodfellow. Married Miss Lou Swann, Dec. 20, 1S82. 
Educated at Palmyra Institute, Tarrant County, Texas. 
Member of Baptist Church nnd Woodman of the World. 
Favorite recreation, fishing. Assisted in all war work 
and lost his only son, J. J. Goodfellow, Jr., 1st. Lieut, 
in the Air Service. 

Goodfellow, J. J., Jr., deceased, Son of J. J. Goodfellow 
of San Angelo. Born in Ft. Worth. Texas, Mav 17. 
1895. Educated at S'an Angelo High School, University 
of Texas and School of Military Aeronautics, Austin, 
Texas. Member of Baptist Church nnd Delta Tau Delta 
Society, Univ. of Texas. Lt. Goodfellow enlisted in May 
1917, while a junior engineer in the University of Texas 
and was transferred to the aviation section before the 
close of the first Reserve Officers' Training Camp at 
Leon Springs. He studied first at Austin, then at San 
Diego. Cal. He went overseas in March. Went into action 
over the German lines on the 14th of Sent.. 1918 and was 
killed in action. Sept. 17, 1918, in Airplane lat St. 
Mihiel Drivei which fell in the lines of the 5th Divi- 
sion, American Army. 




Goodpasture, M. O., Memphis; County Clerk, Hall Coun- 
ty, Texas. Taught school in Tennessee and Texas 14 
years Born in Overton County, Tenn., Feb. 11, 1877. De- 
scendant of French-English parentage. Married Miss 
Ella Pedigo, June 3. 1900. Educated at Mont Vale Aca- 
demy, Celina, Tenn. Member of Christian Church, Ma- 
sonic- Lodge and York Rite, Knight Templar. Favorite 
recreations, reading and walking. Ancestry: Father was 
John H. Goodpasture of Grayson County, Texas, who 
was a descendant of a French family of the name who 
came to St. Augustine in early days. 

Gordon, Robert D.. Eastland; Indepedant Oil Operator, 
Okeh-Ranger Oil Co. Pres. Chamber of Commerce, East- 
land. 1919. Born in Germany. 1882. Was in the Spanish- 
American War, went through the Phillipine campaign, 
and the Chinese Boxer campaign. Remained in the service 
as an enlisted man, continually until the World War 
came on. Was promoted to Captain, May 1917; to Maj- 
jor, Infantry, July 1918; Lt. Col., General Staff, Oct. 
1918; resigned from the service Jan. 1919. 
Goswick, Oliver Y., Dallas ; With Buick Motor Company. 
Born in Mt. Vernon, Tex., Nov. 15, 1890. Ancestry, Eng- 
lish. Married Miss Tewell Bailey, Dec. 22, 1918. Educated 
in Mt. Vernon, Texas, Schools. Member of W. 0. W. 
and Methodist Church. Favorite recreation, Base Ball.| 
Served in Avation, Company A. 34th Regiment, 8th Di- 
vision, "U. S. A., New Orleans, La., Charleston, S. C. and 
Mt. Pleasant Island, S. C. 

Goswick, S. D., Mineral Wells: Attorney at Law. Born 
in Georgia, Dec. 28, 1S50. Descendant of English paren- 
tage. Married Miss Augustus Ann Miller, Dec. 26, 1871. 
Later Married Mrs. Mattie Moon, Jan. 6, 1903. Educated 
in the common schools of Georgia. Father fought in the 
last battle at New Orleans in 1812. Served as Chairman, 
War Saving Stamp Campaign Committee for Palo Pinto 
County, Texas. 

Goswick, Richard L., Mt. Vernon; With a Schroder ifc 
Sons. Inc., Born in Plainville, Ga., Oct. 29, 1S94. De- 
scendant of English and Irish parentage. Married Miss 
Josephine Main Landis, April 11, 1920. Educated in 
schools of Mt. Vernon, Texas. Member of M. E. Church 
South. Favorite recreation, baseball. Served as a Sail- 
or in U. £'. Navy, aboard U. S. S. Florida, U. B. S. 
Kentucky and U. S. S. Leviathan. 

Gould, John, Wichita Falls: Advertising. Born in Brazos 
County, Texas, Sept. 16, 1889. Descendant of Judge 
Robt. S.Gould, of Supreme Court of Texas Married Miss 
Delia Stone, Sept. 17, 1910. Educated at University of 
Texas. Member of Masonic Lodge, Rotary Club, Ad 
Club, Presbyterian Church and American Legion. Com- 
missioned at 1st Training Camp, Leon Springs, Texas, 
2nd and 1st Lt., Q. M. C, Camp Travis, Texas and Camp 
Jos. E. Johnston, Fla. Attached to 1st Army, later to 
3rd Army at Gieores, France and Bendorf, Germany. 
Graham, Dr. Emmett E., Cisco. Physician and Surgeon. 
Surgeon to the Humble Hospital, Cisco, Texas. Born in 
McGregor, Texas, Jan. 21, 1889. Descendant of Scotch- 
Irish parentage. Educated at University of Texas, M. D. 
Member of Masonic Lodge, Elks and Presbyterian 
Church. Served with the British, French and American 
Armies as Captain in the Medical Department, from July 
1915 to Aug. 1919. With the British in various war- 
hospitals of England and France: 1915: with the Brit- 
ish and French Armies. 1916-1917; with the French and 
American Armies, 1917-191S, and with the Americans 
in the various war hospitals, 1918-1919. 
Grainhlinsr. Allen Rowell, El Paso; Lawyer, Jones. Jones' 
Hardie & Grambling. Born in Tvler, Texas, Oct. 26, 
1888. Educated at University of Texas. L. L. B. Mar- 
ried Miss Marion Hogan, June 24, 1919. Member of Meth- 
odist Church, El Paso Country Club and Toltec flub. 
Served as Captain, P. S. & T. Division, General Staff. 
Washington, D. C. 

Graves, Corporal Roy, Cisco, (deceased). Born in Erath 
County. Texas, May 12, 1895. Descendant of Ezra and 
Lillie Graves (Native Texans). Educated in Public 
Schools of Cisco. Member of Christian Church. Served 
as Corporal in Company F. 360th Infantry 90th Divi- 
sion. Was wounded in the battle of St. .Miliiol, Sept. 
26, and died Oct. 4, 1918. He was awarded Croix de 

Graves, Wm, Lester, Bridgeport: Editor and Publisher 
Bridgeport Index. Born in Missouri, Feb. 22, 1859. De- 
scendant of Jonathan Webb Graves and Sarah C In- 
maii Graves. Educated in schools of Cleburne. Texas, 
Married Miss Mattie Beckham, Jan 16, 1879. Member 
of Masonic Lodge and Christian Church. 

Gray, I>r .J. B.. El Paso; Physician and Surgeon, Drs. 
Iivin & Gray. Oculist and Aurist to G. H. & S. A. R. 
l;.. El Paso R. R. Born in Cynthinna, Kv.. Dec. 23, 
1869. Descendant of English parentage. Educated at 
Add-Ran. Chrisian University and University of Louis- 
ville, Ky., M. D. Married Miss Brookie Burns, .Tune 1. 
1898. Member of University Club. Served as Member of 
Medical Advisory Board, El Paso, Texas. 

Green, Miss Emma S., Uvalde; Held position as Assis- 
tant Postmaster. Born in Victoria, Texas. Educated in 
Uvalde High School. Member of Episcopal Church and 
Daughters of the King. Favorite rcreations, fishing and 
Dorse-back riding. 

Green J. Porter, (deceased), Uvalde; Born in Morales, 
Texas Jim 25, 1897. Graduated at Uvalde High School 
was a Senior at Washington & Lee Univ. when enlisted 
in Army. Member of Episcopal Church. Served as Private 
in Company C, 301st Batallion, Heavy Tank Corph, at- 
tched to British Expeditionary Forces. Killed in action 
Sept. 29. 191S, in France. 

Green, Willet Dever, Del Rio; Real Estate and Insurance 
Green. & Green. Interested in W. D. Green Commission 
jCo. Born in Liberty County, Texas, Oct. 16, 1863. De- 
scendnt of Reason Green of Alabama, Thomas and Eliza 
Dever of Texas. John J. Green and Martha L. Green, 
of Texas. Educated in Victoria High School. Married 
Miss Zora Combest, Oct. 10, 1S96. Member of Macca- 
bees. Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing. Served 
on Red Cross, W. £'. S. and Libery Bond Committees. 
Green, Mrs. Zora Combest, Del Rio; Real Estate and In- 
surance, Green & Green. Member of Household. W. D. 
Green (husband), Stephen Otis Green (son), and Lola 
Frances Green (daughter). Held position as Pres., 
New Century Club, 1919-1920, and Ex-Associate Con- 
ductress, O. E. S. Descendant of King Bruce of Scot- 
land and Irish on Grandmother's side. Born in Bryan, 
Brazos County. Texas S'ept. 15, 1876. Graduated at Hico 
and Victoria, Texas, High Schools and Teachers Nor- 
mal College. Married W. D. Green, Oct. 10, 1896. Mem- 
ber of Baptist Church, Guardian of W. O. W. Circle; 
Pres. New Century Club, and member of O. E. S. Favor- 
ite recreations, swimming and tennis. County Chairman 
for two years of Val Verde County War Savings So- 
cieties, 1918-1920. Sec'y. United War Work Campaign, 
1919; Chairman Jewish Relief Fund, 1919; and Red 

Greene, Dr. F. A., Plainview; Dentist. Born in Plain- 
view, Ark., Oct. 23, 1S93. Married Miss Maurine Dun- 
away, June 22, 1920. Educated at AVestern Dental Col- 
lege, Kansas City, Mo., D.D.S. Member of Elks Lodge, 
M. E. Church and Psi Omega Dental Fraternity. Fav- 
orite recreation, Base Ball. Served as Dentist in Base 
Hospital No. 112, in France S months. 

Gregory, Dr. Joseph W., Cisco; Physician. City Health 
Officer, and Sec'y.. Eastland County Medical Society. 
Born in DeKalb. Miss., May 19, 1869. Descendant of 
Scotch-Irish parentage Educated at T. C. U. Medical 
School, Ft. AVorth, Tex., M. D. Married Miss Ella E. 
Howell, March 8, 1896. Member of AV. O. AV., Home- 
steaders, and Baptist Church. Served as Chairman, 
Council of Defense and as Four Minute Man. 
Griffin, Meade F., Plainview; Attorney, Kinder, Russell 
& Griffin. Mayor of Tulia, Texas. 1919, and County At- 
torney of Swisher County, 1920. Born in Cottonwood 
Texas, March 17, 1894. Educated at University of Texas, 
B. A., 1915, L. L. B., 1917. Married Miss Eleanor Sykes, 
June 2, 1917. Member of Masonic Blue Lodge and Epis- 
copal Church. Favorite recreations, tennis and horse- 
back riding. Served as Captain in 165th Depot Brigade 
at Camp Travis, Tex., and Major at Camp Sheridan, 
Montgomery, Alabama. 

Griggs' J. Horace, Amarillo; Undertaker and Embalm- 
er, Griggs Undertaking Co. Born in Waynesboro. Tenn. 
Aug. 15, 1898. Descendant of Neil S. Griggs and Melis- 
sa Clay. Educated at Amarillo, Texas, High School. Mar- 
ried Miss Irma H. Cassidy, Apr. 10, 1920. Member of 
AV. O. AV. and American Legion. Served as Sgt, 1st class, 
in Base Hospital No. 123, Mars Sur Allier-Nevier. France 
Trained at Ft. Bliss'. El Paso, Texas. In service 28 

Grisham, R. N., Eastland; Lawyer, Grisham Eros. Held 
position as County Judge and District Attorney, 32nd 
District of Texas." Born in Texas, March 27, 1874. De- 
scendant of Sir Thomas Gres'nam of London, England. 
Educated at M. & F. Inst., Springtown. Texas, A B. 
Married Miss Mattie E. Fox. April 29, 1900. Member of 
M. E. Church, South, Masonic Lodge and Odd Fellows. 
Favorite recreation, hunting. Assisted in various war 
work drive. 

Gross I,.,, lin H., Mineral Wells: Attorney at Law, Gross 
& Zivley. Interested in AV. H. Gross & Sons (('utile 
Raisers). Born in Honev Grove. Texas. June 22, 1893. 
Son of Wm. H. Gross and Mattie O'Kellv Gross. Edu- 
cated at University of Texas. LL. B. Member of Kappa 
Sigma and Phi Delta Phi Fraternities. Masonic Lodge, Ki- 
wnnis Club, Mineral Wells Golf and Country Club ami 
M. E. Church, South. Favorite recreations, golf and 
hunting. Served as 2nd Lieut, in Company C, 315th 
Ammi. Train, 90th Division, in France anil Germany. 
Gross, William O.. Aliiieral Wells; Attorney at Law, 
Gross & Zivley. Interested in W. H. Gross & Sons (Cat- 
tle Raisers). Born in Honev Grove, Texas. Dec. 5, 1888. 
Descendant of William IT. Gross and Mattie O'Kelly 
Gross. Educated al University of Texas, LL. B. Mar- 




ried Miss Nell J. Kipp, Nov. 27. 1010. Member of Ma 
sonic Lodge, Scottish Kite, Shrine, Kappa Sigma and 
Phi Delta Phi Fraternities, M. E. Church, Mineral Wells 
Golf and Counthy Club, and Kiwanis Club. Favorite 
recreations, golf and hunting. Served as 2nd Lieut, in 
354th Aero Squadron in France and Germany. 
Guinn, Allen H., Mineral Wells; Gen'l Mgr., Mineral 
Wells Electric Co. ; Vice Pres. & Treas., Texas Carls- 
bad Water Co., Mineral Wells and Crystal Ice Company, 
Weatherford, Texas. Born in Rusk, Texas, May 31, 
1S87. Descendant of Scotch -Irish parentage. Educated in 
Rusk, Texas, High School and East. Texas Baptist 
College. Married Miss Ethel Mavfield. Dec. 20, 1916. 
Member of A. F. & A. M„ W. O. W., Rotary Club, Min- 
eral Wells Golf & Country Club and Presbyterian 
Church Favorite recreation, golf. Assisted in Liberty 
Loan and Red Cross drives. 

Guinn, Mrs. Ethel M.i Mineral Wells: Piano teacher. 
Native of Texas. Descendant of Hilery .1. Whatley and 
Irene Yates. Educated Mineral Wells high school. Sher- 
wood School of Chicago, and New England Conserva- 
try of Music (Boston) with Carl Slasnef. Member of 
Baptist Church. 

Guinn, S. Lester, Lubbock; General Agent, The State 
Life Insurance Company of Indianapolis, Ind. Bern in 
Cleburne, Texas, July 30 ,1S90. Educated in Hereford, 
Texas, Schools and graduated P. C. C. College. Married 
Miss Montie Mae Ross, Nov. 23, 1017, at Ft. Worth. 
Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Ritei Shrine, Am- 
erican Lgion, North Texas Association of Life, Un- 
derwriters, Dallas, Tex. Favorite recreations, golf and 
tennis. Served as Captain of Inducted men at Ft. 
Worth and as Special Police Officer enroute to Camp 
Travis. Received discharge Jan. 10, 1010. 

Gwaltney, E. A., Jacksboro; Merchant, Gwaltney Mer- 
cantile Co. Born in Fannin County, Texas, Jan. 8, 
1861. Descendant of , W. L. and Mary A. Wright 
Gwaltney. Married Miss Lava do S. Lovelace, Dec. 20, 
1890. Member of Methodist Church. Served as member 
oi Jack County Red Cross Executive Commiltee, Chin, 
of Extension Com. and Liberty Loan Com. 
Haile, J. H., San Antonio; Vice-Pres. City National Bank 
Pres. Chamber of Commerce 1910. Born in Texas, Aug. 
0, 1872. Educated in San Antonio and Kerrville pub- 
lic schools. Member of all Masonic bodies — 33d degree. 
Member of Rotary Club and City Club. Church afl., 
Methodist. Ancestry, Scotch, Irish and W'olon. War 
Work: Sales Mgr. 2d Liberty Loan and Chamber of 

Hagaman. M. H., Ranger; Mayor of Ranger and head 
of various commercial industries and active in every 
thing pertaining to the upbuilding of his community 
and active in all War Work. 

Hale, T. E., Jr.. Wichita Falls. Born in Honey Grove, 
Texas, Oct. 5, 1806. Descendant of Cora Belle Evans and 
Thomas Edd Hale. Educated at Burkburnett Schools. 
.Member of Masonic Lodge. Served in the navy, eight 
months in the foreign waters, on U. S. S. Nereiis. 
Hall, James M., Lubbock; Grain Buyer, H. A. Davidson. 
Born in Hollv Springs, Miss., Aug., 21, 1890. Grandson 
of Capt. J. B. Mattison, Educated nt Holly Springs 
High School. Married Miss Carrie Lou Priddv. Sept. 
15, 1020. Member of B. P. O. E., American * Legion 
and Presbyterian Church. Served as Sergeant 10th Co., 
5th Bn., 105th Depot Brigade, Camp Travis, Texas. 

Mall. K. W., Amarillo ; Associate Justice, Seventh Court 
of Civil Appeals. Born in Rusk County, Texas, June 10, 
1863. Descendant of R. W. ad Mary Wingfield Hall. Ed- 
ucated at University of Texas. B. L. Married Miss S. 
E. Neal. April 27, 1888. Member of Methodist Church. 
Odd Fellows, K. of P.. Moose, Elks. W. O. W. and 
Masonic Lodge. Favorite recreations, fishing and hunt- 
ing. War Work: Chairman, 3rd Liberty Loan and as 
Speaker for Red Cross, Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. 

Halley. James A., San Angelo ; Pres. Guaranty State 
Bank of San Angelo, Tex. Born in Saline County. Mo., 
May 11, 1872. Descendant of James A. Halley, of Vir- 
ginia. Educated at Sedalia, Pettis County, Mo.. LL. B. 
Married Miss' Emma P. Brown, Oct. 10, 1808. Member 
of Baptist Church. Favorite recreation, baseball. Suc- 
cessfully passed examination in 1808 for Navy Pay- 
master, with rank of Lieutenant. 

Halsell, John Tucker, Dr., Laredo: Physician and Sur- 
geon. Chief Surgeon, Texas-Mexican Railway, Fres. 
Webb Co., Med. Society and Director, First State Bank 
k Trust Co. Born in Rowling Green, Ky., of Scotch- 
Irish parentage. Educated at Trinity University and 
Med. Dept. of Fort Worth Unversity, M. D. Married 
Miss Emilie Sielski, June 3, J003. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Elks, Rotary Club, American Lesion and Mili- 
tary Order of Dragon and Caribou. Favorite recreations, 
hunting and fishing. Served as 1st. Lt. and Assistant 
Surgeon, M. C, 4th Co. Texas Inf., Spanish-American 

War 1808 to 1S00, Contract Surgeon, U. S. Army M. C. 
in Philippines, China and U. S. 1800 to 1904; 1st Lt. 
M. R Corps (inactive), 1000 to 1017 and Capt., Major 
and Lt Col. 7th Division in U. S. and France, June 
IS, 1017 to April 27, 1919. , 

Hamilton, W. C. Wichita Falls Teller, City Notional 
Bank of Com. Born in Poplar Bluff, Mo., June 4, 1894. 
Educated at F. C. L, Frankenton, La., Soule College, 
New Orleans. Member of Masonic Lodge (32nd degree), 
Scottish Rite, Shrine, Elks, Methodist Church and Am- 
erican Legion. Favorite recreation. Baseball and Tennis. 
Served as Yeoman 1st Class, in U. S. Reg. Navy, San 
Francisco, Cal. and Newport, K. I. from May 20, 1017 
to July 2, 1010. 

llamner, Ed J., Sweetwater; Lawyer. Judge 30th Judi- 
cial, 1804, 1808. Born on farm in Fort Bend Co., Texas, 
Fell. 10, 1858. Descendant of natives of Virginia and 
Tennessee. Educated in private schools. Married Miss 
Mamie Hugging. July 20. 1882. Member of K. of P. and 
Christian Church. Gave up his practice and devoted his 
time to war work, and was Chairman of the Council of 

llamner Ed J., Jr., Sweetwater; Manager Hartford Ins. 
i',... Indianapolis. Ind. Born in Haskell. Texas, April 30, 
1894. Descendant of Judge E. J. Hamner. Educated at 
Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas, and A. & M. College. 
Served as Capt., in Co. A, on Staff of Gen. Grebble and 
as head of Military Police at Camp Bowie, Texas from 
Sept. 1016 to close of war. 

Hampshire, G. H., Dr., Wichita Falls; Physician & Sur- 
geon, Drs. Hampshire & Hoover. Born in St. Louis, 
Mo. Jan. 30. 1878. Educated at St. Louis Med. College, M.D. 
Married Miss Lilian Garrett, 1007. Member of Wichita 
Golf Club and B. P. O. E. 

Hancock, C. H., Dr. Mineral Wells ; Osteopathic Phy- 
sician, Norwood, Singleton & Hancock. Born in Collin 
Co., Texas, 1S04. Descendant of Chas. Hancock, a broth- 
er of Jno. Hancock. Educated at Kirksville, Mo.. D. O. 
Married Miss Inez A. Miller, Feb. 26, 1020. Member of 
Mineral Wells Golf and Country Club and Methodist 
Church. Served in Medical Corps, in U. S. N. R. F. 
aboard U. S. S. Plattsburg. Manager of Soldiers, Sail- 
ors and Marines Club, St. Louis, Mo. 

Hancock, James Newton, (deceased). AVas born in Alpine 
Texas, July 8, 1000. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hancock 
of Alpine. Educated £.t Alpine High School. Was a mem- 
ber of the Methodist Church. New Mexico Military In- 
stitute, Roswell. N. M. and died in hospital at Ros- 
well. N. M., Oct. 22, 101S 

Hancock, Wm. B., Alpine: Cattle Raiser. Vice-Presi- 
dent, First National Bank of Alpine. Treasurer of 
Brewster Co., 188S-00, and Commissioner, 1016-18. Born 
in Lavaca County, Texas. Sept. 23, I860, of English and 
Irish parentage. Married Miss Nellie Powe, Oct. 10, 
1887 and Miss Bertha Monigan, Feb. 11, 1800. Member 
of Scottish Rite, Shrine, W O. W. and Methodist Church. 
War Work: Chairman of War Labor Board and on Lib- 
erty Bond Committees 

Hankins, M. M.. Quanah : Attorney. Co. Attorney. Coun- 
ty Judge, Mayor, 1021. State Live Stock Commissioner. 
Born in Barry Co., Mo., Nov., 2, 1861. Educated in 
common schools .Married Miss Mary E. Roberts, April 
21. 1SS6. Member of Masonic Bodies. Elk. K. of P., 
Shrine, and K. T. Served as Appeal Agent and County 
Food Administrator, during the war 

Hankins, St ay ton M., Quanah; Oil leases and Real Es- 
tate. Secy Chamber of Commerce. Born in Quanah, 
Texas, April 11, 1802. Descendant of M. M. and Mary E. 
Roberts Hawkins. Educated at Quanah High School. 
Member of Methodist Church, Elks, Knights of Py- 
thias and American Legion. Favorite recreations, base- 
ball and hunting. Served as 1st. Lieut, in Co. H. 142nd 
Regiment, 36 Division, in A. E. F.. Champagne Front. 
Awarded Croix de Guerre and D. S. C, by the Ameri- 
can Government. Wounded Oct. S, 1018. Assisted in Vic- 
tory Loan Drive in 1010. 

Hanson, G. C.,' Mineral Wells: Manager of Hotel Dam- 
ron. Born in Detroit, Ala.. Feb. 5, 1S03 Descendant of L. 
T. and Fannie C. Gilmore Hanson of Alabama and 
Texas. Educated at Graford, Texas Public School. 

Hardin, E W., Amarillo: Vice-Pres. National Bank of 
Commerce, Vice Pres. Amarillo Gas Co., Vice Pres. Pan- 
handle Pine Line Co. and President of Amarillo Hard- 
ware Co. Born in Rosetta, Ky.. 1877 Descendant of Da- 
vid R. and Nina Longuemas Hardin. Grandson of Ben 
Hardin Brecklnge Co., Ky. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
AY. (>. W.. Elks and Amarillo Golf and Country Club. 
Favorite recreation, golf. War Work: Served on Red 
Cross and Liberty Loan Committees. 

Hardwick, E. V., Stamford; Lawyer. Davenport & Hard- 
wick. Born in Texas, 1891. Descendant of C. C. Hard- 
wick. Educated at Washington and Lee University and 
Texas University. Married Miss Lucille Parks. July 10, 
1020. Member of Presbyterian Church. Masonic Lodge 
and K. of P. Served as 2nd Lt, in Co. A. 28th Regiment 




1st Division. 

llurdy, John A., Dr., El Paso; Physician and Surgeon. 
Born in Virginia, 1875, of English parentage. Educated 
at William ami .Mary College. M. D. Married Mis s Vir- 
ginia Travis Armistead. April 1901. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Elks and Knights of Pythias. Served as Cap- 
tain in Medical Corps. 

Marian, O. P., Stamford: Vice Pres. and Cashier, First 
National Bank. Interested in National Savings & In- 
vestment Co., Treasurer West Texa's Chamber of Com- 
merce and Treasurer of North Texas Conference. Born, 
in Tallopoosa Co., Ala., Feb. 22, 1881. Descendant of 
George Harlon, (English). Educated at Public Schools 
aud All!. State Normal. Married Miss Willie Mildred 
Shepherd Nov. 24. 190S. Member of York Bite, Shrine 
and .Methodist Church. Favorite recreation, swimming. 
War Work: Served on Liberty Loan and W. S. S. 
Campaign Committees. 

Harper, Alfred J., El Paso: Lawyer; Hudspeth, Wallace, 
& Harper. Judge of Criminal Appeals, .Ian. 1. 1911 to 
Dec. 31, 1917. State Senator, .Ian. 1903. 1912. .Tudge of 
Limestone Co., Texas, Nov. 1896 to 1902. Born in Miss, 
May 17, 1SU4. Descendant of Bobt. E. and Fannie N. 
Harper of Alabama and Miss. Married Miss Margaret 
Ingram. Dec. 2::. 1901. Member of Masonic Lodge. 
Knight Templar, Knight of Pvthias ami Methodist 

Harrell, Frank E., Cisco: Lumberman Manager Rock- 
well Bros. & Co. Born in what is now Fisher Co.. 
Texas April 2J5, 1SS4. Educated at Cisco, Texas. Mar- 
ried Miss Eucie E. Rush, February 15, 1911. Member 
of B. P. O. E. Knights of Pvthias and Methodist 
Church. War Work: Served as County Fuel Adminis- 
trator for Eastland County. 

Harrell, John D., Cisco; Lumberman. Born in Fisher 
County, Texas. April 29, 1S92. Educated at Cisco. Texas. 
Served as S'gt. in 1st Baloon Co., overseas for two 
years, in St. Mihiel, Argonne Forrest and other bat- 
tles. With the first to fly on foreign soil. 
Harris, Theodore, Austin; Bank and Building and Loan 
Ass'cn. Examiner. Born in Fort Mill, S. C. Descendant 
ofW. F. .vnd Dixie Harris. Educated at Fort Mill High 
School and Clemson College. Married Miss Ruth Wil- 
liams, April IS, 1919. Member of Methodist Church and 
Masonic Lodge. Volunteered the day war was declared 
and served asi 2nd Lt. in aviation, active at Call Field, 
Ellington Field (. Taliaferro Field, and Aviation Re 
pair Depot at Love Field. 

Harris, J. M., El Paso; Lawyer. Born in Tarrant Co., 
Texas, Sept. 23, 1SS8. Descendant of T. B. and Marx- 
Ann Harris. Educated at University of Texas. L L. B!. 
1912. Married Miss Rose Thomason, Oct. S. 1916. Mem- 
ber of El Paso Country Club. Favorite recreation, hunt- 

Harris, Henry Mercer, Wichita Falls: District Man- 
ager. Texas Employers Ins. Assn. Born in Travis 
County, Texas, Aug. 12, 18S4. Educated at University 
of Texas, L. L. B. Married Miss Rtbel Brooks. Dec. 
28, 1919. Member of Baptist "Church. Favorite recrea- 
tion, hunting' 

Harris, W. E., Mineral Wells: Mid Kansas Oil & Gas 
Co. Born in Mineral Wells. Texas, Aug. 2:1. Is97 Ed- 
ucated at Mineral Wells High School and A. & M. 
College. Served a s 2nd Lieut, of Inf., unassigned elev- 
en months service. 

Harris, Wayne T., San Angelo: Ranchman, Harris 
Bros. Born in San Anglo. Texas. Dec. 13, 1894. Educated 

at San Angelo High Sol 1 and A. & M.. Texas. Seryed 

as 1st. Lt. in Battery B. 132nd F. A, 36th Division, in 

Ifarrison, Charles S., Rev. Ma i'fa : Minister of the Gos- 
pel. Born in Hays Co. Texas, Oct. 25, 1870. Educated 
at Baylor University. Married Miss Bertha Faries 
Match 10, 1909. 

Harrison. Esea W.. Hereford: Grain Deal"- Rorn in 
.Tnsner. Ark., Sent. 19. 1875 Descendant of Weslev and 
Mattie Harrison. Educated at Seymour High School and 
W-ioo. Texas. Married Miss Pearl Tnri'ontiPe Sept "9 
1907. Member of Bantist ( hlircb, I. O. <>. F. and W. i I. W 

Harrison, S. T.. Memphis: Merchant, Manager, Harrison 
i l..n,T, Ildw. Co. Horn in Illinois, Oct, 27 1N77 he 
Rcondnnl of N. .1. Harrison of 111 Educated at Bavlor 
University. Married Miss Olivia Smith. Aug. 13, 1900. 
Member of Chamher id' Commerce We*' T»xns Chamber 

of Commerce and Rnptisl Church. War Work' Assisted i" 
sale of p,o. ois War stamps, in ited Cross Work, and 

served on Legal Advisory Committee. 

Hart, Lawrence J.. San Antonio; Capitalist and Real 
Estate Operator: Gunter Bldg. Phone t'v 717. Pres. 
San Antonio Hotel Co., Pres. si. Mary's S't. improve- 
ment Co.. Vice-Pros. Commercial Loan an.: Trust Co 

Pres., Hoard ..r Directors a & M. College of Texas 

Heine address, 120 \Y . Craig Place; phone Cr 852. Born 

in Iowa. Feb. 27, 1802. Educated at Dubuque College, 
Dubuque, Iowa. Member of San Antonio Country Club. 
Church ail:, Catholic. Ancestry, Irish. War Work: Red 
Cross, War Recreation Board and Y. M. C. A. Fund. 
Hartford, J. F.. Post; Mgr. Double U Co. (C. W. Post 
interests). Pres. Commercial Club. Born in Canada, Feb. 
1, 1870, of American parents of 'Scotch-English ancestry, 
who settled at Harttord, Conn,, at an early date. Ed- 
ucated at Public Schools. Married Miss Cora L. Smith 
(deceased), later Miss Elizabeth Bromley, Nov. 26, 1912. 
Member of Episcopal Church, York Rite. Shrine aud 
Country Club. Favorite recreations, golf hunting' and 
fishing. He and his wife assisted in all war aetivites, 
and both offered their services for overseas work. 
Harvey, Ralph Osborn. Wichita Falls; Oil Producer, 
Cotton Buyer & Exporter, R. O. IP. rvey i\i Co. Vice Pres- 
ident, City National Bank of Commerce, also interetsed 
in Kemp Hotel Co. Born in Centerville, Iowa, 1881, of 
English parentage. Educated at Public School. El Reno 
Okla. Married Miss Chloe Blocker, 1907. Member of 
Masonic Lodge, (32nd degree), Shrine, Elks, Wichita 
Club, Golf Club. Country Club and Presbyterian Church 
(trustee). Favorite recreation, all outdoor sports. 
Hatehell, Austin C, Plainview ; Lawyer, Attorney for 
Guaranty State Bank. District Attorney from 1910 to 
1920. Born in Walker Co., Texas, March 16, 18S5. De- 
scendant of A. A. Hatehell. Educated tit S .W. Univer- 
sity, and University of Texas, LL. B., 1907. Married Miss 
Dale Dillingham, Aug. 24, 1910. Member of Knight 
Temple. Shrine, Elks, 'Baptist Church and Kiwanis. 
Favorite recreations, fishing, hunting and tennis. Wat- 
Work: Chairman of 3rd. Red Cross Drive, Chairman 
of United War Work. Four Minute man and was in the 
U. S. Service two years. 

Hawkins, L. G-, Vernon; Banker. Active Vice Pres., Wag- 
goner National Bank. Bank of Chillicothe arid Bank of 
Odell. Born in Mansfield, La., Dec. 13, 1868. Descendant 
of Capt. J. E. Hawkins of La. Educated in Private 
schools. Married Miss Senie Houssels, Nov. 1, 1893. Mem- 
ber of Methodist Church, 32nd degree. A. & A. S. R., 
York Rite and Shrine, and Knight Templar. Favorite 
recreations, hunting and fishing. War Work: County 
Chairman of Red Cross, Chairman of Fuel Committee, 
Wilbarger Co. and active in all War work. 
Haynes, Jno. E., Burkburnett ; Banker. Pres. American 
State Bank, formerly Vice President, First State Bank, 
uilton, Okla. Born in Tarrant Co., Texas, Nov. 3. 1882. 
Descendant of Marshall .1. Haynes. Educated at King- 
Fisher College, Okla. and Draughon's Business College, 
Fort Worth. Married Miss Bessie Dunlap, Dee. 23, 1906. 
degree) and Shrine. War Work: Assisted in Liberty Loan 
Member of Christian Church, Masonic Lodge. 32nd 
degree and Shrine. War Work: Assisted in Liberty Loan 
Drives and Red Cross Work. 

Haynes, T. E., Dr.. Abilene: Physician and Surgeon. 
Vice President and Director of Citizens National Bank 
Abilene: also interested in Abilene Public Service Co 
Born in Bonham, Texas. May 5, 1862, of Scotch-English 
parentage. Educated at Trinity University, Texas, and 
University of Louisville, Ky.. B. S. and M. D. Married 
Miss Eleanor Carney. "March 6, 1901. Member of Presby- 
terian Church, Masonic Lodge and Odd Fellows Favorite 
recreation, motoring. 

Hayes, E. A., Bridgeport. Proprietor of Business College. 
Ifazelwood, Miss Yfima; Mineral Wells: Descendant of 
Benjamin Franklin, grand-daughter of Calvin T. Hazel- 
wood, pioneer and one of first settlers on Palo Pinto 
County. Daughter of Ceo. w. (deceased 3918) and Doiiie 
Massie Hazelwood. Educated at Mineral Wells High 
School, West Lake School for girls. Los Angeles, Pal.. 
1914. University of Texas 1915-16-17-18. Student 

nurse in Army School of Nursery, Camp Shelby, Miss. 
New England Conservatory of Music Boston, Mass., 
1PI9 and student of ( has. W. Clark and Helen F. Ca- 
iimiiii, Bush Conservatory of Chicago, 1020. Member of 
American Legion I Ferris Anderson Posti, Christian 
Church, Alpha Delta Pi Sororitv and Wednesday Bridge 

Heath. Edgar H.. Vernon. Porn in Wiin'iebl, Iowa, .lutn 1 
17. POO. Descendant id' N. R. Heath. Educated at Puhlic 
schools. Married Miss Hyacinth O'Neal .Tune 1020. 
Member of Presbyterian Church and Elks. Served as 
Sgt., in Co. K., 144th Regiment, 36th Division, for 
twelve months anil was wounded in action, Oct. S, 
1918. (Meuse-Argonno offensive Champagne Front). 

Served in Texas National Guards', on frontier for two 
years before war was declared. 

Heath, N. K., Vernon ; .leweler Heath ,v Thompson. Born 
in Pucks Co., Pciin.. .Ian. 17, ls7n. Educated at Public 
Schools and Horological School, graduated 1890. Mar- 
ried Miss Sarah P. Canady, Sept. s. isos Member of 
Masonic Podge and Presbyterian Church. Favorite l'PS- 
reation, motoring. War Work: Chairman Liberty Loan 
Hedrick, Floyd Edwin, I'd Paso: with the F. P. & S. W. 




Ry. Born in Clarendon, Texas,, Nov. 26, 1S90. Descendant 
of the Saekets, who came over in the Mayflower. Edu- 
cated at Arlington, Texas. Member of Masonic Lodge 
and Elks. Served as Pvt. in Co. D.. 51st Tel Bn., with 
the A. E. F. in Prance and with the Army of Occupa- 
tion in Germany 

Hedrick, John Clark, El Paso.; Construction Supt., with 
J. E. Morgan Co. Born in Clarendon, Texas, May 29, 
1892. Descendant of the Saekets who came over in the 
Mayflower. Educated at Dalhart, Texas. Member of the 
Elks, Served as Pvt. in Co. I, 23rd Regiment, 2nd Div- 
ision in France. 

Hedrick, Louis Allen, El Paso; Bank Celrk, First Nat- 
ional Bank. Born in Bridgeport, Texas, Aug. 25, 1895. 
Descendant of the Saekets. who came over in the May- 
flower. Educated at El Paso. Favorite recreation, foot- 
ball and tennis. Served as S'gt, in Co. G., 111th Regiment 
36tb Division in France. 

Hedrick, T. W-, Dr., Abilene: Physician and Surgeon. 
Alexander. Estes & Hedrick. Born in Texas. Nov. 27, 
1890. Educated at Universltv of Texas, M. D. Married 
Miss Mamie A. Tillett, Oct. 22, 1917. Member of Masonic 
Lodge. Served as 1st. Lt. M. C. TJ. S. Gen. Hospital 
No. 11. Ft. Ogelthorpe, Ga. 

Henley, E. B., Jr., Brownwood ; E. B. Henley & Co., 
Insurance & Real Estate. Born in Brownwood, Texas, 
Jan. 12, 1899. Descendant of Edward B. Henley. Edu- 
cated at Rice Institute, Houston. Member of Metho- 
dist Church, Elks and A. F. & A. M. Served as Pvt. 
in Marine Corps stationed Dover, N. J. 
Menry, R. N., Del Rio; Merchant. A. W. Henry & Co. 
Born in St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 21, 1878. Son of Robt Foiley 
Henry. Educated at St. Louis, Mo. Member of K. of P., 
Elks.'D. O. K. K. 

Henshaw, Geo. Jessee, Sanderson: County Judge of Ter- 
rell County, Abstracter of Titles of Terrell County 
Lands, Lemons & Henshaw. County Attorney Atascosa 
County, two terms, County Attorney, Terrell County, two 
terms. Born in Atascosa County, Texas, March 10, 1877 
Educated at Law Dept. Texas University, Austin. Texas 
and Baylor University, Waco. Texas. Member of Scot- 
tish Rite Mason, 32nd degree, A. A. O. N. M. S., Knights 
of Pythias and Odd Fellows. 

Herbst, Albert F., Hereford : Vice Prcs., First National 
Bank Co. Born in Caldwell Texas, Oct. 1. 1SS7. De- 
scendant of Mr. and Mrs. Y. E. Herbst. Educated at 
Caldwell, Texas. Married Miss Bevnice Taylor, Nov. 
26, 19l3. Member of Masonic Lodge. York Rite and 
Shrine. Assisted on War Work Committees. 
Herd <1. W., Post: Banker, First National Bank. Bom 
in Fort Worth, Tex., March 21. 1895. Educated at 
La. State University, B. A. Favorite recreations, golf 
and hunting. Served as 1st Sgt. in Troop C, 305th 

Herndon, C, Electra ; Editor The Electra News. Born in 
Summerville, Ga., Nov. 2. 1887. of Scotch, Irish parent- 
age. Educated at Tion, Ga. Married Miss Virgie Brown- 
lee. Aug. 9, 190$. 

Heydrick, C, Wichita Falls: Oil & Mapping Business, 
Heydrick Mapping Co. Born in Chicora, Butler Co.. 
Penn.. May 5, 1875. Descendant of Jessie A. aud Lizzie 
W. Nellis Heydrick. Educated at Butler. Penn. Member 
of Elks, and Wichita Club. Favorite recreation, hunting 

Hilburn, Herbert S., Plainview; Editor and Publisher, 
Herald Publishing Co. Born in Fleming, Texas, Dec. 
5, 1891. Educated at Polytechnic College, B. A. Mem- 
ber of 0. of P. and B. P. O. E. Served as Capt. in 
Co. H. 359th Inf., 90th Division, in TJ. S., May 12, 1917 
to June 3. 1919. with A. E. F. in France, June 19. 1918, 
to June 10, 1919, and with the Army of Occupation in 

Hilburn, M. B., Lubbock ; Proprietor, Lubbock Printing 
Co. Born in Goldthwaite, Texas, July 17, 1895. Son 
of W. C. Hilburn, Grandview, Texas. Educated at Sou- 
thern Methodist University. Married Miss Velma Stiles 
March 9, 1020. Member of Methodist Church, Rotary 
Club, Elk. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Favorite recre- 
ations', basketball and tennis. Served as Capt., in 19th 
Inf. Trained at Camp Leon Springs and was commis- 
sioned 2nd Lt. of Inf., Aug. 15, 1917. Promoted to 
Captain, Aug. 21, 1918. 

Hill, W. K., Burkburnett. President, Farmers State Bank 

Hill, J. A., Canyon: Pies., West Texas Normal Col- 
lege Born in Bell County, Texas, Oct. 29, 1S77. De- 
scendant of Frank and Rachael Hill Patterson, Am- 
ericans. Educated at University of Cal. and University 
cil\ Texas, B. A. and M. A. Married Miss Ola Davis. 
June 30, 1903. Member of Masonic Lodge. W. O .W., 
Maeabees, Baptist Church and N. E .A. Favorite rec- 
reations, fishing and golf. War Work: Chairman Ran- 
dall Co., Four Minute Men and made Red Cross and 
Liberty Loan Speeches. 
Hill, J. E., Hereford : Byrd, Mickel & Hill, Real Estate. 

First State Bank of Claude, Texas, and Vice Pres. 
of Chamber of Commerce. Born in Cook County, Tex- 
as, July 11, 1879. Descendant of Frank and Maggie 
Montgomery Hill. Educated at Claude, Texas, Married 
Miss Belle Jones, May 18, 1901. Member of Christian 
Church, I. O. O. F. and W. O. W. War Work: Chair- 
man Liberty Bond and Red Cross Drives. 

II hide, Hubbard It, Dr. Sau Angelo; Physician and 
Surgeon. Born in Sherwood, Texas May 8, 1892. De- 
scendant of Bishop Kavauaugh and Daniel Boone. 
Educated at Vanderbilt University, M. D. Married 
Miss Bessie Mae Drifoos, Dec. 23, 1917. Member of 
Methodist Church and American Legion. In service, 
twenty-two months as Capt. in 5th Co., Sanitary 
Train, 3rd Division in France twelve months. 
Hines, Bennett Merwin, Dr., Uvalde; Physician and 
Surgeon. Co. Hospital Local Surgeon, G. H. & S. A. 
Ry.. from 1900 to date. Born in Miss., Dec. 7, 1809, of 
Scotch-Irish parentage. Educated at Luka Normal In- 
stitute aud Universitv of Nashville, Tenn.. B. S. and 
M. D. Married Miss Anna Dean, Nov. 21, 1894. Member 
of Methodist Church, Masonic Lodge, K. of P. and 
W. O. W. Favorite recreations, fishing and hunting. 
Hittson, Wiley C, Cisco: Interested in ranches, horses 
and cattle. Ex Chief of Police, in Ranger service for 
two years. Born in Eastland Co., six miles N. E. from 
Cisco. Educated at Public Schools, Member of Elks 
and Baptist Church. Served furteen months in the 
Army, twelve months overseas, in 315th Machine Gun 
Bn., '90th Division, in St. Mihiel and Meuse Argoune 
battles. Went over the top five times up to and in- 
cluding Nov. 1. 1918. 

Hix, Geo. Davis, Vernon and Houstou ; Salesman Sou- 
thern Motor Mfg. Assn. Ltd., Houston, Texas. Born in 
Vernon. Texas, June 17. 189.>. Son of Dr. Richard W. 
and Stella E. Van Email Hix, Grandson of Davis and 
Elizabeth Hill Hix. Educated at Vernon High School 
and Commercial College. Married Miss Beatrce June 
McCarthy, Sept. 9, 1918, at U. S. Navy Club, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Member of American Legion. Methodist Church 
W. O. W. and American Yeomen. Favorite recreations, 
hunting and fishing. Served as Yeoman in U. S. Navy 
at Naval Training Station, R I. and at U. S. Receiv- 
ing Ship, Brooklyn, N. Y-, Navy Yard. During twenty 
eight months service was advanced through five rating s 
to Chief Yeoniiin, Handling Finauees and pay rolls. 
Received honorable discharge, Aug. 26, 1919. 
Hix, Richard W. Dr., Vernon; Physician and Surgeon. 
City Health Officer for four vears. Born in Subligna. 
Oil.. Ian. 19. IN.",!!. Son of Davis and Elizabeth Hill Ilix 
of Subligna, Ga. Educated at University of Louisville, 
Kv., M. D. Married Miss Stella Elizabeth Van Email. 
April 21, 1886, Springton, Texas. Member of York Rite, 
Shrine, W. 0. W. Maeabees and Methodist Church. 
Member of Volunteer Medical Service Corps. , 
Hodge, F. P., Ranger; Manager, Oil Supply Company. 
Holliday, Robert I.., El Paso; Lawver, Turnev, Bulges 
Culwell, Holliday & Pollard. Born in Victoria County. 
Texas. Nov. it. 1883. Educated at Universitv of Texas. 
LL. B. Married Miss Leila T. Moore. June 15, 1915. 
Member of Toltec Club and El Paso Country Club. 
War Work, El Paso County Defense and served on 
various war drive committees. 

Hollis, Lawrence W., Jr., Abilene; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Bom in Anson, Texas, Aug. 31, 1888. Educated at 
Simmons College, Abilene and Baylor University Med- 
ical Dept., Dallas, M. D. Married Miss Helen People. 
Feb. 18, 1918. Member of Masonic Blue Lodge and 
York Rite. Favorite recreation, bunting. Served as 
1st. Lieut., in Chemical Warfare Service. 
Mollis, Dr. Scott W., Abilene; Physician and Surgeon. 
Born Abilene, Texas. Feb. 4. 1895. Descendant of Dr. 
L. W. Hollis, Sr. Educated at Cooper Training School, 
Simmons College. Southwestern University, and Bay- 
lor Univ. .College of Medicine, M. D. Favorite recreations, 
hunting and fishing. Served as 1st Lieut. .!-<; Medical 
Corps, U. S. Navy on duty with St'i Regt., U. S. Ma- 
rine Corps, at Galveston, Texas 

Homaii, Robert Broaddus Dr.. El Paso: Physician and 
Surgeon, Drs. Homan and Smith, Hainan Sanitarium. 
Councilor 1st Dist. Texas State Med. Society. Born in 
Bryan, Texas. May 25, 1872. Educated at Texas Chris- 
tian Universitv, aud Med. Dept. Universitv of Texas, 
M. D. 1897. Married Miss Jennie Alexander, Jan. 1903. 
Member of Christian Church aud Knights of Pythias. 
War Work: Member of District Medical Advisory 

Honea, Fred. Amarillo: Sales Manager, Great West Mill 
it Elevator Co. Born in Longview, Texas, Jan. 19.18S8. 
Descendant of .1. H. Honea. Educated at University 
of Texas. Married Miss Joie Stinnett, 1912. Member of 
Masonic Lodge. Favorite recreation, golf. War Work: 
on various Committees for sale of Liberty Bonds, and 
Red Cross. 

Honeyinan, J. D., Laredo; Taxidermist J. D. Honeyman 
& Sons. Born in Missouri, May 3, 1867, of Scotch-Irish 




parentage. Married Miss Kate Doian, May 20, 1S99. 
Member of I. O. O. F. and B. of R. F. and O. It C 
Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing Served in 
Spanish American war. in Troop A. First Vol. Cav. 
Hoover, Munford W., Wichita Falls; Physician and 
Surgeon, Drs. Hampshire & Hoorer. Born in Houston, 
Texas, June 1S92. Educated at Austin College, Sher, 
man, Texas, M. D. Served as Capt. M. C, 36th Division 
Camp Bowie, Fort Worth and with the A. F. F. in 

Morn, Dr. Jesse Mayo, Brownwood ; Physician and Sur- 
geon, Drs. Horn & Mayo. Sec'v. 4th District Med. Socie- 
ty of Texas, 1913 to 1911 and Pres. 1th District Med. 
Society of Texas, 1915. Born in Logansport, La. May 
3, 1873. Descendant of Levi W. and Elizabeth Mayo 
Horn, La. Educated at Whitesboro Normal College, 
Whitesboro, Texas, B. D. and B. S. and Med. Dept. 
Kentucky University, Louisville, K.v., M. D. Married 
Miss Marguerite C. Morris, July 13, 1902. Member of 
I. O. O. F., K. of P., Christian Church and R. A, M, 
Chapter 141. Favorite recreations motoring in and our 
of Texas. War Work: Member of Volunteer Medical 
Service Corps. 

Horton, John Thomas, Dr., Quanall ; Physician, Eye, 
Ear, Nose and Throat. Specialist. Born in Troy, Mo., 
March 5, 1S57. Descendant of John C. and Abigail Tut- 
tle Horton of Mo. Educated at Hospital College oi 
Med. of Louisville, Ky., M. D. 1S91, Post Graduate 
work at Tulane University, Ne.v Orleans, La., N. Y. 
Polytechnic and Chicago Eve, Ear, Nose and Throat 
College. Married Miss C. E. Polk, Feb. 18S2. Member 
of Christian Church. 

Howard, J. G. L., Wichita Falls: Civil Engineer and 
Geologist. Served in the World War as an Aviator. 
Howell, J. IV., Dr., Cisco; Physician and Surgeon, Drs. 
Lee, Howell & Scott. Born in Rome, Georgia, Aug. 11, 
1858, of Scotch-Irish parentage. Kducated at Cave 
Spring and Atlanta, Ga., M. D. Married Miss Mattia 
V. Reynolds, Oct. 19, 1887. Member of Baptist Church 
and K. of P. War 1 Work: Member of Selective Draft 

HoweU, Dr. R. L., Brownwood: Physician and Sur- 
geon Past Pres. of Scurry Co. Med. Socielv and Mayor 
of Snyder, Texas, 1916. Born in West Fla., Jan. 16, 1866. 
Descendant of W. M. and Harriet N. McKiethon How- 
ell. Educated at University of Tenn. Med. Def., Nash- 
ville, Tenn., M. D. Married Miss Cynthia P. Roebuck, 
Nov. 15, 1906. Member of Masonic Lodge, W. O. W., 
Baptist Church and York Rite Chapter. Served as 1st. 
Lieut, in M. C, Boston. Mass., Harvard Medical School, 
Ft. Ogelthorpe. Ga. M. O. T. C, Orthopedic at Ft 
Logan H. Roots, Ark 

Howell. Maurice A., Mineral Wells; Engineer. Consumer,-, 
Gas & Fuel. 2nd Vice-Commander of American Legion 
(Faris Anderson Post). Born in Coryell Co., Texas, 
April 2, 1897. Descendant of Dr. Itobt. L. and May 
Pearl Griggs Howell, of Brownwood. Educated at 
University of Texas. Member of A. F. & A. M., Am- 
erican Legion and Baptist Church. Favorite recrea- 
tions, golf and football. Served as Sgt. in Signal Corps 
Training School, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. 

Howard, W. B., Chldress ; Lawyer. Formerly County 
Attorney & County Judge of Childress County. De- 
scendant of English. Scotch, Irish parentage. Mary 
Smith and William Howard. Educated at University of 
Nashville, B. A. Married Miss Roberta Collins. Jan. 
1897. Member of Masonic Lodge, K of I'.. Elks, and 
Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreation, baseball* 
War Work: Served on Liberty Loan Committees. 

Hudspeth, Claude B., El Paso; Lawyer and U. S. Cong- 
ressman, Hudspeth, Wallace & Harper. Formerly a 
member of Texas House of Representatives and Tex- 
as Senate. Born in Bandera Co.. May 21, 1S77. Do 
scendant of Capt. H. S. and Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Huds- 
peth. Educated at Public School. Married Miss Marie 
Clebourne, Jan. 4, 1903. Member of K. of P.. I. O. O. 
F. and Elks. War Work: Red Cros s and Liberty Loan 

Huey, V. J., Cisco: General Manager. Huey Motor Co 
Born in New Orleans. April 1. 1.N74. Educated at Hous- 
ton High School. Married Miss Adele Robinson Tin - 
sley, Sept. 30. 1896. Member of Elks Lodge and Hous- 
ton Club. War Work: Served on Red Cross and Liber- 
ty Loan Drives. 

Hughes, Frank Alexander, Dr.. El Paso: Physician and 
Surgeon. Born in Denver. Colorado. April 2, 1883. De- 
scendant of Judge and All's. M;ithew Walton, Lexington 
Ky. Educated at, Med. College of Virginia, Richmond, 
Va. M. D. Married Miss Clara Belle Walson, Sept. 22, 
1920. Member of B. P. O. E. Served as Lieut, in M. 
C. U. s. x. 

Ilulen, John A.. Brigadier General, Houston, Pres. r. 
and B. A'. K.v Co.; director Lumberman's Bank: Pres. 
Galveston Terminal Ry. Co., and director Aztec Oil 

Co., Traffic Mgr. F. W. and D. C. Ry. Born in Missou- 
ri, Sept. 9, 1871. Educated in Public Schools, Staunton 
Military Academy and Marmaduke Military Academy. 
Member of Houston Club, Country Club and University 
Club. War Work: Served throughout the World War 
as Brigadier General of the 36th Lrigade. 
Hume, David Elmer, Eagle I'ass ; Lawyer, County Attor- 
ney, Maverick Co., Asst. District Attorney. Harris Coun- 
ty. 1911-12. Born in Galveston, Texas, Aug. 14, 1886. 
Descendant of Mayor T. Charles Hume Educated at 
University of Texas, LL. B. Married Miss Lupita 
James, Feb. 3, 1915. War Work: Chairman of Ques- 
tionaire Committee. , , , 

Hume, Lea, Dr. Laredo: Thysician and Surgeon. A. A. 
Surgeon in charge of U. S. Public Health Service from 
Nov. 1S9S. Born in Texas. Oct. 19, 1875 Son of Ex- 
Mayor Hume of Houston, Texas. Educated at Universi- 
ty of Texas, M. D. Married Miss Jessie Borroun, May 
9. 1900. Member of Masonic Lodge. Favorite recreations, 
all outdoor sports. 

Humphrey, E. B., Amarillo: Viee-Pres. and Gen. Mgr. 
of Great West Mill & Elevator Co., Director Board 
of City Development. Born in Springwater, N. Y., 
Aug. 17, 1SS3, of English and Scotch parentage. Edu- 
cated at Livonia N. Y. High school. Married Miss Eo- 
selle Miller, Sept. IS, 1911. Member of Methodist Church 
Masonic order. Shrine and Rotary Club. Assisted in 
various War Drives. 

Hunt, R. L., Eastland: Banker. Vice-Pros. Eastland 
Hardware Co. and Director of Guaranty State Bank, 
Caddo, Texas. Born in Eastland. Texas, Feb. 8, 1SS8. 
Educated at Eastland Htgh School. Married Miss 
Susie Bobo, Oct. 11. 1910. Member of A. F. & A. M„ 
Commandery, York Rite, Shrine. B. P. O. E. and K. of 
P. Favorite recreation, automobiling. Served as Fvt. 
in Coast Artillery Corps, New Orleans, and on Advisory 

Hutchinsrs, Edwin Gillett, deceased. Prior to 1910 in 
civil life he had been connected at different times 
with two of the National Banks of Austin. Was born 
in Austin. Texas, July S. 1890. Son of Brigadier Gen- 
eral and Mrs. Henry Hutchings. Married Miss Lucille 
Price, daughter of Mrs. L. S. Price, in Austin, Oct. 
21. 1914. Enlisted in the Texas National Guard under 
special dispensation in 1907, and in 1910 obtained a 
commission as 2nd, Lieut, of Infantry, and in 1913 
to Captain. In 1916 his command, with the entire Tex- 
as Brigade, was ordered to the Mexican border, under 
federal orders. The suceeding year, he was promoted 
to Major of Infantry and his command, with the entire 
National Guard of the U. S., taken into federal service 
for the World's War. Maior Hutchings commanded the 
1st. Battalion of 141st U. S. Inf.. 71st Brigade 36th 
Division, until he was killed in action at St. Erienne- 
a-Arnes, France, Oct. 8, 191S. Received the Croix de 
Guerre and Citation from Marshal Petain. Commander 
in Chief of the French Armies of the East. He was 
recommended for the Distinguished Service Cross, and 
had been recommended for promotion to Lieut. Col- 
onel of Infantry. 

Hutchison, G. ('., Tulia ; Stock Raiser. Pres. of Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Born in Texas, Feb 27, 1876. De- 
scendant of W. B. and V. A. Hardy Hutchison. Mar- 
ried Miss Bulah F. Gass, Oct. 22, 1899. War Work: 
Member Local Board and on all War Work Committees 

Hutchinson, J. X., Dr., Lubbock ; Physician Specialist, 
Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. Director, Lubbock State 
Bank. Pres. Panhandle Med. Society, Pres. Lublin-'; 
Sanitarium and Pres. School Board. Born in Red River 
Co., Texas, Sept. 13, 1S80, of Scotch parentage. Edu- 
cated at Tulane University, M. D. Married Miss lone 
Mosely, Dec. 2, 1903. Member of Knight Templar. 
Shrine, Elk and American Medical Assn. Instructor 
in Materia Mediea and Lectures on Eye, Ear, Nose 
and Throat at Lubbock Sanitarium Training School 
for nurses. 1st Lieut, in 26th Co., 7th Bn., General 
Hospital No. 14. Fort Ogelthorpe. 

Hyatt. John M., El Paso: Hyatt. Richey & Latham. 
Real Estate, Ins. & Investments. Born in Georgia. .Tunc 
1 T. 1S67. Descendant of Hyatt and McDaniol Families 
of Virginia and Carolinas. Educated at Rome, Ga. 
Married Miss Minnie Cyrus, in 1894 Member of Masonic 
Fraternities and Methodist Church. War Work: Mem- 
ber of Advisory Board and Texas Fuel Administrator 
for El Paso County, Chairman, M. T. C. Assn. and 
President. Chamber of Commerce. 1917, As Pres. of the 
Chamber of Commerce, devoted all the machinery of 
that institution to recruiting and at request of Fed- 
eral Reserve Bank, assisted by County Judge, appointed 
the first Liberty Bond Committee. 

Hyder, D. ('., Dr.. Memphis: Physician and Surgeon. 
County Health Officer. Born in Booneville, Miss., Nov. 
4. 1875. Descendant of Charles R. and Louise Belle 
illolley) Hyder of Ga. and Miss. Educated at East 
Texas Normal College. Commerce, Texas, P.. S. and A. 
IS. and University of the South. Sewanee, Tenn., M. D. 




Member of Baptist Church, Masonic Lodge, York Rite, 
aud W. O. W. Favorite recreations, chess, baseball 
and horsemanship. Served as Capt. M. C, U. S. A. at 
Huachuca, Arizona, in Border Patrol, Southern Dept. 
Hyman, Harry, Mrs. (Sarah Minna Chalk Scott). Wire 
of Harry Hyman, Son of Col. Joseph Hyman, of the 
Civil War, whose family came from Raliegh N. C, 
Col. William Polk being his great grandfather. Mrs. 
Hyman is mother of the following children by her 
first husband. William Thomas Scott, William Thom- 
as Scott, III, Robert Chalk Scott, John Pinckney Scott, 
III, and Anne Rose Scott, wife of John Blassmgame 
Bowen, of Dallas, who was a Flying Officer in the 
Air service in the World War. Mrs. Hyman comes 
from a long line of ditsinguished ancestors, who have 
proven their patriotism and loyalty, by be : ng in active 
service in every war, to the persent time, when her 
three sons were in active service. She is ''Honorary 
State Regent," of the D. A. R. of Texas, State Geueal- 
ologist of Texas, and will publish a Genealogical His- 
tory of Texas; present Regent, Alamo Chapter, D. A. It. 
of *San Antonio, Ex Regent S. A. do Bexar Chapter, 
and Mary Isham Keith Chapter of Ft. Worth; is a 
Colonial Dame, Member of Founders and Patriots of 
America, Signers of Declaration of Independence, Am- 
ericans of Royal Descent, (through Edward III., King 
England and the Irish Princes of Tarn and the 
F. IT. Vs. of Virginia., 1609). Honorary member of 
Daughters of the Republic. Charter Member of Equal 
Franchise. Charter Member of Y. W. C. A., Laurel 
Heights Methodist Church, Country Club and i s an 
amateur artist. 

Hvsaw Cecil Gordon, Marfa ; Ageut for Pierce Oil 
Corp. Born in Big Springs, Texas, Aug. 31, 1S87. De- 
scendant of Geo. W. and Lela, Big Springs, 
Texas. Married Miss Ona Carter, Waco. Texas, June 18, 
1913. Member of Masonic Lodge and Elks 
Hvatt, J. S., Mineral Wells; Hyatt-Croft Motor fo. 
Born in Clarksville, Texas, 18SS. Educated at High 
School. Served as Private, twelve months in Air Ser- 

Inglish, G. E., Stamford: Newspaper Editor, Stamford 
Leader, (Inglish & Daly), Born in Arkansas, March 
6, 1S67, of Scotch-Irish parentage, Robert Inglish. Ed- 
ucated in Common Schools. Married Miss Eula Lee 
Lawrence. Dec. 13, 1S93. Favorite recreation. Autoing. 
Irvin, Dr. Edgar H., El Paso: Physician (Eye, Ear, 
Nose & Throat) Drs. Irvin & Gray. Ex-Pros., El Paso 
County Medical Society. Born in Bunker Hill, Indiana, 
Jan. 26 1875, of Scotch parentage. Irvin and MaeMi!- 
lan. Educated at Jefferson Medical College, Philadel- 
phia. Pa., M. D. Married Miss Ida B. Crawford, Apr. 
IS, 1900. Member of Elks, American Legion, and Mili- 
tary Surgeons of U. S. Favorite recreations, hunting 
and fishing. Served a s Chief of Surgical Service, Gen- 
eral Hospital No. 15, Corpus Christ!, Texas. 

Irvin, Walter C, Amarillo : Manager, Cooper-Irvin Mo- 
tor Co. Born in Lewistown. Pa., Jan. 11, 1884. Descen- 
dant of James Dipple and John Irvin. Educated at 
Lewistown (Pa.) High School. Married Mis* Bella D. 
McAlinn, June 20, 1911. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Shrine and P. O. S. of A. Favorite recreations, golf 
and baseball. Served as Lieut., Motor Transport, 77th 
Division, in France from Aug. 11, 1918 to March 27, 

Jackson, Dan M., El Paso; Lawyer. Former District 
Judge 34th District of Texas. Born in Durango, Texas, 
May 10, 1876. Descendant of Terrell Jackson and Ann 
Haseltine Jackson. Educated at University of Texas. 
Married Miss Hannah Lessing, Nov. 14. 1900. Member 
of Elks and Bar Assn. of Texas. Ffjvorite recreation, 
fishing. Served as Major Judge Advocate, at Wash- 
ington, D. C, on staff. 

Jackson, Joseph D.. Alpine; Extensive O'attle and Ranch 
interests, Jackson & Harmon. President of Cattle 
Raisers Ass'n. of Texas, 1913 to 1910. Member of 
Democratic Executive Committee. Went as a delegate 
to the Nat'l Convention at St. Louis in 1916, repre- 
senting 57 counties. Founder of the Sul Ross Normal 
School at Alpine. Born in Bell County, Texas Jan. 0, 
1861, Descendant of Jacob Jackson (father) who was 
a third cousin to Gen'l Andrew Jackson. .Educated in 
Public Schools. Married Miss Dorcs Ford, Dec. 24, 
18S9. Member of Christian Church of Alpine, and Pres. 
Board of Trustees of Alpine Public Schools for over 
17 years. Member of Texas Rangers 1881-2 Served as 
S'ee'y, Brewster County Local Draft Board, served on 
Committees for Red Cross and Liberty Loan drives, 
4-minute man, and chairman of Y. M. C. A. war work 

Jackson, Dr. Thomas Terrell, San Antonio ; Physician 
and Surgeon. Born in Mississippi, Nov. 13, 1868. Edu- 
cated in Public Schools and graduated in 1893 from 
Medical Dept., of Texas State University. Pres-e!ect 
of the State Medical Ass'n of Texas, and had he lived 
would have become the fifty-third president. Death 

came to him suddenly, Dec. 12, 1.919, while active In 
the pursuits of his professional career. Served as 
Ass't Supt. of Southwestern Insane Asylum. At the 
outbreak of the Spanish-American War he entered 
the Medical Corps of the Army as First Lieut., serving 
in Cuba and the Phillipines. Was discharged as Cap- 
tain. In the World War he was assigned to various 
duties in the Medical Corps and was rapidly promoted 
to the rank of Major, which rank he held until he 
he was honorably discharged, Dec. 1. 1918. At the time 
of his death he held the position of Division Surgeon 
of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Married Miss Mary 
Elizabeth Davis of Groesbeck. 

Jackson, Col. Will E., Hillsboro; Cotton Merchant 
(Jackson & Co.); Born in Georgia, Oct. 11, 1874. Ed- 
ucated in the public schools. Mason, Elk aud K. of P. 
Church afl., Methodist. Ancestry, American. War Work: 
Col. 141st Inf., Served overseas six months : in action, 
Meuse-Argonne offensive, Oct. 6 to 20, 1918. Married 
Miss Willie M. Hall, May 15, 1905. 

Jameson, Earl, Wichita Falls; Superintendent, The 
Bradstreet Co. Born in Ft. Woru, Sept 14. 1894. Eng- 
lish Ancestry. Son of Otho and Ada Peacock Jameson. 
Educated at Public Schools of Ft. Worth and High 
School of Muskogee, Okla. Married Miss Frances Blair, 
March 22, 1920. Member of Ad Club and Kiwanis Club. 
Favorite recreations, tennis and baseball. Served as 
Sargent in 664th Motor Transport Train, Fort Logan 
(Denver) Camp Meigs (Washington, O. C), Camp Up- 
ton (New York City) and Camp Logan (Houston). 
Jamison, Frank K., Amarillo; Commercial Sec'y. of 
Panhandle-Plains Chamber of Commerce. Interested in 
Farmers & Stockmens Loan & Investment Ass'n. Born 
in Norwich, Ohio, April 24, 1876. Descendant of Scotch 
Irish parentage. Married Miss Lorena McDonald. July 
25, 1906. Member of Masonic Lodge, Shrine, Odd Fel- 
lows, and Presbyterian Church. Served as Food Ad- 
ministrator during - war. 

Jamieson, Dr. William Ross, El Paso: Physician. Born 
in Ottawa, Canada, Feb. 6, 1S75. Educated at McGill 
University, M.D.C.M. Married Miss Tulibas Wulff, Apr. 
5, 1906. Member of Masonic Lodge and Elks. Favor- 
ite recreations, golf and tennis. Served as Major in 
Medical Corps, U. S, 

Jarratt, J. E., San Antonio; Investment Banker; Owner 
J. E. Jarratt & Co. Director Commonwealth Bank and 
Trust Co., etc. Home address, 23S W. Craig Place, 
Born in Arkansas, Dec. 10, 1872. Educated at Uni- 
versity of Arkansas. Mason, Scottish Rite, York Rite 
and Shriner. Member of San Antonio Country Club, 
Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club. Elks, etc., Church 
afl.. Presbyterian. War Work: Member of National 
War Work Council, Y. M. C. A., member Bexar CoJnty 
'CutMicil of Defense: First Vice-Pres. War Saving's 
rommittee. State correspondent for Inter-Church World 
Movement of America. President of Investment Bank- 
ers Association of Text's. 

Jarratt, Porter N., Wichita Falls; with Fritz Motor Co. 
Born in Ashland City. Tenn., Apr. 19, 1893. Educated at 
Vanderbilt University. Member of Masonic Lodge, Phi 
Kappa Sigma and Phi Alpha Delta Fraternities. Fa- 
vorite recreations, swimming and outdoor sports. Serv- 
ed as 2nd. Lt. in 2nd Regiment, F, A. R. D., Camp 
Jackson, S. C. 

Jernigan, Dr. James H., Childress: Physician. Interest- 
ed in Reid B, Scott Drug Co. Born in Bradyville, Tenn. 
Nov. 19, 1877. Descendant of A. J. and Rebecca Jane 
Todd Jernigan of Bradyville, Tenn. Educated at Win- 
chester (Tenn.) Normal College and University of 
Tenn. Med. College, S. B. and M. D. Married 'Miss 
Mattie Sue Jacobs. March 6. 1908, at Nashville. Tenn. 
Member of Elks. Masonic Lodge and Baptist Church. 
Favorite recreations, baseball, hunting and fishing. 
Served as Capt. at Camp Dodge. la. in 2nd Inf.. 19th 
Division and in Fort Riley, Kansas M, O. T. C. Or- 
ganized Sanitary Detachment, 4th Cavalry at Chil- 
dress, Texas in 1919 and was commissioned Major. 
John, William H., Bridgeport: Manager, Bridgeport 
Coal Co. Born in Mt. Carmel, Pa., Dec. 2S. 1868. De- 
scendant of T. H. John (Wales) and Mary Jane Gra- 
ham (Ireland). Educated in Common Schools. Married 
Miss Julia A. Cecil of Virginia, Aug. 26, 1891. Mem- 
ber of M. E. Church South, and A. F. & A. M. Assis- 
tant District Representative, U. S. Fuel Administration 
during war. 

Johnson, C. W„ Graham. Attorney at Law. Active in 
all war work. His sons served in the World War. 
Johnson, Dr. J. E.. Eastland: Physician and Surgeon. 
Pres., Eastland County Medical Society. 1914, County 
Health Officer, 1900 to 1921. Born in Alabama, Dec. 12, 
1869. Descendant of C. R. and Sarah Johnson of Geor- 
gia and Eastland. Tex. Educated at Tulane Universi- 
ty, M. D. Married Miss Beulah Laid. Nov. 29. 1S99. 
Member of Elks. Scottish Rite and Shrine. Favorite 
Vecreaitiou, hunting. Served on Medical Examiinin" 
Johnson. J. Willis, Jr., San Angelo ; Born in San An- 




gelo, Texas, Sept. 28, 1S90. Descendant of .Toliu Wil- 
liam Johnson (Grandfather). Lt. Col. in Confederate 
Army. Educated at West Texas Military Academy, 
San 'Antonio, Eastman Business College of Poughkecp- 
sie, N. Y., and University of Virginia. Member of Elks. 
San Angelo Country Club, and Delta Tan Delta Fra- 
ternity of University of Virginia. Favorite recreations, 
fishing and hunting. Served as 1st Lieut, in Company B, 
132nd Regiment, F. A. 

Johnson, K. C. Auiarillo; County Judge. Director, City- 
National Bank. Former County Attorney. Born in 
isiedsne c« unity, Tenn. i*-i > i- 1888. Deseeudani "1 
F. A. Johnson and Mary Walker Johnson; Baxter 
Johnson, James Walker, Laura Johnson and Martha 
Walker, (Grandparents). Educated at Burnett College 
and Cumberland University. L. L. B. Married Miss 
Ethel M. Taylor, Sept. 1, 1014. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Shrine, I. O. O. F., K. of P., W. O. W. and 
First Christian Church Assisted in Bed Cross and other 
war work. 

Johnson, Ralph, R., Hereford: Manager, Star Theatre. 
Interested in Hard wick Bros. Born in Wellington, Kan- 
sas, July 24, 1806. Descendant of Harry and Callie 
Johnson, Married Miss Anna Hardwick Oct. 3, 1920. 
daughter of E. F. Hardwick, Clovis, N. M. Member of 
Senate Societies, Christian Church and M. W. of A. 
Favorite recreations, golf and fishing. Served as Pri- 
vate in Company I, at Camp Fnnston, Kans. 
Johnson, W. A., Memphis; Publisher, Hall County 
Herald. Has served as Regent University of Texas; 
State Senator, and as Lieutenant Governor; a news- 
paper man of 35 years in Texas. Former president of 
Texas Press Ass'n: Member of National Editorial Ass'n 
and of National Geographic Society. Born in Minne- 
sota, Aug. 28, 1862, of Scotch-Irish parentage. Edu- 
cated in Common Schools. Married Miss Nora Sullivan, 
Aug. 3, 188S. Member- of K. of P. arid Presbyterian 
Church. Served as Member of Advisory Board and 
Minute Speaker. 

Jones, A. M., Hereford; Jones & 11: moron, breeders of 
Pure Bred Hereford Cattle. Born in Rutherford County, 
Tenn., Feb. 3, 1880, of Scotch-lfisn parentage. Edu- 
cated at University of Nashville, Tenn.. degree. L. I. 
Married Miss Mina Dameron, June SO, 190S. Member 
of Masonic Lodge, Shrine and Presbyterian Church. 
Favorite recreation, angling. Assisted in Y. M. C. A. 
drives during war. 

Jones, Dr. Charles Brooks, Quanah ; Physician Mid Sur- 
geon. Born in Arkansas, June 22, 1885. Descendant of 
N. L. Jones and Sarah Anna White aones. Educated 
at University of Louisville, Ky., M. D. Member of 
Elks and Church of Christ. Favorite recreations, hunt- 
ing and fishing. Served a s 1st. Lt., Medical Corps, in 
France with A. E. F. 

Jones. Clifford B., Spur: Manager, S, M. Swenson & 
Sons. Interested in firm of Jones & Elliot (cattle), 
Spur Cattle Loan Co. and Spur National Bank. Pres. 
Spur Cattle Loan Co. and Pres. West Texas Chamber 
of Commerce. Born in Rico, Colo., April 0, 1885. De- 
fendant of Charlemagne and Lt. John Dickinson of 
the Revolutioary War. Educated at High Schools of 
Kansas City, Mo. Married Miss Alice Louise Palmer, 
June 24, 1908, at Denver, Colo. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Ft. Worth Club, Episcopal Church, and Sons 
of American Revolution. War Work: Served as Chair- 
man, Local Exemption Board for Dickens County, 
Texas (1st year) and was member of District Exemp- 
tion Board for Northern Judicial District of Te::a.-, 
and Special Agent, Texas State Council of Defense. 
Jones, Dr. D. P., Plainview; Physician and Surgeon. 
Born in Salem, 111.. Jan. 28, 1S92. Descendant of Dr. J. 
T. Jones. Educated at St. Louis University, M. D. 
Married Miss Elizabeth De Baer, Oct. 26, 1910. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge and Elks. Served as 1st Lt., 
M. C, 41st Division, in France IT months. 
Jones. Dr. Everett, Wichita Falls; *■ urgeon, Drs. .Tones 
Lee & Kiel. Director American National Bank of 
Wichita Falls. Born in Whites-borA. Toxas, Jan. 15. 
1SS5. Educated at Sherman High School (1001); Texas 
Christian University (1004), A. B., and University of 
Texas (1908), M. D. Married Miss .l<-cnie Henry, Jan. 
11, 10] 1. .Member of Masonic Lodge. Shrine. Elks and 
Wichita Club. Favorite recreation, baseball. Served 
as Major, M. ( '., 142nd Regiment, 36th Division, at 
Camp Bowie and in France. 

Jones, Joe H., Wichita Falls; Born in Morrilton. Ark., 
April 2, 1880. Descendant of Jos. P. Jones and Mrs. 
Eliza A. Jones. Educated in Public Schools of Wichita 
Falls, Tex. Member of A. F. ,\- A. M.. B. P. O. E. and 

Methodist Church: Favorite recreation, hunting. Serv- 
ed as Reg. Sup. Sgt. in Supply Co.. 142nd Regiment, 
36th Division, in Meuse-Argonne offensive, (Cham- 
pagne) with till' A. E. F. in France. 

Jones. John Wesley, Mineral Wells; Oil Operator. Trus- 
tee, Reality Company of Dallas. Horn in Henderson 
County, Ky., 1875. Descendant Of William W. Jones and 

Sarah Davis Jones. Educated at Corydon Public Schools 
Member of M. E. Church, Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, 
York Rite and Shrine. 

Jones, O. A., Wichita Falls; First Ass't Cashier, Nat- 
tonal Bank of Commerce, and Yioc-I'ves., Aldine Oil 
Corp. Former Treas. and Sec'y. of -VI. E. Church South. 
Born in Adamsville. Tenn., June 13, 1886. Descendant 
of A. A. Jones, M. D. Educated at Polytechnic College 
of Ft. Worth, Tex. Married Miss Laura Bessie Jackson, 
Oct. 13, 1010. Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, 
York Rite, Shrine and M. E. Church South. Favorite 
recreations, hunting and outdoor sports. Assisted in 
Red Cross and Liberty Bond Campaigns. , 
Jones, T. i,., Post; Coal and Ice Dealer. T. L._ Jones 
Coal & Ice Co. Born in Ireland, Texas, Sept. 25, 1887. 
Educated at Granbury College. Membei of I. O. O. F. 
and Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreations, golf 
and baseball. Served as Private in Hdq. Det. Company, 
127th M. G. Bu. 34th Division, in Base Hospital No. 
23, 31, and 90. 

Jones, Will P., Childress ; Banker. Vice-Pres., City Nat- 
ional Bank. Born in Hood County, Texas, 1874. Edu- 
cated in Public Schools of Childress, Texas. Married 
Miss Lettie Norris, 1002. Member of Methodist Church. 
Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing. Served as 
County Food Administrator, and active in all war 

Jordan, Ray G., Tulia : Lawyer, Jordan & Zimmerman. 
Born in Rockwall County, Texas, Feb. 13, 1SS6. Son 
of Dr. R. B. Jordan and Lillie W. Jordan. Married 
Miss Mary Grundy, Dec. 23, 1017. Member of American 
Legion. Masonic Lodee and M. E. Church South, Serv- 
ed as 1st. Lt., Battery B, 345th Regiment, OUth Division 
in France and Germany. 

Kayser, Lawrence August, Graham; Attorney at Law. 
Descendant of American parentage. Sen of Albert and 
Mary Louise Lawrence Kavser. Born m Smith County, 
Texas, Oct. 20, 1SS3. Educated at Taylor (Tex.) Pub- 
lic Schools and University of Texas. Married Miss 
Helen Wendell Holmes. Dec. S. 1017. Member of 
Episcopal Church. Favorite recreation, fishing. Served 
as 1st Lieutenant. Volunteered April 1017, First O. 
T. C. Received discharge Apr. 10, 19.19. 
Keen, Curtis A., Lubbock ; Executive Secretary, Lub- 
bock Chamber of Commerce. Born in Hill County, 
Texas, Sept. S, 1S93. Descendant of Stocktons frora 
Scotland, California and Texas, and Keens from Eng- 
land, S. C. Indiana and Texas. Educated at Stam- 
ford College, Southwestern University and University 
of Texas. Member of Masonic Lodge. Shrine, Rotary 
Club. B. P. O. E.. American Legion and Pilots Club. 
Favorite recreations, golf, hunting and trapsbooting 
Served as 1st Lieut., R. M. A.. American Air Serviei* 
attached to 14th Caproni Squadron Italian Air Ser- 
vice, as pilot, overseas 18 months. 

Kell, Frank; Wichita Falls; Capitalist, Railway Pres- 
ident, builder and manufacturer, (firm of Kemp & Keli) 
Assisted in all war work and liberally contributed 
large sums of money. 

Kell, Joe A., Wichita Falls: Born in Clifton. Texas. 
Dec. IS, 1896. Son of Frank Kell of Wichita Fails. 
Educated at University of Texas. Served a s 1st Li, "it. 
in Company K., 142ud Regiment, 36th Division, in 
France 12 months. 

Kelly, W. F., Eastland: Lawyer, Shepherd & Kelly. 
Born in Texas, Aug. 28, 1874. Descendant of A. P. 
Kelly. Married Miss Mary E. Adair, Jan. 14, 1897. 
Member of Masonic Lodge. Favorite recreations, hunt- 
ing an golf. Served as .Member of Local Board and 
Chairman of Defense Committee, 

Kelso, Hewitt, Uvalde: Sec'y. Retail Merchants Ass'n. 
Born in Uvalde, Uvalde Countv, Texas, March 31, 
1879. Married Miss Beatrice Craven, Dec. 28, 190S. 
Member of Episcopal Church. 

Kemp, Joseph A., Wichita Falls: President City Na- 
tional Bank of Commerce.. Member of the firm, Kemp 
& Kell. f.'nd other financial institutions. War Work: 
Chairman of all Liberty Loan Committees. For fur- 
ther information refer to full page article of Mr Kemp 
in this edition. 

Kenedy, R. ({., Bowie: Cotton Business. Director, First 
National Bank of Howie, and interested in National 
Bank of Commerce of Ft. Worth, Texas. Born in La- 
mar County. Texas, April 10, 1878. Descendant of 
Irish, Welsh and Cherokee Indian. Married Mis s Alma 
Hutchison, Jan. 19. 1012. Member of Masonic Lodge 
.ind Shrine. Assisted in Red Cross and Y. M. C. A. 
activit ies. 

Kerr .Alfred F„ El Paso; Vice-President. El I'aso 
Rank & Trust Company. Born in Fayette County, 
Texas, Dec. 22. 1875. Descendant of i. E. F. Kerr. Ed- 
ucated at Southwestern University. Married Miss Stella 
Gillespie, Jan. 5. 1903. Member of Toltec Club and 

Country Club. 

Kerr, Joseph, Sanderson; Merchant. Kerr Mercantile 




Co. Interested in Sanderson State Bank and Sander- 
son Wool Com. 'Co. Born in Ireland, Jan. 19, 1872. 
Harried Miss Josephine Robinson, July 15, 1916. 
Member of Catholic Church and Elks Club. 
Kerr, James, Sanderson : Merchant, Kerr Mercantile 
Co. Interested in Sanderson State Bank. Born in 
Ireland, March 30, 187S. Married Miss Josephine Tar- 
rellion, Apr. 14, 1914. Member of Catholic Church. 
Kiel, Dr. Oliver IS., Wichita Falls; Physiciaji, The 
Wichita Falls Medical and Surgical Clinic (Diagnos- 
tician). Born in Ladonia, Texas. Dec. 4, 1887. Educated 
at University of Oklahoma, N. f. S. N., and Tulane 
University, M. D. Member of Masonic Lodge, Elks, 
Country Club, Golf Club, and Wichita Club. Served as 
1st Lit.', Capt. and Major, Med. Sec, Aviation. 
Kimbrougrh, Bradley Duke, Amarillo; Lawyer, Kirn- 
brough. Underwood & Jackson. Viee-1'res., Amarillo Bar 
Ass'n., 1920, and Acting City Att'y. for City of Ama- 
rillo, 1921. Born in Austin, Texas, March 1, 1893. Ed- 
ucated at Rice Institute, Houston, Texas; University 
of California: University of Southern California, and 
Cumberland University, L. L. B. Member of B. P. O. E. 
and First Baptist Church. Served -tS Sergeant in 2nd 
Company, C. A., Ft. Crockett. Texas and Student Of- 
ficer, C. A. O. T. C, Fort Monroe, Va., where dis- 
charged before completion of course. 

Kinard, D. L. C, Memphis: Vice Pres., First National 
Bank, (for 16 years). Treasurer for the City of Mem- 
phis for the past 8 years. Born in Wise County. Tex- 
as. Aug. 22, 1SS5. Educated at Baylor University. Mar- 
ried Miss Lottie Read of Memohis, Texas, Aug. 10, 
1910. Member of Praetorians, Country Club and First 
Baptist Church. Served as Treasurer. Hall Couaty 
Red Cross, and United War Work campaigns. Spoke 
for the Liberty Loans and W. S. S. drives 

Kinard, R. M., Stamford, Automobile Business (Buick 
Car dealer). City Commissioner. Born in Hale County, 
Ala., 1883. Educated in High School of Grandview, 
Texas. Married Miss Easter Belle of Crockett, Nov. 
12, 1912. Member of M. E. Church. 

Kinoaid, Glenn R., Burkburnett ; Merchant, Burkbur- 
nett Drv Goods Co. Born in Missouri, March 9, 1894. 
Educated at Butler Okla. High School. Member of 
Masonic Lodge. Scottish Rite, Shrine. Favorite recve- 
ation, baseball. Served as Sgt. in Battery C, 133 F. A. 
36th Division, Camp Bowie, Texas, also seven months 
in France. , 

Kingr, Ben V., Eagle Pass: Lawyer. Former County 
Judge and County Attorney of Maverick County. Born 
in Jackson County, Texas, March 1. 1880. Educated 
at Universitv of Texas. Married Miss Marianne Tarver. 
Apr. 18, 1906. Member of Masonic Ledge. I. O. O. F. 
and M. W. A. Served as Member of Legal Advisory 
Com., Maverick County. 

Kinsr, J- L-, Brownwood ; Dry Goods Merchant. Born in 
Shelby County, Texas Aug. 3. 1866. Descendant of 
Joseph L. King and Mary Bryan. Married Miss Fannie 
L. Talbot, May 27, 1891. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
K. of P., W. O. W. and Baptist Church. Assisted in 
Red Cross and Liberty Bond Drives. 

Kins, W. K., San Antonio; Vioe-Pres. City National 
Bank ; . Pres. Melvine Land and Irrigation Co.. Cres- 
tonio, Duval County, Texas. Born in Georgia, Jan. 3, 
1869. Educated in Public schools of Union Point, Ga. 
Mason. Scottish Bite, York Rite, and member of San 
Antonio Country Club. Ancestry, American. 

Kirkland, ('has. Haseal, El Paso: Lawyer, Loomis & 
Kirkland. Born in Ellisville, Miss., Jan. 16, 1884. Ed- 
ucated at Millsaps College, B. S.. B. L. and Ph. B. 
Married Miss Elizabeth Self. June 2-">. 1913. Member of 
W. O. W., Chamber of Commerce, Southern Socialog- 
ical Congress and Universalist Church. Assisted in 
Liberty Bond, War Saving Stamp sale s and Red Cross. 

Kirkpatriek, L. D., Bridgeport. Cashier, Bridgeport 
State Bank. Born in Denton County, Texas, 1S73. De- 
scendant of W. H. Kirkpatriok. Educated at Gaines- 
ville and Sherman (Texas I schools. Married Miss Mary 
Campbell, Apr. 19, 1896. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Methodist Church, and West Texas Chamber of Com- 
merce. Favorite recreation, hunting. Served as Chair- 
man, Reel Cross $100,000,000 Drives, sold Liberty Bonds 
and assisted in all war work. 

Knight, Wm. M., Hereford ; Lawyer. Member of 28th 
Legislature and Mayor of Hereford since 1912. Born 
in New Hampshire, May 20. 1855. Descendant of Ephri- 
am Knight, a New Hampshire Educator. Educated at 
Brown University, A. B. Married Miss Mattie E. Farm- 
er, Dec. 3, 1890. Member of Masonic Lodge. 
Knox, B. B., Sweetwater; Real Estate, B. R.) Knox 
Realtv Co. Born in Montgomery County. Missouri. 
Nov. 26, 1881. Educated at Central Business College, 
Sedalia, Mo. Married Miss Alice Laura Rice, Sept. 
20, 1815. Assisted in all war drives. 

Knox, Dr. Robert White, Houston; Chief Surgeon Sou- 
thern Pacific Lines in Texas and Louisiana. Born in 
Kentucky. Nov. 21. 1859. Educated at Center College, 
Kentucky, and University of Virginia: degrees. A. R., 
A. M„ M. D. and F. A. C. S. Masou, Scottish Rita, 
Member of University Club and Houston Country Club. 
Favorite recreation, golf. Church afl.. Presbyterian. 
Ancestry, Scotch. War Work: Medical and Advisory 
Board, Selective Draft and Volunteer Medical Corps. 
Kostermenke, ('has. H., Mf.'rfa : Automobile dealer, 
Overland Marfa Co. Born in St. Louis, Mo.. Dec. 5, 
1884. Son of Geo. and Emma Kostermenke of St. Louis. 
Member of Masonic Lodge. 

Krvipp Haymon, El Paso: Wholesale Dry Goods, Hay- 
mon Krupp & Co. (Importers and Jobbers, clothing 
and Furnihsings). Interested in Shelby Shoe Co. Born 
March 14, 3874. Descendant of Hebrew parentage. Ed- 
ucated in schools of Europe, New York and El Paso. 
Married Miss Leah Silverman, Apr. II, 1899. Member 
of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite. Shrine, Country Club, 
Progressive Club, Elks and Macafcees. Favorite rec- 
reation, golf. Assisted in all war drives. 

Kuykendall, T. B., Sanderson; Cashier, Sanderson State 
Bank. Interested in Kuykendall Fire Insurance Agency. 
County Surveyor and County Attorney of McMullen 
County. 1893-1900, and County Judge of Terrell County. 
1918. Born in Refugio County. Texas, Dec. 20, 1871. De- 
scendant of Capt. Abner Kuykendall of Austin Col 
on-y in 1822. Educated in Public Schools. Married 
Miss Marie Kerr, July 13, 181/8. Member of Catholic 
Church, Knights of Columbus and Terrell County 
Chamber of Commerce. Favorite recreations, fishing 
and hunting. Served as Chairman, Third, Fourth and 
Fifth Liberty Loan Drives; War Savings Campaign, 
and County Council of Defense, of Terrell County. 
Ladd, W. T., Ft. Worth; Merchant, Ladd Furniture 
& Carpet Co. Born in Highland, Ohio. March. 8, 1869. 
Descendant of Ireland. Educated at Highland, Ohio, 
Schools. Married Miss Mary Hanliham Feb. 21, 1S94 
Member of Methodist Church. Favorite recreations, 
hunting and fishing. War Work: Served on Execu- 
tive Committee. 

Lamb, E. ('., Plainview; Banker, Pres. First National 
Bank. Born in Milwaukee, March 22, 1S69. Descendant 
of S>. C. Lamb originally of New York State. Edu- 
cated at High School. Married Miss Florence Louisa 
Davis, June 15. 1892. Member of Methodist Church. 
Favorite recreations, golf, motoring and outdoor 
War Work: Served on Red Cross Executive Committee. 
Lancaster, W. F., Bowie: Postmaster. Born in Tenn., 
Sept. 6, 1S78. Descendant of S. H. and Mary E. Har- 
rison Lancaster. Educated at Bowie High School. Mar 
ried Miss Zora Welch. Sept. 10, 1906. Member of Chris- 
tian Church ami I. O. O. F. Lodge. War Work- Serv- 
ed on Liberty Bond and War Saving Stamp Committees 
Lander, Walter, Eastland: City Manager, Eastland for 
two) years. City Manager of Yoakum for four years. 
Formerly in Banking Business at Tipton. Mo. and 
Yoa.kum, Texas. Born in Clarksburg;. Mo., Aug. 29, 
1S68. Descendant of James A. and Nancy Lander. Ed- 
ucated at Clarksburg, Mo. Married Miss Cammila Cul- 
lers, 1889. Member of Baptist Church. Scottish Rib-, 
(32nd degree). York Rite. (Knight Templar), Shrine 
and- Knights of Pythias. 

Landers. Dr. J. B.. Bowie: Dentist. Ad.jf., Speake and 
Meyer Post No. 252 American Legion. Interested in 
First State Bank, Bowie. Born in Batesville, Ark. 
Dec. 15, 1894. Descendant of Jno. F. and Katliryn 
Jenkins Landers. Educated- at Paris, Texas. High 
School; E. T. N. C. (Commerce). Baylor Universuv, 
•Dental Dept. (D ,D. S.) and A. E. F. University. 
Beaune. France. Married Miss Kathrvne Benton, Feb. 
24. 1920. Member of York Rite (Knight Templar) Ma- 
sonic Blue Lodge and Shrine. Favorite recreation, fish- 
ing. Served in Med. Detacnmeut, 141st. Inf., 36th 
Division. Base Hospital No. 15, Operating Unit No. 
105 in World War. 

Langford, P. P. Wichita Falls: Banker. Vice Presi- 
dent and Director City National Bank of Commerce, 
Wichita Falls: First State Bank, Eleftra. First State- 
Bank, Harrold; First State Bank, Newcastle: First 
State Bank, Byers : Cont. State Ban!;. Petrolia and 
First Nat'l. Bank, Burkburnett; also stock holder in 
several other banks in Texas and Okla. Born in New- 
berry, S. C. Oct. 24. 1861, of English parentage. Edu- 
cated at Newberry College. Married Miss Lulu Hyatt, 
Oct. 17. 1906. Member of Methodist. Church, Wichita 
Club, Masonic Lodge, K. of P. and Shrine. Favorite 
recreation, hunting. War Work: Assisted in War drives 
LanRford, W. S., Wichita Fails: Ford Dealer and Oil 
Producer. Motor Supply Co. Interested in. Caro Motor 
Co., Burkburnett, Lina Motor Co., Electra and Pres. 
of Southern Tire and Rubber Co. Born in Newberry, 
S". C. Sept. 1877. Descendant of Geo. A. and Mary E. 
Livingston Langford. Educated at Citadel, Charleston, 
S. C. Married Miss Jewell Kemp. Oct. 27. 1915. Men- 




ber of Presbyterian Church, Masonic Lodge (32nd 
degree) Scottish Rite and Shrine. Served as Capt. in 
Co. B., 1st. S. C. Volunteers, 7th Army Corps, in war 
with Spain. 

Lapowski, N„ El Paso: City Clerk. Born in, Loinza., 
Poland, Apr. 9, 1S63. Educated at College of Warsaw, 
Poland. Married Miss Eva Baum, June 10, 1898. Mem- 
ber of Scottish Kite (32nd degree). Masonic Blue 
Lodge, Elks and Shrine. Served as Capt. in G. Co , 
3rd. Texas Regiment, Spanish -American War, 1898; as 
Major on Mexican Border, 1910, and as Lt. Col. 141st 
Inf., 30th Division, 1917-191S, in France for six months 
during World War. 

Latham, Homer B., Bowie ', Lawyer. City Attorney of 
Bowie. 1912 to 1914 and County Judge! of Montagus 
County, 1914 to 1918. Born in Haralson County, Ga., 
July io, 1S80. Descendant of R. D. and Annie E. Bo- 
rum Latham. Educated at University of Texas. Mar- 
ried Miss Ruth Evans, Jan. jlO, 1915. (died April 24. 
1820). Member of A. P. & A. M. War Work: County 
Chairman Liberty Loan Committee. Montague Co., 
during World War. Pres. Montague Co. A. R. C, since 

Lattimore, Hal S., Fort Worth; Lawyer, Vice Pres!. 
Ft. Worth Heating «fc Plumbing Co., Vice Pres. Wil- 
liams ifc Douglas Inc., A'ice Pres., Royal Stephens Oil 
ICo., Commercial State Bank and Trustee United Oil 
Lease Holding Co., Born in Ft. Worth, Sept. 10, 
1892. Son of O. S. Lattimore. Educated at Ft. Worth 
Public Schools, Baylor University, Chicago University 
and University of Texas, A. B. and L. L. B. Married 
Miss Katherine McKnight. Aug. 3. 1919. Member of 
W. O. W., Knights of Pythias, Yeomen, Lions and 
Baptist Church. Served as Aviator. U S. N. R. F. Serv- 
ed as legal Advisor, Board No. 3, Ft. Worth, Three 
Minute Man and Director Y. M. C. A. 
Lattimore, O. S., Jr., Ft. Worth: Lawyer and Stockman. 
Bom in Ft. Worth, Texas. July 28, 1891. Son of O. S. 
Lattimore. Educated at Public Schools, Ft. Worth and 
Baylor University. Married Miss Ona White, June 18, 
1913. Member of Baptist Church. 

Lawler, L. V., Wichita Falls; Musician. Teacher of 
Brass and Reed Instruments. Organizer and Director 
of Maskat Temple Shrine Band, Palace Theatre Orches- 
tra and Lawler' s Band and Orchestra. Born in Rusli- 
ville, 111., Dec. 17, 1SS4, of Scotch Irish parentage. De- 
scendant of D. E. and Lou Campbell Lawler. Edu- 
cated at Public Schools, Rushvillc, 111., Knox -College, 
i ; ; [esburg III a ml Xe\\ lOngln nd < lonsei vatorj of 
Music, Boston, Mass. Married Mis* Wanda Dicken, 
April 4, 1911. Member of Scottish Rite, Knight Tem- 
plars and Shrine. War Work: Served as Bandmaster iu 
Red Cross and Liberty Loan Drives. 
Lawrence, C. E., Burkburnett. Born in Texas, 1870. De- 
scendant of D. J. and Cilva Lawrence. Married Miss 
Lula Mae Townsend, Dec. 1914. Member of Methodist 
Church, I. O. O. F.. W. O. W. and M. W. A. War 
Work: Served on Red Cross and Liberty Loan Drives. 
Lay, Horace H., El Paso; General Agent, The Capital 
Life Ins. Co. Born in Pennsylvania, June 0, 1859. Mar- 
ried Miss Clara E. Kirkley, July 22, 1883. Member of 
Methodist Church and Masonic Lodge. Favorite rec- 
reations, hunting and fishing. 

Leach, Dr. Austin F., Weatherford ; Physician and Sur- 
geon, Vice Pres. Chamber of Commerce, Sec'y, and 
Treasurer, Northwestern District Medical Society and 
Commander, Parker County Post, American Legion. Ed- 
ucated at University of Texas, M D. Married Miss 
Tula Lee Gose, Sept. 14, 1910. Member of Scottish Rite 
Rotary Club and Methodist Church. Served as Lieut. 
Med. Corps Base Hospital No. 92, Kerhoun, France, 
with A. E. F. 

Leak, James V., Memphis; Attorney-at-Law, Leak & 
Fitzgerald. District Attorney, 46th Judicial District of 
Texas. Born in Woodville, Tyler Co., Texas. July 
21, 1889. Descendant of D. A. and Clara Caraway Leak, 
Educated at T. C. U. and Sam Houston Normal. Mem- 
ber of A. F. & A. M. and Commandery, Served as Lieut. 
in Co. G., 308th Regiment, 77th Division. 
Leal, Dr. Manuel T., Laredo; Physician and Surgeon. 
Mexican parentage, son of Jose M. and Plena G. de 
Mexican parntage, son of Jose M. and Elena G. de 
Leal. Educated at University of Mexico, M. D. Mar- 
ried Miss Maria A. Guerro. Member of Masonic Lodge 
and Scottish Rite. 

Lease, William Henry, Alpine; County Clerk. Born in 
Texas, Aug. 7, 1808. Descendant of the Lease family 
of Ohio. Married Miss Mollie Shoemake, Nov. 1.",, L898. 
Member of odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, W. 0. W. 
and Baptisl Church. Favorite recreations, hunting, fish- 
ing and baseball. War Work: Served on Draft Board. 

Leavell, C. H., El Paso; Realtor, Leavell & Sherman. 
Also Interested in El Gallo Farms Co., Austin A. Cap- 
per Co., Stale National Bank and First National Bank. 
Columbus, New Mexico. Alderman, El Paso City and 

Pres. State Realty Board. Born iu Leon County, Texas, 
Jan. 7, 1870. Ancestors came from France to Virginia 
in about 1700. Educated at Univ. of Tex. Married Miss 
Mable Walton, Feb. 28, 1907. Membe- of Masonic Lodge 
Knight Templars, Scottish Rite (,32nd degree), Shrine, 
Toltec Club and Baptist Church. Favorite recreations, 
golf and hunting. Served as Sgt. in A. Co., 1st. Infi., 
Spanish American War. Assisted iu sale of bonds and 
Thrift Stamps. 

Le Baron, Geo. K., El Paso; Ileal Estate & Insurance. 
Braddus &; Le Baron. Born in Pensacola, Florida, Oct. 
25. 1881, of American parentage. Educated at Rockhill 
College. Married Miss Laura Townsend, May 1910. 
Member of Catholic Church and K of C. Favorite 
recreation, automobiling. Sec'y., Ei Paso Council of 
Defense and Deputy Food Administiator. , 
Lee, Br. Quincy B., Wichita Falls; Physician and Sur- 
geon, Jones,i Lee & Kiel. Born in Peaster, Texas, March 
18, 1888. Descendant of James 1'. aud Sadie Lee. Mar- 
ried Miss Genevive Thompsom, Dec. 17, 1912. Educated 
at Polytechnic College and University of Texas, M. D. 
Member of Masonic Lodge, Knight Templar, Scottish 
Rite and Shrine. Served as Surgeon, Base Hospital No. 
114, with the A. E, F. in France. 

Lee, Dr. William P., Cisco; Physician aud Surgeon,. 
Lee, Howell & Scott. Ex Pres. County Med. Society, 
T. & P, Local Surgeon, and examiner. Selection Draft 
Board. Born iu Ga., Oct. 20, 1801, of Scotch, Irish 
parentage. Educated at Watkinville, Ga. aud Tulane 
University. La., M. D., 1890. Married Miss May Ewing, 
Dec. 17, 1S90. Member of Presbyterian Church aud 
Knight Templar. War Work: Examiner Selective Draft 
Board and Home Service, M. D. 

Lindsley, Henry D., New York; Treasurer, American 
Republics Corporation. No. 25 W. 43rd St. Ex-Mayor of 
Dallas. Born in Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 29, 1872. Edu- 
cated at Public Schools. Member of Critic Club and City 
Club, Dallas, Metropolitan, Rocky Mountain, Bankers, 
Hudson River Country, and International Sporting 
Clubs of New York City, and Cosmos, Army & Navy- 
Club and National Press Clubs of Washington, D. C. 
Served as Major in infantry, and commissioned Col- 
onel on Aug. 1918. Director, Bureau War Risk In- 
surance, Washington, Dec. 1918 to May 1919. 

Littler, Jno. B., Big Spring; Lawyer. County Judge 
for teu years. Born in Ohio, Sept. 15, 1805. Married 
Miss Ervilla Holmes, April 11, 1891. Member of Knight 
Templars. War Work: Chairman Local Draft Board. 
Locker, Dr. H. L„ Brownwood; Physician and Surgeon, 
Drs. Taylor & Locker. Born in Clifton, Texas, Jan. 
21, 1882. Descendant of J. M. and S. C. Locker. Ed- 
ucated at Daniel Baker College, Med. Dept. T. C. U., 
L. U. of T., Ph. G., M. D. Married Miss Altha Eckert, 
Sept. 12. 1900. Member of Masonic Lodge and K. of P. 
Served as 1st. Lieut. Med. Corps. U S. A. Air Service, 
Kelly Field, South San Antonio, Texas. 
Loeker, Dr., Samuel B., Jacksboro. Physician and Sur- 
geon, Drs. Wade & Locker. Local Surgeon, C. R. I. >fc 
G. Ry. Born in Clifton, Texas, Feb. 25, 1870. Descen- 
dant of J. M. and Susan C .dibit' Locker. Educated 
at High School, Clifton, Texas and Med Hospital, 
Memphis. Tenn., M. D. Married Miss Ella Maxwell. 
Jan. 15, 1899. Member of Masonic Lodge and W. O. W. 
Served as Capt. Med Corps. Trained at Ft. Riley, 
Kansas, transferred to Camp Hancock, and was trans- 
ferred to Camp Merritt, N. J., Hospital Service. 
Lockley, H. B., Marfa; Local Manager, Alamo Lumber 
Co. Director, Chamber of Commerce. Born in Edwards 
County, Texas, Jan. 14, 1880, of Scotch, Welch and In- 
dian parentage. Educated in Public Schools. Married 
Miss Alicia Ryan. June 10, 1914. Member of Methodist 
Church aud Masonic Lodge. 

Logsdon, Dr. Hatrry A., Ranger; Physician and Sur- 
geon, Drs. Hodges & Logsdon. Interne, St. Joseph's 
Infrmary, Fort Worth, Texas, May 10, 1910 to May 5, 
1911 and Pres. Ranger Medical Society, 1920. Born iu 
Sherman, Texas, May 2, 1884, of Scotch-Irish and Eng- 
lish parentage, son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Logsdon, 
Gainesville, Texas. Educated at Gainesville, Texas and 
Medical Dept. Fort Worth University. Fort Worth, M. 
D., May 1910. Married Miss Willie Mae Conner, June 
2, 1913. Member of Methodist Church. Favorite rec- 
reations', baseball and hunting. Served as Capt. M. C, 
359th Ambulance Co., 315th Sanitary Train, 90th Div., 
Camp Travis, Texas, with the A. E F. in France, St. 
Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne and with the Army of Occupa- 
tion in Germany. , 

Long, Dr. M. A., Eagle Pass; Physician and Surgeon. 
Born iu Mexico, Feb. 4, 1890. Educated at Jefferson 
Medical College, Philadelphia, M. D. Member of Omega 
Upsilon Phi. Served in Base Hospital Unit No. 38 un- 

Loomis, Chas. R., El Paso; Lawyer. Vice-Pres. Com- 
mercial Law League of America, 1916, 1917. Referee in 
Bankruptcy, 1904, 1912. Born in Scioto County, Ohio, 
May 28, 1872. Descendant of Josepn Loomis, one of the 




original founders of Conn, and Ms descendant Capt. 
Doel Loomis of Windsor, Conn, Who was dismissed from 
the service Nov. 1, 177(5 with (he thanks of General 
Geo. Washington in general order of Nov. 1. 1776. Capt. 
Giles Loomis, son of Capt. Joel Loomis, was one se- 
lected to escort Burgoyne's caotured officers through 
the state in 1780. Chas. R. Loomis was educated in 
Universitv <>f Michigan, L. L. B. Former member of 
National' Guards, Ohio and Texas. Married Miss 
Ethel White, April 26, 1911. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Scottish Kite, Shrine, Elks, K. of P.. El Paso Country 
Club and Sons of the American Revolution. 
Loomis, L. P., Canadian ; Editor and Publisher, The 
Canadian Record. Canadian Improvement Co., Post- 
master, Republican Nominee for Congress. 1920, from 
ISth District of Texas. Born in Norton, Kansas. March 
4, 1883. Descendant of P. H. Loomis. Tenth generation 
of children of Joseph Loomis of England who set- 
tled in Windsor Conn., on 1(338. Graduated at Watika, 
Okla., High School. Married Miss Florida B. Miller, 
June 12, 1904. Member of Methodist Church, I. O. O. F. 
and Press Associations. Favorite recreations, camping, 
hunting and fishing. War Work: Served on Liberty 
Loan, Thrift Stamp Sale and Red Cross Drives. 
Looney, .T. K., Brownwood ; Mayor and City Manager. 
Born in Tennessee, Sept. 13, IS 19. Descendant of W. R. 
and Emily Looney, Elam and Isaac A. Looney of Tenn. 
Educated at Country Schools. Married Miss Laura 
Hewgley, Sept. 24, 1874. Membar of Masonic Lodge. 
Knights of Pythias, W. O. W. and Presbyterian Church 
Love, William I)., Uvalde; Lawyer. Uvalde Irrigation 
Co., Mavor of Uvalde, 1S9S to 1906 and County Judge, 
1908. to 1910. Born in Washington County. Texas, June 

20, 1859. Married Miss Ophelia Wallace, May 20, 1S79. 
Member of Methodist Church and K. of P. Lodge. 
Lowry, Dr. Willis Edwards, Laredo: Physician and 
Surgeon. Born in Elkton, Ky., 1870. Educated at Uni- 
versity of Texas and C. P. S., Baltimore, M. D. Mem- 
ber of Knights of Pythias and Knight Templar. 
Lowry, Dr. W. P., Wichita Falls; Physician and Sur- 
geon, Drs. Guest and Lowry. Born in Texas, Nov. 24. 
1SS8. Educated at Univeristy of Texas, M. D. Married 
Miss June C. Cuthbert, March 18, 1920. Member of Ma- 
sonic (Blue Lodge. Consistory, Scottish Rite, York Rite I 
Lodge and Shrine. Favorite recreation, hunting. Served 
as 1st. Lt. M. C, Depot Brigade. Camp Greenlief, Ga. 
F. L. Luckel; Eastland, Abstractor. Pres. Luckel & Dar- 
nall. Born in Wichita, Kansas, Dee. 23, 1SS8. Descen- 
dant of Eb Frazier, Civil War Veteran. Educated at 
University of Toronto. Married Miss Eber Frazier. Nov. 

2, 1910. 

Lynch, R. E., Graham; Banker, Pres. First National 
Bank. Born in Shackleford County, Texas, Feb. 21, 1876. 
Descendant of J. E. and Fannie J. Lynch. Educated at 
Albany High School. Married Miss Eettie Nelson, Dec. 

21, 1898. Member of Masonic Lodge, Shrine, Knight 
Templars. W. O. W. and Methodist Church. Favorite 
recreation, tennis. War Work: Chairman, 1918, War 
Savings Stamps and took an active part in all Liberty 
Bond Drives. 

MacCallujm, Rev. Robert N.. Amanllo: Clergyman. Born 
in New York City. N. Y., Nov. 5, 1888. Educated at 
University of the South, B. A. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and Elks. Clergyman of Episcopal Church. Serv- 
ed as Chaplain in C. M. G. O. T. S.. Camp Hancock, 
Ga. Was member of Executive Committee American 
Red Cross, Waycross, Ga. and Civilian Chaplain at 
Camp Wheeler. Ga. 

Mackechwey, Dr. L., Wichita Falls; Obstetrician Born 
in San Augustine, Texas. 1870. Scotch Ancesi-rv. De- 
scendant of Capt. Wm. Scurlork (War of 1836). and 
son of Jno. Mackechwey and Marth E, Scuriock Mack- 
echwey. Educated at Tulane University. New Orleans. 
La.. M. D. Married Miss Bell. 1899. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, York Rite, Shrine, Elks, Country Club and 
Episcopal Church. 

McAdams, Lucius A., Canadian, Texas; Merchant. Pres. 
B. M. B. Mercantile Co. Served as County Treasurer, 
Hemphill Co. 6 years, and President of Canadian Cham- 
ber of Commerce 3 years. Born in Bolivar. Denton 
County, Texas, Dec. 23, 1870. Descendant of Samuel A. 
McAdams and Edna McAdams. Educated at Gainesville 
High School. Married Miss Luceita Connell, May IS, 
1904. Member of Presbyterian Church and Masoinc Lodge 
Favorite recreations, fishing, hunting, swimming, and 
baseball. Served on War work committees and was one 
of Original Eight citizens who organized and laid out 
the D. C. D. Highway. 

McAdams, K. K., Sweetwater; President, First Nation- 
al Bank of Sweetwater and President of State Bank of 
Roscoe, Texas. Born in Tennessee. May 7, 1872. Mar- 
ried Miss Kate Wiggins, Dec. 21, .1005. Member of Pres- 
byterian Church. 

McBrayer K, Mineral Wells; Mayor. Interested in First 
National Bank and Security Stale Bank. Born in Ala- 

bama, Mar. 27, 1873. Descendant of N. M. and E. C. 
McBrayer. Educated at Mansfield Academy, Mansfield, 
Texas. Married Miss S'udye Burt, Mav 2, 1900. Mem- 
ber of M. E. Church, I. O. O. IT. and W. O. \V. 
McBroom, Joseph H., El Paso; Lawyer. City Attorney of 
Paso, Texas, 1915 to 1918. Born in Monticello, III., Jan. 
31, 1871. Descendant of Louis A. McBroom. Educated at 
Wabash College. A. B. Married .Miss Alice M Paruell, 
Sept. 14. 1904. Member of Presbyterian Church. Favor- 
ite recreations, bridge and tennis. Served as Corporal 
in Co., M. 158th Indiana Volunteers in 1898, and as 
Government Appeal Agent and Vice Chairman of County 
Community Council during World War. 
McCarver, Jas. W. M., Dr., Brownwood; Physician and 
Surgeon, Director Coggin National Bank, Councilor of 
4th District State Medical Ass'n. Born in Cargell, Tex- 
as, Jan. 3, 1871. Descendant of Joe W. M. McCarver 
and Ella Chambers McCarver of Alabama. Married Miss 
Willie G. Sadler, Dec. 29, 189S. Educated at University 
of Texas, M. D. Member of Presbyterian Chjrch and 
Masonic Lodge. Served as Surgeon S. A. T. C, Howard 
Payne College and on Local Exemption Board. 
McClintock, E. B., El Paso. County Judge, Formerly 
Justice of the Peace and County Clerk. Born at De- 
eature. 111.. Aug. 10, 1874. Descendant of Scotch-Irish 
parentage. Educated in Public Schools and Universi- 
ty of Texas. Married Mis* Blanche Witt, March 5, 1900. 
Member of I. O. O. F., Masonic Lodge and Baptist 
Church. Favorite recreation, baseball. Served on Coun- 
cil of Defense and Draft Board. 

McClung, Hayden, Wichita Falls; with Lewis Jones 
Hardware Co. Born in Queen city. Texas, Sept. 13, 
1S90. Descendant of J. F. McClung of Italy, Texas. Ed- 
ucated in High School of Italy, Texas. Married Miss 
Bess Buckley, Dee. 18, 1920. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Scottish Rite and Shrine. Favorite recreations, hunting 
and fishing. Served as Corporal in Co. M., 141st Regi- 
ment 36th Division, in France 10 months, in Meuse- 
Argonne offensive from Oct. 1st to 29th, 191S. 
MeClure, H. C, Jacksboro; Lawyer. Mayor of City of 
Jacksboro, Texas, for three years. Born in Jacksboro, 
Texas, Nov. 16. 1881. Educated at University of Texas. 
Married Miss Zela Meadows, June 0, 1907. Member of 
Masonic Lodge. York Rite, Knights of Pythias and 
Presbyterian Church. Assisted, in Liberty Bond Sales 
and Red Cross Drives, and was member of Jack Coun- 
ty Local Exemption (Draft) Board, 

McComb, John D., Jacksboro: Lawyer. County Judge 
of Jack County. Formerly City Attorney, and County 
Attorney of Jack County. Born ir. jacksboro, Texas, 
July 14, 1889. Descendant of Scotch-Irish parentage. Dr. 
J. W. McComb and, Ida P. McComb. Educated at High 
School, Baylor University and University of Texas. 
Member of ' Capital Club (University of Texas) and Am- 
erican Legion. Favorite recreations, bunting and fish- 
ing. Attended First Officers Reservs Training Camp at 
Leon Springs, Texas. Served as Government Appeal 
Agent; Member of Legal Advisory Board Local Board 
of Jack Co., and Vice-Chairman, War S. S. and Liberty 
Loan Drive Committees. 

McCutchan, J. W., Big Spring; Sheriff of Howard Co., 
County Commissioner. Born in Jackson Co.. Missouri, 
May 5, 1S57, of Irish parentage. Married Miss Alice 
Goode, Nov. 27, 1S7S. Educated in Private Schools. Mem- 
ber of Woodmen of the World, K. of P. and Odd Fel- 
lows. Worked with Red Cross during the war. 
McDonald, C. C, Wichita Falls; Lawyer. Secretary of 
State of Texas. 1911-1013 and Assistant Attorney Gener- 
el of Texas, 1015-1917. Born in Trenton, Texas, Apr. 
5, 1885. Educated at North Texas State Normal College, 
Denton, Texas (Class of 1903). Married Miss Eugenia 
Mason, Dec. 21, 1905. Member of M. E. Church South, 
Wichita Club and Golf and Country Club. Favorite rec- 
reations, travel and golf. Volunteered services and 
recommendation for commission was in hands of War 
Dept., Washington, D. C. when the Armistice was 
signed. Assisted in all Liberty Loan campaigns' and 
Red Cross Drives. 

McDonald, D. L., Hereford; Interested in Irrigation De- 
velopment. Born in Concord, Pa., Nov. 26, 1S72, of 
Scotch parentage. Educated in Public Schools of Con- 
cord, Pa. Married .Miss Anna K. Rupright, Dec. 12, 
1900. Favorite recreation, outdoor sports. Served on 
County Council of Defense. 
McFarling, Dr. C. W., Tulia. Physician & Surgeon. 

MeFarlaml, Dr. Van E., Eagle Pass ; Phvsician. State 
Quarantine Officer at Eagle Pass, 1907 to 1010. Born in 
Ladonia. Fannin County, Texas, Feb, 25. 1873. Descen- 
dant of the McFarland elan of Scotland. Educated in 
Public Schools of Texas and Barnes Medical College. 
M. D. Married Miss Olive Townsend, Dec. 20, 1899. 
Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, Mesquite Club 
and Country Club. Favorite recreation, bunting and 
fishing. Served on Local Medical Examining Board. 
McFerran, Dr. R. W., Childress; Physician. Born in Mo- 
bile. Ala., Nov. 3, 1871. Descendant of R. W. and Mary 




R Raulston MeFerran. Educated at Baylor Medical 
College, M. D. Married Miss Inez .lone*. 1915. Member 
of Episcopal Church and B. P. O. Elks. 
McGarity, ('lemons, San Antonio; Special Agent, Claim 
Adjustor, San Antonio Public Service Co. Born in Texas, 
Feb. S, 1875. Educated in the Public Schools of Texas. 
Mason, Scottish Pate, Shriner and W. O. W„ and mem- 
ber of Citv Club. Ancestry, descendant of Clenions Me 
Garity, 1776; great-grandfather was Robert Moris, one 
of the signers of the Declaration of In dependence. Mar- 
ried Miss Bessie McCoy. War Work: Capt. American 
Protective League, associated with U. S. Dept. of Jus- 
tice and Intelligence Dept. 

Mofice. J. W., Abilene ; Real Estate, Cannon & McGee. 
Interested in Pettit Bros. Oil Co. Born in Cleburne 
County, Ala., Feb. 7. 1877. Descendant of James P. 
McGee. Educated in schools of Bentonville. Married 
Miss Nancy R. Garrison. Dee. 2. 1002. Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge. Woodman of the World. Odd Fellows, and 
Methodist Church. Favorite recreation, hunting. Assist- 
ed in war work. 

McGinley, J. M., Mineral Wells; McGinley Motor Co. 
Born in Norman, Okla., Apr. 23, 1896. Descendant of 
Michael McGinley and Bessie Snow McGinley. Educated 
at University of Texas. Member of Rotary Club and 
Elks. Served' as Capt. in Co. No. 88. 4th Regiment. 165th 
D. D. at Camp Travis. Texas, and Camp ('.rant. 111. 
during world war. Youngest Captain in National Army. 

McGinley W. E., Mineral Wells: Gen') Mgr.. McGinley 
Motor Co. Born in Norman Okla.. Nov. 25, 18118. Edu- 
cated at Wichita Falls High School. Married Miss El- 
len Adelle Robertson, March 2. 1920. Member of Elks 
Lodge and Rotary Club. Served as Private in Aviation 
at Camp Bowie. 

MeGreg-or, W. M., Wichita Falls; President, First Nat- 
ional Bank. 

Mcintosh, W. A., Memphis; Lawyer. County Judge of 
Hall County, Texas, and President of the Hall County 
Chamber of Commerce. Born in Upshur County. Texas. 
April 9 1879. Descendant of O. V,'. Mcintosh and Mar- 
guerette Hoover Mcintosh. Educated at Sam Houston 
Normal and University of Texas. Married Miss Bania 
Lockhart of Pritchett. Texas. .Inly 12, 1911. Member of 
Baptist Church, Masonic Lodge and Independent Order 
of Odd Fellows. Served on various local -oar work 
committees and in drives for sale? of Liberty Bonds. 
McJimsey W. S., Graham; Merchant. Salvage Store. 
Born in Alabama. Apr. 30, 1848. Descendant of Dr. 
Robert McJimsey. Educated in Common Schools of 
Davton. Ala. Married Miss Alary I. McLaren, June 27. 
1877. Member of Masonio Lodge and Presbyterian 
Church. Assisted actively in war work. 
McKee, B. F., Sanderson; with Sanderson Water & 
Light Co. and Sanderson Wool Commission Co. Born 
in Wilson County, Aug. 9, 1882, of Irish parentage. Mar- 
ried Mis s Sallie Ewing Hancock, Mar. 28, 1905. Member 
of Methodist Church. Favorite recreation fishing. Assis- 
ted in Liberty Bond Sales and Red Cross activities. 

McKinnon, Eldred, Austin: Vice-Pies. Citizen's State 
Bank. Born in Texas. Aug. 8 1879. Educated at A. and 
M. College. Member of I. O. O. F., W. O. W.. Elks, Ki- 
w.inis Club and Country Club: favorite recreation, golf. 
> hurch afl.. Episcopal. Ancestry, Scotch-Irish. Married 
Miss Ruby Rice, Hillshoro. 

McNally, M. E., Memphis: County Superintendent of 
Schools. Born in Johnson County, Texas, Oct. 10, 187S. 
Descendant of P. J. McNally. Educated at Godley High 
School and University of Texas. Married Miss Lillian 
Alfrev, Dec. 29, 1911. Member of Masonic Lodge, I. <>. 
O. F.' and Methodist Church. Assisted in all drives for 
Bond Sales. Red Cross and Y- M. C. A. war work. 

McNary, James Graham. El Paso;Rorn at Bloomington, 
Ind.. Aug. 24. 1877. his father being a Presbyterian 
minister. Received his education in public schools, then 
entered Tarkio College. Tarkio, Mo., of which bis fath- 
er was President of the Board of Directors. Mr. Mc 
Nary later entered the Uuniversit.v of Chicago, after 
which Ik' went abroad, completing his education in the 
University of Leipsig. Germany, '.'here he specialized 
in languages and political economy and also Studied 
music. Upon his return to this country, Mr McNary 
was teacher of modern languages in New Mexico Nor- 
mal University, of Las Vegas, New Mexico, but after 
five years he bought the Las Vegas "Optic,'' which he 
edited for two or three years and was appointed by 
Governor Miguel A. Otero, Public Printer of New Mex- 
ico. Mr, McNary is a Republican. In the fall of 1906 
Mr. McNary sold his interest in the "Optic" came to 
El I'aso, Texas, and entered the employ of tin First 
National Bank as a clerk and in 1913 became Presi- 
dent of that institution, succeeding his father-in-law. 
Mr. Joshua S. Ravnolds, who is one of the pioneer 
bankers of the West. At Las Vegas in October 1902. 
Mr. McNary married Miss linlh Raynolds. They have 

four children, Graham Raynolds, Rath Elizabeth, Mar- 
gery May and Martha McNary. Mr. McNarj became 
President of the First National Bank of Las Vegas, 
New Mexico, in January 1918; is President of the 
First National Bank of El Paso, Texas, the Bank of 
Dawson. Dawson. New Mexico, and the First Mortgage 
Company, of El Paso, Texas. He has been President of 
the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, the Automobile 
Club, and at present is head of the El P.aso Musical 
Association, which sponsors the Municipal Band and 
El Paso Symphony Orchestra, and is Preisdent of the 
University Club. During the war he was sent to France 
on a special mission for the \Var Work CoJncil of the 
Y. M. C. A. 

.McNary, Mrs. James Graham, El Paso; Members of 
household: James Graham McNary, (husband), Graham 
Roynohls McNary. (soul, Ruth Elizabeth, Margery May 
svnd Martha McNary (daughters I. Home address. Aus- 
tin Terrace. El Paso. Summer Home Address, Moun- 
tain Park, New Mexico. War Work engaged in, Knit- 
ting and Gift-Shop. Favorite recreation, music. Mem- 
ber of Y. W. C. A. and Woman's Club. Maiden name, 
Ruth Raynolds. Intensely interested in music, opening 
her music room to such artists as Jos. Bosinet, Pietro 
A. Yon and many others. 

McMurtry, Lawrence Carroll, Pampa : Grain Merchant, 
L. C. McMurtry Grain Company. Interested in First 
National Bank of Pampa. Born in Denton County, Tex- 
as, Nov. 20, 1SS5, of Scotch parentage. Educated in Pub- 
lie Schools and North Texas State Normal of Denton, 
Tex. Married Miss Gertrude Brown, Oct. 10. 1909. Mem- 
ber of Christian Church, Masonic Lodge and Scottish 
Rite. Favorite recreations, cards and athletics. Served 
as Sec'y, Council of Defense, and assisted in Liberty 
Loan Campaigns and Red Cross Drives. 
Maddin, B. E., Memphis: Assistant Cashier in Bank. 
Born in Saunus, S. C. Oct. 19. 1870. Educated in Public 
Schools of Craftan, Texas. Married Miss Alma Wills, 
May 26. 1S9S. Member of M. E. Church and W. O. W. 
Lodge. Favorite recreations, fishing and hunting. 
Maddrey, James w., Wichita Calls: With Lewis-Jones 
Hardware Co. Born in Bonham, Texas, Nov. 11, 1S9G. 
Educated at Bonham High School. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreations, 
hunting and fishing. Served as Private in llr'i Co., 3rd 
Dev. Bn„ 165th D. B.. at Camp Travis, Texas. 
Milliters, Morris, Cisco. 

Mally, Frederick William, Laredo; Sec'y., Chamber of 
Commerce, and County Agricultural Agent. Former 
State Entomologist and Professor of Entomology at 
A. & M. College. Born in Des Moines, Iowa. Nov. 30, 
1S68. Descendant of Frederick Henry and Mrs. Anna 
K. Mally. Educated at Iowa State College, received 
Master of Science degree. Married Miss Mattie .1. Ta- 
bor, July 15. 1909. Member of Methodist Church, Ro- 
tary Club and A. F. & A. M. Served as Capt. in Com- 
pany D. Corps Cadets Iowa State College. Member 
of County Council of Defense, and was County Agri- 
cultural Agent. 

Manes, Dr. O. B., Coleman; Physician. Born in Tal- 
bottan, Ga., Feb. 13, 1864. Educated at University of 
Georgia, M. D. Married Miss Geneva Didean, 1901. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodire. York Rite and Shrine. 
Marlow, Jas. B.. Wichita Falls: Real Estate. Marlow 
Bros. & Sou. Ex-Mayor of Wichita Falls. Born in 
Grayson County. Texas. Dec. I, 1873. Son of B. M. Mar- 
low. Married Miss Sophia Mala ska, 1898. Member of 
Masonic Lodge, Elks. Odd Fellows, and W. O. W. Fa- 
vorite recreations, fishing and hunting. Helped to or- 
ganize 3 companies of Infantry. 

Marquis, K. L., 

College and inferos 

versity. A. B., University of Texas, B. S. and Universi- 
ty of Chicago, M. A. Married Miss Lula Mae Parkev. 
June 2, 1907. at Mineral Wells. Member of Disciples 
of Christ Church, Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, Shrine 
and Rotary Club. Favorite recreation, fishing. Served 
as Chairman of Executive Committee, Red Cross Society 
for Randall County, during world war. 

Marr, James E., El Paso; Firm of James L. Marr & Co. 
Real Estate Investments. Pros,, Marr Bros. Investment 
Co. Mortgage Investment Co. and Chairman of tlie City 
Planning Committee. Born in Philadelphia, Pa.. Dec. 
20, 1877. Scotch ancestry. Descendant of James S. and 
Katie Marr. Educated at El Paso High School. Mar- 
ried Miss Lucy Austin. Nov. 2, 1904. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and Elks. Favorite recreations, hunting and golf. 
Served as County Food Administrator during world war 
Marr, William Kniirlit, El I'aso: with .lamesi L. Marr & 
Co., Real Estate. Viee-I'res.. .Mortgage Investment Co. 
and Marr Bros. Investment Co. Born in El Paso, Texas, 
Jan. 1. 1883. Descendant of James S. and Katie K. 
Marr. Educated at El Paso High School. Married Miss 
Grace Keyser, June 5, 1912. Favorite recreations, hunt- 

Alpine: President. Sul Ross Normal 
, uncfie .hoi uiieiested in First State Bank of Canyon. 
Texas. Born in Goliad, Texas, Jan. 4. 1880. Scotch and 
French ancestry. Educated at Texas Christian I'ni- 




ing and fishing. Served as Corporal in Co. A, 13th 
Regiment, F. A., 4th Division in France 14 months with 
A. E. F. 

Marshall, diaries Fay, Graham; Lawyer. County Attor- 
ney, Young County. 1912 to 1916 (two terms.). Born in 
Wylle, Collin County, Texas, Sept. 21 ,1890. Descen- 
dant of . T. Marshall and Dora Marshall. Educated in 
High Schools of Pilot Point, and Graham, Texas. Mar- 
ried Miss Gladys Burns, Dec. 19, 1909, Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge, K. of P. and Baptist Church. Served as 
Sec'y., Council of Defense for Young County, and Mem- 
ber of Legal Advisory Board. 

Martin, Isaiah L., Uvalde; Lawyer. County Attorney, 
Kinney Co., 1887; County Judge, Kinney Co., 1885; Dist. 
Attorney, 41st Jud. Dist., 1891-1892, and Dist. Judge, 
38th Dist.. 189S to 1904. Born in Seguin, Texas, July 
1, 1S55. Educated in schools of San Antonio. Married 
Miss Julia Jones, Feb. 15, 1879. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Scottish Rite and Shrine, f-erved as Chairman, 
Council of Defense for Uvalde County. 
Martin, John K., Wichita Falls; Born in Wister, Okla- 
homa, Aug. 20, 1895. Educated in Public Schools. Mar- 
ried Miss Alice L. Ficklin, Apr. 25, 1920. Favorite rec- 
reation, outdoor sports. Served as 1st class Private in 
Company M., 141st Regiment, 36th Division for 27 
months, in France 11 months. 

Marlin, M. P., Eastland; Druggist. Born in Texas, Sept. 
17, 1889. Educated in Eastland High School and Baylor 
Medical College. Married Mis s Lilla Frances Toombs, 
May 23,. 1915. Member of Masonic Lodge and Scottish 
Rite. Served as Recruiting officer of the Merchant's 

Martin, Tlielbert. Wichita Falls; Lawyer Harris & 
Martin. Born in McLennan County, Texas, Nov. 20, 1880. 
Educated at Trinity University and University of Texas 
L. L. B. Member of Masonic Lodge, Elks, W. O. W., 
and Praetorians. Served as 1st Lieut. Inf. and also 1st 
Lt., Air Service in World War, R. M. A. 
Martin, Dr. "Wallace, Burkburnett; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Martin Hospital. Former Citv Alderman. Born in 
Evansville, Ind., Oct. 29, 1SS0. Descendant of Robert 
Perry Martin and Dophre Allyn. Educated at Universi- 
ty of S. Calif., M. D. Married Miss Ida Camille Trigg, 
June 8, 1915. Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite 
and York Rite. Favorite recreation, hunting. Served as 
1st Lt., in ISth Division at Camp Travis, Texas. 
Massie, W. M., Fort Worth ; Yiee-Pres. Fort Worth 
National Bank. President, Chamber of Commerce. Assis 7 
ted actively in all war work. 

Maury. Geo. P.. Mineral Wells; Civil Engineer and 
Chemist. Gen. Mgr. Mineral Wells Crushed Stone Co. 
Born in Kentucky. Aug. 7, 1805. Descendant of Joseph 
F. Maury and Elizabeth Graves Maury. Educated at 
University of Va., with Chemist degree. Married Miss 
Elizabeth Menefee, Jan. 10. 1S7G. Member of Presby- 
terian Church. Served as Chairman, 3rd Liberty Loan 
Drive, Palo Pinto County. 

Mathes, Burke W., Plainview. Attorney at Law. Legis- 
lator representing 123rd District. Born in Breckonridge 
July 15, 1890. Educated at West Texas Normal, Canyon, 
Texasj and Texas State University. Graduated with de- 
gree of L. L. B. Member of Delta Tau Delta Fraterni- 
ty. Served as Ensign in U. S'. Naval Flying Corps du- 
ring World War. Stationed at Akron, Ohio and Pensa- 
cola. Fla. 

Mayes, Spencer H.. Graham; Postal Clerk, U. S. Post 
Office. Former Secretary, Legion-Dfjniels Post, American 
Legion. Born in Graham. Texas, July 20, 1895. Educated 
in Public Schools of Graham. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, K. of P. and Baptist Church. Favorite recrea- 
tions, tennis and fishing. Served as Cpl. in Companv 
F, 315th Regiment Engrs., 90th Division, in France 
and Germany. 

Mayfield, William David, El Paso: Real Estate and 
Contractor, Mayfield Building & Improvement Co. Born 
in Polk County, Tennessee, June 22, 1854. Descendant 
of John and Mary Stanwix Mayfield, daughters of Gen. 
Stanwix. English Officer, of Virginia Settlers. Educat- 
ed at Hiwassee College, Tenn., A. l\l. Married Miss Car- 
rie Bond of Baldwyn, Miss., Nov. 7. 1882. Member of 
Baptist Church and A. F. & A. M. After finishing col- 
lege, he joined his father and family in S. C. There he 
engaged in teaching school and was elected County 
Supt. of Education in 1878, and was elected four times. 
Was elected State Supt. of Education in 1890 and was 
re-elected four times. He was admitted to practice law 
in all courts in S. C. in Jan. 1880 and became a mem- 
ber of the law firm of Blythe. Mayfield and Williams 
and practiced law in S. C. until 3905, when lie moved 
to El Paso. Texas'. 

Mayo, Pedro, Laredo; Banker, Mayo's Money Ea^hange, 
and Mining Engineer. Born in Zacatecas, Mexico, Nov. 
16, 1882. Descendant of Spanish parentage. Educated 
in schools of ISan Louis Potosi. 'Mexico ; Minins Engineer. 
Married Miss Francesca Castillo, Feb. 1, 1916. Member of 

Knghts of Columbus and W. O. W. Favorite recreation, 

Mayo, Dr. O. N., Brownwood ; Physician and Surgeon. 
Drs. Horn and Mayo. Pres. and Sec'y Brown County 
Medical Society. Born in Loekhart, Texas. Oct. 22, 
1884. Descendant of James A. and Julia Camp Mayo. 
Educated at Bastrop Normal College and University 
of the South, Tenn., M. D. Married Miss Susie D. Ander- 
son, Dec. 22. 1905. Member of Masonic Lodge. Knights 
of Pythias and Christian Church. Served as 1st. Lieut, 
in U. S. Army Geu. Hospital No. 3, Colouia, N. J. 
Mead, C. E., Marfa ; Lawyer, Mead & Metcalfe. Attorney 
for Marfa National Bank. Born in Hillsboro, Tenn., 
Apr. 25, 1S07. Educated at Tullahoma. Tenn., Public 
Schools. Married Miss May Rocldeu, March 16, 1890. 
Member of Masonic Lodge and Methodist Church. Fa- 
vorite recreations, tenuis and pool. Served on Advisory 
Board for Jeff Davis County. 

Measels, E. P., Del Rio ; Lumberman ; Eagle Pass Lum- 
ber Co. Director, Geo. C. Vaughan & Son, Inc. Born in 
Limestone County, Texas, Aug. 28, 1880. Scotch Ances- 
try. Married Miss Bessie O'Rourke, Apr. 25, 19)0. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Kite and Shrine. Fa- 
vorite recreations, fishing and hunting. Served as Sec'y 
Council of Defense for Val Vered County. 
Merrick, B. A., Childress; Propr. Merrick Hotel. Born 
in Dade County, Missouri, Feb. 9, 1840. Son of Sanders 
Merrick of Missouri. Educated in Private Schools. Mar- 
ried Miss Fannie Neeley, 1880 (died 1890). Married Miss 
Hattie Cannon, May 16. 1901. Member of Christian 
Church. Served as Private in Co. A. 3rd Missouri Cav- 
alry in the Civil War, devoted his whole time to war 
work during the World War. Fed every soldier without 
charge who came to his hotel during this time. 
Met.-alt'e, H. O., Marfa: Lawyer, Mead & Metcalfe. Born 
in Hutto, Texas, Oct. 19, 1887. Descendant of T. M. and 
Mattie E. Metcalfe. Educated at Soutlnvesern University 
Georgetown, Texas, A. B. Married Miss Fletcher Mc- 
Kennon, Sept. 2, l9l4. Served as Chairman, Red Cross 
Roll Call. 1918 and 1919, and Sec'y. Local Exemption 
Board, Presidio County, Texas. 

Michael, H. W., Lubbock; Proprietor, Broadway Gar- 
age. Born in Wise County, Texas, July 21, 1898. Son 
of Tom Michael. Married Miss Yergie May Bertrand, 
July 31, 1919. Favorite recreation, hunting. Served as 
Private in Marine Corps, Company 81, 2nd Division, 
Oth Machine Gun Battalion. Cited three times for brav- 
ery in action and was the "Froiguerre."' Wounded in 
the battle "Soisson" July 19, 1918. Served in France 12 

Middlebrook, Dr. Jas. B., Alpine; Physician, Middle- 
brook it Turney. Born in Waco, Texas, Aug. 29, 1879. 
Descendant of J. W. Middlebrook. Educated at Mem- 
phis Hospital College, M. D. Member of Masonic Lodge 
and Christian Church. Served as 1st Lt. at Base Hospi- 
tal. Camp Travis, Texas. 

Miller. Dr. Kobert E., Mineral Wells: Drug Manu- 
facturer. Owner. Sovereign Remedies Co. Born in Jones- 
boro, Tenn., May 0, 1871. Descendant of J. W. Miller 
M. D. and Annie E. Davis Miller. Educated at Wash- 
ington. Tenn., Literary School and Ft. Worth Univer- 
sity, M. D. Married Miss Maude Garrison, June 29, 
1911. Member of Masonic Lodge, Rotary Club and Pres- 
byterian Church. Favorite recreations, fishing and hunt- 

Miller, Kobert Nick, Cisco; Born in Gatesville, Texas, 
Oct. 13, 1S94. Educated in schools of Cisco, Texas. 
Member of W. O. W. Favorite recreation, hunting. Serv- 
ed as Sgt. in Co. D., 53rd Ammunition Train, C. A. C, 
trained in Los Angeles, Calif. 

Miller, S. E., Mineral Wells; Manager, Chamber of Com- 
merce. Born in Texas, June 13, 1807. Married Miss Lad- 
die L. Sullivan, Jan. 9, 1S95. Member of Christian 
Church. Masonic Lodge, Rotary and Kiwanis Club, and 
Golf and Country Club. Favorite recreations, golf and 
chess. Served as Food Administrator during World War 
Miller, W. E., El Paso: Lawyer. Native of Tennessee. 
Descendant of W. F. Miller and Sarah Jane Williams 
Educated at University of Texas, L. L. B. and M. L. 
Married Miss Reuby Caperton, July IS, 1907. 
Mills, E. A., Thornton, Ind. Formerly held, various po- 
sitions in U. S. Custom^, Sea-vice in ISexas. Burn in Indiana 
Jan. 28, 1844. Educated in schools of Claverack, N. Y. 
Member of Grand Army of the Republic. Favorite 
recreations, cards, chess and billiards. Served as Pri- 
vate in Co. G. 55th Ind. Vol. Inf. from June to Sept, 1802. 

Minis, E. J., Brownwood: President of Howard Payne 
College. Born in June 13, I860, of Scotch- Irish parentage 
Educated at Baylor University and Southwestern The- 
ological Seminary, A. B., .\L A. and Th. B. Married 
Miss Ora Parker, Aug. 29, 1880. Member of Modern 
Woodmen, W. O. W., Masonic Lodge and Missionary 
Baptist Church. 

Minis, K. K., Laredo; Pres. First State Bank & Trust 
Co. Former Asst. Cashier, City National Bank of Cor- 



pus Christi, and former Cashier, Laredo National Bank. 
Born in Marion, Ala. Aug. 13, 1878. Descendant of W-. 
H. and Annie K. Minis. Educated at Laredo Seminary 
and Laredo Public Schools. Married Mis* Rebecca 
Biggio, Oct. 15, 1903. Member of Eiks. K. of P., Ro- 
tarians, and Latin-American Club. Favorite recrea- 
tions, hunting and fishing. Served as Sgt. Co. K., 1st 
Regiment in Texas Cavalry. War with Spain, 1S9S. 
Mincey, Dr. 3. N., Mineral Wells; Physician. Born in 
Dohlonego, Ga., Dee. 15, 1868. Educated at Dohlonego 
Public Schools, North Ga. Agricultural College and 
University of Texas at Galveston. M. D. Married Miss 
Garnette Willsou, June 30, 1900. Served as Member of 
Local Board, Medical Examiner. 

.Mitchell, C. W., Childress: Pies. First State Bank. 
Born in Kentucky, Oct. 11, 3876. Married Miss Clar- 
issa Hays, Feb. 22, 1902. Served as Chairman on War 
Savings Committee. 

Mitchell, J. W., Childress; Mayor of Childress (three 
terms). Chief of Fire Dept. for 15 years. Born in Bar- 
ron County, Ky.. Dec. 4, 1ST'). Educated in High 
Schools. Married Miss Mary Alice Siinius Nov. 1. 1912. 
Member of B. P. O. E. Favorite recreation, hunting. 
Served as Fuel Administrator, and assisted in all 
Liberty Loan drives and other war work. 

Money, W. M., Alpine; Mgr., Alamo Lumber Co. Born 
in Hunt County, Texas, Oct. 28, 1884. Ancestry, father's 
great Grandfather came over in the Mayflower. Edu- 
cated at Burleson College, Greenville, Texas Married 
Mis s Maggie Price, May 22, 1904. Member of Baptist 
Church, Masonic Lodge ami Odd Fellows. Served as 
Sec'y. of the Council of Defense and assisted in Red 
Cross Work. 

Monning, Ben Prater, Amariiio; Attorney, Pearson & 
Monning. Interested in City National Bank of Amariiio. 
Born in Chatanooga. Tenn.. March 4. 1891. Descendant 
of Benjamin Prather. Educated at University of Texas, 
A B. and L. L. B. Married Miss Alleen Jersig (grand- 
daughter of Gen. J. B. Shelby) Apr. 12, 1919. Mem- 
ber "of B. P. O. E., Phi Delta Tlieta Fraternity and 
Methodist Church. Scout Master for Methodist Church 
Boys. Favorite recreations, baseball and hunting. Serv- 
ed 'as 2nd Lieut in Co. B, 303th Tank Batallion during 
World War. 

Monroe, Dr. Charles Walter. Elect ra ; Physician and 
Surgeon. Born in Douglas County, 111., Nov. 26, 187(1. 
Son" of N. S'. Monroe (son of N. S. Monroe of Arthur, 
111.) and Martha Leggitt Monroe. Educated at North- 
western University and Chicago College Of Med. and 
Sure-., M. D. Married Miss Doeta A. Colyer, Mar. 9. 
1S99' "ember of M. E. Church, Eleetra Shrine Club. 
American Yeoman, Masonic Ledge, Scottish Rite, and 
American Legion. Favorite recreations, hunting and 
dancing. Served as 1st Lt .in M. C. Base Hospital at 
Camp Bowie for 6 months. Also served on Exam. Board 
at Camp Bowie and Camp Pike. Attended Medical Of- 
ficer's Training Camp at Ft. Riley, Kans. Ended Mili- 
tary service with 3rd Divson as Keg. Surgeon of 3Sth 

Montemayor, Jose I'\, Del Rio: Consular Service for 
.Mexican Government. Born in Cuatro C ienegas. Coah., 
Mexico, April 2, 1887. Educated at Monotrrey, N. L., 
Mexico. Favorite recreations, Sports. 

Montgomery, Haywood. V. (deceased). Born in Grayson 
County, Texas. Sept. 5, 1890. Descendant of .T. Pritchett 
and Lola Pace Montgomery of Memphis, Texas. Edu- 
cated at Memphis High School. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and Presbyterian Church. Served as Corporal 
in ( o. K. 142nd Regiment, 36th Division. Wounded in 
action on Oct. 8, 1918, near St.Etieune France. Died at 
Savanav France Hospital. Nov 12. 1918. Body returned 
to U. S. in Aug. 1920 and was buried at Bowie, Texas, 
Montague < o., where bis parents now reside. 
Montgomery, Julian. Wichita Falls; City Engineer. 
Born in Wliitewright, Texas. May 2. 1889. Educated at 
Grayson College, University of Texas and University 
of Illinois. P.. S.. C. E. and M. S. Married Miss Annie 
Dickson, Tan. 2. 19111. Member of Delta Kappa Epsilon 
and 'Pan Beta Phi Fraternities, Masonic Lodge. Scot 
tish Bite Shrine. Rotary Club, American Society of 
Civil Engineers, American Society of Municipal Im- 
provement and Filler Presbyterian Church. F. S. A. 
Favorite recreation. athletes Served as 2nd Lt.. 
Engineers, in Officers' Training School, Co. A, Camp 
Humphries, Va. 

Montgomery, J. R., El Paso: Chief of Police. Horn in 
Hempstead, Texas Oct. 7, IS, 9. Educated in schools of 
Hempstead. Married Miss Pearle Wheeler, Feb. 6, 
1908. Served during Spanish-American War as enlisted 
man in Co. C, 1st Texas Vol. Inf., in U. S. and Cuba. 
Served during I'hillinpine Insurrection as enlisted man 
in Co. I'-, ."..".id I'. S. Vol. Inf. and was wounded in action 
.it Vigan, P. [., Dec. 4 1899. Served during World Wai- 
ns ('apt. of Co. B, 362nd Inf. and was wounded in act- 
ion by gas and gunshot wound during the Meiise-Ar- 
gonnc Offensive of the American Army. Is now Major 

of Inf. in the Officers' Reserve Corps 
.Montgomery, S., Memphis; Banker. 1st National Bank, 
interested in various banks and chairman of Board. 
Born in Grayson County, Texas, Nov. 8, 1S70. Irish an- 
cestry. Descendnt of Dr. Cluney. Educated in schools 
of Wliitewright. Texas. Married Miss Lula Walters, 
Oct. 25, 1891. Member of Masonic Lodge and K. of P. 
Favorite recreation, camping. Served as Chairman of 
Bond Drive and Home Defense. 

Moore, Eldridge C, Brownwood ; Dist. Mgr.. Southland 
Life Insurance Co. Adjutant. American Legion 1'ost 
No. 190. Born in Livingston, Texas, Dec. 1. 1888. Edu- 
cated at Southwestern Medical College, Dallas Member 
of Masonic Lodge. York Bite, Elks and Methodist 
Church. Served as Sgt.. 345th Field Art. 90th Division. 
'.) months at Camp Travis and with the A. F. F. in 
France 14 months. 

Moore, Robert M., Amariiio. Bovn in Amariiio, Texas, 
Sept. 22, 1S91. Educated in Amariiio schools. Member of 
Masonic Lodge and Elks. Favorite recreations, hunting 
and fishing. Served as 2nd Lt. in Btiv Co. D. 132nd 
F. A., 36th Division, in France 10 1-2 months and 
served two years in Texas. 

Moore, Dr. William R., Vernon; Physician Born in 
Erath County, Texas, May l(i, isss. Educated at Van- 
derbilt University, M. D. Married Miss Cientmie B. 
Putmau, Jan. 10, 1917. Member of Masonic Lodge, Elks 
and K. of P. Favorite recreations, hunting and fish- 
ing. Served as 1st. Lt. in 2nd. Division, Second Sani- 
tary Train, A. E. F. France. 

Morgan, Rev. Robert Burt, .Memphis; Minister. Acting 
Sec'y. of Hall County Chamber of Commerce for 3 
years. Held various State pastorates and is Ex-I'res. 
of Goodnight Baptist College. Born in Independence, 
Washington County, Dec. 11th, 1870. Descendant of 
Scotch-Irish parentage. Educated at Baylor University, 
Waco Texas. Married Miss Emma D. Bushong, Oct. 20, 
1895. Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, Wood- 
men and Baptist Church. Gave entire time to Stamp 
and Bond Sales and assisted in recruiting a Cavalry 
company in Runnels County, which adopted the name 
of "Morgan Raiders." 

Morrison, Jno. K., Graham; Merenant. The .John E. 
Morrison Co. President, Morrison-Smith Lumber Co. 
Born in Mississippi Oct. IN, ixcs. Scotch-Irish Ancestry 
Descendant of .7. B. Morrison and Martha Kimmons. 
Educated in country schools. Married Miss Annie Ed- 
wards. Dec. 17. 1807. Member of Masonic Lodge. Scot- 
tish Bite, L. of P. and Presbyterian Church. Served as 
Fuel Administrator for Young County. Texas. 
Morrison. Jesse S., Odell ; Born in Moody, Texas, Sept. 
2, 1890. Descendant of J. H. and Mrs. L. L. Morrison. 
Married Miss Nettie Fulcher. Oct. 10. 1920. Member of 
V> () \\ r iv : -. e reereatC-s mctoring fishing and 
hunting. Served as Sgt. in Hat. Co., 142nd Inf. 36th 
Division ,in Meitse-Argonne. Champagne, France, as 
Motorcycle dispatch rider. Wis awarded the D. S. C. 
Medaille Militaire and Croix de Guerre 
Mosehach, F. W., Eagle Pass; Editor, Eagle Pas s News- 
Ouide. Born in San Antonio. Texas Aug. 20, 1871. 
Descendant of German parentage. Educated at St. 
Mary's College. Married Miss Louise Spille, June 9. 
1903! Favorite recreation, baseball. Assisted in War 
Camp Community Services. Food ( onservation and Red 
Cross Drives. 

Moyers, John \V., Mineral Wells. Attorney-at-law. 
Member of the law firm of Moyers Creighton & Wat- 
son. Assisted actively in all war work. 
Miilachy, D. E., El Paso; Attorney -at-law. AssisCinl 
County Attorney. 

Miiiidell, J. E., Big Spring; Supt. U. S. Experiment 
Farm. Assist. Prof.. Horticulture, New Mexico A. & M. 
College and Supt. of U. S. Experiment Farm. F. S. 
Dept. Agr. Born in Ellis County, Texas, Aug. 7. 1877, 
English ancestry. Educated at New Mexico A. & M. 
College. Married Miss Zora Lain. June 20, 1911 Mem- 
ber of Methodist church, Masonic Lodge. Elks and 
Eastern Star. Favorite recreations, auto touring, camp- 
ing and fishing. Assisted in Bed Cross Drives and was 

Member of Co. Commttee Red Cross. 
Murphy, Baker Ben, (deceased). Formerly of San An- 
gelo; Born in Weatherford, Feb. ■> 1893. Member of 
Elks Club. Served .is Corpora] in Company io. Demob- 
ilization Center; Camp Bowie, Texas. Died from disa- 
bility incurred in service. May 15, 1920, 
Murphy. Ewell Edward. San Angelo; Lawyer and Coun- 
ty Attorney for Tom Green County. Born in Weather- 
ford, Texas. May 12, 1895. Educated at Cumberland 

University. Member of Masonic lodge. Scottish Rite. 
Shrine. Flks and First Christian Church. Served as 
2nd Lt. in 133rd Machine Gun Bn., 36th Division in 

IT. S. and A. 10. I'", in France. Entered service July 12. 
1917. Served overseas 11 months. 

Murphy. I>r. Geo. S.. Eastland: Surgeon. Born in Chi- 
cago, ill.. Mar. 28, 1868. Descendant of John A. Murphy 




and Louise Wright. Educated at ,i. A. Crughton School, 
M. D. Member of Masonic Lrodije, American Legion and 
Ascn. of Military Surgeons of the U. S. A. Served is 
Major, M. C. in Stli U. S. Cav., on Border and at Camp 

Murphy, John B., Amarillo ; Serving' in U. S. Army. 
Born in Macedonia, Iowa, June 16, 1S9S. Descendant 
of George S. Murphy and Grace E. Bartell. Educated 
at TJ. S. M. A., 2nd Lt. U. S. a. Favorite recreation, 
Polo. Served as 1st Lt. 81st Field Art. and was Cadet 
in U. S. A. 

Murchison, Frank M., El Paso; Banker, First National 
Bank. Born in Athens, Texas, Oct. IT, 1885. Married 
Miss Ivah Cool, Feb. 5, 1915. Member of Masonic Lodge 
and Elks. Favorite recreation, hunting. Assisted in 
all war work. 

Neal, Dr. A. Monroe. Commancile; Physician and Sur- 
geon. President. Tri County .Medical Society for two 
terms. Born in Calloway Co., Mo., Aug. 15, 1859, Scotch- 
Irish parentage. Son of Joseph J. and Martha Cloven 
Garnett of Alabama and Virginia, erandson of Joseph 
and Elizabeth Self Neal of Ala. Educated at High 
School. Fultom, Mo., and Medicine (Tex.) M. D. 1907. 
Married Miss Georgia V. Weatherly, Oct. 13. 18S0. Mem- 
ber of I. O. O. F., American Yeomen and Methodist 
Church, (Steward for ten years'). War Work: Mem- 
ber of Local Medical Examining Board, 1917. 14th Dis- 
trict D. S. Public Health Service. 

Neal. Gordon Garrette, Denver, Colo., Supt. of Con- 
struction and Master Mechanic. Born in Queen City, 
Texas, Sept. 29, 1900. Educated at Wesley College, 
Greenville, Texas. Married Miss Katherine Killman, 
Feb. 5, 1921. Member of W. i ). W. and Methodist 
Church. Favorite recreation, football. 
Nealon, Joseph M.. El Paso: Lawyer. Ex-Dist. Attorney, 
34th Judicial District and City Attorney of El Paso. 
Born in Dalton, Georgia. May 12, 1S75, of Irish parent- 
age. Married Miss Elizabeth Young. Aug. 6. 1914. Mem- 
her of K. of C, B. P. O. E. and Catholic Church. War 
Work : Served as Four Minute Man. 

Neff, Pat M„ Austin, Governor of Texas. Formerly 
Speaker of House of Representatives and Prosecuting At- 
torney. Bom in McGregor, Texas. Nov. 20, 1S71. Descen 
dant of pioneers of Va. Educated at Baylor University, 
Waco, and University of Texas. Austin, A. M. and A. B. 
Married Miss Myrtle Mainer, May 31. 1899. Member of 
K. P. (Past Grand Chancellor) Mason (32nd degree). 
Shrine, M. W. of A. and W. O. W, War Work: National 
Speaker for Liberty Loan Train, in several campaigns. 
Devoted much time to speaking in various War Act- 

TVetzer, Joseph. Laredo: Hardware Merchant, Texas 
Mexican Supply Co. Born in Frankfort, May 1, 1863. 
Married Miss A. M. Wright. Sept. 10. 1891. Member of 
sixteen Fraternal and civic organizations. Served in 
the 8th Cavalry and 19th Infantry. Chairman local 
Com.. TJ, S. Military Asst. 

Newnham, M. K., Ranger; Automobile & Oil. Vice-Pres. 
Triangle Motor Co., Marshall, Texas Vice-Pres. Texas 
Bank & Trust Co., Ranger, Pies. Oilbelt Motor Co. 
Ranger. Pres. Citizens Motor Co., Shreveport, La., Di- 
rector in San Jacinto Life Ins. Co , Beaumont and City 
Commissioner of Ranger. Born May 19, 1887. Son of 
Lyman Newnham. Educated at Ranger. Married Miss 
Lula Arnim, Dec. 30. 1913. Member of Elks Club and 
Masonic Lodge. Favorite recreation, hunting. 
Nichols, Dr. E. O., Plainview ; Physician and Surgeon. 
Nichols & Guest. Born in Limestone Co.. Texas, March 
25. 1885. Educated at Tulane University, M. D. Married 
Miss Jewel Posey, Dec. 25, 1999. Served as 1st. Lieut., 
in 15th Division, M. C, Base Hospital, Camp Logan. 

Nichols, K, H., Amarillo; Publisher, Tribune Publishing 
Co. Born in Lampasas, Texas. Oct. 0, 1888. Descen- 
dant of R. L. and Mary Armstrong Nichols (Lorenza D. 
and Amanda Boyce Nichols of r a and Mo.) Edu- 
cated at Lampasas. Married Miss Ethol Rhoads, Jan 
29 1914. Member of all York Rite Masonic Bodies and 
Shrine. Rotary Club, Amarillo Country Club and Meth- 
odist Church. War Work: Member of Council of De- 
fense Wilbarger Co., and Chairman of Red Cross and 
United War Work Drives. 

Noble, M. A., Wichita Falls; Born in San Augustine, 
Texas, April 11. 1893. Descendant of 1. M. and Nannie 
Noble. Educated at Jasper Texas. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and B. P. O. E. Favorite recreations; hunting 
n nd fishing. Served as Reg. Supt. Sgt. in Sup. Co., 
142nd Regiment. 36th Division, in Meiise-Argonne Of- 
fensve (Champagne), with A. E. F. in France. 
Norcop, Albert W., El Paso; Lawver, Ware fc Norcop. 
Born in Abilene Texas, Julv 23. 1889 Educated at Uni- 
versity of Michigan. L. L. B. ami L. L. N. Member of 
American Legion. K. of C. B. P. O. E.. El Paso Uni- 
versity Club. Catholic Church, and Y. M. B. L (Pres) 
Served as Capt. of Infantry. 

N'orris, Valentine, Childress; Hardware Merchant. Vice 
Pres.,. R. H. Norris Hardware to. Director City Guar- 
anty State Bank. Born in Crowville, La., Feb. 14, 1S08, 
of Scotch, Irish and German parentage. Educated at 
Tulane Universiy, M. I). Married Miss Nanny Mitchell, 
Feb. 14, 1900. Member of Presbyterian Church, Cham- 
ber of Commerce and Royal Arch Masonic Lodge. Fa- 
vorite recreations, hunting and fishing. Active on all 
war work and served on all committees. 
Nunn, Dr. J. A., Vernon: Medicine and Surgery. City 
Health Officer. Born in College Grove, Tenn., Sept. ">. 
1890. Descendant of J. R. and Anita Blanche ('heels 
Nunn. Educated at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, 
Tenn., M. D. Married .Miss Lena Scheel, Sept. 3, 1919. 
Member of Presbyterian Church and B. P. O. E. Serv- 
er as Lieut., M. C., U. S. Navy, duty on U. S. S'. Penn- 
sylvania. U. S. S. Rowait, U. S. Naval Air Station, 
Queenstown, Ireland, U. S. £'. Yale. U. S. Naval Hos- 
pital, Norfolk. Va. and U. S. Naval Air Station. Laugh 
Foyle, Ireland. 

O'Brien, W.. Amarillo: President of the National Bank 
of Commerce. 

Odom, Dr. James A., Memphis; Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat Specialist. Pres. of Count v Medical Society 
1920 and Oculist F. W. «fc D. R. R., Childress, 1917-1918. 
Born in March 25. 1883. Son of George Washington 
Odom and S. Callie Holden Odom. Educated at Univer- 
sity of Texas (Medical Dept. ). M. D. Married Miss Wil- 
lie Belle Nichols, Aug. 22, 1901. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Christian Church. (Sec'y. Panhandle District 
Convention, Churches of Christ and Tithing Sec'y of 
Panhandle District). 

(»' Flaherty, Archibald B., Cisco; Newspaper Publisher. 
Editor and general manager, Cisco Daily News. Born in 
Hartford. Ky.. Oct. 24, 1874, of Irish, Scotch and Eng- 
lish parentage. Educated at Hartford College, Ky. Mar- 
ried Miss Tula E. Bennett, Oct. 2,, 1894. Member of 
Presbyterian Church, Elks. Knights of Pythias and 
Rotary Club. War Work: Member of Local Exemption 
Board at Bryan. Texas. 

Ogden, Dr. William Henry, Electra ; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Born in Coal Hill. Arkansas, March 12, 1.882. De- 
scendant of W. A. and Julia Deliahunty. Educated at 
Universitv, Louisville, Ky. and College. Springdale, 
Ark., A. B. M. I). Married Miss Ora Spain, June 30. 
191)7. Member of Scottish Rite and Shrine. Served as 
Capt. Med. Div 142nd Inf., 30th Division, Camp Bowie 
Texas and in France. 

O'Kane, T. F., Amarillo; Traveling Salesman. C. R. 
Garner & Co. Born in Alda. Nebraska. Jan. 18, 1892. 
Educated at Kearney, Nebraska Schools. Member of 
B. P. O. E. and Catholic Church. Served as 1st Lieut, 
in F. Co, 143rd Regiment, 30th Division, in France on 
Meuse-Argonne and Champagne Front Was awarded 
f roix de Guerre by French Govt. 

O'Keefe. J. Sid. Panhandle; Lawyer. County Attorney 
and County Judge. Bom in Ellis County. Texas, June 
10. 1907. Descendant of Ephriam O'Keefe. from the 
Emerald Isle: came early from Ga. Educated at Uni- 
versitv of Texas, L. L. B., 1900. Married Miss Omah 
Myrtle Smith. June 16, 1907. Member of B. P. O. D., I. 
O. O. F. and Baptist Church. War Work: Chairman. 
Carson County Board of Legal Advisers. 
Oppenheimer, Herbert D., El I'aso : Attorney-at-Law, Ly" 
ons & Oppenheimer, also interested in Southwestern 
Auto Co. and Mexican Properties Syndicate. Born in 
St. Joseph, Mo., June 2, 1894. Educated at Ann Arbor 
and University of Texas, L. L. B. Member of Delta 
Sigma Rho. Served as Sgt. in I) Co., 315th Supply 
Train, in France and Germany. 

Or gain, J. C, Marfa: Capitalist. Fromme Grocery Co., 
Elgin, Texas. Born in Bastrop, Bastrop Co., Texas, 
March 8. 1881. Educated at Southwestern University, 
Georgetown, Texas. Married Miss Bessie Pearcy, June 
7. rail. Member of Methodist Church. War Work: Assis- 
tant Manager. War Welfare Drive. District Pres. Red 
Cross and Chairman Liberty Loan Drive. 

Orlov, J. Lawrence, Wichita Falls: Manager, Wichita 
FalU Office of Livingston Oil Corporation. Lorn in 
Boston. Mass.. June 20. 1899. Educated at Boston and 
Cambridge. Mass. Favorite recreation, outdoor sports. 
Served as Pvt.. Corporal and S-rgeari. C. A. C, Hdos. 
Northeastern Department. Boston, Mass Army Field 
Clerk Hdos. Northeastern Department, Boston] Mass.. 
Port of Embarkation, Newport News, Y;V., and Hdqs. 
Port of Embarkation, Norfolk, Va. 

Orndorff, R. Burt, El Paso: President of the Sheldon 
Hotel Co.. Director of First Nctional Bank and 
Pres. of C. of C, two terms. Born in Vernon. Vernon 
County, Mo., Dec. 30, 1876. Descendant of Daniel Boone. 
Educated at Universitv of Arizona. Married Miss Cora 
Delano, Dec. 31, 1898. Member f Congregational 
Church, Rotary Club. Kiwanis Club. Ad Club. Elks. 
Country and Toltec Clubs. War Work: Chairman of 
El Paso County Liberty Loan Drives, assisted in all 




war work. 

Orr, I>r. 1$. F., Del Rio; Physician and Surgeon. City 
Health officer and Deputy Food & Dims Inspector. 
Born in Holly Springs, Miss..., Sept. 29, 1868. Descen- 
dant of Orr family of South Carolina. Educated at 
limiti I nmisitx mil I ni\ it ■■■11 •; of LnuisMlle, M. D. 
Married Miss Ellie Currie, Nov. 4, 1894, Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge. , , 
Orr, Dr. Kobt., Marfa : Physician and Surgeon. Coun- 
ty and City Health Officer. Born in North Carolina, 
Sept. 27, 1871. Descendant of the early Scotch-Irish 
settlers ofl the Carolinas. Educated at Atlanta, Ga. 
and Southern College of Medicine :ind Surgery, M. D. 
Member of Methodist Church. Favorite recreations, 
hunting and fishing. 

Ortiz, Reyes, Laredo; Assistant Postmaster. Born in 
Laredo. Texas. Nov. 13, 1S88. Descendant of Reyes 
Ortiz, founder and one of the original settlers of La- 
redo, Texas. Educated at Laredo Public Schools. Mem- 
ber of Catholic Church and Latin American Club. War 
Work: Served in U. S. Intelligence Department and 
on local Liberty Bond Committees. 

Owens, J. B., Ranger. Vice President and General Man- 
ager of Ranger Gas Co., Inc. 

Owen, Thos. F., San Angelo; S'ec'y., Board of City De- 
velopenient. Born in Racine, Wisconsin, May "JO. 1875, 
of Welsh-American parentage. Married Miss Jessie M. 
Jones, May 8, 1902. Member of Prasbyterian Church and 
Kiwanis Club, Favorite recreations, fishing and hunt- 
ing. War Work: District Food Administrator. 
Padgett. Dr. Wlliam O., Graham ; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Born in Arkansas, June 3, 1883, of Scotch, Irish 
and English parentage.' Educated at Baylor, M. D. Mar- 
ried Miss Mary Blacit, July 18, 1913. Member of K. of 
P., Masonic- Lodge, (-''.2nd degree) Shrine, York Rite and 
Baptist Church. Served a s 1st. Lieut, in M. C. 217th 
Regiment, 17th Division, Washington. D. C. and Camp 
Beauregard, also served on Local Examining Board, 
Young Co., Texas. 

Paige, Dr. Wendell If.. Brownwood ; Physician and Sur- 
geon, Drs. Paige & Allen. Born in Rutland. Vermont, 
April 25, 1886. Descendant of (has. E. and Alice Heath 
Paige. Educated at George Washington University, 
Washington. D. C, M. D. Married Miss Marion Julia 
Stowe, April 2, 1914. Member of Masonic Lodge and 
Elks. Favorite recreation, outdoor sports. Served as 
1st. Lieut. Med. Detachment, 144th Inf., 30th Division, 
Camp Bowie, Texa R for one year. With the A. E. P. in 
France for eleven months. Received citation and Croix 
ile Guerre with star from French Government. 
Painter, F. P., Corpus Christi: Physician and Surgeon 
Durgan Bldg. Born in Illinois, Nov. 22, 1802. Edu- 
cated in Medical Dept. of University of Term., degree, 
M. D. Mason, K. of P.. W .0. W. 'and Kiwanis Club. 
Favorite recreations, baseball and hunting. Church afl., 
P.aptist. Ancestry. Scotch-Irish. War Work: Member 
of Medical Advisory Board: Medical Councillor for the 
Sixth District. 

Parker, G. A. F., Hereford: Banker. Pros. Western 
National Bank. Born in Shelby County, Mo., Nov. (5, 
1S61. Descendant of George Parker of Salisbury, Md. 
who served under George Washington. Educated at 
Public School and H. S. of Shelbina, Mo. Married Miss 
Mary Louis Wilson. June 11. 1903. Member of Metho- 
dist Church, Odd Fellows, Sons of American Revolu- 
tion. Hereford School Board (President), 1020-1921. 
Panhandle Old Settlers Association (Pres.V, 101(1 to 
1921. War Work: Served as Four Minute Man and Mem- 
ber of Board of Directors, local Red Cross. 
Parker, Dr. William X* . Wichita Falls; Physician and 
Singe ,n. Jones. Lee. Kiel. Stevenson & Parker. Born 
in Sipe Springs. Texas, July 35, 1892. Educated at Tex- 
as Christian University and University of Texas, B. A. 
and M. D. Married Mss Una Stark. Dec. 27, 1020. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge and Christian Church. Served as 
1st. Lt. in General Hospital Ft. Bayard, N. M. 
Parnell, Dr. T,. D., Wichita Falls; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Born in Chico, Texas, Jan 20. 1887. Descendant 
of Chas. Stewart Parnell. Son of M. D. and Delia Lane 
Parnell. Educated al College of Medicine and Surgery. 
( hieago and Texas Christian University, M. D. Married 
Miss Jeffic L. Britton, June 23, 1012 Member of Chris- 
tian Church, I. O. O. F.. Elks Lodge and University 
Club. Served as Capt. on duty al Camp Hospital, Mar- 
fa, Texas. Aug. 4, 1017 to Feb. 1. 1018. Command of 
Field Hospital No. lo and Ambulance Co. No. io at 
Fort Bliss. Texas, Feb. 1. 1918 tc Jan. 1. 1020. 
Estes, Kobt. G. Parrish, Sherman. Born in Leonard. 
Texas, Oct. 12, 1800, Descendant of Minnie O. Parrish, 
Vernon, Texas. Educated at Sherman, Texas. Member of 
Masonic Lodge and Rhode island oversea Lodge. Fa- 
vorite recreations bunting ami fishing. Served as Lieut. 

3rd Army. 1st Division. 

Parrish, Dr. Minnie Ola. Vernon; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Porn in Leonard, Fannin Co. Descendant of Ran- 

som A. and Anne E. Parrish. Educated at University of 
Texas. Med. Dept. and T. C. U, Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Favorite recreations, mountain climbing and swimming. 
Pasehall, C'rigrler, Cisco; Broker. M. D. Paschall and 
Sons. Born in Cisco, Texas. April 22. 1894. Educated at 
Britton College. Married Mis s Elephare Berry, Nov. 
S, 1910. Member of Methodist Church and Masonic 
Lodge. Served as Pvt. in Co. F. 359th Regiment, 00th 

Pate, Oscar, Sweetwater; Banker, Asst. Cashier, City 
National Bank. Born in Llano County, Texas, Nov. 

24, 1S03. Educated at High School. Married Miss Berta 
Gloss, June .30. 1020. Member of Masonic Lodge, Elks, 
and Presbyterian Church. Served as Sgt. in 52nd Coast 
Artillery, in Frauce. 

I'atman, .J. T., Clarendon: Automobile Agency, Claren- 
don Motor Co. Claude Motor Co. at Claude, Texas, and 
Sheriff and Tax Collector from 1004 to 1014. Born in 
Hopkins Co., Texas, March 13, 1875. Educated at Pub- 
lic Schools. Married Miss Allie Graves, May 15, 1002. 
1 'ember of Methodist Church and Odd Fellows Lodge. 
Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing. War Work: 
Served on Finance Committee for sale of bonds also 
member of Council of Defense. 

Patrick, W. H., Clarendon: Banker. Pres. 1st. National 
Bank. Member of Episcopal Church and Masonic Lodge. 
War Work: Served on Liberty Loan and Drives. 
Patterson, Homer O.. Cisco; Real Estate & Oil Broker, 
Patterson & Eppler. Born in Dalby Springs. Texas. 
April 22, 1S87. Descendant of J. T. and Serepty Har- 
rison Patterson, of Tennessee and Texas. Educated at 
Honey Grove. Texas. Member of Elk Lodg". Favorite 
recreations, hunting and races. Served in 100th Aero 
Squadron as Sales-Maker. 

Patterson, .1. J., Cisco; Real Estate & Oil Broker. Pat- 
terson & Eppler. Born in Clarksville, Texas, June 14, 
1870. Descendant of J. T. and Mrs. Serepty Harrison 
Patterson, of Tennessee and Texas. Educated at East 
Texas Normal and Public Schools of State. Married 
Miss May Pettit, Dec. 18, 1018. Member of I. O. O. F. 
and W. O. W. Favorite recreation, horse fancier. As- 
sisted in every way requested in promoting the war 
against Germany. 

Pattilo, Dr. Albert D., Wichita Falls: Physician and 
Surgeon, Drs. Pattilo & Collard. Pres. Wichita County 
Med. Society. Born in Mt. Vernon, Texas. June 4, 
1881. Son of A. D. Pattilo. Born in 1847. Jefferson, 
Texas and Elizabeth Arlington Pattilo,. born in Mt. 
Vernon. Texas, 1S52. Educated at Mt. Vernon Public 
Schools and Bavlor University Medical Dept., Dallas. 
Texas, 1011. M, D. Married Miss Berta HorUnse Rus- 
sell of Winnsboro. Tex. Jan. "JO. 1004. Member of 
Christian Church. Elks, K. o+' P. and Wichita Club. 
War Work: In voluntary Medical Service Corns. Served 
on Local Examining Board and as City Health Officer 
during absence of Dr. M. A. Beohinan. 
Patton, C. W., .Taeksboro ; Garage. Born in Weatherford, 
Tex., April 30, 1870. Educated at Weatherford. Married 
Miss Effa Jowen Henry, April 14. 1901; Member of W. 
O. W„ Jacksboro C. of C. and West Texas C. of C. 
Payne, Clyde, Sweetwater; Cashier,, The First National 
Bank, Sweetwater. Born in Missouri. May 14, 1885. Ed- 
ucated at Nevada, Mo. Married Miss Francis Bris- 
coe, Dec. 20, 1007. Member of Christian Church. War 
Work: Served as Chairman of W. S. S. and Treasurer, 
United War Work and Liberty Loan Committee. 
Payne, Dr. William E., Cisco: Physician and Surgeon. 
Drs. Brice & Payne. Born in Myrtle. Mo., May 24, 
1S87, of Scotch, Irish parentage. Educated at Ga. Col- 
lege, Atlanta, M. D. Married Miss Mae ( artwright. Dec. 

25, l'.Hl. Member of Masonic Lodge and Elks. War 
Work: Served on war committees. 

Payne, Walker Floyd, El Paso; Real Estate & Insur- 
ance Dealer. Vice Pres., Shelton -Payne Arms Co.. Vice 
Pres. Purity Baking Co., Sec'y. and Manager, El Paso 
Land Improvement Co., Pres. Fidelity Copper Co., and 
Pres. and Manager Rio Grande Valley Irrigated Land 
Co. Served as City Councilman and Mayor of El Paso. 
Born in Prince George Co.. Va.. Sept. 17, 1801, Descen- 
dant of the Paynes of the Shenendoab Valley of Va. 
Educated at Public Schools. Married Miss Lena Allen, 
Sept. 2:',. 1880. Member of F.I Paso Social Club (Presi- 
dent), El Paso Country Club (former President). Tol- 
tec Club fPresident), West Yslda Club. Franklin and 
Athletic Clubs. War Work: Served as Team Captain, 
on all War Drives. 

Peach, Thos. E.. El Paso: General Agent of National 
Life Ins. ( o. of F. S. A. also into rested in El Paso 
Mortgage Co. Born in Pernio. Ala. March S. 1805. Ed- 
ucated at Perote. Married Miss Marv Lou Wilson, Feb. 
12, 1896. Member of Central Baptist ( hurch. Chamber of 
Commerce, Knighl Templar, Scottish Rite ("2nd de- 
cree), Mason, Shrine. K of P. and D. o. K. K. War 
Work: Member of Red Cross and Y. M. C. A. Com- 




Peatross, Archibald S., El Paso; Manager, It. G, Dunn 
& Co. Born in Hanover, Va., Dec. 23, 1877. Educated at 
Bowling' Green Academy. Married Miss Sylvia P. Conk- 
ling, Feb. 24, 1910. Member of Presbyterian Church and 
Rotary Club. Favorite recreation, bunting. Served as 
Pvt. in H. Co. 4tb Regiment, Va. Vol., Spanish-Ameri- 
can War 1898-99. Served on Liberty Loan and Y. M. 
C. A. Drives. 

Peeler, A. J., San Antonio; Investments. Lawyer and 
Publisher. Pres. the Standard Bine Book Publications. 
iCity address. Gunter Hotel. Country home. Washing: 
ton Heights, adjoining the Brackenridge Home, "Fern 
Ridge" on Burr or Austin Road, K'an Antonio. Educated 
at A. and M. College of Texas, the Old Texas Military 
Institute (Austin), University of Texas, degree L. L. B. 
Class of 18S5. Admitted to the practice of law before 
the Supreme Court of Texas in 1885, also by the Federal 
Court at Austin. 32nd degree Mason and Shriner. Mem- 
ber of Associated Ad Clubs of San Antonio. Favorite 
recreations, fishing, hunting and motoring-. Church afl., 
Methodist. Ancestry, Capt. Nathaniel Walker of Revo- 
lutionary fame and eldest son of Col. A. J. Peeler, de- 
ceased, formerly a distinguished author and lawyer of 
Austin ; grandson of the Rev. James Peeler (deceased) 
Methoalst Minister, the inventor of the famous Peeler 
plow before the Civil War. Married March 31, 1880, 
Miss Bertie Brackenridge, daughter of Judge J. M. 
Brackenridge of Austin and a niece of Col. -George W. 
Brackenridge (deceased) and Miss Eleanor M. Brack- 
enridge of San Antonio. War Work: Member of U. S. 
Public Service Reserve. 

Peeler, (ieorge Brackenridge, Taylor and San Antonio; 
Mgr., Taylor Press. Home address, Washington 
Heights; phone Cr. 9044-R 2. Horn in Texas, 1887. Ed- 
ucated in University of Texas; degree B. A. Member of 
Masonic Blue Lodge. Kappa Sigma Fraternity and San 
Antonio Country Club. Ancestry, Scotch and Welch. 
Peeler, Stanley AV., San Antonio; Ass't Claim Agt. I. 
and G. N. Ry. Co., 712 Brady Bidg. Home address, 417 
E. Evergreen St. Educated at St. Edward's College, 
Austin, and Biekler's Academy. Austin. Member of 
Elks, Masonic Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite and Shrine. 
Favorite recreations'^ hunting and fishing. Church afl , 
Episcopal. Ancestry, descendant of Capt. Nathaniel 
Walker of Revolutionary Fame. Married Miss Sadie 
Dyke of Tallahassee, Fla., 1893. 

Peeler ,Glen D., Wichita Falls; Automobile Dealer, Lo- 
comobile Car Co. Born in Wichita Falls, Jan. 30 1895 
Son of Jeff D. Peeler. Educated at Wichita Falls, 
Texas. Member of Baptist Church and Elks. Served 
as Sgt. 1st Class in M. D., 11th Infantry 36th Division 
in France. 

Peniek, R. L., Stamford. Pres. Penick Hughe* Co. Born 
in Johnson Co., Mo., Aug. IS, 1.S62. Married Miss Dottie 
L. Potts, March 23, 1886. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
K. of P. and Baptist Church. 

Penix, W. H., Mineral Wells; Lawyer, Penix, Mueller 
Perkins & Dean. Presidential Elector, Texas, 1920. 
Born in Missouri, Oct. 16, 1873, of Irish parentage. Ed- 
ucated at Texas Christian University, B. S. Married 
Miss Laura L. Bennett, Oct. 10, 1SJ9. Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge, W. O. W., K. of 1"., Mineral Wells Coun- 
try Golf Club and Christian Church. War Work: 
Member of County Advisory Board. 

Peim, Justo S.. Laredo; Publisher, Laredo Times. 
Member of Legislature of Texas, in 1910 and Chair- 
man Democratic Executive Comraitee of Webb Co, 

1920. Born in Austin, Texas, Oct. 4, 1S75. Descen- 
dant of Col. Abraham Penn, of Virginia, of Revolu- 
tionary Fame, 1776. Educated at Southwestern Uni- 
versity of Georgetown. Texas. Married Mis* Alice Her- 
rera, Aug. 14, 1901. Member of Elks. K. of P. and La- 
tin American Club of Laredo. Favorite recreations 
hunting and fishing. Served at: Isr. Sgt., Troop K 
First Texas Cavalry. Spanish American War, 1898: 
Served a s Special Texas Ranger during the war, 1918-19 
and on Liberty Bond and Red Cross Committees. 
Perdue, Nelson, Banker; Hale Center, Ast. Cashier, 
First State Bank. Born in Dublin, Texas, Apr. 2, 
1895. Descendant of James Lafavettc Berdue of Bor- 
deau, France. Educated at S'eth Ward College, Plain- 
view, Texas. Married Miss Leona MoKinnev, Mar. 7 

1921. Member of Scottish Rite, Elks Lodge and Meth- 
odist Church Favorite recreations, football, tennis and 
golf. Military record: Served as Capt., I Co., 144th 
Reg. Inf., 36th Division in France. Decorated with the 
Croix de Guerre, Oct. S, 1918, by the French Govt. 

Perrenot, Earl Emile. El Paso ; Vice President, Two- 
Republic Life Ins. Co. and Vice President, Southern 
Mutual Accident Ins. Co., Austin, Texas. Born in Rock- 
port, Texas, March 30. 1S74. Descendant of Mons. 
Perrenot de Granville. Spanish, French Prelate Edu- 
cated at Public Schools and A. & M. College of Texas. 
Married Miss Mamie F. Austin, Aug. 22, 1893. Member 
of El Paso Country Club, Rotary Club and Chamber 
of Commerce. Favorite recreations, golfing and shoot- 

ing. Served as Capt. in Co. M., 2nd Regiment, 1st 
Division iu Spanish American War, 1898. Participated in 
all drives, during the World War, two sous, both un- 
der draft age, served in France. 

Perrine, Nat S., Hedley ; Grain Dealer. Owner of Per- 
riue Grain Co. Born in Ft. Worth, Texas, July 16, 1894. 
Descendant of Peter Perrine who landed on the May- 
flower. Educated at University of Chicago and Texas 
A. M. Married Miss Gladys Hall, July 20. 1917. Mem- 
ber of Christian Church. Served as Capt. in 142nd 
Regiment, 36th Division. 

Perry, B. A., Eagle Pass; Proprietor and Manager, 
Sterling Auto Sales Co. City Commissioner. Born in 
Murfreesboro. Tenn., Nov. 1, 1887. Educated at Mur- 
freesboro, Tenn. Married Miss Florence Jones, Oct. 20, 
1909. Member of Masonic Lodge (32nd degree), Elks 
and Episcopal Church. 

Peternum, O. L., Lubbock; District Manager, West 
Texas Gin Co. Born in Texas Oct 13, 1S90. Educated 
at University of Okla. Member of Elks, Masonic Lodge, 
Knight Templar and Shrine. Favorite recreation, golf. 
Served as 1st Lieut, in 32nd L<\ A. 11th Regiment. En- 
tered Army as Pvt. and was discharged as 1st. Lieut. 
Was iu France six months. 

Peters, J. E. T., Ranger; Commercial Sec'y. Taught 
school for seventeen years in Eastland Co., resigning 
from Simmon* College, in July 1918. Born in Hornell, 
N. Y-, Oct. 8, 1879. Married Miss Vera Rawls, of Rang- 
er. Member of Masonic Lodge, Odd Fellows and Rotary 
Club. Favorite recreation, tenuis. War Work: Member 
of Red Cross and Liberty Loau Drives. 
Peyton, H. C, Brownwood ; Lawyer Recorder for City 
of Brownwood. Born iu Williamson County, Texas Oct. 
5, 1S88. Descendant of John and Ellen Lykins Peyton. 
Educated at University of Texas, L. L. B. Married Miss 
Sue Puckett. Aug. 21, 1917. Member of Masonic Lodge. 
Served as 1st Lieut, in D. Co. 168th Regiment, 42nd 
Division in France. Enlisted May 30, 1917, First Of- 
ficer's Training Camp, Leon Springs, Texas. Wounded iu 
action near Chateau Thierry. France, July 27, 1918 
and was honorably discharged at Camp Bowie, Feb. 
14, 1919. 

Phelps, S. Ij„ Abilene; Real Estate. Born in Farmers- 
ville, Texas, Dee. 8, 1860. Descendant of Capt. Wm. 
Miller who served under Gen. Joe Wheeler. Educated 
at Iredell. Married Miss Angle Scarborough, Dec. 19, 
1901. Member of Methodist Church. 

Phillips, T. ('., Bowie: Banker. Pres. 1st. National 
Bank. Son of Nelson Phillips of North Carolina. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge. War Work: Contributed to all 
war funds. 

Pickard, Dr. Luther James, Abilene; Physician and 
Surgeon. Born in Weatherford, Texas, Sept. 13. 1887. 
Educated at H. and T. College, Weatherford and Uni- 
versity of Texas, M. I). Married Miss Julia Legetr. 
Feb. 25, 1915. Member of Masonic Lodge, W. O. W., 
Methodist Church and M. W. A. Favorite recreations, 
fishing and hunting. Served as Capt. M. C. Instructor 
at M. O. T. C, Ft. Riley, Kansas. 

Pierce, A. P., Quanah; Banker. Pres. Security State 
Bank. Born in Greenville, Tennessee, Oct. 15, 1S75. De- 
scendant of A. H. Pierce, Greenville. Tennessee Edu- 
cated at Public Schools. Married Miss Minta Norton. 
Member of Knight Templar and Elks. War Work: Serv- 
ed on Bonds and Saving Stamps Drives. 
Piner, Kobt. T.. Big Springs ; Banker, Cashier. West 
Texas National Bank. Piner Brook* & McNew, Insur- 
ance. Born in Honey Grove, Texas, March 10, 18S0. De- 
scendant of the Piners of North Texas and Pattys of 
Mississippi. Educated at Big Springs and Waco. Mar- 
red Miss Winifred G. Hatch, July 11, 1918. Member of 
Big Springs Cohimandery and Elks. War Work: Served 
on Liberty Loau Drives. 

Pinson, John Claud; Stamford: Telephone Manager, 
Southwestern Bell Co. Born in Alabama, Aug. 6, 1881. 
Educated at Chandler, Okla. High School. Married Miss 
Emma Jean Allen, June 1, 1913. Member of Masonic 
Lodge. York Rite and Shrine. Favorite recreations, 
football and baseball. Served as Electrician in U. S. 
Navy, U. S. S. Tennessee aud Vermont, from April 26, 
*190S'to April 29, 1912. 

Piper, P. A., Uvalde; Merchant and Banker, F. A. 
Piper & Co. Born iu Prussia, 185.1. Came to S'au Anto- 
nio, Texas, with his parents in 1852. Educated at Pri- 
vate Schools in San Antonio. Married Miss Minna 
Hoerner (deceased), Nov. 26, 1874. Member of T. P. A. 
and Elks. War Work: Assisted in all War Drives and 
Red Cross Work and Member of Uvalde Exemption 

Pipkin, Herman C, Amarillo ; Lawyer, Mad- 
den. Trulove, Rybnru & Pipkin. Division Attorney, 
Santa Fe Western Lines. Born in Midway. Ala., Jan. 
28, 1886. Descendant of J. J. and Rebecca Pipkin. Ed- 
ucated at University of Texas. L. L. B. Married Miss 
Mamie Fields Bowers. Dee. 2S, 1911. Member of Bap- 




tifet Church, Beta, Theta Pi, Rotary Club, Phi Delta Phi 
and Ainarillo Country Club. Favorite recreation, fishing. 
War Work: Member of Potter County Legal Advisory 
Board, Liberty Loan, Red Cross Drives! United War 
Work Drives and Chairman of nine Panhandle Coun- 
ties on Boys Campaign in United War Work Campaigns 
Pitman, J. A., Hereford: Banking. Cashier, First State 
Bank & Trust Co. Born in .Mo.. April 24. 1897. Edu- 
cated -at Hereford. Member of Baptist Church. Served 
as Private (unassigned) at Autsin, Texas. 

Pollard, J. .Mason. El Paso; Lawyer, Turney. Burges, 
Culwell, Holliday & Pollard. Born in El Paso, Texas. 
Nov. 20, 1889. Educated at University of Texas, L. L. 
B.. 1912. Married Miss May Nations, Nov. 20, 1915. Mem- 
ber of Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Phi, Toltec Club ami 
Country Club. Served as Sgt. in Hdqs. Co.. 13th F. A. 
-»th Division, 2nd Battle of Mame, St. Mihiel and Meuse- 
Argonne, with A. E. F. in France. 

Pope, Dr. J. E., Coleman: Physeian and Surgeon. Born 
in Sparta, Tenn.. July 20. 1809. Educated at Vander- 
bilt University, M. D. Married Miss Virginia J. Frost. 
Member of Methodist Church. War Work: Member of 
Local Board, Coleman County, Texas. 

Porter, K. G., Tulia : Cashier, Tulia Bank & Trust Co. 
Born in Johnson County, Alvarado, Texas, Oct. 7. 
1SS5. Educated at Alvarado Schools. Married Miss Ber- 
nice Temple, June 25, 1913. Member of Masonic Lodge 
and Methodist Church. War Work: Chairman of Local 
Board. Swisher County, Texas, during war. 
Potts, J. Frank, Hereford ; Abstractor, J. Frank Potts 
& Co. Director in First National Bank, Hereford and 
Couny Surveyor, Deaf Smith County. Born in G'rayson 
County, Texas, Dec. 27, 1874. Descendant of James 
A. and Virginia Thompson. Potts, Pioneers of Grayson 
County. Educated at Polytechnic College. Fort Worth. 
Texas. Married Mis* Leota C-abtree. Nov. 28, 1905. 
Member of Elks, Odd Fellows and Methodist Church. 
Powell, D. E., Mineral Wells: Hotel. Born in Texas. 
Sept. 29. 1870. Son of Thomas .Tefferosn and Susan Jane 
Miller Powell. Educated at Texas Public Schools. Mar- 
ried Miss Josie Raines, Sept. 29, 1903. 
Powell, E. H., Canyon; Cashier, First National Bank. 
Born in Bell County, Texas Feb. 23, 1882. Descen- 
dant of W. P. and Fannie Whittenton Powell. Edu- 
cated at A. & M. College of Texas, S. W. University and 
Eastmans College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., M. A. Married 
Miss Elizabeth Clayton, Aug. 31, 1912. Member of Meth- 
odist Church. Masonic Lodge, York Rite and E'hrine. Fa- 
vorite recreation, golf. War Work: County Chairman. 
War Savings Stamps. 

Powell, William B., Lubbock; Real Estate & Insurance. 
Secretary and Treasurer. Sears iv Powell. Born in 
Limestone County. Texas, Aug. 10. 18S2, of Scotch, 
Irish parentage. Educated at A. & M. College Station. 
Texas. Married Miss Mabel Penney, April 29. 1907. 
Member of Presbyterian ( hureh and Elks Lodge. Fa- 
vorite recreations, golf and baseball. Served as Major, 
3rd Squadron; 4th Regiment, 2nd Division. N. G. T., 
Received training at central Officers Training Camp 
at Camp Stanley, Leon Springs, Texas. 
Power, Clyde. Plainview : Banker. Guaranty State Bank, 
Plainview. Formerly Cashier., Estolline St. Bank, Et- 
telline, Texas and Asst. Cashier 3rd. National Bank, 
Plainview, Texas. Born in Texas, Sept. 23. 1SS9. De- 
scendant of S. D. Power. Educated at Waco. Texas. 
Married Miss Gertrude (lark. Member of Baptist 
Church, Masonic Lodge. Elks Lodge. 1. O. F„ W. 0. W. 
and Kiwanis Club. Favorite recreations, tennis, pool 
and driving. War Work: Contributed to the Red Cross 
and bought bonds. 

I'rater, Carl A., Wichita Falls: Office Manager, South- 
ern < > i 1 Corporation. Born in Dayton. Tennessee. Dec. 
2K. 1891. Educated at Memphis, Tenessee. Favorite rec- 
reations, football and baseball. Served as Pvt. in Co.- I, 
102nd Regiment. 26th Division. In France for eleven 

Prather, John Kirkpatriek, El Paso; Proprietor, Type- 
writ r ,v Offs e supply Cc Port: ir: Ware 1': x i? Oct 
22. 1N7.Y Descendant of Win. C. Prather. Attv. anil 
Pres. of University of Texas. 1899-1905. Educated at 
University of Texas. S. Sc, 1S97 and Columbia Uni- 
versity, M. A., 1905. Married Miss Maude Caspary, June 
1910. Member of Presbyterian < lunch (deacon). Fa- 
vorite recreations, fencing, gymnasium work and out- 
door sports. Served as Block Captain Council of De- 
fense, during war. 

Prentiss, Dr. Elliot C, E] Paso; Phvsician and Sur- 
geon. Horn in Washington. 1). ('., March 19, 1S77. Ed- 
ucated .it Washington, D, C. ('.. S.. M. S. and M. D. 
Member of Masonic Lodge and Episcopal Church, 
Prichard, l>r. II. I)., Physician and Surgeon, Burk- 
burnett Y\ :s m active miliiar;, service during the 
World War. 
Price, Dr. L. W., Graham; Physician and Surgeon. 

Co. and City Health Officer. Boru in Mississippi, Oct. 20 
1873. Married Mis s Eve Hardy, March 28, 1894. Mem- 
ber of Baptist Church. 

Procter, Eugene O., Ranger; Clothier. Partner in firm 
of Reavis Clothing Co. Born in Russellville, Ky., Feb 
3, 1S94. Educated at Russellvil'e, Ky. Member of Ma- 
1st Sgt. in School for Bakers and Cooks at Cf.'inp Trav- 
is. San Antonio. Texas, in service from June 20, 1917, 
to June 20, 1919. 

Pryor, Capt. John Porter, deceased. Born Dec. IS. 1890. 
Grandson of Mrs. F. D. Porter of El Paso, of a pioneer 
family. Graduated with distinction at U. S. Naval Aca- 
demy, Annapolis and New Mexico Military College. 
Member of Country. Social and University Clubs at 
El Paso. Served as Capt. 18th Reg. U. S. Infantry, 2nd 
Machine Gun Battalion. 1st Brigade Participated in 
every battle engaged in by the 1st Division and died 
of wounds received in the Argoiine Forrest, Oct 14, 
1918. Cited for gallantry in actio, i and especially nieri- 
tous service, Jan. 1. 1920 by command of Ma.i. General 
Summerall. Killed in action in tho Meuse-Argonne of- 

P'Pool, Dr. William W. P., Sweetwater; Physician and 
Surgeon. Born in Anson. Texas, July 15. 1892. Descen- 
dant of the P'Pool family of France. Educated at 
University of Louisville, M. D. Married Miss Martha A. 
Johnson, ' June 29, 1915. Served as 1st. Lieut, in Air 

Puckett, Dr. Baseomb M., Amaril'o: Surgeon. Inter- 
ested in Austin Drug Co. Born in Nevada, Texas. Feb. 
17. 1890, of Scotch Irish parentage. Educated at Am- 
arillo High School. Yanderbilt University, M. D. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Orders. Served as 1st. Lieut, in Medical 

Quaid, J. E., El Paso; Lawyer. Born in Marlin, Texas, 
Dee. 0, 1883. Educated at University of Texas, A. B. and 
L. L. B. Married Miss Glenn Tlulk.g. Member of Bap- 
tist Church. Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite (32nd de- 
gree) and Shrine. Favorite recreations, Chess and mo- 

quails, C. A., Post: Pharmacist, Collier Drug Co. Born 
in Georgia, Sept. 3, 1892, of Irish parentage. Educated 
at Rome Ga. Married Miss Dixie Magness, July 4, 1918. 
Member of Elks Club, Cap Rock Club and Post City 
Golf and (inn Club. Favorite recreations, baseball and 
golf. Served as Sgt. Co. G., 142nd Regiment, 30th Di- 
vision, Fort Worth. Texas and in France with the A. 
E. F. 

Queen, Nolan, Weatherford ; Attorney, Carter & Queen. 
Mayor of Weatherford. Texas. Born in Lampasas. Tex- 
as. 'Jan. 31, 1894. Descendant of George Washington. 
Educated at Southwestern and Texas Universities. Mar- 
ried Mis s Tempe Estelle Wallace, July 19, 1915. Mem- 
ber of I. O. O. F.. K. of P.. Rotary Club and Golf Cub. 
Favorite recreations, hunting and golf. Served as Cap- 
tain in Hdijs. Co. 3rd. Regiment, 3rd Division, 1st 
Brigade. T. N. G. Served as Chairman of Red Cross 
Drive and Council of Defense. 

Quiglev, W. K., Memphis; Banker. Stock Farming. Born 
in Grayson County, Texas, Oct. 20, 1872, of Pennsyl- 
vania 'Dutch parentage. Educated ;»t Southwestern 
University, B. S. Married Miss Winifred Finch. Dec. 
1897. Member of Methodist Church and Masonic Lodge. 
Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing. War 
Work: County Chairman. War Savings, Member Council 
of Defense and assisted ill sale of Liberty Bonds. 
Quigrly, Wni. J., El Paso; Mining. A'iee Pres. The Howe 
Sound Co.. El Potosi Mining Co., Britannia Mining and 
Smelting Co., Ltd., in charge of operations of above 
companies'. Horn in Oarbnndale, May 3, 1872. Member 
of County Executive Committee on Liberty Loans. 
Quintana, Apolonio, Laredo; Member of firm, Ferrara 
y Cia. forwarding agents and Mexican Customs Brok- 
ers, also interested in Banque Francaise du Mexiqu&j 
Mexico, D. F. Born in Nuevo Laredo. Mexico, July 23. 
18S4. of Mexican parentage. Educated at St. Edwards 
College, Austin, Texas. Married Miss Anna Henry, Oct. 
30. 1907. 

Kamey. Russell. El Paso: Building Contractor, Ramey 
Bros. Sec'y. and Treasurer. El Paso Builders Assn. 
Born in Womenton, Va., Nov. 21, 3SSS of English and 
Scotch parentage. Descendant of Cyrus McCormick and 
son of Thomas Alphcns and Lucy Duncan Ramey, 
Educated at University of Va., H. A. Married Miss 
Lucy Werne, April 29. 191 1. Member of Zeta Psi and 
Theta Nu Epsilon Fraternity. Favorite recreation, 

Ramos, J. ,m., Laredo: Druggist, Drogueria del Refu- 
gio. Horn in Nuevo Laredo Mexico Dec. 10. 1868, of 
Spanish parentage. Educated -it Laredo, Texas. Mar- 
ried Miss Maria Farias, April 23. 1890. 
Ransdell, Dr. .Marshall, Eagle Pass; Physician and Sur- 

£< Horn in Texas. 1NN7. Educated at University of 

Texas. Medical Dept, M. D. Married Miss Evelyn Ling. 
1917. Favorite recreation, athletics Served as 1st. Lt. 




in Base Hospital. 

Randall, Dr. M. A., Eagle Pass; Physician and Sur- 

Randolph H. C, Plainview ; Lawyer. Vice-Pres Texas 
Utilities Co. (Light Power & lee), member of State 
Democratic Executive Committee. Born iu Austin, Tex- 
as. Sept. 22, 1861, Educated at Bidder's Academy and 
University of Texas, L. L. B. Graduated in class of 
1885, with A J. Peeler, Yaney lewis. Watt Gregory, 
W. C. Wear and Venor Proctor. Married Miss Lucile 
Beaumont, 1887 (now deceased) and Miss Anna Black- 
burn, 1895. Member of Christian Church, Knight Tem- 
pler and K. of P. Supt. Red Cross Drives Panhandle 
District during War and active in ail war work 

Rankin, E. P., Jr.. El Paso; Structural and Contract- 
ing Engineer, Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Co. Born in 
Morrisonville, Illinois, Nov l(j, 1882, of Scotch, Irish 
parentage. Educated at Carroll College. Waukesha, 
Wis. Married Miss Evangeline Hunter, Oct. 4, 1911. 
Member of El Paso Rotary Club, University Club, 
(Vice Pres.)) American Legion (member of Executive 
Committee). Society of American Military Engineers, 
Amercan Assn. of Engineers, (Chairman, executive Com- 
mittee, S. W. District.) Salesmanship Club. Y. M. B. 
L., Chamber of Commerce and El Paso Country Club. 
Served as Capt. of Engineers. Regimental, 110th 
Engineers, 35th Division, 2nd 10. (.). T. C, Fort Leaven- 
worth, Inst.. 3rd O. T. C. France one year Cited in 
G H. Q. orders for gallantry in action, in Meuse-Ar- 

Rankin, R. E., Abilene; Postmaster, Jan. 1, 1915 to 
Jan. 1, 1921. Born in Tennessee, March 13, 1S6S, of 
Scotch. Irish parentage. Educated at. Leland Stamford 
Junior University, Palo Alto, C'al. Married Miss Annie 
May Scharbauer, June 16, 1906. Member of Methodist 
Church, Elks Club and Knights of Pythias. Favorite 
recreations, hunting and fishing. 

Reagan, Mrs. Wm., Cisco; Born in Vallecito, California 
Oct. 1, 1876, of Scotch, Irish parentage. Descendant 
of Gen. Sterling Price and Jefferson Davis. Educated 
at Waco Female College, graduated with honors in art. 
Married Frank Vernon, Oct. 1. 1897. and Wm. Reagan 
Nov. 7, 1910. Member of Methodist Church, Century 
Club (President! and Eastern Star. Favorite recrea- 
tions, painting and music. War Work: County Chairman 
of Women's Work of all Liberty Loan Drives in East- 
land County, and active in Red Cross f.'nd spoke for 
Liberty Loan Drives. 

Reavis, E. S., Ranger; Merchant. Reavis Clothing Co. 
Born in Tenu.. April IS 18S6, of American parentage. 
Educated at High School. Married Miss Mary Dunn 
Messimer, Jan. 20. 1920. Member of Chamber of Com- 
merce. Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing. As- 
sisted in all War Work. 

Reemtsma, Rev. H. J., Alpine: Minister, First Presby- 
terian Church, Alpine, Texas. Moderator, El Paso Pres- 
bytery, Director, Associated Charities, Director, Cham- 
ber of Commerce and Worthy Patron, Eastern Star 
Chapter. Born in Marion. S'. D.. Sept. 16. 1893. of Dutch 
Parentage. Educated at Dubuque University, A. B. and 
B. D. Member of Presbyterian Church, Masonic Lodge 
and Eastern Star. Favorite recreations, reading and 
tennis. War Work: Member of Food Administration 
Committee and Chairman, Brewster Co. Chapter, Am- 
erican Red Cross. 

Reese, J. H., Comanche; District Clerk. Born in Co- 
manche, May 7, 1S95. Member of Baptist Church. Fa- 
vorite recreation, athletics. Served as Phm 3 in Navy, 
in U. S. and France. 

Read, J. H. Memphis. Cashier, Hall County Bank. 
Reid, E. B., Ranger; Proprietor E. B. Reid Furniture 
Co. Pres. C. of C. at Ardmore, Okla. Member of Board 
of Directors of C. of C. of Ranger. Born in Marceline. 
Mo., 1887. Educated at Gainesville. Texas. Married Miss 
Norma Bramley, 1913. Assisted in all War Work. 

Reid, F. P., Pampa ; F. P. Reid & Co., Real Estate & 
Farm Loans. Sec'y. Chamber of Commerce and Mayor. 
Born in Ballinafad, Canada, May 4, 1865. of Scotch 
parentage. Descendant of James Reid. Educated at. 
Georgetown, Canada. Married Miss Minn T. Morrow 
Nov. 18, 1889. Member of Masonic Lodge I. O. O. F.. W. 
O. W. Chamber of Commerce and Methodist Church. 
Favorite recreations, boosting tor good roads and 
state highways. War Work: Chairman of all Drives, 
every bond issue and Red Cross. Have a Medal of Vic- 
tory Liberty Loan. 

Reid, J. W., Uvalde: Owner of Four Apiaries and pro- 
ducer of Uvalde County Honey. City Marshall Uvalde 
for eleven years. Born in Rookporf, Texas. 1873, of 
Scotch, Irish parentage. Educated at Sealev Academy, 
San Antonio. Married Miss Marion Bailey 
sister of Hon. John H. Bailey, of Cuero Texas (State 
senator). Favorite recreation,, deer hunting. 
Rhea, F. Rodders, Childress: Propr., Rhea Hotel. Born 

in Gainesville. Texas, June 25, 1879. Descendant of 
Scotch-Irish parentage. Educated at Trinity Universi- 
ty, Tehuacana, Texas. Married Miss Annie W. Wright, 
July 23, 1913. Member of Masonic Lodge and Presby- 
terian Church. Favorite recreation, hunting. Served as 
Corporal in Co. L., 2nd Texas Regiment, 1st D vision, 
Seventh Army Corps, n Spanish-American War. 
Rhineliart, Robert, El Paso; Insurance Agent, Union 
Central Life Ins. Co. Born in Elkhart, Indiana, Aug. 
.31, 1874 of German parentage, in U. S. since 1754. Mar- 
ried Miss Zaida Glover, May 21, 1902. Favorite recre- 
ation, motoring. Served as Pvf. in B. Co., 1st U. S. 
Volunteer Cavalry (Rough Riders), 1898, Spanish-Am- 
erican War. Served in Liberty Loan, Red Cros s and Y. 
M. C. A. drives, Committees. 

Rhoads, Henry Harrison, Dr., Vernon ; Physician and 
Surgeon. County Health Officer for several years and 
Pres. Farmers State Bank. Born in Tenu.. Oct. 31. 1847 
Son of Mose s Rhoads and Francis Howser Rhoads, 
(daughter of Thomas Howser of Ky.), of Tenu. Grand- 
son of Abner Rhoads of Tenu. Married Miss M. P. 
Dawkins, Jan. 17. 1883. Educated at Concord Seminary 
Vanderbilt University and University of Tenu., M. D. 
.Member of Baptist Church, Masonic Lodge, York Rite 
and Shrine. 

Rhodes, Dr. William L., Wichita Falls : Physician. 
Formerly Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at 
Kansas Univ. School of Medicine. 101 (> and 1917. Born 
in Kansa s City, Ivans., Dec. 5, 1883. Descendant of Wil- 
liam A. and Martha C. Brown Rhodes of Kansas City, 
Mo. Educated at Kansas State University and Univer- 
sity Medical College, M. D. Married Miss Charlotte D. 
Forsythe. July 19, 1910. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Scottish Rite. Shrine, University Club and Methodist 
Church. Served as 1st Lieut. (Com. Officer) in 140th 
Ambulance Co. 110th Sanitary Train. 35th Division, at 
Fort Sill, Okla. and in France with the A. E. F. 
Rice, Harold Wilson, Amarillo; Student. Born in Okla. 
Citv, Okla., Aug. 2, 1901. Son of Wm. M. and Edna 
Wiison Rice. Grandson of Theodoric B. and Elizabeth 
Ridenhour Rice. Educated at. Perdue University, Per- 
due, Ind. (structual engineering). Member of Metho- 
dist t hurch. In Students Army Training Corps at Nor- 
man, Okla. 

Riee, Wm. .Marshall, Amarillo: Contractor. Wm. Rice 
Construction Co. Born in Elk County, Kansas. Aug. 
25, 1873. Son of Theodoric B. and Elizabeth Ridenhow 
Rice of Mo. and Grandson of Marshall C. and Kitty 
Roe Riee. Educated at Public Schools of Kansa^ and 
Okla. Married Miss Edna Wilson, Nov. 1. 1900. Member 
of Methodist Church, Masonic Lodge. York Rite. W. O. 
W. and Shrine. War Work: Belgian Relief Work and 
sonic Lodge. Favorite recreation, hunting. Served as 
Richardson. Julian A., El Paso: Lawyer. Born in Mexia 
Texas. Aug. IS, 1880. Son of Capt. W. H. Richardson. 
Educated at University of Texas, L. L. B.. 1902. En- 
listed in Battery E. 103rd Regiment, 26th Division and 
served twelve months in France. 

Richardson, Dr. Seborn C'has., Eastland: Physician and 
Surgeon. Drs. Whittington & Richardson. English and 
Scotch descent. Born in Buna. Dec. 10 1885. Educated 
at University of Texas, M. D. Married Miss Erma Lee 
Locke. Feb. '22. 1912. Member of Masonic Lodge. Scot- 
tish Rite, Shrine and Baptist Church. Favorite recre- 
ations, fishing and hunting. 

Rider, Mrs. John, nee Richardson, Mineral Wells. Born 
in Texas. Educated at Sweetwater High School. Mem- 
ber id' Christian Church. 

Riding's, Maj. S. D., Amarillo: Traveling Salesman. 
Gulf Refining Co. Born in Bonham. Texas Jan. 18, 
1879. Descendant of A. L. Riding's. Educated at Ama- 
rillo, Texas. Married Miss Gertrude Wilson. Jan. 3, 
1904. Member of W. O. W., Baptist Church and Amer- 
ican Legion. Favorite recreations. rifle and pistol 
shooting. Served as Manor, 132nd. M. G. Bn., 36th Div- 
ision, on Border, at Camp Bowie, and in France during 
the World War. In National Guard and Army eighteen 
years as Pvt., Corporal, Sergeant, 1st Sgt.. 2nd Lt., 
Capt. and at present. Major in Reserve Army. 

Rix, Wallace W.. Big Spring: Treasurer. Rix Furni- 
ture & Undertaking Co. of Big Spring and Lubbock. 
Texas. Pres. Rig Spring Chamber of Commerce with 
the First National Bank. Big Spring, Texas for fif- 
teen years. Born in Cedar Creek. Wis., Jan. 9. 1882. 
Descendant of Robert Bruce. King of Scotland and 
Rix Family of Braneaster, England Marrioed Mrs. 
Kate Thielen-Phillins, June 20. 1905. War Work: act- 
ive in all Liberty Loan Drives and United War Work 
Campaign .Sec'y*. of Howard Co. Chapter. American 
Red Cross. 

Roberts. Oscar Edwin, Lawver and Banker. 
Pres. The First State Bank and Trust Co. Married 
Miss Isabelle Brackenridge, daughter of Judge .1. M. 
Praekenridge and niece of Col Geo. W. Rraekemidee 
(both deceased). Born in Texas, May 21, 1875. Ed- 




ucated at Taylor public schools, Daoiel Baker College 
Brownwood and (State University, -Austin; degree, L. 
L. B. Member Elks and K. of l\ Ancestry, American. 
War Work: Colonel 144th Inf., A. E. F., France. 
Wounded in battle. Received the Croix <lo Guerre from 
the French Government. 

Robertson, Dr. II. A.. Coleman; Dentist. Born May 5, 
1892. Educated at Dallas, Texas State Dental College. 
D. S. S. Member of Christian Church and Masonic 
I. ■■duo. Served as Dental Assistant, Camp Dental In- 
firmary. Camp Travis, Texas. 

Robertson, Dr. Patrick I"., Sanderson ; Physician. Coun- 
ty Health Officer and Surgeon for G. H. & S. A. Ky. 
Edwards County Health Officer. 1894 to 11)12. Scotch- 
Irish descent. Born in Arkansas, May 14. 1S04. Edu- 
cated at University of Tenn., M. D. Married Miss Bon- 
nie McXemar, Dec. 23. 1800. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Scottish Rite and Presbyterian Church. Favorite rec- 
reations, baseball and swimming. 

Robinson, Albert E., (deceased). Son of Mr. and Mrs. 
A. J. Robinson of Vernon, Texas. Born in Kilgore, 
Okla., Aug. 27. 1887. Educated at Vernon High School. 
Member of Presbyterian Church. Served in Co. I, 
142nd Regiment, 36th Division. Killed in acton when 
in command of Platoon, Oct. 27, 1918, on the Meuse- 
Argonne. Champagne Front. Had been on duty four 
days and nights and was in command of his platoon 
and captured as many Germans as he had men in his 
platoon. Was awarded Croix de Guerre by the French 
Government, and commended for conspicuous bravery 
by his commander. The Camp at Vernon is named for 
this hero. 

Robinson, Dr. C. E., Vernon; Physician and Surgeon. 
Born in Missouri, 1877. Descendant of W. W. and Mar- 
gurite Mac Clintock Robinson. Educated at P. & S. 
College, Mo., P. G., P. & S., S. F.. M D. Member of 
Masonic Lodge, B. P. O. E. and W. O. W. Favorite 
recreation, golf, hunting and fishing. 

Rochell, Osie Robert. Mineral Wells; Oil Producer. Born 
in Texas, Sept. 26, 1885. Descendant of Green Calvin and 
Betty Stout Rochell of Rockwall Co., Texas. Educated 
at High School of Rockwall. Texas. Married Mis s O- 
dessa Gantt, Oct. 18, 1903. Member, of Baptist Church. 
Favorite recreations, fishing and hunting. 
Kodes, Allen H., El Ps.<so ; Pres., The Two Republic 
Life Ins.. Co. Born in Lexington, Ky., Jan. 19j 1S84. 
Descendant of Col. William Rodes, great grandfather 
was in war of 1812. Educated at University of Ky. 
Married Miss Louise D. Cain, Oct. 7, 1913. Member of 
Masonic' Lodge Rotary, Club, El Paso Country Club, 
Presbyterian Church and Sigma Chi. Favorite recre- 
ations, hunting and golf. War Work: Served on Liberty 
Bond and United War AVork Campaign. 
Rogers, Jesse Arther, Amarillo: .leweler, E. E. Pick- 
erell Jewelry Co. Orchestra Director. Born in Vernon. 
Texas, Feb. 12, 1894. Descendant of Daniel Boone and 
related to Mark Twain. Educated at Simmons College, 
Abilene. Texas. Married Miss Doris Atteburv, June 29, 
1918. Member of Masonic Lodge. York Rite, Rotary 
Club, Orchestral ( lub ami Baptist Church. Favorite 
recreations, baseball and music. Served as 1st. Musi- 
cian, in charge of U. S. Navy Band. Enlisted May 1917 
and was discharged Dec. 24, 1918. 

Rogers, John E., Amarillo: Sales Manager, Overland- 
Texas Co. Born in Randolph, Kansas, "Jan. 4 1893 
Educated at Brookings, S. D. Married Miss Dorothy 
Lowndes. June 10. 1920. Member of Episcopal Church 
and B. I'. O. E. Served as Pvt. in 7th Co., 20th Engi- 
neers, I I.- 1 it . "i 'ote I >'( >r. Era in •■." 

Rogers. Micaela, San Angelo; Asst. Sec'y., Board of 
City DevPlopement. Of American parentage. Member 
oi' Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreations, swim- 
ming and automobiling. War Work: Clerk, U. S. Food 

Rogers, V. 1$., Memphis; Bank Clerk, Citizens State 
Bank. Born in Waco, Texas. July 16, 1890. Educated 
at West Texas State Normal, B. S. Favorite recre- 
ation; fishing. Served as Seaman in U. S. Navy at San 
Diego Naval Station. 

Rollins, Gladney, ('., Abilene; Rollins & Sons. Real 
Estate & Ins. Born in Abilene, T'xas. Dec. 14. 1920 
Married Miss Lois Miller, July 3, 1918. Member of 
American Legion. Enlisted in M. Co.. 144th Regiment, 
36th Division and served in France, from Aug. 1, 1918 
lo May 23. 1919. 

Roodhouse, J. P., Burkburnett; Vice Presdent of the 

First National Bank'. 

Roos, E. E., Amarillo. Automobiles, Owner, Roos'-.Iohns 
Motor Co. Bom in Nice Franc?, Jan. 15. 1870. De- 
scendant of Col. E. E. Roos, of France. Educated at 
Boston Teek. Married Miss Ida Birdwell, Feb. 15. 1902. 
Member of Masonic Lodge and Elks. Favorite recre- 
ation, outdoor sports. Served as Cspi. in it. Co. 11th En- 
gineers, with 6th Australians, lib French Continentals 

and in Meuse-Argonne, 42nd Division. Decorations', 
Legion of Honor, Croix de Guerre with Palms. Cambrai 
Courci Vencenes Soissons, Argonne. 

Rosebrough, Dr. Charles Asher, Sweetwater; Physician, 
Rosebrough & Fontner. Born in St. Louis, Mo., Mav 
2.",. 1SS0. Descendant of Chas. A. and Ida Hagaman Rose- 
brough. Educated at St. Louis Public Schools and St. 
Louis College of Physicians ic Surgeons. Married Miss 
Florence May Noeh, June 1, 1915. Member of Masonic 
Lodge. Served in Volunteer Medical Corps., 
Ross, Dr. Horace B., Del Rio; Physician. Director of 
First National Bank, Local Surgeon, G. H. & S. A. Ry. 
Co. and A. A. Surgeon, U. S. Public Health Service. 
Born in Mississippi, Dec. 12, 18GS Educated at Atlanta 
Medical College, M. D. Married Miss Dade Wilknson, 
1903. Served as chairman of V'al Verde County Exemp- 
tion Board. 

Ross, T. A., Childress ; Merchant, W. J. Ross & Son. 
Born in Grayson County, April 24. 1873. Descendant ot 
W. J. Ross. Educated in Public Schools. Married Miss 
Pearl Bowers, Nov. 1, 1900. Member of .Masonic Lodge 
and Woodmen of the World. Favorite recreations, 
hunting and fishing. Served' as Chairman of Keel Cross 
Drives and active in all war work. 

Russell, Horace Monroe, Amarillo; Manager, Russell & 
Cockrell. Born in Litchfield, Minnesota, Oct. 10, 1881, 
of Scotch, Irish. English and French parentage. Edu- 
cated at Butler College, Indianapolis. A. B. Married Miss 
Theo Bentley, June 7, 1911 (died June 7, 1920). Mem- 
ber of Delta Tan Delta, Masonic Lodge. Christian 
Church and Rotary Club. 

Rnssell, Jno. A., Eastland; Senator, 2Sth District of 
Texas. Formerly Clerk of District Court. Born in Car- 
coll Co., Ga., April 26, 1888, of old English parentage. 
Educated at High School, of Gorman, Scranton Acade- 
my and University of Texas. Married Miss Maudie 
White, Sept. 5, 1910. Member of Elks. K. of P. and Ma- 
sonic Lodge. Favorite recreation, hunting. War Work: 
Served on Red Cross Committee. 

Russell, Dr. J. D. t Burkburnett : Physician. Born in 
Texas, March 14, 1875. Educated in Public Schools and 
Baylor Medical College, M. D. Married Miss Jessie 
Matthews, Dec. 29. 1890. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Shrine and Methodist Church. 

Rutherford, Rev. Roy, Amarillo; Minister, First Chris- 
tian Church. Born in Clinton. Ky, Dec. 12, 1889, of 
Scotch, Irish parentage. Educated at Lexington and 
Mayfield, Ky., A. B. Married Miss Susan Bond, May 
12, ( 1914. Favorite recreations, horseback riding, tennis 
and walking. Served as Chaplain, Camp Taylor and 
Camp Hancock, Training Center. 

Ryburn, Frank M., Amarillo: Lawyer, Madden, Trulove, 
Ryburn & Pipkin. Born in Johnson County, Texas. 
March 7, 1884. Educated at University of Texas, L. L. 
B., 1908 and A. B.. 1907. Married Miss Ann Clayton of 
Cleburne. Texas, Nov. 23, 1910. Member of Baptist 
Church and Rotary Club. War AVork: Member of Ad- 
visory Board, Potter County. Four Minute Speaker for 
Liberty Loan, Red Cross and Y. M. C. A. Drives 
Sablosky, I. E., Mineral AVells : President, Mineral Wells 
Hide & Fur Co. Born in Russia. Nov. 15, 1878. Educated 
in schools of Philadelphia. Married Miss Fannie Jaffe, 
Jan. 1, 1901. Member of Rotary Club. Country Club and 
Elks (Past Exalted Ruler). Favorite recreation, out- 
door spurts. Served as Chairman of 5th Liberty Loan 
drive and Chairman of Salvation Army drive. 
siii;pr, Geo. A., Memphis; Manager, Hall County Fair. 
Born in Belvidere, 111., Aug. S, 1875. Descendant of 
Anson Burlingham. Educated in schools of Belvidere. 
Married Miss Lulu M. Incledon, Oct. 27, 1897. Member 
oT Presbyterian Church, Masonic Lodge and York 
Rite, Assisted in Liberty Loan Drives and other war 

Sansom, Elmer 1'lournoy, Plainview ; Livestock and 
Grain* Manager Plainview Brain Co. Born in Ellis 
County, Texas. Nov. 24, 1880. of English parentage. Ed- 
ucated at Alvarado High School. Married Miss Wil- 
bur Shook. Member of Methodist Church and Kiwanis 
(lub. Served as Hale County Chairman, 4th Victory 
Liberty Loan and Chairman. Home Service Section, 
Hale Co., A. R. C. 

Saracho, Arturo de, Laredo: Mexican Consul General. 
Formerly Mexican Consul in Buffalo, X. A"., Ilabana, 
Cuba, and Consul General in Japan. Born in C hoix, 
Sinaloa, Mexico, July 22, 1880. Educated at Mexico 
City, Served as Major on the staff of General Alvaro 

Saunders, Guy C, Amarillo: On! way-Sa unders Co., 
General Insurance. Born in Hickman, Ky.. Jan. 7, 
1888. Descendant of John Saundci.j, Presbyterian Alin- 
islor, who was burned at stake on account of religion 
in Scotland, during Reign of Mary Queen of Sculls. 
Educated at Tlicknian College. Member of Presbyterian 
Church, Rotary (lub. (Organized Amarillo Rotary 
Chili No. 3471, Amarillo Golf and Country Club, Ma- 




sonic Lodge, Shrine, Captain of Patroll, and Scout- 
master for Bay Scouts. Favorite recreations, fishing 
and golf. Served as Sgt. in Co. G, 142nd Inf., 36th 
Division and Lieut. Aerial Observer, A. 10. F. in France 
Sawyer, John David, deceased. Son of Mrs. Abbie L. 
Sawyer of San Angelo. Born in Coleman County, April 
23, 1896. Educated at High School. Married Miss Lexa 
May Walton, June IS, 1918. Member of Presbyterian 
Church. Enlisted and \va s sent to Camp Travis for 
training and was then transferred to Camp McArthur, 
Waco. "Left Waco, Sept. 17, 1918 for overseas service. 
Left Camp Merritt, N. J., Sept. 29, 1918. Embarked on 
the U. S. Transport Leviathan for France and died 
Oct. 6, 1918 on board ship and was buried at Brest, 

Scales, C. P., Del Rio: Banker. Vice Pres. Del Rio Bank 
it Trust Co. Interested in Central Pharmacy, W. F. 
Whitehead Co. Born in Coatopa, Ala . June 5, 1888. Mar- 
ried Miss Marian Thorpe Foster, Sept. 12, 1911. Mem- 
ber of Elk s and Presbyterian Church. Favorite recre- 
ations, hunting and fishing. Sorved as Capt. in Co. 
M„ 9th Texas National Guards, organized and recruit- 
ed it to full strength at his personal expense. County 
Chairman, two Liberty Loan Campaigns, Chairman 
W. S. S. Campaign, and member of Advisory Board, A. 
R. C, Local Chapter. 

Sehlaffke, Edward, Plectra; Pres., First National Bank; 
Pres., Grand Theatre Co., Director, Farmers Elevator 
Co., Director, Electra Ice Co. and Pres., Beaver Elec- 
tra Tank Line Co. Born in Horine, Jefferson County, 
Mo., Nov. 1, 1880. Educated in schools of Horine and 
Hillsboro, Mo. Married Miss El'i'ie Marriott, Sept. 1, 1911 
Favorite recreations, hunting, fishing and baseball. 
Served as member of various Liberty Loan Drives Com- 
mittees, and member of Texas State Council of Defense. 
Schmidt, Ed. If., Eagle Pass; Pres. First National Bank 
and Pres. Eagle Pass Ice Mfg. Co. Mayor of Eagle 
Pass, 1911, 1916 and County Judge, 191617-18. Born 
in Texas, Oct. 21, 1876. Educated at High School, 
Eagle Pass. Married Miss Susie Watson, Dec. 6, 1905. 
Member of Scottish Rite and Shrine. Favorite rec- 
reations, outdoor sports, golf and baseball. War Work: 
Chairman Liberty Loan Committees. 

Schroeder, H. W., El Paso; General Agent, Pacific Mu- 
tual Life Insurance Co. Member of Executive Commit- 
tee National Assn. Life Underwriters, Pres. El Paso 
Assn. Life Underwriters,! 1916, 1917. Pres. Big tree 
Club, Composed of producers with Mutual Life Ins. 
Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 7, 1867. Descen- 
dant of H. S. F. and Martha Schroeder. Educated at 
Northwestern University. Married Mrs. Henrietta Dot 
Hedriek, Feb. 1915. Member of Masonic Lodge, Toltec 
Club, El Paso Country Club and Chamber of Commerce. 
Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing. War Work: 
Active in all Campaigns Liberty Bond, Red Cross and 
War Savings Stamps. 

Schwartz, Maurice, El Paso; Merchant, Popular Dry 
Goods Co., Inc. Born in Austria-Hungary, Oct. 15, 1882. 
Married Miss Hedwig Mathias, March 23, 1916. Mem- 
ber of Shrine,. Masonic Lodge (32nd degree), Elks Club, 
Chamber of Commerce and University Club. War Work: 
Assisted in all War Drives and was presented with 
a gold medal by the city of El Paso, in appreciation 
of the war work. 

Scott, John Pinckney. Ill, San Antonio: Investments, 
33 Oil Co., Shreveport, La., Scott &- Sedwick, Import- 
ers, also interested in Sterling, Howard & Mitchell 
County Ranches. Born in Colorado, Mitchell County. 
Texas, Aug. 22, 1896. Son of William Thomas Scott, Jr. 
(born in New Orleans. La., March 12, 1S58, died 
April 22, 1901. at Fort Worth, Texas) and Sarah Minna 
Chalk, now Mrs. Harry Hyman, of San Antonio, Texas 
born in Elk Falls. Kansas, Ma\-cn 29, 1871. Married 
W. T. Scott, Nov. 25, 1890, at Bolton, Texas. Educated 
at Private and Public Schools, Shreveport, Urban Aca- 
demy, Centenary College, Shreveport, La., San Antonio 
Academy, Austin Academy, \ustin, Texas, A. & M. 
College, College Station, Texas, and traveling, having 
spent several summers in Europe, Canada, Alaska, 
California and Eastern Resorts, AUiletie and Training- 
Camp, Kineo and Long Lake, Harrison, Maine. Member 
of Methodist Church, Nu Nu Sigma, Los Balodores, 
Les Danseurs and Country Club, Shreveport. La. Fa- 
vorite recreations, Motor Cycling Autoniobiling, golf 
tennis, swimming and athletics. Married Miss Grace 
Irvng Ratcliff. of Shreveport, La., May 6. 1919, at 
Seottville, Texas. Issue; John Pinckney Scott. IV., 
born in Shreveport, La., Jan. 27. 1920 Graceson Irving- 
Scott, born in San Antonio, Texas, March 31, 1921. 
Descendant of John Hart, Signer of the Declaration of 
Independence. Colonial Governor, Richard Bennett, of 
Va., Sir Warham St. Leger. Member of the Virginia 
Company of Va., 1609. Edward III, King of England, 
Col. William Thomas Scott, Senator of the Republic 
and State of Texas and Capt William Pinckney Rose. 
Battle of New Orleans, 1812. Military Record: John 

Pinckney Scott III, entered service Sept. 5, 191S. Pvt. 
and Corporal in Inf., Corporal in Motor Transfer 
Corps. Corporal 142nd Depot Brigade. 2nd Lieut., 1st. 
Texas Inf., San Antonio, Texas. Corporal and 2nd 
Lieut., in Inf., Central Officers Training Schools, Camp 
Pike, Ark., and 2nd. Lieut, in Reserve Corps. Second 
Replacement Training Troops. Discharged I'roin Camp 
Pike, Jan. 15, 1919. 

Scott, Dr. Kincy Julius, Cisco; Physician and Surgeon 
Drs. Lee, Howell & Scott. Born in Alabama, Dec. 6, 
1890,, of Scotch-Irish descent. Educated in schools of 
Cisco and Ft. Worth, M. D. Married Miss Geo. E. 
Mauch, Dec. 8, 1918. Member of Christian Church, and 
B. P. O. E. Served as 1st Lieut., 57th Regiment in 
Ambulance Corps. 

Scott, Robert Chalk, San Antonio; Investments. Scott 
<& Sedwick, Importers, also interested in ranches, in 
Mitchell, Howard and Sterling Counties, Texas, form- 
erly with the S. A. P Freight Department. Born in 
Colorado, Mitchell County, Texas, July 20,-1894. Son 
of William Thomas Scott. Jr., (born in New Orleans, 
La., March 12, 1858, died. Ft. Worth, Texas, April 22, 
1901 1 and Sarah Minna Chalk, now Mrs. Harry Hyman 
of San Antonio, Texas, born March 29, 1871 at Elk 
Falls, Kansas. Married W. T. Scott, Nov. 25, 1890, at 
Belton, Texas. Educated at private and Public Schools 
at Ft. Worth, St. Andrews Parish School, Arlington 
Military Academy, Arlington, Texas, San Antonio 
Academy, Staunton Military Academy, Staunton, Va.. 
Lieut. Quartermaster, T3-'14, Capt. 2nd. Football team. 
\12-'13. Miscellaneous Editor of "Blue and Gold," Busi- 
ness Manager of the Bulletin Board, '13-'14. Graduated 
in 1914, and won gold medal for Spanish. Student of 
the University of Texas, 1914-1915. Poet. Member of 
Mn Nu Sigma, Grand Quivera, Town Club, Country 
Club, Elks, and Sons of the American Revolution. Fa- 
vorite recreations, golf, tennis, swimming, boating, 
horseback riding, aufoing, bridge, games, athletes, and 
Training at Kamp Kineo Summer Kamp, Long Lake, 
Harrison, Maine. Married Miss Marie Terese Meade, 
(Countess de Luna) of London, England, Oct. 6, 1920, 
at San Louis Potosi, Mexico. Descendant of John Hart, 
Signer of the Declaration of independence, Colonial 
Governor Richard Bennett,, of Va., Sir Warham St. 
Leger, Member of the Virginia Company, of Va., 1609, 
Edward III, King of England, Col. William Thomas 
Scott, Senator of the Republic and State of Texas, and 
Capt. William Linckney Rose, Battle of New Orleans. 
1812. Robert Chalk Scott served as Lieut of Philippine 
Constabulary. Jan. 1, 1916 to Aug. 9, 1917: 2nd Lieut, 
of Cavalry, Aug 9. 1917. Graduated trom Army Service 
School, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, Oct. 1917. Promoted 
to 1st. Lieut, and assigned to SOth Field Artillery at 
Ft. Ogelthorpe, Ga. Camp McArthur. Waco, Texas. Nov. 
1917. Assigned to Post Field, Ft. Sill. Okla. Graduated 
March 1918, Captain of Cavalry and graduated from 
School of Aerial Gunners, Mount Clemens, Mich., Self- 
ridge. Field, June 16, 1919, Graduated from School of 
Aerial Observers, Tours, France, Sept., 1919. Graduated 
from School of Aerial Observation, Chattillon-Sur 
Seine, France, and attached to Replacement Squad. As- 
signed to 10th Cavalry, Ft. Hauchuca, Ariz. Co. D. 
Troops, on Border duty. Discharged at own request, No- 
gales, Ariz., as Capt. of Regular Army. June 19. 1920. 
Commissioned as Capt., 9th Texas Inf., with Federal 
Recognition, Corpus Christi Texas, Sept. and Oct., 
1920. Furlowed to Officers Reserve Corps, on account 
of reorganization of Guards, Feb, 1921. 
Scott, William T., III. San Antonio: Investments. Pres. 
Scott Auto Co., Pres. Electric Machine & Auto Co., 2nd. 
Vice Pres. Ideal Garage & Auto Co., also interested in 
Kerrville, Mitchell, Howard and Sterling County 
ranches. Born in Colorado, Mitchell Countv. Texas, 
Feb. 25, 1893, Son of William Thomas Scott Jr., (born 
in New Orleans, La., March 12. 1858. died April 22, 
1901 Married Miss Sarf.h Minna Chalk, now Mrs. Harry 
Hyman. at Helton, Texas. Nov. 25, 1890. She was born 
March 29. 1871 at Elk Falls, Kansas and now lives at 
San Antonio, Mr. W. T. Scott was educated at private 
and Public Schools, St. Andrews Academy. Ft. Worth, 
Arlington Military Academy. Arlington, San Antonio 
Academy. San Antonio High School, Marshall Training 
School, State Academy, San Antonio, Bingham Military 
Academy. Ashevil'e, N. C, Stevens School of Technology 
Hoboken. N. J.. Summer Camp of Athletics and Train- 
ing, Long Lake, Harrison, Maine and the University of 
Texas. Member of Mn Nu Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta f.'nd 
Country Club. Favorite recreations, golf, hunting, fishing 
swimming, boating, automobiline. V ridge, and athletics. 
Married Miss Mildred Laurn'me Miller, of San Antonio. 
Dec. 21. 1916. Descendant, of John Hart, Signer of the 
Declaration of Independence Colonial Governor Richard 
Bennett, of Va. Sir Warham St. Leger, Member of the 
Virginia Coinpanv. of Va.. 1609: Edward III. King of 
England, Col. William Thomas Scott. Senator of the 
Republic and State of Texas. Capt. William Pincknev 
Rose, in Battle of New Orleans. 1812. Served as Ser- 
geant in 1st Texas Inf., Co. A., 1913. Civilian Employee, 




Punitive Expedition in Mexico., 1015. Enlisted June 10, 
1017 , nt San Antonio, Texas,, in Signal Corps, graduated 
from School of Military Aeronautics, Austin and was 
given command of Squadron to France, and sailed Oct. 
11, 1017. In service in France seventeen months. As 1st 
Lt. Granted Pilots Wings, by French, Department of 
Aviation. March 1, 1918. Commissioned 1st. Lieutenant, 
Air Service at Issoudun, March 2, 1918, At Cazeaux, gave 
Gunnery Instruction with the French. Attached to 
French, Aviation Dept. at Buc, Oct. 15. to Nov. 11, 1918. 
Charge of Department. Discharged March 4, 1919, at 
Garden City, L. I., as 1st. Lieut. 

Serosa*. Thomas C, El Paso: Bi;nkei'. Pres. American 
Trust it Saving's Bank and Pres., El Paso Cattle Loan 
Co. Born in Keokuk, Iowa, Oct. 19, 1S82, of Scotch par- 
entage. Educated nl Keokuk, Iowa, Married Miss Toba 
Edith Stern, Oct. 10. 1015. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Toltec Club, Social Club, El Paso Country Club, Rotary 
Club and Chamber of Commerce. Favorite recreations, 
golf. War Work: Assisted in all War Drives, Liberty 
Bond and W. S. S. Work, New Orleans, La. 

Scruggs, Charles W., Dallas: Department, the Am- 
erican Legion of Texas. Born in Texas, June 12, 1S95. 
Educated at Hubbard High School and University of 
Texas. Church afl., Methodist. Ancestry, English and 
Seoteh'-Irish. War Work: Enlisted in July 1917 as Sgt. 
131st Field Art., trained at Camp Bowie; left U. £'. 
July 191S; returned March 13, 1919: discharged April 1, 

Seay, K. B., Jr., Wichita Falls; Oil Operator, Seay- 
Cranfill Co. Interested in Wichita Falls Theatre and 
Ferris, Gray Oil Co. Born in Huntsville, Tenn., Oct. 13, 
1875. Member of Baptist Church. Favorite recreation, 
golf. War Work: Assisted in Bed Cross Work, Camp Mc- 
Clelland, Ala. 

Seewald, Edgar s., Amarillo; Born in Amarillo, Texas, 
Sept. 24. 189S. Educated in Schools of Amarillo. Mem- 
ber B. P. O. E. and Episcopal Church. Served as Corp. 
in Battery B., 132nd Regiment, 30th Division, in France 
11 months with A. E. F. 

Setzer, E. W.. Wichita Falls; with Cbenault Drilling Co. 
Born in Davilla, Texas, Sept. 0, 1804. Descendant of J. 
M. Setzer. Educated at Toby's Business College. Waco, 
Texas. Married Miss Clara Joli ison. Jan. 27, 1010. Mem- 
ber of Methodist Church. Favorite recreation, football. 
Served as Private in Co. F. 872 Regiment, at Waco, 
Texas, and A. S. M. S., St. Paul, Minn. 

.shelton, Eugene A., El Paso: Postmaster. Ex-Alderman 
and member of School Board, Brandon, Miss, and now 
member of School Board, El Paso Born in Brandon, 
Miss., May 1. 1852. Descendant of Geo. Wm. and Mary 
E. Farrar Shelton. Educated at Brandon. Miss. Married 
Miss Hattie Hobson. Nov. 11, 1874. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, W. O. W., Rotary Club, Pioneer Assn. Chamber 
of Commerce and Presbyterian .Church. War Work: 
Member of Committees in all drives for Liberty Bonds, 
\\ . S. S., Bed Cross and made speeches in interest of W. 
S. S. 

shelton, J. O., Abilene; Banker. Vice Pres. Citizens Nat- 
ional Bank. Born in Miss., Aug. 2::. 187d. Descendant of 
J. D. Shelton. Educated at Eastland, Texas. Married 
Miss Blanche Lockett. June 17, 1002. Member of Baptist 
Church and Masonic Lodge. Served as Sgt. in E. Co., 
2nd Beg. U. S.. Spanish-American War, 1808-1800. As- 
sisted the Red Cross in World War. 

Shelton, Joseph V.. Eagle Pass; City Manager. Sec'y. 
of Chamber of Commerce. Born in Austin, Texas, Feb. 
26, 1802. of Scotch and English parentage. Educated at 
Arizona. Member of Mesquite and Country (Tubs. Favor- 
ite recreations, tennis and dancing. Volunteered for 
service at San Francisco, Cal., Enlisted as Pvt. and re- 
ceived four promotions, now holding commission V. S. B. 
Eight months service as Executive Sec'v War Camp 
Community Service. 

Shelton, S. M., Abilene; Automobile Merchant, Shelton 
Motor Co. Pres. Abilene Chamber of Commerce. Born in 
Alabama. Sept. 2. 1883. Descendant of W. C. Shelton. 
Educated at Public School. Married Miss Ethel Henson 
Dee. 20. 1006; Member of Masonic Lodge, U. C. T. Ly- 
ons Club and Methodist Church. War Work: Served 
in Liberty Loan drives and Speaker. 
Shepherd, l)r. Frank l)., Burkburnett; Physician. Born 
in California. Apr. 1, 1864. Educated at Missouri and 
Texas State Normals, and Daniel Baker College A. B. 
Married .Miss Addie Johnson Juno 1899. Membei of Ma- 
sonc Lodge and Christian Church. Served as Captain in 
Signal Corps. 1st Regiment, at. Waco, Texas, Camp 
Green X. C. ami ("amp Wadsworth, S. C. 
Shepherd), James t,., Cisco: Lawyer. Born in Bedford 
County, Va.. July 22, 1871. Descendant of John Newton 

Sheperd. Educated ai Military Academy. Married Miss 
Julia Josey, Oct. .':<i, 1892. Member of Masonic Lodge 
Baptist Church. Knight Templar, Scottish Nile ami 

Knights of Pythias. Served as Major in <Uh Regiment, 

Texas State Militia. 

Shepherd, Robert A., Cisco; Lawyer. Born in Huntsville, 
Texas, July 7, 1804. Descendant of Leftwichs of Va. and 
Joseys of Texas. Educated at University of Texas and 
Sam Houston State Normal. Member of Elks Masonic 
Lodge. W. O. W., Delta Chi Fraternity and Baptist 
Church. Favorite recreations, hunting, swimming and 
tennis. Served as 2nd. Lieut., Battery E., 345th F. A., 
90th Division Camp Travis Transferred to Aviaticn 
Dept. at Kelly Field. 

Shepard, K. E., Wichita Falls. Cashier, City National 
Bank of Commerce. Took an active part in all local war 
work, during the World War. 

Shirey, Dr. Guy O., Ft. Worth ; Physician and Sur- 
geon. I'ost Commander, Vice State Commander, (1020) 
and State Commander American Legion, (1921). Born 
in Arkansas, Feb. 28 1801. Educated at Hendrix College 
and Uiversity of Tennessee M. D. Married Miss Louise 
Ball Nov. 3. 1015. Member of Masonic Blue Lodge. A. & 
A. S. B. Consistory (32nd degree). Shrine, Episcopal 
Church and Glen Garden Country Club. Favorite rec- 
reation, golf. Served as 1st. Lieut. M. C, Ambulance 
Co. 13, 1st Division, A. E. F. ('apt and Major, 1st 
Division. Inf, A. E. F. and Lieut. Lol. in 2nd Army, 
A. E. P., in France. 

Shuler, Kt. Rev. A. J., El Paso, caiiioiie Bishop. 
Sikes, Walter C, Cisco; Beal Estate & Insurance. J. M. 
Williamson & Co. Born in Jack County, Texas, Oct. l(i, 
18SS. Descendant of M. L. Sikes, Palo Piuto County, 
Texas. Educated at Texas. Married Miss 
Lena Mae Williamson. Dec. '12, 1017. Member of Meth- 
odist Church and Elks Lodge. Favorite recreation, 
hunting. Sergeaut in Hdqs. Co. 12th Bn. 105th Depot 
Brigade, San Antonio, Texas. 

Simmons, Charles Kobert I deceased). Formerly of Mem- 
phis. Texas. The Post at MonipliU is named in his hon- 
or. Born in* Grayson, County. Texas Sept. 20. 1880. Mem- 
ber of Baptist. Church. K. of P. and Odd Fellows. Serv- 
ed as Engineer on the U. S. S. Jacob Jones, until his 
death, Dec. 6, 1917. going down with the boat after it 
had been destroyed by a German torpedo; enlisted at 
Dallas, May 1010, and served four years. Re-enlisted, 
July, 1014, and entered Machinist's School at Charles- 
ton, So. Carolina, Aug. 1st 1014, and served in school 
for 10 months. 

Simpson, E. A., Clarendon: Lawyer. County Attorney of 
Donley County, Texas, 1012-1014. Born in Collin County 
Texas, Oct. 28, 18S8, of Scotch-Irish descent. Educated at 
Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn., L. L. B. Mar- 
ried Miss Marybelle Brown of Bowie. Texas. June 21, 
1911. Member of I. O. O. F., B. I'. O. E. and Baptist 
Church Served a s Captain in '"o. H., 142nd Inf, 36th 
Division, in France from. Inly 18, 1018 to May 20. 1910; 
in action at Meuse-Argonne (Champaign-Marne) Sector, 
Oct. 6th to 2Sth. 1918, and Mont Blanc and St. Etienne. 
Wounded in action at St. Etienne, France. Oct. 8, 1918. 
Decorated with French Croix de Guerre bv Order of 
Marshall Petain. 

Simpson, Forrest H., Quanah : Born in Paris, Texas, 
Dec. 15, 1S03. Descendant of J. F. and Maggie Harvey 
Simpson. Educated at Quanah High School. Member of 
Elks, Knights of Pythias, and American Legion. Favor- 
ite recreations, baseball and hunting. Served as Corp. 
in Co. H, 142nd Regiment, 36th Division, with A. E. F., . 
wounded Oct. 8th, 1018. Champaign Offensive, France. 
Sims, <;. A., Mineral Wells; Cashier. First National Bank. 
Born in Georgia, July 23, 1874. Educated in schools of 
Madison, Ga. Married Miss Annie Swearingen, Feb. 0. 
1808. Member of Baptist Church, Masonic Lodge and W. 
C>. W. Served a s Chairman, Four Minute Men. 
Singleton, H. L., Mineral Wells. Real Estate. Dist. Mgr. 
of Mutual Protective League of Decatur. 111. Born in 
.Taoksboro, Texas. 1NN4. Descendant of L. M. Singleton, 
of Illinois. Educated in schools of Jack County. Mar- 
ried Mis s Bessie L. Beck, Feb. 7. 1013. Member of I. (). 
O. F. and Masonic Lodge. Favorite recreation, fishing. 
Served on various war committees. 

Slater, Hughes <le Coiirey, El I'aso: Editor and Pres. of 
EI I'aso Herald. Born in Virginia, 1S74. Married Miss Elsie 
McElroy, 1S00. Served as ('apt. Inf. detailed as Adj. id' 
Sanitary Train. 00th Division, in France and Germany, 
with the American Expeditionary Forces. 
Small, Warren D. El I'aso: Vice Ties. I'd I'aso Foundry 
& Machine Co. Born in Chelsea, Mass., Jan. 23. 180(1. Ed- 
ucated at Kentucky Military Institute and Renselaer 
Polytechnic Institute. P.. A. and M. E. Married Miss 
Greta Palmer, April 3, 1017. Member of Presbyterian 
Church. Masonic Lodge. Rotary Club and University 
Club. Served as 2nd Lieut, ill Air Service, overseas, for 
eight months, Technical Action. Served in U. E. as A. El. 
(I., Love Field, Texas. Caiislr.nn and Dorr Fields, U.S.A. 
Smith, Breedlove, El I'aso: Laivver. Born in Colorado 
City, Texas, Sept. 8, 1891. Descendant of William Kob- 
ert and Frances L. Br Hove Smith. Educated at Austin 

( ollege. B. A.. 1912 and George Washington University, 
L. L. P.., 1015. Married .Miss Zcnobia Iliglil. Aug. 18. 
1017. Member of Masonic Lodge, Kappa Sigma Frater- 




uity_, W.O. W., Baptist Church, American Legion, Uni- 
versity Club, Chamber of Commerce and Young Men's 
Business Club. Favorite recreations, tennis, golf and 
swimming. Served as 2nd. Lieut, and 1st. Lieut, in 
Battery E., 343fd F. A., 90th Division, and Asst. District 
Mil. Inspr. Committee on Education and Sp. Tr., Gen- 
eral Staff. Hold Commission as Capt. F. A. Reserve 

Smith, Brooke, Brownwood; Banker. Pres. Brooke Smith 
& Co. Bankers. Born in Hanovr County, Va., March 
13, 1853, of English parentage. Descendant of John Snel- 
sou and Pauline Thilman Doswcll Smith of Va. Edu- 
cated at Public Schools in Indiana. Married Miss Juliet 
L. Sparks, March 2, 18S0. Member of Episcopal Church, 
I. 0. O. F., K. of P. and B. P O. E. Lodges. War 
Work: Assisted actively in sale of Liberty and Victory 
Bonds and in Red Cross Work. 

Smith, Isliam A., (deceased). Son of Peter L. and 
Lucy P. Starkey Smith of Brownwood, Texas. Born in 
Comanche County, Texas, May 6, 1S99. Served as Pri- 
vate (1st class) in Co.. F, 26th Infantry, 1st Division, 
Volunteered and enlisted Mar. r.-l. 1017 at Fort Sam' 
Houston, San Antonio. Served with A. B. F. in France, 
gassed severelv in action. May 2S, 1918, and died 
June 14, 191S. Was brought back to Brownwood, Tex- 
as, and reinterred, March. 1921. 

Smith, Lamar, Del Rio: Lawyer, Boggett, Smith & La 
Crosse. Interested in Val Verde County Abstract Co., 
and Pres. Del Rio School Board, 1015. 1010. Born in 
Robertson County, Texas, Nov. 10, 1879. Married Miss 
Maude Campbell. Dec. 17, 1902. Member of Odd Fel- 
lows, Elks, K. of P.. Methodist Church and American 
Bar Assn. Favorite recreations, bunting and fishing. 
War Work: Sec'y. Local Draft Board. Val Verde Coun- 
ty, Chairman. Canteen Committee, Red Cross and Field 
Representative of Red Cross. 

Smith, Lycurgus Min=iil Wells. Crsit Cjntial (ill 
Co. Founder and Chairman. Texas Carlsbad Water Co. 
Born in Montgomery, La., June 22, I860, of Scotch, 
English and Irish parentage. Educated at Public 
Schools of Montgomery, La. Married Miss Leila Lee 
Sadler, May 14, 1890. Member of Christian Church. 
War Work: Chairman: War Savings Stamp Committee, 
Palo Pinto Co. and Council of Defense. 
Smith, M. H., Ranger; Banker. Prominent in various 
commercial industries. Active in all War Work. 

Smith, Robert Reeee, Childress: -Asst. Manager B. P. 
Smith Ranch. Born in Purcell, Okla., June 12, 1891, of 
Scotch, Irish and English parentage. Educated at 
Okla. A. & M. College, B. S. and Harvard University, 
M. B. A. Married Miss Dess Terry, March 6, 1020. 
Member of Masonic Lodge. Consistory, Shrine, Sigma 
Nu Fraternity and Christian Church. Served as 1st. 
Lieut, in 21st Co. Kith Division, also Aide de Camp to 
Brig. Gen. Peter W. Davison. In service twenty-eight 

Smith, Tulane S., Mineral Wells: Lawyer. Born in Tex- 
as, Nov. 20. 1N92. Descendant of Lv'curgus and Leila 
Lee Smith. Educated at University of Texas. L. L. B. 
Member of Masonic Lodge. S. -V. 10, Fraternity, Kiwanis 
Club, Country Club, and Christian Church. Favorite 
recreations, golf and swimming. Served as 1st Lt. 
in M. and L. Companies, 358th Regiment. 90th Div- 
ision, at Camp Travis, Texas, as Grenade Instruct- 
or ; also in France with A. E. F. 

Smyth, Genl. R. P., Plainvi'w; Lawyer. Member of 
25th Legislature, Ex-County Attorney; Member of Board 
City Development: City Engineer and Director of 
West Texas Chamber of Commerce. Born in Austin 
Texas, Aug. 4, 1S55. Descendant of William Smyth, 
born in Ireland, and left Ireland to enlist in the U. S. 
Army in the War against .Mexico. Educated at Texas 
Military Institute, Austin. Texas, 3877. Married Miss 
Florence P. Tucker, July 1S92 (died Apr. 1S94). Knight 
Templer Mason and Shriner. (Pres. Shrine Club). Past 
Master. Past High Priest, P T. 1 M. of R & S M P 
E. C. Knight Templar, P.W.P., Order of Eastern Star, 
and Elder in Presbyterian Church. Served as Colonel 
in 3rd Texas Regiment. U. S. Volunteers in Spanish 
American War: served in Texas Nat'l. Guards from 
Aug. 1877 until 1900. from private to Brig. General- 
Captain of the "Austin Greys" one of the" crack Cos. 
of the State in the earlier days. Seived as Chairman of 
the Legal Advisory Board. 4-minute speaker and as- 
sisted in all war work. 

Snyder, Dr. John William, Childress; Physician. Born 
in Tarrant County. Texas, June 22, 18(53'. Descendant 
of John Snyder and Maranda Willburn. Educated at 
Southwestern University at Georgetown, Texas and 
University of Louisville, Kv. CISST), M. D Married 
Miss Alice M. Holt, Aug. 30, 1018. Member of K. of P. 
and Methodist Church. Favorite recreations, hunting and 
fishing. Served as Capt. in 0th F. A. School of' Fire 
at Fort Sill, Okla. 
Spencer, A. B., Crosbyton ; Vice President and Mana- 

ger of C. B. Live Stock Co. Mayor, Crosbyton, Texas. 
Born in Greenfield, Ind., Nov. 25, 1871, of English and 
Irish Revolutionary Stock. Educated at High School, 
St. Paul, Neb. Married Mis s Amelia Forbes, Dec. 8, 
1892. Member of Masonic Lodge and Knight Templar. 
Favorite recreations, chess and biidge. War Work: 
County Food Administrator and Sec'y. American Red 

Spiller, George, Jacksboro: Insurance Agent and Ab- 
stractor. Surveyor of Jack County since 1804. Born in 
Nelson County, Virginia, Dec. 5, 1840, of Scotch, Irish 
parentage. Educated at Virginia Military Institute, C. 
E. Married Miss Belle Loving, Nov.- 4, 1879. Charter 
.Member of Alpha Tan Omega, f'orved as Pvt. in A. 
Co.. Corps of V. M. I. in Civil War and furnished 
three sons in World War. 

Spiller, James, Sweetwater; Lawyer. Born in Jack 
County, Texas. Dee. 26, 1880. Married Miss May E. 
Smashey, May 25. 1910. Educated at Georgetown Uni- 
versity, L. L. B. Member of A. F. & A. M. War Work: 
Speaker in West Texas for Red Cross, Liberty Loan 
Drives and United War Societies. 

Staley, J. I., Wichita Falls: Oil Producer, Staley. Lang- 
ford & Chenault. Pres., Security Nat'l Bank. Born in 
Mills County, Texas, June 18, 588S. Descendant of Jo- 
seph A. Staley. Educated in Public Schools. Married 
Miss Delia Hawkins, Jan 10, 1010. Member of A. F. 
..V A. M. Served on Red Cross Committees and Bond 

Stalling*. Enos M., Bowie; Geu'l Mgr. E. M. Stallings 
& Co. (Fire Insurance). Born in Ruston. La , Jan. 
20. 1883. Descendant of John M. and Mary J. May 
Stallings of Bowie, Texas. Educated at Bowie High 
School. Married Miss Ann Montgomery, Dec. 25, 1909. 
Member of Presbyterian Church, Masonic Lodge and 
York Rite Favorite recreations, fishing and hunting. 
Served as County Food Administrator for Montague 
County during World War. 

Stalling*, O. J., Dallas and Wichita Falls; Stallings 
Company (Designers and Builders). Born in New Al 
bany, Ind., June 23, 1881. Descendant of Win, Hanison 
and Lizzie Yeager Stallings. Educated in Dallas High 
School. Married Miss Letia Tewoll. Nov 2, 1004. Mem- 
ber of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite and Shrine. Fa- 
vorite recreation, hunting. Served as 1st Lt. in Avia- 
tion Squadron, 2nd Training Brigade at Kelly Field, 
Texas, and A. S. S. S.. 4th Division at Vancouver, Wash, 
stalling*, P. S, Bowie; P. S. Stallings & Co. (Tailors)! 
Born in Ruston, La., Feb. 26, ixso. Descendant of Jno. 
M. and Mary May Stallings. Educated at University of 
Texas. Member of Masonic Lodge. Married Miss Jes- 
sie E. Walker, May 22nd, 1014. 

stams, L. B., Alpine: Local Agent. Southern Pacific 
Railroad for past fourteen years. Vice Pres. Brewster 
County Chamber of Commerce. Burn in Nashville, Tenn. 
Oct 19. 1882., of Irish parentage Educated Nashville 
High School and Yanderbilt University, Tenn. Mem- 
ber of W. O. W. Favorite recreation, baseball. Ap- 
plied in four different departments of the service' 
during the war and was rejected account of over drafl 
age and release refused by railroad management on 
the grounds that was needed to protect railroad ser- 
vice. Appointed authorized Agent I". S. Government, 
War Saving certificate and Thrift Stamps, served on 
committee to Liberty Loan Drives. 

St. Clair, Br J. B., Mineral AVells; Optometrist & Opti- 
cian. Sec'y. of School Board for five years and Vice 
President of Mineral Wells Golf and'Countrv Club. 
Born in Houston. Miss., Oct. 20. 18S3, of Scotch. Irish 
parentage. Educated at Decatur Texas and Chicago, 
Doctor of Ophthamology. Married Miss Cleva S. Brown 
Oct. 17, 1906 Member of Baptist Church. Favorite rec- 
reations, hunting, fishing and golf. War Work: Serv- 
ed in Liberty Bond Sales and County Chairman of 
Ib.y's Work. 

Stephens, J. E., Canadian; County Judge Hemphill Co. 
Born in Erath County, Texas. Oct. 8, 1872 of Irish 
parentage. Educated Country Schools and Vanderbilt 
University. Married Miss Abbe Ansley, Nov. .",. 1891 
Member of Local Preachers of Southern Methodist 
Church .Masonic Lodge, Knight Templar, W. O. W. 
and Chamber of Commerce. Favorite recreation, hunt- 
ing. War Work: Received civilian Medal for work in 
Liberty Bond Drives and County Agricultural Work. 

Stevens, Horace B.. Fl Paso: Real Estate & Insurance. 
Vice Pres. H. Lesinsky Co.. Wholesale Grocers, Pres. 
El Paso Dairy Co. and Federal Jury Commissioner 
for fifteen years. Born in Cutler, Maine, July 1. 185S. 
Descendant of Johnathon Stevens, An dover. England! 
Educated at State Normal School, Catiue. Maine. Mar- 
ried Miss Abbv Browning Cosgeshall, 1888. Member of 
Elks, I. O. O. F., Knight of Pythias, Toltec and Coun- 
try Clubs. Favorite recreation, bunting. War Work: 
Served as Chairmau, Fuel Committee. 
Stevenson, Dr. Charles W., Wichita Falls; Physician. 




Born in Sutherland Springs ,Texas. .Ian. S, 1SS0. Ed- 
ucated at University of Texas, A. R., 190S and M. D. 
1912. Married Miss Gladys Graves, Nov. S, 1913. Served 
as 1st Lt. in Medical Corps. 

Stevenson, Dr. Herbert E., El Paso; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Pres. County Med. Society and Commander Post 
30 American Legion. Born in Vacaville, Cal., July ."., 
1871. Descendant of Geo. B. and Anna Ma-upin Steven- 
son respectively of Ky. and Mo. Educated at El Paso 
High School aud University of Chicago, M. D. Married 
Miss Florence Vilas, June 3, 1895. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Elks, W. O. W., Toltec Club. University Club, 
Christian Church aud American Legion. Favorite rec- 
reations, hunting, boxing, wrestling and fithleties, 
Served as Lt. Col. Commanding 111th Ammunition 
Train ,36th Division, in France. Also Adjutant of 
Brigade in Border War, Med Corps, 7th 111. Reg. 
Spanish American War. Colonel in Reserves. 

Stevenson, William, Uvalde; Wholesale Dealer in pecans. 
Born in Scotland, May 10. 1848, of Scotch parentage. 
Educated in Scotland, removed to the United States in 
1870. Married Miss Mary Gilder, July 2, 1SS5. 
Stewart, Dr. D. M., Canyon ; Physician. County Health 
officer for Randall County. Born in Tennessee, Sept. 
8, 18CS. Descendant of David Mclntyre Stewart, sou 
of Alexander Stewart, and Sarah Evans, daughter of 
William Evans and Cinthia Hail. Educated at Collins- 
ville High School. Married Miss Katie G. Mills, July 21, 
1807 .Member of Methodist Church, Masonic .Lodge, W. 
O. W. and M. W. of A. Served on Executive Commit- 
tee, Red Cross, and as Chairman of Randall Co. Local 

Stewart, U. S., El Paso: Banker. Pres. City National 
Bank. Born in Kansas. Dec. 6. 1804. Educated at State 
Agricultural College, Fort Collins. Colo. Married Miss 
Agnes Beattie, Dec. 0, 1S93. Member of Toltec, Uni- 
versity and Country Clubs. 

Stockman, Ralph G., Ranger: Stockman Insurance Ag- 
ency. Born in Bonebon, Indiana. Educated in schools 
of Cleveland, Ohio. Active in Liberty Loan Drives. 
Stockton, Mill, Plainview; Postmaster. Born in Lime- 
stone County, Jan. 13, 1883. Descendant of M. B. 
Stockton. Educated in schools of Mexia, Texas. Mar- 
ried Miss Pinkie Rankin, June 2S. 1909. Member of 
Baptist Church, Masonic Lodge, Shrine and Elks. Fa- 
vorite recreation, ball and tennis. Served as" Sgt. in 
Co. B, 39th Regiment, U. S. V., in the Philippine 
Islands, Spanish American War, and served a s Treas- 
urer, American Red Cross during the World War. 
Stokes, V. G., Big Spring: Ford Dealer, Stokes Motor 
Co. and Stokes-Hughes Co. Born in Anniston, Ala.. 
Dec. 27, 1887. Educated at Noble Institute. Married 
Miss Flossie Logan, 1880. Member of Knight Templar, 
Shrine, B. P. O. E., Woodman, K. of P. and Baptist 
Church. Favorite recreations, hunting, motoring and 
fishing. War Work: Chairman of Home Service Sec- 
tion of Red Cross. 

storey, Cecil, Vernon; Attorney-at-law, firm of Bon- 
ner. Storey & Storey. Chairman of Wilbarger County 
School Board. Born in Freestone County, -Texas, Dec. 
21, 1884. Descendant of Capt, J. W. Storey (deceased) on 
father's side and, and Dr. J. R. Johnson (deceased) on 
mother's side. Educated at Mexia High School and Uni- 
versity of Texas, L. L. B. Married Mrs. Fannie T. Holt 
May, 8. 1913. Favorite recreations, following the hounds. 
Chasing wolves, wild cats and raccoons. War Work: 
Chairman of the Local Exemption Board of Wilbarger 
County, Vernon, Texas, during the late war. 
Story, F. A., Clarendon; Merchant, Strickland & Story 
(Dry Goodsi. President, Chamber of Commerce. Born 
in Bell County, Texas. Aug. 22, 1887. Descendant of 
Judge Story, a great law author, of Mass. Educated at 
Southwestern University, Georgetown, Tex. Married 
Miss Fannie R. Strickland. Oct. (1, 1908. Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge and Methodist Church. Favorite recrea- 
tions, fishing. Served in Liberty Loan and Red Cross 
drives and made 4 minute speeches. 

Storey, John A., Vernon. Attorney at law. Member of 
the firm of Bonner. Storey & Storey, Attorneys. County 
Attoreny of Wilbarger County. Born in Freestone, 
County. Texas, Jan. S. 1894, of Scotch-Irish parentage. 
Educated at University of Texas, Favorite recreations. 
hunting and fishing. Member of American Legion. B. 
P. O. Elks, Masonic Lodge and Mystic Shrine. Post 
Commander of Albert E. Robinso'n Post No. 07, Am- 
erican Legion, Vernon. Secretary, Vernon Shrine Club. 
Military record: Served as 1st Lieut, in 112nd Infanlrv, 
36th Division, from Tune 5th, 1917 to July 5th, 1919. in 
United States and France. 

Stovall, .1. Willis, Stamford: Manager. Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1920. Born in Monteagne, Texas, Jan. 28 1891. of 
Scotch and English parentage. Descendant of Dr. John 
David Stovall. Educated at T. C. U., Fort Worth. Mar- 
ried Miss Mnrv Jane Harris. Nov. 1918. Member of 
Knights of Pythias, Golf Club, < bristlai] Church and 

American Legion. Favorite recreations, golf, swimming 
and hunting. Served as Lieut., in Aviation, Austin. 
Ground School. Selfridgc Field, Mt. Cleninions. Mich, and 
Const Patrol at Long Island, X. V. Instructor in Machine 
Gunnery at Taliaferro Field. 

Strlcklin, Dr. C. G., Clarendon; Physician and Surgeon. 
With City Health Dept., Dallas, 1911 to 1914, and City 
Health Officer, Clarendon, 1915. Born in Erath County 
Texas. Nov. 13, 1885. Descendant of J. M. and Candace 
Brumley. Educated at Baylor University and Baylor 
Medical College B. S. and M. D. Married Miss Bess 
Gray, May 23, 1915. Member Masonic Lodge and Ameri- 
can Legion. Served as Capt. in 128th Inf., 32nd Division, 
Fort Riley, M. O. T. C. and ('amp McArther, Waco. 
Stroman, John A., Mineral Wells; Books «fc Stationary, 
Proprietor the Owl Book Co. Born in Gonzales County, 
April 8, 1871, of German parentage .Educated at Com- 
mon Schools. Married Miss Alice Gebbardt, Jan. 9, 1S95. 
Member of Weatherford Commanderv, Knights Templar, 
Moslah Temple. A. A. O. N. M. S. Rotary Club and Golf 
and Country Club. Favorite recreation, golf. 
strong, Henry W.. Wichita Falls; Born in Carrolton. 
Miss., March 27, 1849. Descendants of Lampkins and 
Strongs of Georgia. Member of Baptist Church. Favorite 
recreations, hunting bear, panther and buffalo. Served 
as Pvt. in K. Co., 15th C. S. A. during Civil War. 
strong. Dr. Thomas Jefferson, Wichita Falls; Physician 
and Surgeon. Bom in Hudson Falls, N A"., May 22, 1877. 
Descendant of Thomas J. Strong of New York and 
Mary M. Schaeffer. Scotch-Irish and Holland. Educated 
at University of Vermont, Vt.. M. D. Married Mis s Char- 
lotte Burgess of Virginia. July 7, 1910. Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge, Elks, University Club, and Baptist Church. 
Favorite recreation, all outdoor sports. Served a s 1st. 
Lt., A. A. Surgeon in U. S. Army 1900 to 1905, 2 years 
in Philippine Islands and 2 1-2 years in U. S. A. "Gen. 
Hospital at San Francisco, Calif., served as 1st Lt. 
A. A. Surgeon in U. S. P.H. & M. H. Service at Postal, 
N. Dak., 1907-1908 Commissioned 1st Lt., N. A., June 30, 
1917, at Ft. Riley, Kansas, assigned to 90th Division at 
Camp Travis, Texas, where he organized and trained 
part of 315th Sanitary Train. Promoted to Captain Nov. 
(i, 1917. then to Ma.jof, Mar. (i. 1918. Served overseas with 
A. E. F., 90th Division in France and with Army of Oc- 
cupation in Germany, 

Stubbfield, Roy. Wichita Falls: Born in Sulphur Bluff 
Texas. Jan. 30. 1895. Served in Co. G., 113th Regiment, 
29th Division, A. E. F. 

Sullivan, Mrs. Maud Durlin, El Paso; Librarian, El 
Paso Library. 

Summers, W. H., Bridgeport: Merchant, Butler & Sum- 
mers. Also interested in First National Bank. Born in 
Salem, Ky., Feb. 24. 1879. at Scotch. Irish parentage. Ed- 
ucated at Marion, Ky. High School. Married Mis s Allie 
Butler, Oct. G. 1902. Member of Baptist Church and Ma- 
sonic Lodge. War Work: Chairman Red Cross Drive and 
served in all Liberty Drives. 

Surmnn, Dr. A. C, Post: Physician and Surgeon, Drs. 
Snrnian, Castleberry & Williams .City Health Officer. 
Born in Austin County. Texas, Jan. 21, 1887. Descen- 
dant of Emil and Antonio Witte Surman. Educated at 
S. &. M. College and University of Texas, M. D. Mar- 
ried Miss Agnes Harmon. July 4. 1910. Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge (32nd degree), Shrine, Post City Golf and 
Country Club, Gun Club and Presbyterian Church. State 
Med. Society and A. M. A. Favorite recreations, golf 
and hunting. Served as 1st. Lieut. M. C, Reg. Inf 43rd 
F A., 18th Division, after demobilization, was with Am- 
bulance Co. 10. In servce for nine months, also served in 
U S' .Health Service. 

Sutton, C. R., Marfa; Lawyer. Born iii Llano County, 
Texas, Dec. 27, 18S7. Descendant of Ambers L. and 
Elizabeth Long Sutton. Educated at University of Tex- 
as. Married Miss Willie Colbert Minims, Jan." is. 1019. 
Member of Scottish and York Rite and Shrine. Served us 
1st. Lieut. Intelligence Division. 90th Div., General Staff, 
Washington, D. C. 

Suiinn, Sam, Abilene; Banker, Guaranty State Bank, 
First State Bank. Trent. Texas. Born in Jones County, 
Texas Dec. 22. 1892. Educated at Merkel, Texas High 
School. Married Miss Agnes Powell, Aug. 8, 1919. Mem- 
ber of Knights of Pythias and Flks. Served as Sgt. Fi- 
nance Branch, 18th Division, San Antonio, Texas. 

Swan son, Woolfnrd 1\, El Paso; Manager, Swanson Tail- 
ors. Born in Qkla. City, (Ikla., Oct. 7, ISO:',. Kducated 
at EI Paso Military Institute. Married Miss Martha P. 
Coleman, July 11. 1920, Member of Kiwanis Club and 
American Legion. Served as 1st. Lieut, in A. Co., 141st 
Inf., 36th Division, ( amp Bowie, July 1917 to July 1918. 
Overseas for nine months. Commissioned 2nd. Lieut., 
Nov. 7. 1917, and was promoted 1st. Lieut., June 4. 1918. 
Wounded in Action. Oct. 8, 1918 and was awarded French 
Croix de Guerre for bravery in action. 
Talbert, J. Wilkie. Wichita Falls: Real Estate Agent. 
Also interested in the Cloverdale Dairy. Born in Arcadia. 




La., Jan. 4, 1891. Descendant of the Hugenots. Educated 
at High School and Meridian College , Meridian, Miss. 
Member of Masonic Lodge, Elks, Praetorians and Bap- 
tist Church. Served as 2nd. Lieut., Texas National Guard, 
Cavalry and student officer in Cntral Officers Inf. 
Training School, when armistice was signed. Served in 
Red Cross, Liberty Bond and other campaign commit- 
tees and a s chairman of Wichita County War Camp 
Community Service. 

Tamez, Emiliano, Eagle Pass; Consul de Mexico. Bom 
in Piedras Negras, Coalmila. Mexico, .Ian. 5, 1888. Des en 
da nt of Pascual and Josefa Garza Tamez. Educated at 
Public School, Piedra s Negras. Married Miss Consuelo 
Rodriguez, Nov. 1912. Member of Alianza Hespano Am- 

Tayler, Erwin P., Wichita Falls; Sec'y. and Treasurer, 
American Investment Co. Born in Wichita Falls, Texas. 
May 24, 1893, of Englsh, Scotch and French parentage. 
Educated at Wichita Falls High School. Member of 
B P. O. E. Served as Pvt. 1st Class in Supply Co. 
142nd Regiment, 36th Division, Meuse-Argonne Offen- 
sive, Champaigne, France. Overseas from July 191S to 
May 1919. 

Taylor, P. ('., Tulia. Attorney and Abstractor. Mem- 
ber of the firm of Cluton and Taylor, Attorneys. Sec- 
retary, Cluton Abstract & Title Co. Born in Cisco, 
Texas, Sept 10, 1884. Educated in public schools and 
North Texas State Normal College. Member of Elks, 
Masonic lodge, Christian church and American Legion. 
Post Commander of S'wisher County Post No. 214, Am- 
erican Legion. Favorite recreations, hunting and fish- 
ing Married Miss Prudence Moorhouse. June 29, 1919. 
Descendant of E. P. and Mrs. R. D. Taylor. Military 
record: served as private in S. A. T. C. at North Tex- 
as State Normal College. Denton, Texas. Also in Y. M. 
C. A. work at Camp Travis, Texas and Fort Sill, Okla. 
Civilian war work: served as member of the Swisher 
County Local Board. 

Taylor, Richard II.. Graham; With the R. I. R. R. Lo- 
cal' Post Commander American Legion. Born in Farmers 
ville, Texas, Dec. 14, 1894. Educated at Graham, Texas 
and University of Texas. Married Miss Eula Woods, Oct. 
1, 1920. Member of Masonic Blue Lodge, and York Rite. 
Favorite recreations, football and baseball. Served as 
Pvt. and Corporal in B. B. Co., 133rd. F. A., 36th Div- 
ision, Camp Bowie and with the A. E. F. in France. 
Taylor, T. J., Wichita Falls; Banking. Chairman. Board 
Directors, American National Bank. Born in Linden, 
Texas Feb. 9, 1864. Educated at Country Schools. Mar- 
ried Mis s Ella D. Erwin, Nov. 7, 1SS7. Member of Ma- 
sonic Lodge, Elks and Methodist Church. 
Taylor, Thomas ■% ., Jr., Wichita Falls; Asst. Manager. 
Ice' Co. Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, 1900, of French, 
English and Scotch parentage. Educated at Wichita 
Falls High School. Member of Baptist Church and B. 
P. O. E. Served as Sgt. in Med. Det. 142nd Regiment. 
30th Division, in Meuse-Argonne Offensive, Champaigne 

Terrell, Dr. Allen P., Wichita Falls ; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Born in Bergin. Kentucky, Dec. 16, 1SS4. Des- 
cendant of Dr. A. P. Terrell Fort Worth Texas. Edu- 
cated at Southwestern University Medical College, M. D. 
Member of Masonic Lodgef 32nd degree), Shrine and 
Christian Church. Served as Capt. and Major in 133rd. 
F. A., 30th Division. 

Terrell. Frederick, San Antonio; Pres. City Nat'l Bank, 
Pres. St. Anthony Improvement Co., director of Alamo 
Dressed Beef Co. 'Born in Indiana, March 1856. Educated 
at Earlham College, DePauw University and Harvard 
University: degrees, A. B., and M. D. Member of San 
Antonio Club. S. A. Country Club and Lion's Club. 
Church afl., Episcopal. Ancestry, English. War Work: 
Chairman Local Draft Board, Bexar County. Pres. Car- 
negie Library. Served as Alderman. Mayor and Chair- 
man Fire and Police Commission, etc. 

Tharp, Blucher S., Amarllo; General Ins., Williams-Orr 
Agency. Post Adjutant, Hanson Post No. 54, American 
Legion. Born in Springvale, Kansas. May 9, 1892. Ed- 
ucated at Teachers' Training College, Springfield, Mo. 
Married Miss Loie Reeves, Dec. 28. 1918. Member of 
Methodst Church. Masonic Lodge and American Legion. 
Enlisted in Troop B., 1st Texas Cavalry. June 1916; 
served on Mexican Border as Regimental Sgt. Major 
with 132nd Eield Artillery, 36th Divison. Commssioited 
Lieut, at 3rd Officers Training School, Ft. Worth. Texas. 
Completed Aerial Observers Course at Post Field, 
Okla. and Selfridge Field, Mich. Discharged at Hicks, 
Texas, Jan., 1919. 

Thomas, A. E.. Fort Worth. President. National Bank 
of Commerce. Treasurer, Chamber of Commerce. Active 
in War Work, during World War. 

Thomas, A. B., Burkburnett; Lumber, Vice Pres. and 
Treasurer W. E. Thomas Lumber Co.. yard in Texas, 
Okla. and Missouri. Pres. Burkburnett Chamber of Com- 
merce. Born in Bogard, Mo., Dec. 18, 1890.' Educated 

at University of Missouri. L. L. B. Served in Artillery 
Training School, Camp Taylor, Louisville, now 2nd Lt., 
F. A. R. C. Previous record, 1st. Lieut, 7th Inf., Nation- 
al Guard, Missouri. 

Thomas, Dr. ('has., El Paso; Physician and Surgeon. 
Born in 'league, Texas, Sept. 22, 1883. Descendant of 
Dr. J. E. Thomas. Educated at Mexia, Texas, High 
School and Louisville, Kv., Medical College, M. D. Mar- 
ried Miss M. Margaret Holcomb, Spt. 30, 1916. Member 
of Masoific Lodge. 

Thomas, Dr. George T., Amarillo : Eye, Ear, Nose 
and Throat Surgeon. Pres. Potter Co. Medical Society 
and Ex Sec'y., Potter County Med. Society. Born in 
Rogers, Texas May 11, 1882. Descendant of G. T. 
Thomas. Educated at University of Texas and Texas 
Christian Uuivirsit;, M. D, Mariud Miso Winifred 
Beeler, Sept., 1902. Member of Masonic and Elks Lodges 
and Presbyteran Church. Served as 1st. Lieut., M. R. 
C, and member of District Board of Medical Exam- 
iners during World War. 

Thomas, .1. ('., Childress; Publisher. The Childress Post. 
Pres. Childress Chamber of Commerce. Born in Burle- 
son County, Texas, July 4, 1869. (His father. J. E. 
Thomas moved to Texas, in 1845. ( Educated at Leba- 
non. Ohio. Married Miss Maude Howell, April 28, 1901. 
Member of Masonic Lodge, York Rite, Shrine ami 
P.aptist Church. Favorite recreations, hunting and fish- 
ing. War Work: Served as County Chairman in United 
War Work Drive in Childress County. 
Thomas, Dr. J. P., Bowie; Dentist, Thomas & Landers. 
Born in Charleston. W. Va., March 14, 1880. Descen- 
dant of J. I', and Lucinda Cox Thomas. Educated at 
Charleston. High School. Married Miss Lila Spriegel, 
May 22, 1899. Member of Masonic Lodge, I. O. O. F., K. 
of P. and Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreation, 
hunting. Served as Pvt. in A. Co. 2nd. W. Ya. Volun- 
teers. Served on local Red Cross Committee and Vic- 
tory Loan, during World War and gave free dental 
service to enlisted men. 

Thomas, Paul D., El Paso; Lawyer, Police Judge, El 
Paso, Texas, 1915. Born in Newport, Tenn., July 15, 
1883. Educated at University of Tennessee. L. L. B. 
Married Miss Lillian Farr, Nov. 19, 1919. Member of 
Masonic Lodge. Toltec, Country and Kiwanis Clubs, 
Presbyterian Church and Phi Gamma Delta Fraterni- 
ty. Favorite recreation, golf. Served as Pvt. in Co. A . 
Cavalry uinassigned ), Camp Stanley, Leon Springs, 
Texas. Served in all War Drives and was Four Min- 
ute Speaker. 

Thomas, Will G.. Mineral Wells; Merchant. Thomas 
Bros. Born in Missouri, Dec. 17. 1876. Married Miss 
Mabel MeMordie, June 7, 1905. Member of Presbyterian 
Church. Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and Coun- 
try Club. Favorite recreation, golfing. Served in Span- 
ish-American War. 

Thomason. Robert Swing, El Paso ; Attorney. Lea, Mo 
Grady & Thomason. War Work: Served in Liberty Bond 
and Red Cross Committees. 

Thompson, Ernest O., Amarillo: Lawyer. Owner and 
Manager of Amarillo Hotel. Born in Alvord, Texas, 
March 24, 1892, of Scotch-Irish parentage. Educated at 
University of Texas, and V. M. I., degree. L. L. B. 
Member of Shrine, Elks, Masonic Lodge and Phi Kap- 
pa Psi Fraternity. Favorite recreation, hunting. Entered 
First Officers Training Camp, Leon Springs, Texas, 
May 1917. Graduated and commissioned Captain, assign- 
ed to 3.44 M. G. Bn.. 90th Division, and was promoted 
to grade of Major. May 1918. Promted to rank of Lt. 
Colonel during the Argonne Offensive. Oct. 26, 1918 and 
assigned as Division Machine Gun Officer on the Staff 
of Gen. Henry Allen, 90th Division. Served in the Army 
of Oeoupaton in Germany and was assigned to the 
Command of the 146th Inf. in Feb.. 1919. Returned to 
11. S. Mav 191!). Discharged at Camp Sherman, Ohio, 
May 13, 1919. Made Lt. Colonel at the age of twenty- 
six years, during combat. 

Thomson. E. A., Temple; Pres. and Mgr. the Thomson 
Groe. Co.. Inc.. Cor. Ave. B and 4th St. Born in Texas, 
Sept. 8, 1867. Educated in University of Texas. Mason 
and K. of P. Member Temple Chamber of Commerce. 
Church afl., Methodist. Ancestry. Scotch. Irish and 
French. War Work: Chairman of Red Cross drives. Mar- 
ried Miss Minnie A. Atkins.. Feb. 16, 1S8S. 

Thorburn, Geo. W.. Wichita Falls: City Clerk. Born in 
Yorkshire, England, Aug. 6. 1872. Descendant of the 
Scotch Mnrravs. Educated at Royal College of Science. 
London, England. M. R. C. S. and M. R. S. M. Mar- 
ried Miss Meta Lowry, Aug. 19. 1913. Member of Golf 
Club. Wichita Club and Episcopal Church. Favorite 
recreations hunting, fishing and golf. Member of Lo- 
cal Board. Wchita County. Texas, and had forty coun- 
ties under jurisdiction, of this Board, acted as Sec'y. 
Devoted all his time and helped to recruit four com- 
panies of National Guard for Col. Bloor at Wichita 
Falls. Texas. 
Thrane, O. P., Snyder; Banker. Vice Pres. The Snyder 




National Bank. Member, Executive Board W. Texas 
C. of C. Born in Illinois, Sept. 20, 18S0, of Danish par- 
entage. Educated at N. I. N. S., Dixon, 111., degree of 
Master of Accounts. Married Miss Kate Nelson, Jan. 
20, 1917. Member of Shrine, York Rite Commandery, 
and Methodist Church. Favorite recreation, hunting. 
War Work: Federal Fuel Administrator, Scurry Coun- 
ty, Texas. 

Tluiriiian, Jno. W., Big Spring; Banker, West National 
Bank ; Vice Pres., of West Texa s Loan Co. Born in 
Kimble County,. Texas, April 2, 1884. Descendant of S'. 
H. Thurman. Educated at Public School. Married Miss 
Kathryn Barnett, Nov. 8, 1910. Member of A. F. & A. M. 
ip^esbyteriian Church. Favorite recreation,. Blunting. 
War Work: Assisted in Red Cross and Liberty Bond 

Timberlake, J. H., Jacksboro ; Merchant, Perkins, Tim- 
berlake Co. Director in Jacksboro National Bank. Born 
in Texas, Dec. 25, I860, of Welch parentage. Educated 
in Common School. Married Miss Annie Perkins, May 
9, 1887. 

Tingle, Brooks D., Wichta Falls: Born in Mt. Pler.'sant, 
Texas, Dec. 10, 1890. Descendant of Col. Bill Powell, 
Confederate Veteran. Educated at Waxahachie. Texas. 
Member of Baptist Church. Favorite recreation, hunt- 
ing. Served as Battalion Sg't. Major, in 1st Bn„ 23rd 
Engineers, in France, in Toul Sector, Sail Mihiel, and 

Tomlinson, T. W., Tulia ; Banker, Pres. First National 
Bank, Tulia. County Judge, Swisher County from 1898 to 
1904. Born in Tennessee, Dec. 7, 1861, of Scotch, Irish 
and English parentage. Son of James L. -and Maria 
Bar Tomlinson, grandson of Elias Tomlinson of Tenn- 
essee. Educated Common Schools of Tulia a ml South- 
ern Normal. Bowling Green, Ky. Married Miss Lula 
Brown, March 1893. War Work: County Chairman, War 
Savings Campaign and assisted in various bond sales 
and drives. 

Tottenham. Dr. J. W., Brownwood; Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat Specialist. Born in Sempronius, Texas, in 1870. 
of English parentage. Son of Dr. J. W. and R. A. 
Francis Tottenham. Educated Tulane University, La., 
M. D. Married Miss E. M. Fillion, Oct. 18. 190."). Mem- 
ber of York Rite, Shrine and Methodist Church. Serv- 
ed in Medical Reserve Corps, in World War. 
Townsend, A. E., Spearman; Townsend & McClellan, 
Real Estate. County Judge, of Hansford County, Texas. 
Born in Lee County, Iowa, May 9, 1853. Descendant 
of Clark Townsend of Putnam County, N. Y. Educated 
at Common Schools and Howe's Academy of Mt. Pleas- 
ant, Iowa. Married Miss Belle Hanna, Aug. 3, 1876 (died 
May, 190S) and Mrs. Carrie Miles of Waterloo, Iowa, 
on Oct. 21, 1917. War Work: Federal Food Adminis- 
trator. Chairman War Savings Stamp Division, and 
Chairman, Home Service, A. R. C. for Hansford County 

Townsend, Edwin Roy, Eastland; Physician and Sur- 
geon; First State Bank Bldg. Born in Texas. Aug. 20, 
iSS6. Educated at St. Louis College of Physicians and 
Surgeons and Tulane University of New Orleans: De- 
gree ,M D. Member of K. O. T. M. Favorite recreations, 
fishing and hunting. Church afl.. Methodist. Ancestry, 
American. War Work: 1st. Lieut. M. C. U. S. Army; 
served 21 months in the Army as Surgeon, 17 months 
with the A. E. F. in France. 

Trost. H. C, El Paso; Architect, Trost & Trost. Born 
in Toledo, Ohio, March 1. 1860. Educated at Toledo, Ohio 
Assisted in all War Work. 

Turner, Frank, Bridgeport; Cashier, First National 
Bank. Born in Smithfield, Texas, June 8, 1882. Edu- 
Citsa it tiniVii'citj of Itxas Manisd Miss Belle Hme= 
April 9, 1905. Member of A. F. & A. M. and Methodist 
Church. War Work: Assisted in sale of Bonds and as 
Chairman of War Savings Drive. 

Turney, Dr. Marvin L., Alpine, Physician and Surgeon, 
Drs. Middlebrook & Turney. Born in Boone County. 
Arkansas, April 29. 1886. Descendant of Dr. and Mrs. 

I. H. Turney. Educated at S. W. U. M. C. degree M. D 
Married Miss Nellie Everett Sept. 3, 1913. Member of 
.Masonic Lodge and Methodist Church. Served as Capt. 
in Med. Corps. 1st. Aero Squadron, with the A. E. F. 
in France and with the Army of Occupation in Germany 

Turney, W. W., El Paso, Attorney at Law. Member of 
(lie law firm of Turney, Bulges. Culwell, Holliday & 
Pollard. President, Texas Cattle Men's Association. 
Former State Senator. War Work: Chairman of the 
Council of Defense. Assisted in various war activities. 

Turns, Horace L., Bowie: Asst. Postmaster. Boi'n in 
Ellis Co.. Texas. Oct. •"., 1887. Descendant of John W. 
I', and Maltie L. Wright Turns. Educated at Kings 
School, f'omo, Texas. Married Miss Annie Harlow, Sept. 

II, 1914. Member of Baptist Church and Masonic Lodge 
Tyrrell, Percy, San Anlonio; Manager, Gunter Hotel. 
Pres. Hotel Men's Mutual Benefit Assn., "International 

Assn.," oldest and original Assn., Second term. Pres. 
Texas Hotel Men's Assn. Born in Detroit, Mich., Sept. 
7 ,1S72, of American parentage. Educated at Chicago 
Grammar Schools. Member of Masonic Lodge, Elks, Ki- 
wanis, City Salesmanship, and Lions Clubs. War Work: 
Appointed by Major Gen. Sharp to furnish cooks (450) 
for Camp Travis, having charge of Dist. No. 10. 
Tyson, Dr. Walter Scott, Wichita Falls; Physician and 
Surgeon. Born in Harrison, Ark., July 24, 18S4. Edu- 
cated at Texas Christian University, M. D. Married Miss 
L. D. Yauger, May 14, 1907. Member of Christian 
Church. Served as Capt. in 144th Field Hospital, 36th 
Division in Meuse-Argonne Offensive from Oct. 8, to 
29, 1918. Cited for distinguished servce by commander 
in chief of French Armies of the East, April .3, 1919. 
Decorated with the Croix de Guerre, by order no. 15,3411 
Gen. Hdqs. 

Underwood, Robert A., Plainview ; Banker, First Nat- 
ional Bank. President of Panhandle Bankers Assn. and 
Chairman of 7th Dist. Bankers Assn. of Texas. Born 
in Belton, Texas, Mar. 12, 1886. Educated in High School 
and Southwestern University at Georgetown, Texas. 
Married Mis s Mary L. West, Sept. 20, 1911. Member 
of Masonic Bodies, including Shrine, B. P. O. E. and 
M. E. Church. Favorite recreation .hunting. Served as 
Chairman. War Savings Committee, Hale County, Chair- 
man, Pour Minute Men; Chairman American Parotec- 
tive League, and Director and Treas., American Red 

Upton, John II., El Paso: Sec'y. and Actuary, Two Re- 
publics Life Ins. Co. Born in Illinois, Jan. 28, 1862. 
Descendant of John Upton of Lynnfield, Mass., Revo- 
lutionary Soldier. Married Miss Hetty Waers, Aug. 1, 
18S8. Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, Shrine, 
Sons of Amer. Rev. and Congregational Church. As- 
sisted in all Liberty Bond Drives, and furnished a son 
as a soldier in army, (volunteered). 
Vaugrhan, Roswell F., Eagle Pass; Vice Pres. and Gen'l 
Mgr., Eagle Pass Lumber Co. Mayor of Eagle Pass for 
past ten years. Born in Leavenworth, Kan., Aug. 1, 
1SS0. Descendant of the Fairbanks family of Mass. Ed- 
ucated in schools of San Antonio, Texas'. Married Miss 
Maydelle Drake, 1902. 

Veltmann, IT. E., Del Rio Attorney at Law, and in- 
terested in Ranch business. County and Dist. Clerk of 
Kinney County, Texas, for 6 years, and County Attor- 
ney and County Judge of Kinney County. Born in 
Brackettville, Texas, Sept. 25th, of German, English 
and Irish parentage. Educated in schools of Braeketville 
and St. Edwards College at Austin. Married Miss Helen 
H. Foster, July 24, 1909. Member of Elks, W. O. W. 
and Catholic Church. Favorite recreatic-hs, tennis, 
baseball .football, fishing and hunting. Served as mem- 
ber of Local Board, and Legal Advisory Board of Kin- 
ney County, Texas. 

Vernon, Frank, Cisco: Born in Cisco, Texas, Oct. 15, 
1896, of Scotch, Irish and English parentage. Descendant 
of Jefferson Davis and Gen. Price. Educated in schools 
of Cisco and Burney Military Academy. Member of 
Methodist Church. Favorite recreation, football. Serv- 
ed as Corporal in Motor Transport Corps, Unit 309. 
Vernon. James Newton, Amarillo; Owner of Troy Laun- 
dry. Director of Board of City Development. Born in 
Nolansville. Tenn. Descendant of Thomas and Felicia 
Stanfield Vernon. Educated at Cleburne (Texas) High 
School. Married Miss Jean Mcintosh. Member of Elks 
(Past Trustee) and Masonic Lodge. Served on all Lib- 
erty Loan, Armenian and Belgian Relief, and Red 
Cross Committees; served three years in Texas State 

Villegas, L,., Laredo; Merchant. L. Villegas & Co. 
(Wholesale Groceries). Mayor of the City of Laredo. 
Born in 1875 and Educated in Schools of Texas. 
Vincent, Hon. Chas. F., Mayor of Plainview. serving 
2nd term as Mayor. Retired Merchant. Born in Wash- 
ington County, Tenn.. March 21, 1865. of French Hu- 
gonot descent. Educated in Public Schools. Married 
Mrs. Clara Kieth, July 17. 1916. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, York Rite and Shrine (Past High Priest, Past 
Em. Com, and Thrice Illustrious Master. Council No. 
1641. Favorite recreation, hunting. Served in the Old 
Texas National Guards, ami assisted in all Liberty 
Loan and Red Cross activities in World War. 
Vineyard, Dr. R. L., Amarillo; Surgeon. Born in Ga. 
July 17, 1886. Educated at University of Texas (Aca- 
demic and Medical) M. D. Married Miss Vesta Cooper, 

1914. Member of Masonic Lodge. Scottish Rite and 
Shrine. Served as Capt. M. C., at No. 35 Stationary Hos- 
jiial. B. E. P., France. 

A irgin. Rev. Herbert Whiting:, Amarillo; Minister, Pas- 
tor of the First Baptist Church. Born in Mandeville, 
La.. May 29, 1872, of Welch and Irish parentage. De- 
scendant of Edwin Forrest, C. F. and Helen Carruthers 
Virgin and Uriah and Julianne Roberts. Educated at 
Mississippi College, Georgetown College, Ky. and S. 
B. Theo. Seminary, Louisville, degrees, A. B. and I>. D. 




Married Miss Isabelle Goff, Dec. 31, 189T. Member of 
Rotary Club and First Baptist Church. War Work: Div- 
isional Sec'y., Y. M. C. A. (Overseas), later promoted to 
.Regional Director and later on staff, Base 0, Marseilles 

Volpe, Miguel Eerrara, Laredo; Member of firm, Fer- 
rara Y Cia, (forwarding agents and Mexican Customs 
brokers). Interested in Merchants State Bank & Trust 
Co., Mexican-American Soap Co., Banque Francaise du 
Mexique, Mexico. Born in Padula, Italy, Dec. 8, 1S59, 
of Italian descent. Educated in Schools of Padula. Italy. 
.Married Mis s Refugio Bortoni, Feb. 7, 1887. Member 
of Latin-American Club. 

Wade, Edward C, Jr., El Paso; Lawyer, Wade & Wade 
Ex-AsSt. U. S. Attorney and Legal" Advisor to Gov- 
ernor of New Mexico. Born in New Mexico, Sept. 1, 18S7 
of American parentage. Educated at Agricultural and 
Mechanical Arts College. New Mexico. Married Miss Avis 
Mary Hall, March 21, 1908. Member of Shrine, Masonic 
Lodge, Scottish Rite (32nd Degree), Knight Templars, 
Elks, First Presbyterian Church, El Paso Country Club 
and Kiwanis Club. War work: Active in Liberty Loan, 
Red Cross and Welfare Drives; one of a group of Ameri- 
can former College Men sent, with approval of the U. S. 
Government, as representative of Y. M. C. A. to England 
and France during the war and thence to Turkish Meso- 
potamia, for special war work, spending a number of 
months with Allied troops in Eastern Theatre of War 
with headquarters at Bagdad, Busra and Kv.t-el-Aniara; 
was overseas a year. 

Wade, E. W., Wichita Falls ; Manager, H. O. Wooten 
Grocery Co. Born in Nacogdoches County. Texas, July 
31, 1878. Sou of N.G. and Mary Ann Baxter Wade. Edu- 
cated at Trinity University, Waxahachie, Texas. Married 
Miss Dorah McConnico, Lufkin, Texas. Member of Elks 
and Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreations, baseball 
and hunting. War work: Served on Food Administration 
and Price Fixing Committee. 

Wade, Homer D., Stamford ; City Manager. Manager 
Stamford Chamber of Commerce. Born in Lee County, 
Texas, December 12, 1873. Descendant of the Randolphs, 
on his mother's side. Educated at Public Schools and 
Add Ran Ran College. Married Miss Nannie Burks, May 
IS, 1889. Member of Shrine, Knights Templar, K. of P. 
Rotary Club; National Press Club, Texas Press Assn. 
and Christian 'Church. Favorite recreations, hunting and 
fishing. Began life as a teacher, then entered newspaper 
work, and advanced from this to Chamber of Commerce 
work and promotion plans of city building. 
WagKomaii, K. B., Ranger, Manager Ranger Daily 
Times. Born in Ft. Worth, Texas, June 27, 1895. Edu- 
ated at Texas Christian University. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Elks and Rotary Club. Served as Lieut, in 4th 
Train Bn., 151th Depot Brigade, Camp Meade, Md. 

W r agsoner, R. M„ Wichita Falls; Capitalist. 
Walker, <'. Herbert, Dalhart: Postmaster and Editor, Dal 
hart Texan Publishing Co. Born in Giles County, Tenn., 
Oct. 1, 1S72. Educated at Ohio State University, M. S. 
Married Miss Marcella Bull April 30, 1901. Member of 
Elks Lodge and Presbyterian Church. Favorite recrea- 
tions, hunting, fishing and golf. Served as Chairman, 
three Liberty Loan organizations, and Pres. of Red 
Cross, Dallam County. Government Shipping Board auth- 
orized ship to be named "Dalhart," (launched at Tampa 
Fla. No,'. 27th. 1920), in recognition of splendid work 
done by Mr. Walker's Committees. 

Walker, J. L., Mempis ; Dist. Mgr., Illinois Bankers Life 
Ass'n. Born in Missouri, Nov. 12, 1873, of Scotch, Irish 
and French parentage. Educated in country schools. 
Member of I. O. O. F,, American Legion and Baptist 
Church. Served in Infantry, Co. L, 143rd Regiment, 36th 
Division, in A. E. F., France. 

Wallace, Bruce E., Mineral Wells; Proprietor of Fair- 
field Inn. Treasurer of Texas Rig Building Co. and 
Daniel Oil Corporation. Born in Runge, Texas, .Tune 9, 
1S9G. Descendant of Robert Bruce of Scotland. Educat- 
ed at Sewanee University of the South. Married Miss 
Catherine America Thompson, Nov. 14, 1916. Member of 
Episcopal Church, Country Club, Shrine and Masonic 
Lodge (32nd degree). Favorite recreations, hunting, fish- 
ing and golf. War Work: Assisted in sale of Liberty 
Bonds and other War Work. 

Wardlaw. Dr. W. N., Childress; Physician. Councilor 6th 
District 3912, 1918 and Vice-pres. 1909-1910 State Medical 
Assn. of Texas. Born in Ellis County. Texas May 22, 
I860 Descendant of Addison and Mary E. Cox Wardlaw 
Educated at Louisville Medical College and Fort Worth 
M D. Married Miss Etta Oliver, Dee. 15, 1S97. Member 
of Christian Church. War Work: Chairman of Advisory 
Board of 6th District and resigned to take position of 
Chief Surgeon of St. L. B. & M. R. P. at Kingsville. for 
period of war. 
Warren, Bob, Post: Druggist, Warren Bros. Born in 

Prescott, Ark., May 12. 1880. Married Miss Etta Merrill. 
June 7, 1904. Member of Masonic Lodge and York Rite. 
Favorite recreation, golf. Active in all war work. 
Watel, J>. H., Amarillo. Proprietor of Tea Room. In 
active military service during the world war. 
Waterman, H. W., Snyder; Aviation Garage. Born iu 
New York City, of English and French parentage (An- 
cestors came over in the Mayflower and settled in Mass. 
and Maine, thence to New York). Educated at New York 
University, N. Y., A. B. Member of University Club of 
New York City and Mayflower Society. Favorite recrea- 
tions, outdoor sports. Served as Pilot and Instructor in 
Air Service, at Park Field, Memphis, Tenn. and Ellington 
Field. Houston. Entered first officer's training camp at 
Plattsburg, N. Y. and was commissioned Lieutenant in 
Field Artillery, then transferred to air service. 
Walthall, Harris, El Paso ; Attorney-at- Law, Walthall & 
Gamble. Pres. of El Paso University Club. Born iu 
Brcckenriclge, Texas, July 15, 187S. Descendant of A. M. 
and Sallie Harris Walthall, Fultou, Mo. Educated at Sim- 
mons College, Abilene, and University of Texas, A. B. 
and L .1;. B. Married Miss Edith Crombie, Aug. 10, 1904. 
Member of Elks, University Club and Chi Phi. War 
Work : Served on Liberty Bond and Red Cross Com- 
mittees aud Legal Work on Draft Board during war. 
Warwick, Clyde W., Canyon ; Publisher, Randall County 
News. Pres. Commercial League. Burn in Montezuma, 
Iowa, Oct. 15, 18S5. Descendant of W. R. aud Martha 
J. Darland Warwick. Educated at State University of 
Iowa. A. B. Married Miss Grace Winkelman, Dec. 21, 
1911. Member of Methodist Church and Masonic Lodge, 
Favorite recreation, golf. War work: Sec'y., Y. M. C. A. 
313th Infantry, 79th Division in France. 
Weakley, John A., Bridgeport; Insurance and Real Es- 
tate. Born in Shelby County, Kentucky, 1849. Educated 
at Public Schools and College. Married Miss Mattie B 
Green, 1881. Member of Masonic Lodge. W. O. W. and 
Presbyterian Church. Favorite recreations, hunting and 
fishing. Assisted in all War work. 

Weakley, Oliver E. Post; with First Nat'l Bank. Born in 
Roby, Texas, April 13. 1896. Educated at Post High 
School, Baylor University and Simmons College. Member 
of Masonic Lodge and "Shrine. Served as Sergeant in 
Base Hospital, 90th Division, at Camp Travis, San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Weaver, Eioyd, Wichita Falls ; Automobile Dealer, 
Lloyd Weaver Automobile Co. Interested in Southwestern 
Producing and Refining Co. Boru in Clay County, Texas 
July 24, 1882, of American parentage. Educated at Cor- 
clell, Okla. Married Miss Frankie K. Cecil, Dec. 17, 1915. 
Member of Elks Lodge and Methodist Church. Favorite 
recreation, golf. War work: Assisted in all War drives. 
Weeks, Henry Grady, (deceased). Born iu Jacksonville, 
Texas, June 23, 1896 Son of Judge John F. Weeks of 
El Paso. Descendant of the Ronoake family of Va., Rev. 
A. J. Weeks, Editor of Christian Advocate, Dr. A. J. 
Weeks, La. State Senator and Sam Jones, Evangelist. 
Educated at Alexander Institute. El Paso High School, 
School of Miues and Southwestern University, George- 
town. Texas. Member of Methodist Church, Masonic 
Lodg°, York Rite and Calomos Club. Served as 1st Class 
Sgt. in Aviation Dept., Med. Corps, K. Co., 4th Infantry, 
Hdqs. Co. as Instructor, one year. 

Weeks, John Franklin. El Paso. Attorney. Special Dis- 
trict Att'y and District Judge at Palestine, 1906-7, and 
City Att'y, Jacksonville, Texas 1902, :!903. Born in Louisi- 
ana, Oct. 23. 1866. Son of Dr. J. A. Weeks, La. State 
Senator, anf descendant of Sam Jones, and the Roanoke 
family of Va. Cousin of Rev. A. J. Weeks, Editor of 
Christian Advocate. Educated at University of E. Texas. 
Homer Texas. Married Miss Emma Cochran. Sept. 15, 
1889 Member of K. of P. (Past Chancellor). Odd Fellows 
\V. O. W. and Methodist Church. Favorite recreations, 
fishing and hunting. 

Weisiger, Earl Holland, El Paso. Born in Austin. Texas, 
June IS 1895. Educated at El Paso Grammar and High 
Schools 'and Universitv of Texas. Served as 2nd Lt., Air 
Service (Pilot.) with the A. E. F. iu U. S., iu England, 
and in France. 

Weisiger, Samuel P.. El Paso. Lawyer. Born in Danville, 
Kv Nov 19, , 1S66. Descendant of Samuel P. and Emma 
Swi'gert Weisiaer. Educated at Austin College and Uni- 
versity of Texas. B. L.. 1899. Married Miss Jessie Hol- 
land 'Oct 27, 1S92. and Miss Mamie Cook, July 6. 1915, 
Member of K. of P. Served as Major J. A. in Dept of J. 
A. G., Washington and Fort Sam Houston. 

Weiss, William C. El Paso: Manager El Paso Branch 
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Formerly Auditor of 
Disbursements. M. K. & T. Ry. and General Auditor, 
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Born in Kansas. June 
20. 1882. Descendant of .Tno. C. and Mattie E. Tribble 
Weiss. Educated at Public School. Holtom, Kansas and 
Campbell University. Holtom (Special course in law). 




Member of Toltec Club, El Paso Country Club and 
Kiwanis. Favorite recreation, golf. War work: Served 
on all Liberty Loan and Keel Cross Drive Committees. 
Werley, Dr. «., El Paso. Physician; Pres. El Paso 
County Medical Society, 11)00. Born in Wis. Alar. 31, 
1865. EdiK ated at University of Wisconsin, B. S., and 
Geo. Washington University, D. C, M. D. Married Dr. 
Bessie S. Sweet, July 3, 1920. Member of University 
Club. War Work: Served as member of -Advisory Board 
Whaley, Porter A., Stamford; Manager West Texas 
Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Born in Pensacola, Fla. May 
25, 1884. Descendant of English Cavilliers and French 
Hugenots who settled in South Carolina. Educated at 
Porter Military College. Charleston, S. C. Married Miss 
Mina P. Work. Jan. 13. 1008. Member of Episcopal 
Church, Knights of Pythias. Elks, Security Benefit 
Assn.. Brotherhood of St. Andrews, Southern Commer- 
cial Secreatries Assn., National Assn. of Commercial 
Organizations Executives and Texas Commercial Ex- 
ecutives Assn. (Honorary Pres.). Favorite recreation, 
outdoor sports. War work: District Food Administrator, 
Amarillo District (forty-six counties) and later District 
Food Administrator, Brownwood District, (nine coun- 
ties I under E. A. Pedan. (inly District Food Adminis- 
trator in the U. S. to secure one hundred per cent and 
better on 'pledge card campaign", making a total of 
134 per cent. Manager. Panhandle of Texas (20 counties) 
District lied Cross Drive in 11)17, making total score of 
571 per cent for entire district, the greatest percentage 
in the United States. District Manager, (five counties) 
in United War Work Drive in 11)18, making creditable 
record. Manager, 1st and 2nd Liberty Loan drives for 
Potter County at Amarillo. 

Wheat, J. A., Seymour. Lawyer. County Attorney. Bay- 
lor Co., 1900-1904. Born in Gonzales County. Texas. June 
(. 1S77. Descendant of Wheats, from England, who set- 
tled in the Carolinas before the Revolution. Educated in 
Seymour High School. Married Miss Lottie Veale, of 
Amarillo .May 20, 11)08. Member of M. E. Church South 
and Knights' of Pythias. Favorite recreation, hunting. 
Made speeches in various war work drives. Was in Army 
Y. M. C. A. at Camp Travis, and on Mexican Border 
Wheat Robert L.. Memphis. County Tax Assessor. Born 
in Memphis. Texas. Dec. 27. 1895. Descendant of Wil- 
liam L. ml Ella McClarcn Wheat. Educated at Memphis. 
Member of W. O. W., American Legion, and Memphis 
Country Club. Served as Corporal. Acting Sgt.-, in Co. 
F 10th regiment, 1st Division, Ft. Bliss. Texas. In 
France with the A. E. F. from June 20, 11)17 to April 7. 
11)19 and took part in the first engagements of Ameri- 
can Forces against the Germans at Cantigny. Wounded 
in action Received an official Citation from the Div- 

Wheeler Win. Tarver, Waco : Asst. Manager. West Tex- 
as Chamber of Commerce. Sec'y. Young Men's Business 
League, Waco, Texas. Born in Cordon, Ga., Nov. 12. 
1887. Educated at Macon, Ga., and Georgia Technical Col- 
lese. Atlanta. Ga. Married Miss Dorath V. Fellmore. July 
!i 1913. Member of Spring Lake Country Club and 
Methodist Church. Favorite recreation, golf. War Work: 
Ex-See'v. Liberty Loan ami other War aid Campaigns, 
Waco, Texas. 

White, Frank A., Sweetwater: Managua' Partner. Bul- 
lock Electric Co. Born in tola Kansas. Dec. 12. 1874. of 
American parentage. Educated in Public Schools. Mar- 
ried Miss Isabel! Stone Sept. 12, 1S93. Member of B. 
P. O. E. Served as District representative. M. T. C. 
Assn. and Pres., Business Men's Club. 

White, James C. Brownwood ; Editor, Brownwood Bul- 
letin. Finance Officer of [sham A. Smith Post. Ameri- 
can Legion. Born in Sherwood, Irion 'County, Texas, 
July 0. 1SS7. Descendant of W. H. and Martha Chris- 
topher White. Educated at Daniel Baker College of 
Brownwood. Married Miss Mattie A. Bingham, Dec. 30, 
1908. Member of K. of P., Chamber of Commerce, Sec'y.. 
Rotary ( rub, and member of Presbyterian Church. Serv- 
ed aft 'private in Field Artillery, Central officers' Train- 
ing School at Camp Taylor. Ky. 

White. L. S. Coleman; Druggist. Coiilson's Drug Store. 
Born in Coleman, Texas April 0. 38X9. Descendant of 
Thos. W. and Lucy Thompson White. Educated in 
schools of ( olemaii, Texas, and Atlanta, Ga. Married 
Miss .l.inic Dibrell, June 0. 1917. Member of K. of P.. 
American Legion, and Methodist Church. Served as 
•_>,,,! Lieut, mi F. S. School of Military Aeronautics at 
Princeton. N. J. 

White, Owen I'., El Paso; Journalist. Born in El Paso. 
Texas, .line 9. 1879. Educated at University of Texas 
and New Vork Law School. Married Miss Hazel M. HaT- 
vev Jan. 22. 1920. Served as enlisted man in F. S. 
Army. Base Hospital No. 45. with A. E. F. 
White. Zacbarlah Taliaferro, El Paso; Retired Busin'-s 
man. Prominently identified with tin' upbuilding of the 

city of El Paso, and it's schools. Y. M. C. A., Y. W C \ 
the Charities etc. Born in Amherst. \'a.. Mar. 23," 1850 
Descendant of William Drunimond, one of the 'prime 
movers in Bacon's rebellion (see early history of Virgin- 
ia). Educated in Common Schools. Married Miss Maude 
Bounds of Sherman, Texas, Dec. 12, 1893. Favorite re- 
creation, golf. 

White, Mrs. Zaehariah Taliaferro; 1201 Mesa Ave, El 
1'aso; Members or household: Zaehariah Taliaferro White 
i Husband i. Mary White Ilerbine (married daughter) 
ami Katherine Taliaferro White (daughter). Assisted in 
Red Cross work, and served on Woman's Board of El 
Paso School for Girls. Member of F. D. C., Golf Club 
and Literary Club. Maiden name, Maude Bounds of 
Sherman. Texas. Daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Obadial) 

Whitley, Emory Patterson, Mineral Wells; Owner of 
Mineral Wells Builders' Supply Co. Born in Springfield 
Ohio, Nov. 30, 1894. Descendant of Frank and Lizzie 
Dewitt Whitley. Educated at Dayton. Ohio. Member of 
Methodist Church. Favorite recreation, golf. Served 
as Capt. in L and C Cos. 144th Regiment. 30th Division 
with the A E. F. in France. 

Wbitlock, E. Clyde, Fort Worth: Violin Soloist and 
Teacher. Pres. Texas Music Teachers' Ass'n ; director 
of Violin Dept.. St. Mary's College. Dallas, and Our 
Lady of Victory Academy, Fort Worth. P.oi'U in Kansas 
July 3, ISSo. Educated in Kansas City, Chicago and Ber- 
lin. Mason. ( hiirch afl., Presbyterian. War work, Furn- 
ished entertainment for soldiers at Y. M. C. A., Camp 

Whitlinnton. Dr. Harris Diez, Eastland; Phvsician and 
Surgeon. Born in Ranger, Apr. 10. 1SSS, of English and 
Scotch parentage. Educated at Eastland Ili:.h School and 
Baylor University, M. D. Served as Captain, M. C. in F. 
S. Army Gen'l Hospital at Lakewood, N. J. 
Widner, Karl E._. Wichita Falls; Establisher of Modern 
Cemeteries. Executive Manager of Roseniont Burial 
Park. Established East Lawn, Springfield, Mo., Fairlawn 
Hutchinson. Kans.. New Greenlawn, Springfield, Mo, 
C'ollegehilJ Memorial Lawns. Wichita. Kans. Born in 
Putnam County. Mo.. March 29, 1889. Descendant of 
Henry H. and Sarah E. Johnson Widner. Educated at 
William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo, A. B. Married 
Miss Lelah Barnes. June 10, 1914. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, A. F. & A. M., Scottish Rite. University Club, 
Baptist Church and Shrine. 

Wilehar. Clarence M., El Paso; Attorney. Born in Geor- 
gia, -May S. 1880. Educated at Mansfield 'College. Married 
Miss Mavme Hammer, June 7. 1920. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Elks and K. of P. Favorite recreation, fishing. 
War work: Served as four minute Speaker and served 
on all drives. 

Wilcox, Dr. Albert W., Laredo; Physician and Surgeon. 
Interested in Laredo National Bank. Railway Surgeon, 
R. C. & E. R. Ry. and I. & G. N. Ry. Bom in Hunt- 
ington. Oiiio, May 2.". 1856. Educated in Oalvestnn Med- 
ical School. M. D. Member of Masonic Lodge, K. of P.. 
and Elks. Favorite recreation, traveling. 
Wilder. Dr. II. I.... Clarendon; Physician. Born in Cra- 
ham. Young County. Texas. Aug. 11. 1870. Descendant "f 
George Wilder and Bettie Keiinan. Educated at Universi- 
ty of Texas, Medical Dept. at Galveston. M. D. Married 
Miss Minnie Crigler. Tune 19. 1903. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and Methodist Church. Served as Member of 
Advisory Board. 3rd District. 

Wilkinson, Henry. Hereford : Banker. Pres. The First 
State Bank and Trust Co. Born in Sebastian County, 
Arkansas, Aug. 10. 1888. Descendant of J. T. and Mary 
Hoplsins Wilkinson. Educated at State University of 
Arkansas. Fa vetville, Ark. Married Miss Bvrdie Williams 
Oct. 10, 1907. Member of York Rite, Shrine and Metho- 
dist ( liui'ch. Favorite recreation, motoring. War work: 
Chairman, Red Cross War Drives. 

Wilkinson, Homer. Hereford : Ford Agent. Director 
First State Bank and Citv Commissioner. Born in Osegfi 
Mills. Benton, Ark.. Aug. 20. 1884. descendant of 
J T. and Mary P. Hopkins Wilkinson. Educated at State 
University. Fayetteville, Ark. Married Miss Bess Miller 
Ian. 24. 190C. Member of York Rite. Shrine and Baptist 
Church. Favorite recreations, fishing and hunting. War 
ivork : Served in County Council of Defense. 

Wilkinson, Thomas ('.. Brownwood: Att oniey-at-la w. 
Born in Kentucky. June 30. I860 Descendant of John 
Wesley and Elizabeth Wilkinson. Educated at Weslewn 
College, Kentucky, A. B. Married Miss Julia I. Barker. 
Dec. 11. INNS. Member of Methodist Church. War Work: 
( ountv CI. airman. War Work Campaign. 
Williams, ('. S., Plainvicw; Lawyer. Formerly County 
A.ttornev and District Attorney. Born in Pennsylvania. 
Nov. 3. 1S70. Educated at University of Texas, L. L. B. 
Married Miss Zelln Knssell. Mav 3. 1903. Member of 
Masonic Bodies. Elks and Methodist Church. Served as 




Chairman County Council of Defense, audi Chairman, 
Finance Committee Red Cross. , 

Williams, Dr. David C, Post: Physician and Surgeon, 
Tost Sanitarium. County Health Officer of Garza 
County. Born in Wills Point, Texas. Aug. 15, 1885. Son 
»f Dr. II. Williams of Commerce, Texas. Educated in 

Bchools of C erce, (Texas) and University of- Texas, 

Medical Dept. at Galveston, B. S. and M. D. Married 
Miss Lois Baird, Mar. 10, 1010. Member of Masonic 
Lodge. Scottish Kite, Shrine. Post City Golf and Gun 
Club. Post < ommander, James C. Cole Post. American 
Legion. Served as Lieut, in Medical Reserve Corps, and 
promoted to Captain in Nov. 1918. Served with 40th 
Engineers, (Camouflage Section I from Dee. 1017 to Fe!>. 
1010; in Fiance from Jan. 191S to Jan. 1919. 
Williams, Guinn, Decatur; Active Vice Pies. First 
National Bank,, Decatur, Texas. Pres. of First National 
Bank, Mineral Wells, First State Bank, l'errin. Para- 
ilise Stare Bank, Paradise, and Bridgeport State Bunk. 
Bridgeport. Texas. Born in Pittslioro. .Miss., April 21, 
IS71. Descendant of W. W. and Minnie Williams. Edu- 
cated at High School Decatur, Texas. Married Miss 
Minnie Leatherwood. Nov. 14, 1893. Member of Meth- 
odist Church, Masonic Blue Lodge, York Rite Command - 
ery, Scottish Rite Consistory (32nd degree) and Mystic 
Shrine. War work: led all drives for Bond Sales and 
Bed Cross Work in Wise County. 

Williams, Guinn, Jr., Decatur and Culver City. Cal., 
Movie Actor with the Goldwyn Co. Born in Decatur, 
Texas April 20, 1800. Descendant of Guinn and Minnie 
L. Williams. Educated at Decatur High School and Den- 
ton Normal. Member of Masonic Lodge and Methodist 
Church. Favorite recreation, baseball. Served as 2nd. 
Lieut., S A. T. C. at Valparaiso, Did. 

Williams, U. K., Mineral Wells: Partner in Owl Book 
Co. Formerly Supt. of Schools at Ha.llelsviile. Born in 
Lavaca ( aunty, Texas, Oct. 14, 187S. Descendant of .1. 
B. Williams. Educated at University of Texas, B. S. 
Married Miss Ruth Gephart. June 18. 1007. Member of 
K. of P. and Methodist Church. Favorite recreations, 
all outdoor organized games. War work: Served as 
Chairman of Red Cross Executive Committee. Lavaca Co. 
Williams, J. P.. Mineral Wells; Active Vice-President 
First National Bank. 

Williams, J. F., El Paso; Vice-Pres. City National Bank 
El Paso. Texas. Born in Chicago. June 2. 1871, of Irish, 
Welsh and New England ancestry. Educated at Public 
Schools, Dallas. Married Miss Nannie Beall, June 8, 
1808. Member of Masonic Lodge, Toltec Club and El 
Paso Country Club. War Work: Chairman Local Ex- 
emption Board No. 2, El Paso, Texas. 
Williams, John II- Hereford: Banker, First State Bank 
& Trust Co. Williams Bros., Grocers. Born in Hart- 
ford, Ark., July 2:?, 1804. Educated at Hereford. Texas. 
Married Miss Elzina Mounts, May S, 1020. Member of 
Methodist Church. Served as Waggoner, Ambulance Co., 
358th Regt , 90th Division, with the A. E. F. in France 
and with the Army of Occupation in Germany. 
Williams, Maxie I'., Amarillo : Proprietor, Dew Drop 
(mi. Confectionery. Born at Macidonia, Tenn., May 3, 
I80o. Educated at Sodus. La. and C. C. A., Tenn. Mar- 
ried Miss Rubv Ivv, Jan. 20, 1010. Member of Methodist 
Church and B. P. O. E. Served as 2nd Lieut, in Head: 
quarters Co., 30th Regiment, 4th Division with the A. E. 
E. in France. Instructor, Headquarters Army Inf. 
Specialty School, La ogres. France. 

Williams, Stuart L., Ballinger: Managing Sec'y 
Voung Men's Business League; Manager. Colorado Val- 
ley Irrigation Assn., and Director West Texas Chamber 
of ( onimerce. Born in Cisco, Texas. June 20. 1888. De- 
scendant of Comer S. ard Isabella Evans Williams. Ed- 
ucated at Oklahoma A. & M. College, at Stillwater, and 
University of Texas (Law) at Austin. Member of Phi 
Helta Tb'etfi Alumni Club, University Club, Dallas; B. 
P. O. Elks and American Legion. Favorite recreations, 
golf, tennis, baseball and football. Served as Flying 
Cadet ard "I'd. Lieut.. Air Service, U. S 1 . A., Texas and 
California Flying Schools. 
Williamson, J. M., Cisco; Gen-'l Insurance & Investments 

Williamson, ll. H.. Bowie: Manager, Price Chandler- 
Ford Agency. Bom in Terre Haute, Indiana. Nov. 8, INOo. 
Descendant of Jefferson Davis and John Williamson Ed- 
ucated at Dallas High School. Married Miss Cordie 
Chandler, April 7, 1020. Mender of American Legion, 
36th Division. Served as Supply csgt. in Co. B. 144th 
Inf., 30th Division. Camn Bowie Texas and in France, 
1017 to 101.0, with the A. E. F. during World War. 
Wilson. Dr. A. M., Canyon : Physician and Surgeon. 
City Health Officer and Mayor of Canyon. Born in 
Indiana. July. 1859. Educated at Missouri State Univer- 
sity and St.' Louis Med. College, M. D. Married Miss 
Carrie Morris, June 21, ISO".. Member of Methodist 
Church. Served as Non-Commissioned Officer, rank of 

1st Lieut. Contract Surgeon, Student Army Training 
Corps, West Texas State Normal College. Canyon, Texas. 
Wilson, Dr. Carl, Ranger: Physician and Surgeon. Born 
in Corsieana, Texas, Dec. 12, 1S02. Educated at Baylor 
Medical College and Vanderbilt and Tulane Universities. 
M. I). Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, Shrine 
and Methodist Church. Served in Medical Enlisted Re- 
serve Corps. 

Wilson, Dr. ('. [•'., Memphis; Physician. Born in Everton 
Mo.. March li;, lsr,7 Son id' S. H, Wilson, deceased, 
Everton. Mo. Graildson of John and Mary Bell Wilson, 
Of Sweetwater. Tenn. 

Wilson, J. Roger, Amarillo; Manager, Waples-Platter 
Wholesale Grocery Co. Born in Java, Miss., Nov. 26 1883 
Educated at A. & M. College B. S. Married Miss Willie 
Carney, April 1. 1906. Member of Methodist Church and 
Masonic Ledge. War Work: Assisted in Liberty Loan 
and War Saving Stamps Drives in Hall County. 
Wilson, I>r. Oscar W. Wichita Falls; Specialist. (Eve, 
Ear, Nose and Throat). Born in Alabama, Jan 20. 1886 
Descendant of John H. and Ella Hall Wilson. Edu- 
rated at Oxford High School and Birmingham Medical 
College, M. D. Married Miss Ninna Horn, June 12, 1912. 
Member of Masonic Lodge. Scottish Kite and Shrine 
Served as ('apt., M. C. in 1st Bat. ll.Uh Engs., 3Cith 
Division, in France with A. E. F. 

Wilson ,T. M., Marfa: Pres. Marfa State Bank Pres of 
Murphy Walker Co.. of Marfa. Born in Halletsville Tex- 
as, September 14, 1866. Educated at Goliad, Texas Mar- 
ried Miss Lucy Powe. 1802. Has all Masonic degrees ex- 
cept the 33rd. War work: Food Administrator of Pre- 
sidio County, and Fuel Administrator for Presidio and 
Jeff Davis Counties. 

Wilson, Dr. Winfred, Memphis; Physician and Sur- 
geon. County Health Officer, 1017 to 1918 and Surg i 

f," r , P - W jl D- c - Ry- Born in Dade County, Mo.. Oct. 
3, 18i0. Descendant of C. F. and Mollie E. Rector 
Wilson. Educated at Weatherford College, Texas and 
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., A. B 1900 
and M. D.. 1004. Married Miss Daisy E. Cook Feb 
10, 1004. .Member of B. B. o. E. Favorite recreation, 
outdoor sport. War Work: Chairman. Local Draft 
Board. Physician on Local Board, Chairman of Hale 
( o., Chapter A. B. C. during the war and on Nursing 
( ommittee, Hale County Chapter, A. R. C. 
Wingo, Tullius M., El Paso; Vice-Pres. City National 
Bank. Interested in Canon Cattle Co.. and El Paso Ice 
mid Refrigerator Co. Bom in Paneding County. Ga , 
July 4, 1873. Descendant of Vigneaux family (French 
Hugenots) of Virginia and South Carolina' Educated 
at Hartwell. Academy. Ga. Married Miss Elena C 
Itohrabacher, Dec. 10, 1,804. Member of Toltec Club. 
Favorite recreations, fishing, flowers and dogs War 
work; Asst. Field Director Red Cross, Chairman and 
Vice-Chairman, Permanent Liberty Loan Committees. 
Winnit'orJ, Charles E., Brown wood ; Band Director, 
Brownwooil Band. Born in Lancaster. April 14, 1881. De- 
scendant of Win. J. and Sarah A. Lewis Winniford. Ed- 
ucated in Public Schools of Texas. Studied music with 
Carl Vinth of Ft. Worth and Walter Fried of Dallas. 
Married Miss Laura Elizabeth Lowrey, Feb. 14, 1012. 
Favorite recreation, fishing. 

Winston, Barlow, Cisco; Born in Cisco, Texas, Nov 
24, 1895. Son of J. J. and Ella Barlow Winston. Educated 
at Carlisle Military Academy and Dowd's Army and 
Navy Academy. Member of Christian Church, Masonic 
and B. P. o. Elks Lodges. Volunteered services May 10th 
1917, and commissioned as Emergency Officer, Aug. 15th 
1017; Recomniissioiied. Regular Army, Sept. 28th, 1020, 
with rank from July 1st. Promoted to Captain in 1021. 
Winston, J. J., Cisco; Merchant. Born in Murfreisboro, 
Tenn.. 1852. Descendant of Sam Winston ami Isabel 
Rucker. Married Miss Ella Barlow, 1801. Member of 
Christian Church, Masonic Lodge and York Rite. 

Winston, .Mrs. ,J. J... Cisco. Born in Bourbon County, 
Ky., 1808. Descendant of J. T. Barlow and Anna Lydic'k. 
Educated in schools of Paris, Ky. Member of Christian 
Church and Eastern Star Literary Club. Assisted in 
Red Cross work during world war. 

Wise, Clarence A.. El Paso; Banker, witli First Nat- 
ional Bank, Linden Hotel Co., El I'aso, Texas, Ass't 
Treasurer and Credit Manager International Shoe Co., 
St. Louis. Mo.. Asst. Cashier First National Bank. Born 
In Fultoin. Callaway County, Mo., Oct. 21, 187S. De- 
scendant of Robert A. Wise. Educated at Fultom, Mo., 
B. S., 1898. Married Miss Orlu Hume, Sept. 3. 1906. Mem- 
ber of Christian Church. Favorite recreations, golf and 

Wiswell, W. W., San Antonio: Seev.-Treas. Standard 
Blue Book Co., Publishers Standard Blue Book: 215 W. 
Commerce St.. Born in Missouri. Feb. 12, 1N73. Educa- 
ted at Springfield (.Mass. I High School. Monson (Mass.) 




Academy and Hillsdale College I Hillsdale. Mich.) Mem- 
ber of Masonic Blue Lodge, Scottish Kite (.".2nd degree). 
Shrine, Masonic Club of New York, National Security 
League (New York) and American Humane Assn. (New 
York). Favorite recreations, tennis and chess. Ancestry, 
descendant of Jefferson Davis. Thomas Wiswell of Dor- 
chester, Mass. (1033) and Samuel Wiswell (1776). Mar- 
ried Miss Winifred K. Hussey, Aug. 17. 1909. War work : 
Assisted as an executive in Aircraft Motor Production 
with Wright-Martin Aircraft Corporation, Long Island 
City, N. Y. ; served as Capt. of Liberty Bond Team and 
Sec'y of W. M. War Organization. 

Wolford, I>r. Robert Bonner, Childress; Physician. City 
Health Officer and President of the Childress Collings- 
worth, Donley and Hall County Medical Society. Born 
in Parker County, Texas, Sept. 12, 1S81. Descendant 
of John Quincy Wolford and Emma S. Moss. Educated 
at Ft. Worth University, Ft. Worth, and Southwestern 
University, Medical Dept., Dallas, M. D. Married Miss 
Constance Dunn, July 20, 1913. Member of Christian 
Church, Masonic Lodge and Elks. Served as Captain in 
F. H. No. 143, 36th Division, at Camp Bowie, Texas and 
in France 9 months. , 

Wood, G. C, Wichita Falls; Oil Producer. Born in Park- 
er County, Texas Dec. 25, 1870. Descendant of Frank 
Wood. Educated in schools of Weatherofrd, Texas. Mar- 
ried Miss Inez Martin, Dec. 25, 1897. Member of K. of P., 
Elks and 32nd degree Mason. Favorite recreation, hunt- 
ing Served as Chairman of Local Exemption Board, 
Wichita Falls, during world war. 

Woodruff, T. Yard, Sweetwater ; Lawyer, Woodruff & 
Woodruff. Born in Anson, Jones County, Texas, June 3, 
1S87. Descendant of Charles Pinkney Woodruff. Educated 
at Abilene High School and University of Texas. Mar- 
ried Miss Pearl Faulkner. Oct. 23, 1919. Member of B. P. 
0. E., Knights of Pythias and Chi Phi. 
Word, Karl Hazelwood, Marfa ; Banker, Cashier, Marfa 
State Bank. Born in Texas, B'eb. 10, 1875. Educated, at 
Coronal Institute, San Marcos. Married Miss Margaret 
Anderson, May 31, 1905. Member of Masonic Lodge, 
Knights of Pythias, Woodman of the World and Metho- 
dist Church. Favorite recreations, hunting and fishing. 
Worsham, Jerry N., Laredo ; Postmaster, 1914 to 1921. 
Formerly school teacher. Born in Washington County, 
Alabama", Sept. 10, 1869. Grandson of Jermiah Worsham. 
Educated at Floresville High School of Texas. "Married 
Miss Minnie Garner Mav 12, 1897. Member of Masonic 
Lodge, Knight Templars, Odd Fellows and Methodist 
Church. Favorite recreations, baseball and hunting. Ser- 
ved on committees, etc., in Liberty Loan Campaigns and 
general war work. 

Wright, Clark, El Paso ; Lawyer. Justice of the Peace. 
Born in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Dec. 22. 1892. Descen- 
dant of Dr. M. O. and Mary M. Wright. Educated at 
University of Tex., L. L. B. Member of Phi Kappa Psi 
Fraternity.. Served as Major, 343rd Machine Gun Bn., 
90th Division and 346th M. G. Bn. 91st Division in the 
St. Mihiel Offensive and Argonne, Meuse. France. 
Wright. Dr. Elbert W., Bowie; Physician and Surgeon. 
Pres. Chamber of Commerce. Born in Jasper County, 
Aug. 5, 1887. Educated at Bort Worth School of Medi* 
cine, M. D. Married Miss Laura Ann Walters, Nov. 30, 
1911. Member of Masonic Lodge and Methodist Church. 
Favorite recreation, hunting. Served as 1st Lieut. M. 
C. at Camp Polk, Raleigh, N. C. Transferred to Camp 
Green, Charlotte, N. C. Discharged Jan. 2, 1919. 
Wright, William Hamilton, Stamford; Publicity Manager 
West Texas Chamber of Commerce. Born in Duval, Tex- 
as Feb. 26, 1885, of English and French parentage. Ed- 
ucated at Southwestern University. Married Miss Joelee 
Slatton, Oct. 12, 1911. Member of Methodist Church. Fa- 
vorite recreations, automobiling, fishing and traveling. 
War work ; Dist. Supt, United States Employment 

Wyatt, H., Burkburnett ; Lawyer. Descendant of Colonel 
J N Wyatt, Colonel in the Confederate Army. War 
work; Served as Internal Revenue Agent and Attorney 
on Draft Board. 

Wyckoff, George, Plainview ; Druggist, O. K. Drug 
Store. Born in Lafayette. Alabama, Apr. 11J 1894 ot 
English and Dutch parentage. Educated at Trinity Uni- 
versity Waxahaehie, Texas. Married Miss Marie Gidney, 
Apr 7 1920. Member of Episcopal Church, and Elks 
Lodge. Favorite recreation, fishing. Served as private 
in Motor Transport Corps, in service 9 months. 
Wyman, James D., Perrytown ; President, Farmers and 
Stockmens State Bank. Born in Sycamore, 111.. 18ro. Ed- 
ucated in schools of Sycamore, III. Married Miss Ruth 
Parke Dec 18, 1909. Member of Masonic Lodge, Scottish 
Kilo and Shrine. Favorite recreation, golf-. Served -is 
County Chairman, War Savings Committee, ami Chair- 

man of Liberty Loan Drives,. 

leaser, I>r. Edward F., Mineral Wells; Physician. Born 
in Texas, Aug. 31, 1S93. Educated at Southwestern Uni- 
versity and University of Texas, M. D., 1917. Mem- 
ber of Methodist Church, Kiwauis Club and Masonic 
Lodge. Favorite recreation, golf. Served as 1st Lt. in 
Medical Corps, during World War. 

Yeager, Dr. K. L,., Mineral Wells; Roentgenologist. Born 
in Fort Worth, Nov. 7, 1872. Educated at Vanderbilt 
University and University of Texas, (Medical Dept., 
1,898), M. D. Married Miss Bessie Bird well, Dec. 6, 
1899. Member of Masonic Lodge, Shrine, and M. E. 
C hurch. South. Served as 1st. Lieut., Medical Corps, Vol. 
Spanish -American War. 

York, Dr. D. Alonzo, Del Rio; Physician. Born in Ra- 
bun County, Ga., Feb. 1S67; of English parentage. Ed- 
ucated in schools of Atlanta, Ga. Member of Masonic 
Lodge and Baptist Church. Favorite recreations, hunt- 
ing and fishing. Served as member of Draft Board. 
York, Dr. Dessie Atthill, Del Rio ; Physician. Born in 
Ga., Apr., 1894, of English parentage. Educated at Uni- 
versity of Texas and Emory University of Ga. Member 
of Methodist Church and Masonic Lodge. Favorite rec- 
reation, hunting. 

Young, John, Alpine; Land Dealer, John Young Land 
Co. (Established in 1895)-. Interested in owuership of 
Marble Mountain, near Alpine. Born in Lockhart, Cald- 
well County, Texas, Feb. 12, 1856. Educated at Concrete 
College. Married Miss Lizzie Drake, Nov. 2S. 1883. 
Member of Old Trail Drivers Assn. and Royal Arch 
Masons, York Rite. Was a Texas Ranger several years. 
Served as County Food Administrator during world 

young, John D., Alpine: Real Estate. Member of i'inn, 
John Young Land Co. Born in McMullen County, Texas. 
Dec. 15, 1S86. Son of Frances M. Drake, a direct de- 
scendant of Sir Francis Drake of revolutionary fame, 
and John Young, a pioneer settler of Alpine. Educated 
in Public Schools and Tyler Business College. Mar- 
ried Miss Bonnie McSpadden, June 26. 1920. Served in 
France for 11 months as non-commissioned officer, with 
the 3rd Army Corps, Advance Replacement Batlallion. 
Carried fn"e message to the Argonne forrest battle field, 
■which silenced the last guns that were fired in the 
World War, on the night of Nov. 11, 1918. 

Youngblood, E. O., Vernon; Furniture business. Born 
in Vernon, Texas, June, 1S95. Educated in Vernon Pub- 
lic School and A. & M. College of Texas. 32ud degree 
Mason, Shriner and Elk. Favorite recreations, hunting 
and fishing. Served as Captain in Co. D, 144th Regiment 
36th Division, at Meuse-Argonne, Champain front and 
Defensive Sector. Overseasr 11 months. He \va<i young- 
est Captain in 36th Division. Served on Texas Border 
3 years' in 4th Texas Infantry, 6th U. S. Cavalry. 

Youngblood, Thomas J., Vernon; Merchant. Interested 
in Youngblood Undertaking Co, Former County Com- 
missioner. Born Feb. 20. 1S57. Educated in Common 
Schools. Married Miss Emma Cochran, Oct. 14, 1889. 
Member of Methodist Church and Masonic Lodge. Fa- 
vorite recreations, hunting and fishing. Assisted in 
various War drives. 

Zielonka, Martin, El l'aso; Rabbi. Temple Mt. Sinai. 
Born in Berlin, Feb. 15, 1877. Educated at Cincinnati. 
Ohio (1S80-1S99), B. H. L., Rabbi, and B. A. Married 
Miss Dora Schalzkey, Feb. 25. 1901. Member of Masonic 
Lodge. Scottish Rite, Shrine, C. C. A. R. and A. J. IT. S. 
Favorite recreations, outdoor sports. Served as 4- 
ininute man and director of Block Workers 

Zimmermann, Dennis, Tulia ; Lawyer, firm of Jordan & 
Zimmermann. Interested in the Tulia Company (Real 
Estate). Farmers' Grain Co. of Tulia, Texas, anil 
Farmers' Grain Co. of Kress, Texas. Ex Mayor of Tulia, 
and Ex Chief of Tulia Fire Dept. Born in Austin, Tex- 
as, Sept. 3, 1884. Descendant of Florian and Anna 
C Zimmermann. Educated at Austin Public Schools 
and Griffiths Business College. Married Miss Nettie E. 
Keim, Nov. 24, 1909. Member of B. P. O. E., Royal 
Arch Masons (York Rite), Chamber of Commerce and 
American Bar Association. Favorite recreation:;, lawn 
tennis, baseball, hunting and fishing. Waived all ex- 
emptions and volunteered for service: was called to 
leave Cor camp the day the armistice was signed. Call 
cancelled by War Dept. Served as member of Lego! 
Advisory Board; actively participated in all Red Cross, 
Y. M. C". A., Liberty Bond and other driyes, making 
many speeches in Swisher and adjoining counties. 

Zively, Walter 1*., Mineral Wells; Lawyer. Born in Cole- 
man, Texas, Oct. 17, 1893. Son of James A. and Eliza 
beth Perry Zivley. Educated at University of Texas. 
I. L. B., 1916. Member of Masonic Lodge. Scottish 
Kite. Shrine. Baptist Church, Kappa Sigma Eraternii \ . 
Kiwanis Club and Mineral Wells Country Club. Serv- 
ed as 2nd Lent, in Q. M. ('., France. 





WOOD, G. C., Wichita Falls; Oil Pro- 
ducer. Born in Parker County, Texas, 

December 25, 1870. Descendant of 
Frank Wood. Educated in schools of 
Weatherford, Texas. Married Miss Inez 
Martin, December 25, 1897. Member of 
K. of P., Elks, and 32nd degree Mason. 
Favorite recreation, hunting. Served as 
Hhairman of Exemption Board at Wichi- 
ta Falls, during the World War. 

To Mr. G. C. Wood belongs the credit 
of making the Local Board of Wichita 
County one of the most efficient and suc- 
cessful Boards in the State. 

He was appointed chairman of the 
Local Board of Wichita County by Gov- 
ernor Ferguson and immediately laid 
aside his own business. At his own ex- 
pense he did all the preliminary work. 
He never attempted any of his own busi- 
ness for several months, until he had de- 
veloped a very efficient working staff, 
and then, as the Local Board office was 
in his own office, he had personal super- 
vision of same. 

He was appointed Inspector of forty 

surrounding Counties. This work was 
successfully accomplished and his ser- 
vices were recognized at Washington by 
a special letter on the subject. 

The success of the Board, and also the 
Inspection of Records of the forty Coun- 
ties, was due to Mr. Wood's clear con- 
ception of each individual case and his 
unfailing justice in each decision, 
coupled with the fact that no influence, 
from whatever source, received any con- 

He was the first Chairman of any 
Board to apply the rule of what was 
known later as "work or fight." 

He was the first in the State, and prob- 
ably in the whole country, to arrange for 
the drilling of probable Class 1 regis- 
trants and when he reported his action 
to Headquarters he was promptly noti- 
fied by General Crowder to discontinue 

However, some months later, this 
Board was notified by Headquarters to 
arrange for this important preliminary 



El Paso 

See Who's Who Section For Data 



Patriotic, Loyal, Public Spirited Texans 

who assisted in the production of this edition, whose 

photographs were omitted through no 

fault of the publishers. 



R. L. RAY, President 

J. 0. SUE, Vice-President 

J. W. RAY, Vice-President 

R. G. POWELL, Cashier 

A A. MEICHEAL, Asst. Cashier 


Cisco Texas 




Pres. Andrews-McDonald Co. 



Del Rio 




Physician and Surgeon 




213 Mills Bldg 

El Paso 


Propr. The Gift Shop, 

Wichita Falls 


Customs Broker, 


Real Estate and Home Builder, 
Mineral Wells 











Physician and Surgeon, 



Supt. of Scohols, 


Music Teacher, 
Mineral Wells 


President Chamber of Commerce 

and Owner of Various Industries, 


Pres- Graliam Mill & Elevator Co. 




Prominent in Club, Red Cross & 

Social Affairs, 

El Paso 


Wholesale Dry Goods, 

El Paso 



Manager West Texas Electric Co. 
Big Spring 


Physician & Surgeon, 

Propr. The Davis Wells & Bath 

Minerals Wells 

Oil Drilling Contractor, 
Mineral Wells and Ivan 


Mineral Wells 


Attorney at Law 

El Paso 



Pysician & Surgeon 

P. & S. Hospital. 


Dist. Mgr. Southwestern Life Ins. Co 



W. P. DIAL, 
Wholesale Grain Dealer, 



Attorney at Law, 



Banker, Cotton Buyer, Cattle and 

Ranch Interests, 

Big Spring 


Physician & Surgeon, 



Amusement Enterprises, 

Mineral Wells 


Attorney at Law, 




EL Paso 

A,uto Dealer, 
Wichita Falls 



Oil Producer, 
Mineral Wells 

Prominent in War Work and 
Society Leader, 
Mineral Wells 



This space is generously and pat- 
riotically dedicated by the first 
Mortgage Company of El Paso to 
perpetuate the memory of one of 
its most worthy and trusted em- 
ployees viz. Capt. Harry L. Fraset, 
one of the loyal sons of El Paso 
County who paid the supreme sac- 
rifice in the Word War. 


Prominent in War, Civic. Club and 

Social Activities. 



Wichita Falls 



Big Spring 


Physician & Surgeon, 

Eagle Pass 


-0 7 


Physician & Surgeon, 

Del Rio 


T. J. GOAD, 

Automobile Dealer, 

Mineral Wells 


Physician & Surgeon, 









Vice-Pres. Texas Carlsbad Water Co. 

Mineral Wells 

Vice-Pres. Chrystal Ice Co. 


Gonl. Mgr. Mineral Wells Electric Co. 

Mineral Wells 

Music Teacher. 
Mineral Wells 




Mayor of Ranger and Head of Var- 
ious Commercial Industries, 



D. K. SCOTT, President 

GRADE CALLAWAY, Vice-President 

G. A. RLANKENBECKLER, Vice-President 

A. J. WISDOM, Cashier 

B. F. GAITHER, Asst. Cashier 

Cisco Texas 


Secy. Chamber of Commerce, 

Guana h 



El Paso 




W. R. HILL, 

Pres. Farmers' State Bank, 


E. A. HAYS, 

Business College, 



Manager Oil Supply Company, 



Physician and Surgeon, 


.J. G. L. HOWARD, 
Civil Engineer, 
Wichita Falls 

J. E- HILL, 
Byrd, Mikel & Hill, 

Real Estate, 
Hereford & Claude 

J. B. HUFF, 

IN Memory of His Son, 



A gallant soldier of the World War. 

San Angelo 




Physician & Surgeon, 



Attorney at Law, 



Vice-Pres, Great West Mill &Ele- 

vator Co. 


Mineral Wells 


Executive Secy., Lubbock chamber 

or Commerce. 


B. R. KNOX, 
Real Estate, 




Auto Dealer, 


DR. M. A. LONG, 

Physician & Surgeon, 

Eagle Pass 

Life Insurance, 

El Paso 


Wichita Falls 


Countv Clerk. 


Del Rio 


Physician & Surgeon, 



Propr. Broadway Garage, 





A Former Pioneer Citizen of El Paso 

Thorntown Boone County, Ind. 

d. l. Mcdonald. 

irrigation Development 



Physician & Surgeon, 
Eagle Pass 




Physician & Surgeon, 


Mineral Wells 

w. m. McGregor, 

Pres. First National Bank. 
Wichita Falls 



Prominent in Musical, Y. M. C. A., 

Club and War Activities, 

El Paso 


Oil Producer, 




DR. A. M. NEAL, 

Physical & Surgeon, 




Wichita Falls 

T. F. O'KANE, 


Vice President and General Manager 

Gas Company. 



Physician & Surgeon 




Big Spring 


Automobile Dealer, 

Wichita Falls 


Attorney at Law, 

Member of the Firm of 

Turnev, Burges, Culwell, Holliday 

& Pollard 

El Paso 




Cashier, First National Bank, 



Attorney at Law, 



Physician & Surgeon, 



El Paso 



J. H. READ, 

Cashier. Hall County National Bank, 



Physician & Surgeon, 

Eagle Pass 







Physician & Surgeon, 



Sales Mgr. Overland-Texas Auto Co. 


T. A. ROSS, 

Mineral Wells Hide & Fur Co. 
Mineral Wells 


Physician & Surgeon, 

Wichita Falls 

Oil Producer, 
Mineral Wells 









Garage Owner and Antomobile 


Big Spring 


Attorney at Law, 



Former Secretary-Manager Chamber 

of Commerce. 






Lumber Dealer, 



City Clerk, 

Wichita Falls 


Physician &- Surgeon, 



Pastor, First Baptist Church, 



Prominent in Club. War Work, Mus- 
ical, Civic & Social Affairs, 

Eagle Pass 




Propr. Troy Laundry. 


Mineral Wells 


Propr. Tea Room, 



Automobile Dealer. 

Wichita Falls 


Manager West Texas Chamber of 

Commerce. Inc 




Propr. Fairfield Inn, 

Mineral Wells 




Physician and Surgeon, 



County Tax Assessor, 



Builders' Materials, 

Mineral Wells 



Mineral Wells 


Propr. Dew Drop Inn, Confectionery 







Physician & Surgeon, 


Attorney at Law, 



Oil Producer, 
Wichita Falls 


Real Estate, 



Val Verde Irrigation Company, 

Del Rio 


Prominent in Social, Club and War 


Del Rio 


The Standard Blue Book is endorsed by leading chamb- 
ers of commerce, bankers* professional and business 
men of Texas and other states. 


American Legion 

of Texas 

Dr. Guy 0. Shirey, State Commander 

Gen. Henry Hutchings, Past Commander 

Chas. W. Scruggs, State Adjutant. 

Fort Worth, Texas, 
Nov. 19, 1920. 


It is my great pleasure to have the privilege of commending to your 
courtesy and confidence Col. A. J. Peeler, a native Texan too well and 
favorably known to need any extended comment from me. 

He and his associate, Mr. W. W. Wiswell, are now engaged in com- 
piling a West and North Texas edition of the Standard Blue Book. 

Col. Peeler is the President and founder of these publications, a work 
of much merit, influence and authority. 

This particular edition — 

First — Will feature and make imperishable the splendid records of 
Texans both in civil and military life who patriotically and loyally did their 
part at home and at the front in the recent great struggle for the liberation 
of humanity. 

Second — Will create a lasting memorial perpetuating in the libraries 
of the Nation, the names of our noble and brave Texas heroes who made 
the supreme sacrifice with their lives that freedom might live. 

Third— Will make known to the world, in a most effective way the 
many attractive advantages of this great section of Texas and our splendid 
type of citizenship. 

The work is meeting with splendid success and by right should be 
encouraged by every patriotic citizen of Texas, and f hereby attest my 
hearty approval of the same. 

I will also, by request, contribute an article for the work on the part 
played by our men in the winning of he war. Yours very truly, 


Late Brig. Gen. in U. S. Army) 

Heartily Approved : 


State Commander, American Legion of Texas. 


J^attonal Pank of Commerce 

CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $1,500,000.00 

Fort Worth, Texas 

November 15th, 1920 


This letter will serve to introduce to you Col. A. J. Peeler, President 
of the Standard Blue Book Co., and Mr. W. W. Wiswell, Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Company. 

These gentlemen have presented excellent letters of recommendation 
from the Governor of Texas and leading bankers and business men all over 
the state, which amply testify to their integrity, ability and high standing 
throughout the State of Texas. 

They are visiting Fort Worth in connection with the publication of a 
West and North Texas edition of the Standard Blue Book, which will par- 
ticularly feature those who, both in military and civilian life, did their part 
in winning the war. 

Their undertaking appears to be deserving of encouragement and suc- 
cess and I therefore am pleased to recommend them to the courtesy of those 
to whom they may have occasion to present their proposition. 

Very respectfully, 

A. E. THOMAS, President. 

I hereby approve the statements made above by Mr. Thomas. 

(Signed) ' W. M. MASSE Y, 

President Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, 
Vice President Fort Worth National Bank. 

J. A. KEMP, 
President City National Bank of Commerce. 


Vice Pres. City National Bank of Commerce, AVichita Falls, Texas. 


By J. A. Birdsong 


C. N. Bassett, President A. Schwartz, Vice President 

W. S. Crombic, Vice President E. W. Kayser, Treasurer 

D. A. Bandeen, General Manager 


City Clearing' House for Industry, Commerce and Civics 
El Paso, Texas 

August 19, 1920 

Standard Blue Book Company, 
El Paso, Texas. 

Gentlemen : 

We accept, with appreciation, your offer to publish 
general information concerning El Paso in your coming edition 
of the Standard Blue Book covering West Texas and will 
furnish you with the reading matter within the next few weeks. 

While your representatives are in El Paso we shall also 
be glad to furnish you all the information we can about this 
city and its West Texas territory. 

Cordially yours, 

Rufe P. March 



The First National Bank 


Capital and Surplus 
One Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars 

James G. McNary 

El Paso, Texas 
August 18, 1920 


This letter will serve to introduce to you Col. A. J. Peeler, President 
of the Standard Blue Book Company, and Mr. W. W. Wiswell, Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Company. 

These gentlemen have presented excellent letters of recommendation 
from the Governor of Texas and leading bankers and business men all over 
the state, which amply testify to their intetgrity, ability and high standing 
throughout the State of Texas. 

They are visiting El Paso in connection with the publication of a 
special edition of the Standard Blue Book for the State of Texas, which will 
particulaily feature those who, both in military and civil life, did their part 
in the winning of the war. 

Their undertaking appears to be deserving of encouragement and 
success and 1 therefore am. pleased to recommend them to the courtesy of 
those to whom they may have occasion to present their proposition. 

Very respectfully, 





Of Waco 

Office of E. Rotan, 

Waco, Texas, 
November 19th, 1919. 

Colonel A. J. Peeler. 
Waco, Texas. 

My Dear t-'ir; 

It gives me very great pleasure to commend 
the idea of the Standard Blue Book of Texas 

It gives me very great pleasure to commend 
the idea of the Standard Blue Book of Texas 
which you are promulgating, and which promises 
to be such a happy method of commemorating the 
names and gallantary of the Texas soldiers in 
the late war with Germany. 

1 haven't a doubt but that you will make a 
success of this as you have of every other under- 
taking along the lines indicated above. I wish 
you very great success in the meritorious enter- 

Yours very truly, 




Austin, Texas, January 14, 1920. 

It is my great pleasure to have the privilege of 
commending to your courtesy, respect and confi- 
dence, Colonel A. J. Peeler, formerly of this city. 

I have known him for the past thirty years and 
know him to be a gentleman of intetgrity, ability 
and probity, and in commending him to you, I be- 
speak for him your usual courtesy. He is en- 
gaged in the publication of a book entitled 
' ' Standard Blue Book on the' State of Texas, ' ' a 
work that should be endorsed by every banker 
in the State. He is meeting with great success 
and should be encouraged in the great work he is 

I would personally appreciate any time and 
attention that you will kindly give Colonel 
Peeler, giving him an opportunity to explain to 
you in detail the merits of his work. 

Thanking you in advance for your usual 
courtesy, I beg to remain, 

Courteously yours, 

H. A. WROE, 


December 9th, 1920 


This letter will be presented to you by either 
Mr. A. J. Peeler, the President, or Mr. W. W. 

Wiswell, Secretary-Treasurer of the Standard Blue 
Book Company. 

They have submitted their publishing proposi- 
tion to the Fort Worth Advertising Mens Club. 
Th Club cannot give a letter of endorsement to 
any proposition, it being strictly against an 
established policy. However, these gentlemen 
because of their reliability, deserve an audience 
and recognition. 

I am signing this as Presdent of the Fort Worth 
Advertising Mens Club. 

Very truly yours, 




San Antonio, Texas, 
July 2, 1920 

Mr. A. J. Peeler, 

President Standard Blue Book Co., 


Dear Mr. Peeler: 

I have just received a volume of the Standard 
Blue Book of the 1920 Texas edition, and after 
a careful examination of same, I find that it con- 
tains very valuable information and is certainly 
a credit to the compilers. Aside from the great 
amount of information it contains, I look upon it 
as a very valuable advertising medium. 

Wishing you further success in your under- 
taking, I am 

Very truly yours, 




April 8, 1921, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Col. A. J. Peeler, 

Pres. Standard Blue Book Publications, 

S. A. Loan and Trust Co. Bidg. 

San Antonio, Texas. 

My Dear Mr. Peeler: 

Kindly reserve for the Gunter Hotel one full 
page in the advertising section of your Standard 
Blue Book. Our advertising space with you in 
your book of 1914 on Texas was one quarter page. 
In your book on New Orleans in 1917, we took 
one half page space. In your Book on Texas 1920 
we took one page space. We find the results so 
effective as a powerful advertising medium that 
we feel justified in continuing this advertising 

Wishing you every success in your laudable 
undertaking, I am 

Yours very truly, 





To Come From Press on or Before January 1st, 1922 

215 W. Commerce St., San Antonio, Texas 

If you want a permanent record of Texans who do things; men and women who 
by their unconquerable determination, splendid nerve and grit, turned the wild prairies 
and silent plains, buffalo ranges and the hunting grounds of the Indian, the mountains 
and the valleys, into a veritable paradise of waving fields, modern cities and 
prosperous 1 and happy people — you will find it in WHO 'S WHO IN TEXAS. 

If you want the names of the people who made Texas and are still making- 
it greater, the real live, progressive, loyal poeple of the greatest state in the American 
Union — you will find them in Who's Who in Texas. 

If you want a book of authority, a reference work unequaled and without a 
peer, that will be invaluable as a business guide and showing the loyalty, progressive- 
ness, wealth, refinement, culture and social prestage of the people of the various sections 
and principal towns and cities of Texas — subscribe for a copy of Who 's Who in Texas. 

If you want in detail their names, their addresses 1 , occupations, various firms 
and corporations interested in, official positions present and past, place and date of 
birth, their ancestors, where educated and degrees, their lodges, clubs, church, societies, 
favorite recreations, date of marriage, military record during World War, civilJian 
War Work and other general information— you will find this recorded in Who 's Who 
in Texas. 


The book wall be limited and restricted to those Texans, men and women, re- 
ceiving invitations issued through and by request of our state advissory committee on 
the advice and approval of various respective local committees. This book will not 
contain any personal photographs. 

To meet the expenses of this most valuable and costly work, we will incorporate 
therein a reliable and dependable advertising section simply as a channel of com- 
munication between honest persons, firms and corporations engaged in straightforward 
business pursuits upon a basis of rectitude, valid declarations and substantial facts. 
Standing behind this section is the positive guarantee of the Standard Blue Book Co., 
with the assurance that thorough investigation has been made with unfaltering exactness 
and that every person represented in either the advertising or Who 's Who Section is 
deserving of public confidence. 

This Book will prove invaluable to the merchant, the banker, the manufacturer, 
tourist, resort hotels, investment bankers, colleges and universities, mail order houses 
and all business institutions of every nature, as the only direct, permanent, reliable 
method of reaching the people of Texas. 

We have further incorporated in this work such matter as to make it indispens- 
ible to the home as a constant reference book as well as a financial and social guide 
book and it will there occupy the same relative position as the city directory does in 
the business world. 


For Further Information Write 


215 W. Commerce St. 



Service Men Appreciate the Best in Service- 
That's Why the Gunter Hotel 
is Popular with all the 
Army and Navy Men 

#unter Hotel 


J*" JSBnU 

i£>an Antonio 

"Where Everybody Meets Everybody Else." 

FOR years, Service Men have made the Gunter their headquar- 
ters in San Antonio. We are highly appreciative and very 
proud of your patronage. You will not only find your friends 
and comrades at the Gunter but you will also find those pleas- 
ing, unostentatious attentions and that complete service which 
have made this hotel Internationally Known. 






of the Milmo National Bank 

Was issued as a National Bank July 12, 1882 




Since that date it has steadily grown and 
increased in importance in keeping with the 
rapid development of Laredo and its trade 
territory as the gateway to the Republic of 
Mexico. Mr. Eugene Kelley, of New York. 
who was instrumental in the establishment of 
tile bank was its first president and was 
later succeeded by Daniel Milmo who was in 
turn succeeded by Mr. Miles T. Cogley in 
1911. who up to that time had held the posi- 
tion of cashier from 1886. This bank, the 
first National Bank to be established in this 
section is also one of the most popular and 
strongest banking institutions in the Rio 
Grande Country. This is evidenced by the 
following statement. 




At the Close of Business. Feb. 21, 1921 

As Reported to the Comptroller of the Currency, 

Washington, D. C. 


Loans and Discounts $'2,201,412.31 

United States Bonds 182,649.33 

Other Bonds and Securities 16,055.82 

Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 7,500.00 

Banking House 100,000.00 

Furniture and Fixtures — 40,000.00 

Real Estate 9.900.00 

Available Cash 762/3S.C7 

Total $3,319,555.53 


Capital Stock , $150,000.00 

Surplus Fund 100,000.00 

Undivided Profits 130.556.40 

Circulation 110,000.00 

Bills Payable 202,100.00 

Rediscounts - - 20,000.00 

Deposits 2,606,899.13 

Total ....i. $3,319,555.53 

The above statement is correct. 

G. P. FARIAS. Cashier. 

This bank enjoys extensive and influen- 
tial outside connections and has always held 
particularly confidential relations with the 
leading business men and enterprises of 
Laredo and vicinity. This has been par- 
ticularly so in connection with the new 
business and agricultural growth of Webb 
County, and mew comers whether going into 
farming stock-raising or general business, 
have found this institution a most excellent 
medium through which to get and stay in 
touch with the life and business activities of 
this locality. 

Mr. Miles Cogley, its -president has the 
confidence friendship and co-operation of 
many of the strongest bankers and financial 
institutions of the United States. He has 
always been the credit man of the bank. The 
one who passes upon the making of laws and 
has seldom made a bad one, notwithstanding 
the fact that he almost invariably makes a 
loan to a [man ''on his face'' — according to 
the moral risk, rather than upon his actual 
resources ;and security. In 1914 Mr. Cogley 
was elected president of the Texas-Mexican 
Railway, of which he bad been pay master 
thirty years before. The presidency of the 
Railroad and the bank are among the leading 
enterprises which now commands the attention 
of this most able and interesting man. 







Perpetual Cave Expert Management Park Like 




"The Cemetery Beautiful" 
Of North Texas 

Operated under the management of 

Mr. Earl E. Widner 

Who has made life's study of burial properties, the sacredness of the 
purposes for which they are consecrated, the architectural and scientific 
perfection demanded, by the Holy Sentiment that enshrines the memory of 
those departed, in landscaping and the perpetual maintetnance. 

Perpetual Care is given without cost to lot owners to every lot, and 
lots may lie selected on easy payments. It is a wise act to prepare, in 
advance of need, this necessity in this kind of a burial property. 

General Offices 

308 City National Bank Bldg. 

Wichita Falls, Texas 




District Office San Antonio, Texas 

Our Saving's and Investment plan enables you to protect 
jyour family, build an estate and establish a permanent 
income for the future. 

We protect you against loss of present income through 
sickness, accidental injury or other disability. 

After the third year we will loan you money on the sole 
security of our Savings and Investment certificate. 

Through your co-operation we provide a monthly income 
for your family in case of your death. 

-We make long time real estate loans, to our certificate 
holders, a low interest rates and without any delay. 

The officials of this company are successful Texas 
bankers and business men. 


Dallas, Texas 

District Office, San Antonio, Texas 
511 Frost Bid-. 


uatct "The Panhandle 
nU 1 cL Meeting 

Excellent Food 

Reasonable Prices 

Ernest Thompson 
Owner and Manager 


International Business 

ESTABLISHED College 18 9 8 

Gregg Shorthand 

Book-keeping, Accounting 

Modern Business 


■ ' " ■ 1,- ,, J SS 

Entire Third Floor Reynolds Bldg. El Paso 









School of 






Ambitious Young 
Men and Women 


Write for full information 



Wichita Falls 



Capital Stock 


Transfer Money to Any Part of Mexico 

L. Villegas, President 

S. E. Garcia. Viee-Pres. 

M. M. Garcia, Cashier 

D. M. Valdez. Asst. Cashier 

Laredo, Texas 

& Trust 

Capital $100,000.00 
Surplus $80,000.00 

Will F. Whitehead, Presidenl 
C. P. Scales, Vice President 
Garland Owens, Cashier 
C. B. Freeman, Assistant Cashier 


One's Hunting 


Fishing Resort 

E. A. CLINE, Proprietor 

This Famous Hunting and Fishing 
Ground stands unexcelled as the Sportsman's 
Paradise, where the Tarpon, the Silver King, 
abounds in countless thousands. For cli- 
mate, summer and winter and genuine rec- 
reation, boating, bathing and fishing come 
to Flower Bluff. 

For Reservation of rooms and other in- 
formation write or phone E. A. Cline, Pro- 
prietor of 

Cline's Hunting & Fishing 

FLOUR BLUFF, Corpus Christi, Texas 





PHONE 74 W. M. Money, Manager Alpine, Texas 

J. Davis Mayfield, President W. D. Mayfield, Vice-President Thomas M. Mayfield, See.-Treas. 


Of El Paso, Incorporated, Paid In Capital $150,000.00 
011-12-13 First National Bank Building El Paso, Texas 

To patriotically assist in the production of the work this space has been subscribed for 

and especially reserved by 


I •'. E. GILLETT. Pies. 

C E. McCOOL, V. P. & Mgr. .1. W. (ilLPETT, See. & Treas, 

Yards: Alpine and Marathon, Texas 


t lie investor, the manufacture 
the wage earner — at Wichita 

•, the 



the business man, 

A connection with a strong 
State is an asset. 


in the fast 

est growing city 

in the 

Banks and bankers seeking 
adequate service here. 

a Wichita Falls 


tion will 

find an 





Alfred P. Coles 

J. Frank Coles 

Otis C. Coles 

A. P. Coles & Bros. 

Organized 1888 

Cotton Estate Property Loans Negotiated 


Financial Responsibility $500,000.00 




Authorized Sales and Service 

Ford & Fordson 



Of Uvalde, Texas 
Capital, $100,000.00 
Surplus, $125,000.00 


N. B. Pulliam, I'res , L. M. Smith. Vice Pres. 

W. P. DERMODY, Vice President 

J. W. V.-iiilnvm, Cashier 

W. F. Morgan, Ass"t Cashier 

N*. B. Pulliam W. P. Dermody Lewis M. Smyth 
H. Vanham O. A. Mills J. \V. Vanham 

P. J. Horner 




Local Agent, United Home Builders. 
Office, Carlsbad Pavilion. 




MeCormiek Hay Machines, Farm Implements, 
Crockery, Blacksmith. Supplies, Glass- 
ware, Stoves, Pishing Tackle, 
Cutlery, Etc. 

G. M. Atkinson, Prop. 


J. K. Beretta, President 
B. M. Alexander, Vice-Pres. 
Sam W. Brown, Cashier 
M. W. Brennan, Asst. Cashier 
A. L. Vidaurri, Asst. Cashier 
J. R. Fasnacht, Asst. Cashier 




Capital $200,000.00 
Surplus $200,000.00 

[Jnited States Government Depository 


! he / lills Lngravin^ C>. 

inutlreiivrs «* Ln^revars 
Comma reja! rilaioiirfipner* 

117S a |eJaJS{.n~Croelutt4ol 

in Anfoois, Texas 




Alpine, Texas 

Capital and Surplus 


C. A Brown, President: H. L. Kckernot, Vice- 
Pres.; W.B. Hancock. Vice-Pres. ; G. W. Baines, 
Jr., Cashier; H. L. Hord, Ass't Cashier. 



J. Mclntyre, A. S. Gage, A. A. Murray, 
L. Kokernot, C. A. Brown, G. W. Baines, Jr., 
B. Hancock. 

Mobley Hotel & Annex 




A Good Hotel in a Good Town 

Cleanliness Courtesy Service 

Leading Commercial Hotel 


Of Eagle Pass, Texas 

Capital and Surplus, $300,000 

Resources Over $3,000,000 

United States Government Depository 

E. H. Schmidt, President: Win. Hollis. Yice-Presi- 
.... dent; Geo. C. Hollis, Active Vice-President 

R. T. Morgan, Cashier 

F. V. Blesse. R. F. Vaughan, A. H. Evans. Win. 

Hollis, Geo. C. Hollis, E. H. Schmidt. 



Irving-Pitt Loose Leaf Books, Office 
Supplies and Blank Books 

Har'tmann Trunks and Fine Leather Goods, 
Corona Typewriters, Check Writers 


Home of the New Edison 

Uvalde County Honey 

The World's Best 


J. W. Reid 

Uvalde, Texas 

First State Bank 

Stamford, Texas 

A Strong- and Steady Growth 
Since Organization in 1908 

J. D. Honeyman 
& Sons. 


Fishing Tackle, Guns, Amunition, and 
Mexican Curios 

1102| Hidalgo Street 


Marfa, Texas 




C. A. Brown. President; L. C. Brite. Vice-Presi- 
dent: H. M Fennell, Vice-President; M. D. 
Bownds, Cashier; R. L. Stevenson, 
Assistant Cashier 


L. C. Brit-. C. A. Brown. C. O. Finley, J. B. Gillett 

T. ('. Crosson, H. M. Fennell, W. H. Cleveland, 

W. P. Fisher 




Jos. A. Maurer, Agency Manager 


Phone Cr. 4234 San Antonio, Texas 

The Panhandle KsPnnting Co. 
Printing, Books, Desks, Gifts, Typewriters, 

Makers of School and College Annuals 


G. E. Cairns, Proprietor 
408 Texas Street El Paso, Texas 



Importer & Jobber 

Mexican & Oriental Art Goods 

Hand-Made Novelties 

El Paso, Texas 

"Contributed by Ligon-Daniels Post 
No. 34 of The American Legion, 
Graham, Texas." 

Typewriter And Office 
Supply Co. 

El Paso, Texas 



Adams Business College 
Mineral Wells 



Bookkeeping, Modern Banking, Pen- 
manship, Business Arithmetic, English, 
Business and Commercial Law, Rapid 
Calculation, Phonetic Spelling, Sales- 
manship and Business Building (which 
makes the man after his education). 


Shorthand, (Pittman or Gregg), 
Touch Typewriting, Business English, 
Spelling, Penmanship, Dictaphone, 
Multigraph, Mimeograph, Business 
Correspondence, and Office Training. 


All of the branches included in the 
Stenographic Course with special office 
work and a special course in Book- 
keeping, including a thorough know- 
ledge of simple, partnership and 
corporation books and commercial 

Special rates to teachers and ministers' 
children. Instructions by mail or in person. 



Business College 

ELI Paso, Texas 

Raynold's Building, 

Corner Texas and Stanton Streets. 

Phone 2610. 

R. F. Davis. Manager 


Sanderson, Texas 

Capital and Surplus 


•Joe Kerr, President ; Clias. Downie, Vice-President ; 

T. R. Kuykendall, Cashier; .1. B. Hamilton, 

Assistant Cashier 


Joe Kerr, Alexander Mitchell, Chas. Downie, J. C. 
Stansell, James Kerr, B. T. Corder, Eugene Corder 




Eastland, Texas. 


If you want a permanent record of the men who do things; men and women 
who by their unconquerable determination, splendid nerve and grit, turned 
the wild prairies and silent plains, buffalo ranges and the hunting grounds 
of the Indian into a veritable paradise of waving fields, modern cities and 
prosperous people; if you want the names of these people, giving in detail 
their occupations, business associations, family connections, lodges, dubs, 
military records and civilian activities in the World War — subscribe for the 
Who's Who En Texas. 

This invaluable booh will come from the press about Jan. 1st, 1922. 

For further information address 


215 W. Commerce St. 

San Antonio, Texas 


$500.00 REWARD 

For the general benefit of all concerned we kindly ask the co-opera- 
tion and assistance of our friends and patrons to use every reasonable 
business precaution for our mutual protection against irresponsible book 
men using our name, showing samples of our publications and in other ways 
endeavoring to pirate and filch from us our well earned prestige, reputation 
and good name. 

A. J. PEELER, the founder, author and owner of all '"STANDARD 
BLUE BOOK PUBLICATIONS," which are fully protected by National 
Copyrights, will pay a reward of Five Hundred (.$500.00) Dollars, for in- 
formation leading to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons 
found guilty of making unauthorized use of our name or productions. We 
wish no credit or blame for the works of others, but do assume full re- 
sponsibility for the honesty, dependability and forcefulness of all 














Publisher of 






Am. Natl. Bank, Cisco 199 

Andrews, Jr., Amarillo 199 

Atkinson, G. M., Del Rio 199 

Austin, Dr. H. M., Laredo 200 

Avis, Jake A. W., Wichita Falls 200 

Bennett, C. C, Mineral Wells 200 

Bovee, John K., Amarillo 200 

Bretherton, M. T., El Paso 200 

Brewster, Calvin G., Laredo 200 

Cargill, Win. D., Stamford 200 

Castellaw, J. F., Ranger 200 

Castleberrv, Dr. G. G., Lubbock 201 

Cazell, Gabe, Mineral Wells 201 

Christen, L. J., Laredo 201 

Cole. Howard S., Ranger 201 

Coleman, L. E., Big Spring 203 

Crandall, Chas. R„ Mineral Wells 203 

Crawford, S. R., Graham 201 

Croom, Sam G., El Paso - 203 

Crowdus, Mrs. J. W., El Paso - 202 

Daughetv, Dr. J., Brownwood 203 

Davis, Dr. E. A., Mineral Wells 203 

Davis, Chas. K., Mineral Wells 203 

Davenport, A., Ranger 203 

Denman, T. E., Brownwood - 203 

Dial, W. P., Memphis 204 

Edwards, Wm. P., Big Spring 204 

Eslick, E. E., Mineral Wells 205 

Eslick, Mrs. E. E., Mineral Wells 205 

Fanning, John C, Mineral Wells 204 

Feldman, Fred J., El Paso 204 

Fenley, Judge G. B., Uvalde 204 

Flaniken, Dr. B. D. Vernon ~204 

Folsom, Judge A. F., Sanderson 204 

First Mortgage Co., El Paso 206 

Fraser, Capt. Harry L., El Paso 206 

Fritz, D. L., Wichita Falls 204 

Furguson, Mrs. H. W., Alpine 206 

Gabriel, T. W., Wichita Falls 206 

Galemore, A. J., Big Spring 206 

Gates, Dr. E. F., Eagle Pass 206 

Garrett, Dr. G. H., Del Rio 207 

Gilliland, Carl, Hereford 207 

Goad, T. J., Mineral Wells 207 

Graham, Dr. E. L„ Cisco 207 

Greene, Dr. F. A., Plainview 207 

Griggs, Horace J., Amarillo 207 

Guaranty State Bank. Cisco 208 

Guinn, A. H.. Mineral Wells 207 

Guinn, Ethel M. Mineral Wells 207 

Hagaman, M. H., Ranger 208 

Hankins, S. M., Quanah 208 

Harvie, Crawford, El Paso 208 

Harrison, S. T., Memphis 209 

Hays, E. A., Bowie - 209 

Hedrick, Dr. T. W., Abilene 209 

Hill, J. E., Hereford 209 

Hill, W. R., Burkburnett 209 

Hodge, F. P., Ranger 209 

Howard, J. G. L., Wichita Falls 209 

Huff, J. B., San Angelo 209 

Hume, Dr. L., Laredo 210 

Humphrey, E. R., Amarillo 210 

Johnson, C. W., Graham 210 

Jones, J. H., Mineral Wells 210 

Keen, Curtis A., Lubbock 210 

Knox, B. R., Sweetwater 210 

Kostermenke, C. H., Marfa 211 

Krupp Havmon, El Paso 202 

Lay, Horace A., El Paso 211 

Lease, W. H., Alpine 211 

Lowrey, Dr. W. E., Laredo 211 

Long, Dr. M. A., Eagle Paso 211 

Martin, John T., Wichita Falls 211 

Measels, E. F., Del Rio 211 

Michael, H. W., Lubbock 211 

Mills, E. A., El Paso 212 

Moore, Robt. M., Amarillo 212 

Monning, Ben P., Amarillo 212 

Moyers, John W., Mineral Wells 212 

McDonald, D. L., Hereford 212 

McFarland, Dr. V. E., Eagle Pass 212 

McFerran, Dr. R. W., Childress 212 

McGregor, W. M., Wichita Falls 212 

McNary, Mrs. J. G., El Paso 213 

Neal, Dr. A. M., Comanche 214 

Newnham, M. R., Ranger 213 

Noble, M. A., Wichita Falls 214 

O'Kane, T. F., Amarillo 214 

Owens, J. B., Ranger 21 

Padgitt, Dr. W. O., Graham 214 

Finer, Robt. T., Big Springs 214 

Peeler, Glen D., Wichita Falls 214 

Pollard, J. M 214 

Powell, E. H., Canyon 215 

Pritchard, Dr. H. D., Burkburnett 215 

Proctor, E. O., Ranger 215 

Ramsdell, Dr. M. A., Eagle Pass 215 

Randolph, H. C, Plainview 215 

Ramey, Russell, El Paso 215 

Read, J. H., Memphis 215 

Reavis, L. S., Ranger 215 

Richardson, Dr. S. C, Eastland 216 

Rogers, J. E., Amarillo 216 

Rhodes, Dr. W. L., Wichita Falls 216 

Rochell, O. R., Mineral Wells 216 

Ross, M. T. A., Childress 216 

Sablosky, I. L., Mineral Wells 216 

Simpson, F. H., Quanah 216 

Smith, M. H., Ranger 217 

Stafford, B. G., Del Rio 221 

Stafford, Mrs., B. G., Del Rio 221 

Stallings, E. M., Bowie 210 

Stokes, P. G., Big Springs 217 

Spiller, Geo., Jacksboro 217 

Stovall, J. W., Stamford 217 

Summers, Wm., Bridgeport 217 

Thomas, A. R., Burkburnett 218 

Thorbum, G. W.. Wichita Falls 218 

Turney, Dr. M. L., Alpine 218 

Virgin, Rev. H. W., Amarillo 218 

Vernon, Jas. N., Amarillo 219 

Vaughan, Mrs. R. F., Eagle Pass 218 

Wallace, Bruce, E., Mineral Wells 219 

Wallace, Mrs. B. E 219 

Watel, D. H., Amarillo 219 

Weaver, Lloyd, Wichita Falls 219 

Whaley, Porter A., Stamford 219 

Williamson, J. M., Cisco 219 

Whittington, Dr. H. D., Eastland 220 

Wheat, Robt. L., Memphis 220 

Whitley, E. P., Mineral Wells 220 

Williams, J. P., Mineral Wells 220 

Williams, M. F., Amarillo 220 

Williamson, H. R., Bowie 220 

Wood, G. Clint, Wichita Falls 221 

Wright, Dr. E. W., Bowie 220 

Wyatt, H., Burkburnett , 220 

Wycoff, Geo., Plainview 221 

Young, John D.. Alpine 221 

R01B4B lEb73 

R012i4ai^b?3 txr